One More Thing: The importance of paid family leave

One her first day back from maternity leave, Katy Tur talks about her experience, and about the importance of paid time off when starting a family.


WATCH: On her first day back, KatyTurNBC discusses becoming a new mother, her maternity leave and the importance of taking time off to be with family.

One her first day back from maternity leave, Katy Tur talks about her experience, and about the importance of paid time off when starting a family.

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She is using her platform to advocate for a societal benefit of government paid parental leave for everyone...every other first world country has it, along with universal health care. Instead of tax codes that benefit the rich, solely, our taxes fund these programs for everyone. He'll make it happen Vote for Bernie!

I agree with her sentiments. I returned to work 2 weeks after my first was born out of financial necessity. I understand that a huge corporation like NBC can pay these benefits, but what about the millions more who work for small businesses that can’t afford this? You should be thankful, I know plenty of people who had it much worse than you and rose to the occasion not feeling sorry for themselves on twitter.

Trillions of women before her have experienced the hardships, horrors and financial consequences of childbirth. Now because Katie Tur had a C-section, has some apparent body issues, and insecurities about her maternal skills, paid time off becomes a burning issue in the US? Katy thank you. I’ve bookmarked your video.

So y'all are finally admitting now that KatyTur is an activist, instead of a 'straight news' reporter? Saw this Katie. So good for American employers to follow. But won’t do it unless they’re forced my brother lives in Germany and his wife got 6 months paid maternity leave and then he also got the next 6 months so that one of them was with the child for a full year. it was great.

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Why are you running this? Most Democrats choose abortion over parenthood.. KWintie Or, people vacate the hospital because their medical insurance didn't cover the continued assistance regardless of maternity leave. Why not... Medicare for All and paid maternity leave? In Germany you get fully paid Time off: 6 weeks before and 8 weeks After giving birth and then you can take one year of parental leave with 60 % of your income paid every Month

Preach! Women NEED support after birth and so do new dads. We have a lot of work to do to fix this system. PMADs and maternal mortality rates are through the roof. Let’s fix this, America! And, hey, insurance companies, please start covering postpartum doula support! Love that all worked out. Do NOT believe that anyone is entitled to PAID leave and it is NOT the government’s business to legislate the issue. People have been having babies for tens of thousands of years. Belief that you cannot do it now is snowflake! Grow up!

Of course IvankaTrump won't be on to discuss. That fell by the wayside too because she does nothing that isn't in her best interest. I was in for the pictures of Teddy but do appreciate the stand Katy is taking on this critical issue.

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Why did you go back to work and not stay home KatyTurNBC Katy, well said. I felt the same way! So glad to see you again on air. Don’t let Ivanka come on. She probably has 10 nannies! NBCNews KatyTurNBC ✅ Islamic~State 📍 Raqqah 📰 | Khilafah soldiers ambushed PKK murtaddin to the south of Tabqa city , clashing with them using light & medium weapons, & killing and injuring a number of them ⬇️ ThingِsTodaysKْidsCantDo ⬇️ HappِyBirْthdayNamjْoon ⬇️

KatyTurNBC KatyTurNBC - the upside is when you have a 2nd child, and IF a repeat C-section is necessary, your abdominal muscles will be so much stronger from bending and lifting your son! It will be a breeze compared to this 1st one. Take it from ME - BEEN THERE! NBCNews KatyTurNBC 〽️ |Islamic~State| 📌 «Iraqi» 📰 | forces suffered from casualties and damaged vehicles due to several attacks by the khilafah soldiers on their positions in Diyala ⤵️ ThingِsTodaysKidsِCantDo ⤵️ HappِyBُirthdayNِamjoon ⤵️

KatyTurNBC This should be played on a loop in every member & Senator's office sound system until paid leave, as Katie describes, becomes the law of the land. paidleave NBCNews KatyTurNBC 🌪 |IslamicـState 📍 |East Asia Wilayah 📰 | The Khilafah Soldiers Killed and Injured 22 Crusader Filipino Army Personnel in Clashes in Jolo Island (Sulu) 🔹 ThingِsTodaysKْidsCantDo🔹 HappِyBirْthdayNamjْoon 🔹

KatyTurNBC She’s right. An amazing. Welcome back! BTW. not every birth is perfect. It’s scary! Tenuous, vulnerable. You have a great partner. A keeper!!! Glad you're back and the bangs are fine :)

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KatyTurNBC Thank you!!! Soooo agree!! You look and sound amazing. Your little angel is precious. KatyTurNBC Congrats Katy! KatyTurNBC THANK YOU, KATY TUR! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The bangs... they’re good FEMA employees don’t get paid maternity leave. Let that marinate 🧘🏾‍♂️. The people who care for people at their worst time ever in life. And they are forced to be unpaid, use vacation time or have the child and immediately return to work

Well said Katy Tur💕🌺 KatyTurNBC Katy your experience is so similar to mine in 1976! Thank you for sharing this! KatyTurNBC He is one precious boy! NBCNews KatyTurNBC Ivanka Trump would support your platform. KatyTurNBC Well said and welcome back. You were missed. Blessings to you and your family

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KatyTurNBC A lot of companies would do it, it's just very expensive. They typically have to pay to have someone fill in on top of paying you! No surprise NBC can afford that. KatyTurNBC Welcome back. I remember when my wife had our first and yep, there were complications. Just know that we were just like you in learning how to deal. I was back at work very quickly (days) but my wife was able to take 6 weeks of Maternity and even that's not enough.

