Business, Misinformation Watch On The 2020 Election

Business, Misinformation Watch On The 2020 Election

Twitter says it has banned 70,000 accounts since Friday that promoted QAnon

Twitter says it has banned more than 70,000 accounts from its platform since Friday for promoting the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory

1/12/2021 6:15:00 AM

Twitter says it has banned more than 70,000 accounts from its platform since Friday for promoting the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory

Misinformation Watch is your guide to false and misleading content online — how it spreads, who it impacts, and what the Big Tech platforms are doing (or not) about it.

Twitter and Trump are now locked in a game of chickenFrom CNN Business' Brian FungPresident Donald Trump's tweeting privileges have now been restored following Twitter's temporary lock on his account this week for inciting what became a violent insurrection at the US Capitol. In his first tweet since being let out of the penalty box, Trump shared a video

AC Unit Propped Up By Bricks Dangling Precipitously From ISS Window Justice Dept. watchdog opens probe of response to riot With partial blame for the Capitol attack, majority favors barring Trump from office

concedingthat he will be a one-term president.But for Twitter, the challenge of what to do about Trump's account may only be getting more difficult, not less. As Trump reemerges, the company now faces a test of its commitment that any further violations of its policies by the President will result in a permanent ban. Even one more transgression could land Trump in Twitter jail — forever.

It's a game of chicken that Trump, whose entire presidency has been devoted to breaking rules and testing boundaries, is sure to play.For the last four years, Twitter has been central to Trump's presidency, a fact that has also benefited the company in the form of countless hours of user engagement. Twitter took a light-touch approach to moderating his account, often arguing that as a public official, Trump must be given wide latitude to speak.

But as Trump nears the end of his term — and as public pressure has grown against the platform — the balance may be shifting. Last spring, the company began applying warning labels to Trump's tweets in an attempt to correct his misleading claims ahead of the election; it arguably had the opposite effect, prompting Trump to retaliate with

an executive orderand ever more baseless claims of election fraud. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record, NASA Analysis Shows

Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA.

What ? They have the time to confirm this was all baseless... but keep the real criminal stuff out there? Yeah, and I have some great swamp land for sale too. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Can’t wait to see Zuckerberg in prison Another designated terroist U mad 🤦🏻‍♀️ Good! How do you know its baseless? Can we get rid of all the pedophiles promoting child rape next?

Thank God! Only fascists ban others arbitrarily for opinions they don't agree with! Fight Fascism! It’s about time. Good! 🚨 Warning to Donald Trump, GOP DonaldJTrumpJr, Giuliani, tedcruz HawleyMO MoInTheHouse Jim_Jordan We will hold YOU responsible for ANY attacks that happen across the country and in Washington. You have radicalized many Americans. TrumpJihadist

Of course they are. Wouldn't want to support freedom of speech some people might get together and take our country back from the socialists GOOD...As they should !! I guess they were all followers of Sarah Sanders since she was complaining she lost 50,000 followers or something like that. So bad so sad! HA

That’s great news! But did you have to wait until the car 🚗 had almost fallen apart before doing some maintenance jack ? Where is freedom of speech? Shame on you all puzkas “Freedom of... banning” Good! Long overdue Did we forget about the summer riots? Did we forget about the 1% robbing is blind during a global pandemic. The elite are pissed off and scared right now

Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Section230 Are these the same accounts that republicans are complaining about having lost as followers? Because the number of Twitter followers is more important than the State of the Union?

Yesssss Thank you MAGATerrorists TerroristInChief 3 terrifying plots to overthrow the US government before InaugurationDay2021 uncovered by FBI. IMHO Trump & the terrorists this wannabe dictator controls are planning massive terrorist attacks. This must be stopped! They did banned me tho Good they should of done that months ago

Apparently because Trump has been banned from most of the social media platforms, he is now going to appear on Porn hub. MelaniagetsTrumped. Judge Snyder Sexual predator ring exposed. Melinda Yates, Tres Summerlin, Christine Summerlin, Brian Fox Summerlin,Bailey Snyder Mark Dice,Linda Reed, Samantha Farris.Protected by Trey at Little Rock Training Center Department of Veterans Affairs. Kiddie Diddler alert!

Yes stop the Nazis The Big Tech hostile take over .. wow ! MarkWarner TheJusticeDept SidneyPowell1 LLinWood JenniferWexton SuhasforVA LesterHoltNBC chucktodd kasie SenatorJohnBell DavidReidVA GovernorVA gadeforvirginia alisciaandrews AP POTUS PressSec DanScavino Taking away free speech from us....

If twitter going to be banning baseless claims accounts, twitter going to be pretty empty FOX News is the white supremacists station owned by an Australian, racist billionaire. Hopefully CNN is next for falsly claiming its a news network Well...there are 75 million Trump supporters. Are you sure Facebook can afford the loss in stocks?

