U.S. will deny temporary protected status to people who fled Bahamas

The status would have let Bahamians work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home.

9/11/2019 10:42:00 PM

BREAKING: US will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Cat. 5 Hurricane Dorian, administration official tells NBCNews.

The status would have let Bahamians work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home.

ByJulia AinsleyHurricane Dorian, an administration official told NBC News.The status would allow Bahamians to work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home. The same status is currently granted to over 300,000 people living in the U.S. from 10 countries, including the victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

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Acting Customs and Border Protection CommissionerMark Morgan said on Mondaythat the Trump administration was considering whether to grant temporary protected status to people fleeing the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated two major islands there.

Bahamians can still come to the U.S. temporarily, if they have the right travel documents, but will not be granted work permits.As of Monday, 1,500 victims of Dorian had come to the U.S. after the hurricane swept through the Bahamas.Julia Ainsley Read more: MSNBC »

drwenski Every migration attempted by anyone born of mankind is a process of settlement. They can go to Mexico, Brazil Central America etc. or just about ANY country in Africa! Why here? We are not the earth’s teet. The U.S. didn’t deny sht ! The AllWhiteWhiteHouse did the denying ! ✨✌🏾✨ Maybe someone in Stephen millers family should tell him the story of the SS St Louis.

If they were white and Christian fanatics they would be rolling out the red carpet EmpathyNow He keeps yelling about gangs. Vindictive as he is, he will vilify anyone. I bet Bahamas told him “no” if he tried to make a deal there. Horrifying and despicable. Should send all those responsible for this denial to the gd Bahamas to see first hand suffering. It should only happen to them and their families.

This is just wrong. Wtf America Disgusting, monstrous. All because they hate black people. Unconscionable. This is simply inhumane. We need Trump to go!!! I think the key to healing the divide in our country is disabling comments on any news articles. There can be forums to discuss issues if you seek them out but no discussions happening in the comments section, anywhere.

Got this news as I watched the documentary You Are Here about the people of Newfoundland who opened their hearts and homes on 9/11 to 7000 stranded strangers. No need to Make Canada Great Again. I guess he wants to send them back but to what? “Bahamians can still come to the U.S. temporarily, if they have the right travel documents...”. Even if they have all docs needed to apply for entry, how long will it take to get approval? One day? One year? This just sets them up to fail.

We need to act like the Americans our forefathers wanted us to be. So ashamed Good. Let’s help them there. We can’t take on anymore people. realDonaldTrump GOPLeader senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC 10:1 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;10:2 To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, ...Isaiah

Are the MAGA not entertained, displacing their resentment onto the object of Trump's cruelty? Sad we're letting United Soviets do this to our country So who exactly is welcome to the US? This is an example of who we should extend a temporary access. Give them a year to at least survive. In some of these cases people have lost everything!!! This conservative Christian administration is ruthless. Watch the purge, middles class!

Gosh, what a surprise - POTUS is soulless and bigoted. Cruelty is the point America is such a compassionate nation. So sad. We need to dump Trump in 2020. For shame America! What are you going to do when it’s you? Mother Nature came do the same here. “Do unto others as you do to them! There by the Grace of God go l.” Praying for this country 🙏🏽

So. Where’s the British government at? We already know what this broken administration will not do. What can WE DO? I have lots of CLOTHES To DONATE. Anyone shipping donations from the East Coast DM Me CanadianPM what can we as Canadians do to help? Just awful They should ban all Americans from taking vacations there. See how we react then. We are very quick to exclude people, but are offended when we are excluded ourselves.

Trump: soledadobrien No surprise there! USA SUCKS. Don't come here to America you,ll to black they want the ones that is here you see how doing the Hispanics America is full of racism love is no where all there hearts you they got a fool President and they love him for being a racist and he no that they over look his craziness

There are over 30 islands in the tax haven Bahamas,3rd richest country in the Americas!!!! In other words - Let's prevent them from working and supporting themselves and shove them into extreme poverty because they have not suffered enough. We are better than this. We need to be better than this. This is the evil spread by the gop and realDonaldTrump VoteThemOut DitchMitch ImpeachTrumpNow