KatyTurNBC GOOD FOR YOU AND HUBBY TONEY KATY. I, FOR ONE MEN STANDS WITH YOU AND YOUR GREAT HUSBAND. TELL I SAID SO. GLAD YOU'RE BACK🥳 hardball KatyTurNBC Hmm... Katy's back but her bangs are still on maternity leave... 💇 KatyTurNBC Yes yes yes. KatyTurNBC Teddy is GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations Katy, you were missed but truly happy for you and your husband to have a healthy baby boy. Enjoy every moment with him.

KatyTurNBC JenniferLong00 KatyTurNBC Congrats to your little family!! Let’s get the legislation going!! KatyTurNBC Katy, you’re disingenuous commentary today was a joke! It shows just how out of touch with reality you are. You’re paid a ridiculous salary to spew this crap, that 90% of Americans can’t afford to do! What you 6 8 months off, must be rough!

KatyTurNBC So self absorbed. Really.

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KatyTurNBC Norwegian government pays maternity and paternity leave for 1 year! KatyTurNBC Preach, Katy. KatyTurNBC Well said. Congratulations to you and your family KatyTurNBC 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 KatyTurNBC Have an easy labor and congratulation to you and all in the family. TODAYshow KatyTurNBC Congratulations 👶🏻 ❤️

irishrygirl KatyTurNBC I wish you guys would replace that annoying troll Chuck Todd with KatyTurNBC, at least for the MTP Daily time slot. KatyTurNBC Well said Katy. Congratulations! The baby is beautiful. Welcome back! KatyTurNBC Thank G-d her child will have a mother and a father. Hopefully it will stay this way.

KatyTurNBC Well done! You are doing great!!!!

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KatyTurNBC In response to your final question, I'm guessing no KatyTurNBC Welcome back Katy. KatyTurNBC 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 KatyTurNBC Congratulations Katy. We get a year paid maternity leave in Canada. I suppose we take it for granted until I see your stories. It's rough. JesseFFerguson KatyTurNBC In many countries, like Canada this wouldn’t even be a concern.

KatyTurNBC Maybe you’ll be able to do for maternity leave what Jon Stewart was able to do for first responders. KatyTurNBC When my youngest daughter was born. Men at the Calgary Public Library that I worked at, had no maturnity leave. Yes more women in a Library than men but maturnity leave 4 men I fought 4 & won! I was with both my daughters when Mom needed a rest. Yes U need to have this equality!

KatyTurNBC thank god i got my baby in germany 🇩🇪. 8 weeks of pay and after that 1-3 years off work “paid” if i wanted it. my husband stayed the first 6 years at home . then i took a break from 6 years until my son was 18 . all because the government made it happen 🙏🏻 KatyTurNBC Beautiful baby boy. But don't hold your breath about Ivanka Trump coming on your show.

KatyTurNBC I got only 8 weeks with emergency Csection. I'm still angry about it 25 yrs later.

KatyTurNBC Now let's make sure every mom get to take time off after having a baby ... dad too! KatyTurNBC Thank you for your using your platform to advocate for new moms. KatyTurNBC KatyTurNBC Congrats KatyTurNBC! KatyTurNBC Thank you Katy! 🙂 Welcome back and congratulations to the both of you. KatyTurNBC ❤

KatyTurNBC Thank you Katy Tur and your baby is adorable. KatyTurNBC So sweet!! You got this girl !!! KatyTurNBC Every single second of this is perfectly real and perfectly true. 👏🏼 KatyTurNBC Welcome back! Now, , make her the host of MTP Daily! KatyTurNBC I was just curious how MegynKelly felt about paid maternity/paternity leave back when she left FoxNews to have a baby. It was a radical flip-flop for someone who believed in demonization of unions and 'entitlements.'

KatyTurNBC What a precious boy! Congrats to you and your family and thank you for speaking out for families who don’t have the pulpit you have. KatyTurNBC Welcome back, Katy! Thanks for the attention & excellent pts on maternity & parental leave. My SIL was denied maternity leave because her baby was stillborn. She was eight months along at the time. She was an NP at a hospital, making it even more shameful.

KatyTurNBC Hey Katy are you based out of DC now? KatyTurNBC 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖 jacobsoboroff KatyTurNBC It is vitally important. The fact that the US has no paid leave is insane KatyTurNBC I missed you!! glad you are back...XOXO KatyTurNBC the thing I'm wondering is if KatyTurNBC will make a special appearance on Meet the Press Daily tonight? Or is she only on Mondays there?

jacobsoboroff KatyTurNBC Great piece. Very happy for you and tonydokoupil. Wonderful team parenting!! KatyTurNBC You won't get much wisdom from IvankaTrump. Just a lot of hemming and hawing around, like you-know-who. jacobsoboroff KatyTurNBC Thank you so much for sharing this. What happened to you was almost identical to what my experience was with my first child. Paid family leave is essential!

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