I dreamed of another social media rising and taking over Big-Tech, Twitter and co that we allow freedom of speech and will be unpolitical! 'Baseless' lol CNN is baseless. If Trump incited a riot, why won't CNN show you video of him doing so? Answer: because they're F-A-K-E. Rock2HAL Good keep deleting these people

And the baseless stories you peddle each day, what a hypocrisy. Nobody stops violent protest against the president. Why do you consider stopping the people who support the president justis? It’s about time It’s about time. If they hadn’t let them on this platform in the beginning they would not have been communicating this attack against the US in the first place

Not okay. What's next? Is Trump an enemy of the United States? freedom of speech? freedom of thought? *They declared war on democracy, now they got it. ProsecuteThemAll The racist mob shall not be louder than decent ppl any longer. Arise! Decent majority! ImpeachRemoveTrumpNow RemoveTheSeditionCaucus RemoveThemAll As the mob raged, they danced. NeverForget

💪🏾✊🏽💪🏿 The Federal court had previously ruled that even on Twitter the President is not above the law. Free speech is a right afforded under the Constitution. Being a accomplice to a crime is not. Those being removed should be thankful they're not being placed on the No-Fly list. If Nancy had her inauguration in 9 days time but her children killed someone on the street, would she wait for 10 days to reprimand them or call it for what it is?

About fucking time. Suppose Twitter is riding this high of authoritarianism and saving us. Or finally stepping after the consequences of Trump the mongrel hierarchy? Wow! Amazing they allowed it to get to 70k accounts. Obviously 🙄 a little late, people are dead, we’re in danger ⛔️, but at least it’s something. twitter SocialMedia socialresponsibilty humanity Thankyoutwitter Accountability insurrection

Let's create a Benevolent, good mannered 'Q Anon'. .You know? Like start some new 'Conspiracy Theory' sounding bullshit that is actually the truth and fact. See if that 'fools' everyone into believing the TRUTH? BenevaNON Why did it take this long?! The horse has bolted, now you shit the gates?! I hope this has opened the eyes of the media (social and mainstream) to seeing how dangerous it is to allow lies and hateful rhetoric to be pushed on their platforms!

Cue the Nazi snowflake ❄️ posts... Hello, Kindly help me complete this survey. It won't take more than 10 minutes of your time. It is for research purposes. Thank you 🙏🏽 Fraud lection, Twitter is part off the problem. TRUMP the man Biden smells kids Did Twitter investigate this and prove them wrong, or just going by media reports

Nobody cares about censoring someone for saying stupid or crazy things. People are censored when what they’re saying is considered a threat. Good for them Years late but good. Hunt Better late than never Send a DM if you need your bills paid Twitter is now almost twatless. Why are they mad? They love to block anyone that disagrees, critiques, argues or offer facts to them. How is this different? They aren't interested in reality, we're not interested in their fantasy.

I’ll tell you this much—I didn’t even know who Alex Jones was before they banned him. Careful not to embolden their base by proving them right about corporate conspiracies. ifawomandidit Horse/barn problem What do they think? Above the law? Stupid! Dear CNN, Your blessings to me is really very strong.. 285K & 295K on 26th & 30th Dec...2.63M & 2.55M twitter impressions for Sept and Dec month resp...means....people are going through it... day they will start executing my ideas to 'REVIVE THEIR INNER CONSCIENCE'

And Republican lawmakers just won't stop whining about it. Conservative logic: crying about being oppressed because they can’t spread violence and threats🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!!

GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! GOD BLESS MY AMERICA !!!!!! Good! How to convince the members of a conspiracy that they are right: ban them

Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting -- Meeting Agenda- Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK twitter should just admit they have a liberal agenda already

Too little, too late. The damage suffered by America as a result of Jan. 6 insurrection cannot be undone. Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting - Meeting Agenda - Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK

Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting -- Meeting Agenda - Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK Too late Months too late from TwitterSafety ! They helped to Foment the problem , same in UK !

Too little too late Not enough. Well what happend to free speach and demogracy? Good riddance Twitter is Bruce Bannon everyone MAGA is a Domestic Terrorist Organization! They tried to overthrow Democracy. They injure and kill cops. They spread terror across America. They are funded by the QGOP! Trump loves them and calls them very special people.

Should have done this years ago. Its run by satanic dogs Twitter is no longer a freedom messaging app. Clearly controlled by Rockerfella, Rothschild and Morgan cartel sitting in Switzerland pretending they control the world. I have a question. You are talking about democracy! So why have you closed all social networks to your opponents ?! This is a clear contradiction with democracy. Mr. Trump and his supporters should not be removed from Twitter and other media. This is against democracy.