This has StephenMiller written all over it. Then Trump will complain they're a drain on the system since they're not allowed to work while here. Further drumming up hate from his already hateful band of deplorables!! Vicious cycle! They love him because he hates who they hate!! Sad but true!! 🙄 Melania worked in the U.S. before becoming a citizen as do many others! Temp work permits are normal. Trump's policy decisions target POC for harm!! This is and will always be the danger of electing a white supremacists to a position of power!! ImpeachTrump AnyoneButTrump2020

The US is despicable We have enough illegals! 🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿 Shame on you Trumpy! Why do we even cover the disaster in Bahamas? What is the point if we are not going to reach out to them. We are not going to help these desperate people? It’s disgusting! We have no conscience. Hey Evangelical Trumpers? What would Jesus do?

Heartless! Trump is such a selfish man. He never was taught to share his toys as a kid. Too stupid now to learn anything. And to think, he says, he’s a very, very smart man. The smartest man alive, or ever for that matter. What was the US thinking when they put him in office? Sounds about white for this Administration.

Good JoB . They can't just come in. Need to be processed. Ship them back. Dorian is Gone. soledadobrien Does not sound very 'Christian' to me.. Where is the very loud Christian Right on this matter Silence is complicity.. the power of kindness Disgusting So people have to be vetted to obtain a work permit? Thats great

UN UNHumanRights You need to step in and tell Trump to help or help these poor people go to other countries until they can rebuild, they need help now.. Trump shames America every second he ocuupies our Whitehouse. 😔 Guess this doesn't apply to Poc huh as we are seeing LarryWoolfolk2 Sad day. This is not the America I know.

No surprise there Is this a pro life policy VP? This human thing to is grant them grant them TPS just until the Bahamas is repaired and get back on their feet / most people don’t want to stay here- while their here tag them with bracelets - they all must work / set special tax to fund the reconstruction over there.

We as Americans will never be welcomed in the Bahamas for our Holidays again.. Playing to those MAGA-hat wearing evangelicals by denying people in need temporary protected status after a hurricane decimated their communities? Jesus must be so proud! Newsgirl84 God 👀 ALL soledadobrien Of course not, they’re Black! Make America white again!

Glad trump is a “Christian” and believes in hell ‘cause that’s exactly where he’s going... Disgusting! They blame the people for a natural disaster? Heartless deplorables!😣 Another inexcusable obscenity by this Admin. I am ashamed of this country I am an American. America is broken. I’m so sorry. And so embarrassed.

soledadobrien Just disgraceful I’d love to know what Christian virtue is being employed by the trump administration! I am ashamed of this administration. This is not our America. What the actual fuck? There's plenty of other countries not just the USA. Trumps are racists. realDonaldTrump POTUS IvankaTrump WhiteHouse GOP PressSec Bahamas Dorian

Thats great news ... and they thought it was their ticket to the promised land Sounds about white. Did nazi that coming. The Bahamian people should seek help from other countries. If they get on a ship to America they will end up in border camps for good just like what's happening along the border. Mark my words, they should count their lucky stars he's rejecting them.

RalphArmstrong1 Wrong Colour? Well, aren’t we compassionate and accommodating *uck 45 Simply because they are NOT white, that's why tRamp won't give a humanitarian assistance. For tRamp racism is first and foremost and TheCrueltyIsThePoint. Just add it to the TrumpDeathToll This motherfucking administration.

soledadobrien But if they were from Norway there wouldn’t be a problem they would all be granted protected status But but the e-cigarettes The vaping!! Fuck this admin they can go to hell! ImpeachTheMF NOW! This is shameful. We’re SO embarrassing. Seriously- I’m fucking embarrassed on an almost hourly basis by what our country has become. The legislation we’ve passed/haven’t passed is embarrassing. The executive orders and general twitter leadership from Trump is embarrassing. Who TF are we?

WTF have we become This illigitimate squatter in the WH is killing us. All of us I think the United States lost it. Is this for real? Are you really the good guys? WTF? If they were white people they would be getting protected status. Such a lack of compassion is reprehensible. These people have lost everything!!!

soledadobrien 👍 Disgusting as usual from Capt. Orange. Blocking more ppl from trying to help themselves & then attacking the vaping industry because he was probably presented the idea & passed on it! The deplorables are US! But the taliban get an invite and it’s all secret.... They are all monsters. Every last one of them Impeach

Racism wow! Trump is who we thought he was. If they were white they'd be welcomed. DeBieHive Resist___45 IvankaTrump FLOTUS PressSec GOPChairwoman Because they haven't been through enough right? How can you be so heartless? SilenceEqualsCompliance TrumpIsARacist This is just terrible. What is wrong with our country?

