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U.S.-Canada Border Rules Leave Travelers Confused, Discouraged

Since Aug. 9, fully vaccinated Americans have been allowed to enter Canada for leisure and tourism, but some are discouraged by the rules and are canceling or postponing their travel plans.

9/18/2021 5:15:00 AM

Fully vaccinated Americans have been allowed to enter Canada for leisure and tourism since early August, but some are so flummoxed by the rules that they are canceling or postponing their travel plans

Since Aug. 9, fully vaccinated Americans have been allowed to enter Canada for leisure and tourism, but some are discouraged by the rules and are canceling or postponing their travel plans.

Updated Sept. 17, 2021 9:30 pm ETOTTAWA—William Thompson was hoping to be in the French-speaking province of Quebec in October, soaking up the autumn colors in communities made famous by one of his favorite authors, Canadian murder-mystery writer Louise Penny.

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Since Aug. 9, fully vaccinated Americans like Mr. Thompsonhave been allowed to enter the countryfor leisure and tourism if they comply with a series of additional requirements. But before his trip he became so flummoxed by those rules that he gave up, becoming one of the many would-be travelers across the world’s longest shared land border who say they are canceling or postponing their plans.

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Pediatric vaccines will 'very likely' be available 1st or 2nd week of November: Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC's 'This Week' Sunday.

I tried visiting for a baseball game in Toronto with my son, both vaccinated. Filled in everything in the ArriveCAN app but finding a proper test proved too difficult. Couldn’t risk driving 5 hours only to be denied. Don’t forget abt the US travelban in place since early 2020 affecting UK/EU visitors & returning visa holders. UK/EU has some of the highest rates of vaccination. 20 mnths since I last saw my son. LoveIsNotTourisim FamilyIsNotTourism Liftthetravelban LovesNotTourism

It’s really not that hard. Just follow directions Oh waa waaaa They're trying to make us decencitized to this new martial law, and call it 'comid19' You sure as hell don't want to come to Alberta anyway. We're back in covid hell again. It's horrible. Use cc cameras on Roads use screens In Cars to Find Way with Inernet

Can’t be any harder than vacation to Hawaii.🤯 after 23 years in Canada i went to a place where freedom is still in the air and never looked back thanks Fortess Trudeau isn't fun to scale?

Investors tense up as fears of post-election gridlock rise in CanadaForeign investors are growing more worried that Canada's federal election on Monday could result in a deadlock that hampers Ottawa's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and further slows the economic recovery from the crisis.

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How 26 Million Pounds of American Fish Got Stuck in CanadaFrozen pollock flounders while the U.S. government and fish suppliers fight over a century-old maritime law; “The clock is ticking.” thanks

England eases COVID-19 rules for international travellersEngland set out measures to boost international travel on Friday, abandoning expensive COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers, scrapping its traffic light system and adding eight countries to its safe list.

U.S. visa lottery winners feel 'hopeless' in struggle to leave AfghanistanBefore the special visa, there was the diversity visa lottery for Afghans seeking to come to the U.S., but it's backed up too. Why is there even such a thing as a visa 'lottery' in the first place?🤨 America is a country with a culture and people with a shared language and history. It's not a F'n swag-bag door prize at some bingo parlor.🙄

U.K. changes COVID rules for travelers, still requires unvaccinated to quarantineTransport Secretary Grant Shapps said the new rules will allow 'more people to travel, see loved ones or conduct business around the world.'

U.S. border agents stopped migrants 209,000 times in AugustThe statistics show that unauthorized migration to the U.S.-Mexico border remained at an extremely high level toward the end of the summer, when migrant apprehensions have historically dropped.