Yeah, NOW. They were perfectly ok with them before the insurrection attempt. They don't get credit for doing a good thing too late Thank you Twitter. Thanks jack 💥💥Real Breaking news: Pelosi’s been arrested. How many laptops were confiscated by military sting? Since the legal avenues failed us, we are installing martial law. Tomorrow Gen Flynn is going to be your interim Pres!. We’re going to have new elections in all 50 states! 💥🍿

Are these the people who believe the local pizza place is run by lizard people and that Trump did a good job handling the presidency? Twitter is just Bruce Bannon everyone... How about the flat-earth conspiracy theorists? closing the barn door after the horses already stormed the capital You have freedom of speech, but you have to understand that if that speech includes hate speech, prejudice and public derision on the basis that someone is different then you do not need to express that. Keep those thoughts to yourself and everyone will get along

我是韩国留学生 中国:欢迎 我是外国商人 中国:欢迎 我在国外是中国人 中国:欢迎 我是外国学生 中国:病毒很严重,生命很重要,专注于在线讲座,按时交学费🙂 TakeUsBackToChina Funny... If they're banning accounts for sharing things that are baseless...then WHY ban them?.... It's freedom of speech.... Hmm...maybe it's not as baseless as they want you to believe? Nazism rules everywhere

Both you cnn and Twitter nevertheless takes pride and liberty at promoting these type of baseless conspiracies in other countries. You are reaping what you have sown. This will show you that you all are equally not safe from the carnage you propagate in other countries. In a country that people can freely call for the right to kill harmless unborn babies I expected that every other voice must also be heard.

You can call that a good start! “baseless” Ahahahaaaa! Communists from the USSR, nervously smoking on the sidelines: - And what, it was possible ?! Ahahahaaaa! Shame on them for censoring free speech congrats keep up defending the country from terrorists and the Trump crime family USA the state of freedom 😂🤣😂- real 😷🤮🌈

Communism at its best What took so long🤬 If you allow people only 1 way to express their views then that's how they'll express their views. There'd be a lot more people if Blues didn't dominate political economic power & the media in the way they do, compounding it wont help. 'Opportunity costs' They are trying to make sure we can't say nothing while the democratic liberals are trying to take away all of our Republicans that is true treason and they need to be stopped. They will not take away our democracy with their communism

More 'Consequences'. I reported over 400 of these accounts during the summer but it took a domestic terrorist attack for them to stop dragging their feet. Good. Thank you. 74 million to go!!!! Trump supporters: he can refuse service if he wants to its a private business. Mask mandates and trump looses his platforms due to an attempted insurrection Trump supporters now: My freedoms are being violated by a private business do something!

They are starting to burn books at Twitter Good, clean it up but we won’t have anybody to make fun of. If it’s so baseless why ban it? Awesome, for it's starting to look like we're going to have President Donald J Trump for 4 to 8 more years great job Mr President!!! Glad is possibly no Joe, and keep voting out the swamp rats!!! That's called Keeping America Great!!!

Gee, starting to get the feeling that no one likes these Fascists LOL Facebook Keep reporting them! BotSentinel is a great help! Twitter says...😂 Isn't crazy how everyone made because they lost followers, but not about how our country is in a uproar.. What is the difference between Socialism and National-Socislism (aka Nazism). Nazis allowed big companies to continue to work and get profit in case if they would follow the ruling Party guidelines.

They slower than molasses. What took so long. A lie was a lie 4 years ago. Good but coming late Lol hope it’s tanks , tech companies need to know they DONT control FREE speech .... go f yourself Twitter Free speech YES...for edification not for defication speech. No wonder SarahHuckabee is miffed. Get rid of Q, she’d be left thin (on her follower count)

Good on ya but are you banning blm antifa or some of the ones on the left calling for violence Beginning of the end for twitter Good!! Wouldn't it have been nice and smart to have done this five years ago? Would love to see Twitter be consistent with banning accounts spreading conspiracies including but not limited to vaccines useless, fluoride in water, Apollo landing, flat earth, etc.

1984. 1984. 1984. That you Twitter; this is not what this platform needs I’m gonna ban also that piece of s$it called twitter from my phone and my whole life! fktwitter Thank you Twitter Good! this is censorship. I'm against it. When did Twitter become the police? I'm against violence, but this is wrong to ban people after they say/write something.

No more conspiracy theories! Thanks God! Who is anyone to say what’s a conspiracy theory They'll have to get out their crayons. It’s never too late to do the right thing. 🇺🇸 1984, knocking at our door.... Better late than never. But, never ever forget, that it was Twitter that gave Trump the power he held/holds over so many people.

Good Snowflakes Wow... Types of dictator morethan 70,000 account banned? Interesting statement about our society when we have to look to big business to have the courage to do what our representatives in Washington should be doing. 50 million are here just to trash your nasty rag