Guess these people are just the wrong color. Absolutely disgraceful Gee thanks marcorubio and SenRickScott for NOTHING! Shame on GovRonDeSantis also. He knows this is just cruel but is too much of a coward to stand up for what’s right! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Y'all knew it was coming. Trash Barbaric. And so many of these people have family in Florida waiting for them!

Would he do this if they were Irish people? I think not. It’s beyond subhuman to treat people like this. The racism and cruelty is the point. Disgusting I continue to post the same thing. This is not who we are. I feel so so bad for them. How can this country do this? Let me take a second and try to figure out the reason, nah, won’t take me that long. They are not his favorite color.

Horrible soledadobrien The cruelty is the point. Bahamas should ban Trump and his family and the Trump administration from ever visiting. They should tell them they will never be welcome in the Bahamas in the future. Trump administration is cruel. Crimes against humanity is their theme song. These poor people lost everything, everything! God forbid the US ever needs help from anyone else. This is despicable.

Sad sad sad 😥 Shameful! Evil prisonculture Horrible prisonculture The cruelty is the point. Who among us 98% cd afford to evacuate to another country with a suitcase and a passport & not work? Who would have enough money to even live for a month? On top of that, we have plenty of jobs--Cheetolini is always talking about that--who is it hurting?

Trump wants more than life given him. He’s the gaudy person at elite party. Obama is there as a gentleman. Trump is pushed aside and people say “how did that rifts get into this party. No one speaks to him. He will never be accepted an in 1%ers. Clown soledadobrien The cruelty is the point soledadobrien What has become of our sense of decency?

travesty. (on 9/11 other countries gave out airplanes and international people refuge.) soledadobrien Sad and embarrassing. prisonculture Shame on us. Shame on all of us who could have stopped this & didn't, who could be protesting or calling reps and haven't, who could refuse to carry out unAmerican orders and haven't, and those who voted for this odious GOP & Cheetolini, who enable him to continue Putin's plans.

I'm sure canada will take the we are a compassionate country that's why we cant stand trump Stephen Miller must go. They’re bad people... soledadobrien We have to take care of the vaping problem first- it’s the Christian path of the USA under this administration- I’m sure the Bible says to turn them away- ask Pence

soledadobrien And the cruelty of the administration continues VoteBlueToSaveAmerica The Bahamas are part of the British Commonwealth. If they want a place to work for an extended period of time I believe that Canada is obliged to admit them. Puerto Ricans didn't go to Canada after their hurricane, they came to the US

soledadobrien Breaking: Systemic Racism alive and well in the US Cruelty is the point with this administration and president. Unbelievable. Black people do not vote for Republicans. I think he has been very clear that he does not want black people (among others) here. I will bring them over anyway soledadobrien This is so wrong. Which administration official should we flood with letters and calls? Shameful

The cruelty is the point! soledadobrien Cause they are brown.... soledadobrien hateful Disgusting. This administration is amoral and filled with inhuman monsters soledadobrien The trump admin is evil. So....how do they spin this shite as being “christian”? **Lowercase ‘c’ purposeful soledadobrien 🐐/🐑 Plumbline

soledadobrien Was there any doubt? Travesty soledadobrien This is why people remain angry with Trump supporters Tell it right This is another blackmark on America brought to us by this disgusting, racist Administration. Is something wrong with the numerous other cities in the Bahamas that they could move to that were unaffected?

soledadobrien Shameful. soledadobrien Where is The UK the damn Queen is on Bahamian money! CrimesAgainstHumanity wonder how many people in the administration vacation in the Bahamas 😡Between this and the SCOTUS decision on asylum seekers/refugees today; the US of Fascism is having a banner day! If people have no power or home, how can they gather documents. This is disgusting. This adminstration is full of monsters.

This is pure and and simple racism, nothing more. If it flies with the deplorables, it will come to pass. Like I have said, I would step on and then over a broken and bleeding Trumpist to help shield an immigrant from deportation. This is despicable. Simply put the people don’t have to pay taxes either. Since it was actually based on a time of war and a different era. Taxation without Representation us illegal. After trumps the leader in not paying his share of taxes. What’s going on with that by the way? The Audit?

So, the Bahamas are good enough for our vacations, but God forbid we welcome Bahamians here when they desperately need US. How very Christian of Trump and his racist minions, NOT! Dorian FakeChristian And what are they supposed to do? It is not like they can put up a tarp, and do farming. The islands are totally demolished. Many would love to stay home, but home is no longer there...IT IS ALL GONE! America has become a liar in our motto that we welcome everyone.

Hey he has no humanity toward anyone. Look at deporting dying children or the lack of support for puerto rico, which is a ys territory. What would you expect from a narcissistic liar. CrueltyIsThePoint with this administration. TODAYshow You reported earlier this weeks that Bahamanians would be granted favored status. Please issue a correction and report.

Trump's racism at work again. They’re of African descant so no surprise there. If this was a nation full of Europeans, the doors would be wide open. Bahamas was a Slave State, they need to demand reparations. Joe_Rohde Amazon has 30,000 job openings they can’t fill in both warehouse and tech. Yet the administration is both heartless and short sighted.

Shameful! realDonaldTrump is a racist NigelCharles Hear me out tho.. What if They are white? 🖕🏾 👎😠 Sorry but this is what the United States does for people in need. So damn heartless. UnChristian monster! Wrong decision realDonaldTrump VP I’m sure it would be different if was Norway biggamejames36 Yet, they would have likely come to FL and our Governor & US Senator requested they be allowed to do so...

LeftinDecatur This statement coming out today adds to the list of insensitive decisions coming from the White House. On 9/11 we ALL came together to help victims and first responders who ended up being victims.. America always had the backs of those in need, what the hell happened ? TrUmP. But I bet if something happened in a primarily white country...like Russia or something, he would host them in his own hotels all across the country.

MeetThePress We could've, told you that' Nvrdrmp; 99% just wait until he's gone in 2020 BlueWave2020' This administration continues to disgust me. Let me guess why, 🤔 Trump definitely found out they're black. Maybe if they all promise to be soft core porn stars they can get a pass. Or apply for Einstein visas.

Yes, and we all know why. RacistInChief What have we become? Inhuman. Every day we get affirmation that Trump is a total ahole MAGA Trump and his supporters suffer from Empathy Erosion For white who doesn’t stand against trumps racist decisions their telling us their racist themselves cnnbrk foxandfriends nytimes AP thedailybeast

If they were white people he would GOP is the most racist bigots PerformativeCruelty And you wonder why the USA’s reputation around the world has been trashed under Trump! LET THEM COME & LET THEM WORK! This so called 'Administration' is a goddamn embarrassment to America! 🤬😡🤬 This is wrong and mean. I bet Canada will let displaced Bahamians in. This government is wrong.

This sucks. He's seriously TRYING to kill people now. It's not benign neglect, or mere incompetence. Nope. This is MALICE. Purposeful hurting of the most vulnerable among us in this world. CathleenKucz God CANNOT be happy with this man!! CathleenKucz Who thought that racist bag of foul wind would show any compassion🙄

This is UNACCEPTABLE... THE WORST PRESIDENCY EVER.... Well maybe if we didn’t have a crisis at our border already, we could do more for others. See how that works? The Bahamians should have gone to Britain, leave the United States our of this. Americans first 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 RepNewhouse Is this how you feel about brown people too? Your silence is very loud right now

Of course he won’t because they are people of color. Once a racist always a racist. Cruel RawStory Breaking911 funder AP washingtonpost NYDailyNews ASavageNation FoxNews ananavarro politico CREWcrew thehill PalmerReport WSJ seanhannity TheRevAl MadisonSiriusXM greta CIA FBI StormyDaniels TimesofIsrael IngrahamAngle limbaugh DHSgov

🦅🇺🇸 HotlineJosh Sick policy crueletyisthepoint May the whole GOP be hit by a Category 5 blue wave on Nov 3 2020. What goes around, comes around. Joe_Rohde They should have said they were Taliban. Racism. Plain and simple. Well, just look at them: they are not the right color for our WhiteSupremacistInChief .POTUS

Is there any reason why they don't go to the other islands in the Bahamas that weren't affected? Disgusting! I can’t imagine why. Could it be the color of their skin? He has 0 empathy and a cold heart. Pathetic MeetThePress If they all come here who will clean up and rebuild their homes? thats sad It's the right decision. There is no incentive to rebuild if they can just immigrate somewhere else.

Synergy3k Be your sweet ass, if they were white not brown people Trump would be having a different stance! “ NOT MY AMERICA!” Kno Nobody: America: I'm Eric Cartman now. I hope the Bahamas hereby stop selling real estate to Americans and don’t give them visa for anything longer than 2 weeks. This is absolutely shameful and wrong. Hopefully some other merciful neighbouring countries extend their hands! Trump will get the US isolated!

Surely this isn’t so. What is wrong with POBOTUS? He’s gotta go!!!!! Cause they are not white, fat bald wealthy people My heart goes out to them. Stay strong You can do this. Typical Heartless racists Damned if we do or don't . The multitude of illegals already here makes it harder the storm has passed it's time to rebuild

Outrageous This is shameful That’s because we have an incompetent and unqualified administration of morons lead by realDonaldTrump Good! realDonaldTrump is looking after the USA s citizens! We have to know who comes to our great country! FoxNews senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC SebGorka DonaldJTrumpJr

No empathy. No sympathy. No heart. No soul. No hope? No more! We have enough problems with undocumented aliens. And any circus ring leader could tell you that Bahamians are mostly proud of the criminal records they keep. I know I know racist right?...Wrong humans of all creeds come from that sewer. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door

I’m embarrassed to be an American, this is absolutely disgraceful. These people lost everything and yet we turn our backs. The party of “Christian values” has done the exact opposite of Christ’s teachings. They should allow them to stay here in FEMA camps. At the least. Monsters. Let's see all the trumpkins with their 'Christian conservative Patriots' in their profile defend this.

Can he sink any lower? Wait 'til it comes out that operators of a global sat-based radio frequency directed energy weapon grid goosed and steered the hurricane in an act of high-tech GENOCIDE. 'God' weapon exposed by vet journo: The status would have allowed Bahamians to work and live in the US until it is deemed safe to return home. The same status is currently granted to over 300,000 people living in the US from 10 countries, including the victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Trump Says Those Fleeing Bahamas After Dorian Could Be 'Very Bad People'Trump told reporters those fleeing Bahamas include 'some very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very very bad drug dealers.' Somehow, I feel a lot better about taking in hurricane victims from the Bahamas than having to wait another year to get the Very Worst People out of the WH. Because some of them might be bad, they should all suffer. Is that how we roll now?

Trump administration won't grant temporary protected status to BahamiansThe Trump administration will not grant temporary protected status, a form of humanitarian relief, to Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian, according to an administration official. No room for compassion for the brown skin folks. Nice ! What a wonderful Christian Why ? Because they are black ? Disfukendisgusting Curse them all. How in the fk do you not help someone in need?! “ Christians “ my ****.

Bahamians Evacuating After Dorian Told To Get Off Ferry Heading For U.S.More than 100 people trying to evacuate from the devastated Bahamas were told to get off a ferry bound for the U.S. if they didn't have visas.

'We have to be very careful,' Trump warns of gangs entering US from Bahamas'We have to be very careful,' Pres. Trump says of allowing Dorian evacuees from Bahamas into U.S. The pot calling the kettle black President punkassbitch Correct He’d have no problem bringing over displaced Norwegians

Donald Trump suggests 'very bad' people, gangs and drug dealers in the Bahamas could be trying to enter the U.S.'Look, the Bahamas had some tremendous problems with people going to the Bahamas that weren't supposed to be there,' Trump said. Does he realize that bad people tske planes too? Funny, but he never seems to talk about those kind of people crossing into the U.S. from the hundreds and hundreds of miles of open border we have with Canada. In Trump terms that means black and brown people. RacistTrump RacistGOP

Trump dismisses idea of allowing Bahamians into U.S. after Hurricane Dorian'I don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States, including some very bad people.' Because it was never about “legal” or “doing it the right way.” It was always about keeping Those People out. Monster. Why aren’t they going to Britain?