Lisa Montgomery: Federal Government Executes The First Woman İn Nearly 70 Years - Cnn

Lisa Montgomery: Federal Government Executes The First Woman İn Nearly 70 Years - Cnn

Federal government executes the first woman in nearly 70 years

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1/13/2021 10:39:00 AM

JUST IN: The federal government has executed Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed in the US for a federal crime in nearly 70 years

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Huge compassion for this woman & her victim. This woman wasn’t born her own child brain was developing, she experienced a level of trauma u can’t just ‘put behind you’ bc it left deep physiological impact. She deserved & needed help..use ur wisdom to understand the chain Se fosse da sua famia vc pensaria assim! Jipocrisiahein.Aposrp que vc é a favor do aborto.

Aqui já tivemos uns três casos destes e no final elas cumprem alguns anos de pena e saem na condicional. Well she won't do that again. Bye bye smiley Is it possible to be pro choice and pro death penalty? This woman was mentally ill. I hate what she did. But this was not the answer. She should have been confined for life. In a mental institution 😭🙏💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

When the evidence is 100% and the crime is hideous like this, I can't see how people don't see this as justice and a deterrent. GREAT JOB TRUMP THE ONLY THING YOU DID RIGHT.. Trump must be so happy, his misogynistic dream came true, he legally killed a woman. I'm never happy about a life being taken. I understand and agree that some people are just not worth the effort anymore but “You shouldn’t kill therefore we kill you” is something I just cannot wrap my brain around.

Next on line is Trump! The world got rid of a disgusting human being! I remember that story, crazy stuff. BYE FELICIA DON’T MURDER A PREGNANT WOMAN AND CUT THE BABY OUT Her story was just horrific and the system failed her at every corner. Don’t care, didn’t ask, plus she cut out the fetus of a pregnant lady and kidnapped it

Yes what she did was horrendous sickening and worthy of the strictest of punishment but if the higher ups realized and understood her life story they would understand the reason not to put her to death She was mentally impaired then and even worse yesterday 👍🏿 This is sad wow. She should have reached out to Trump for a pardon. He don’t even know what’s happening around him.

America has become a third world country, shooting each other is fine, death penalty is fine... sick really HOW y’all like that “Equalty” now Lol 😂😂😂😂 Good for her Good May she suffer in hell Good why they waited so long. Good F$ckers. Sadists. Sociopaths. Every day left is a horror Not our choice if someone lives or dies. Murder is murder no matter how it comes. Capital punishment is not at all a civilized! As humans we should have evolved past this as and war!

Gender nuertral means gender Nuertral 🤷‍♂️ The federal govt needs to try, convict and execute anyone involved in the insurgence. . That includes congresspeople and senators who aided and abetted. Resulting in 6 people dead. Those Who showed the mob where to go. Speed up the process save us some taxpayer dollars. These criminals aren't worth anything.

Good, people like that have no place on this earth! There’s no excuse for that sickening, cruel behaviour! She deserves it -1 problem from society Nice! I know the mom of the woman who had her baby cut from womb. This is one execution I'm ok with. Another great accomplishment by the Trump administration. 😢

USA is in many ways still in the middle ages. lookner Good riddance to bad rubbish I’m against the death penalty but it’s hard to argue against it in this matter. Question. What’s her gender got to do with it? Sad story! Sad ending! She is not the first woman in 70 years. Come on CNN, do your research, show some journalistic integrity.

They just couldn’t wait to kill someone even after learning of the horrific things that person had endured. So Proud to be an American! I dont understand. What about « A federal judge has granted a stay of execution » ⤵️ ? 🧐📌 Look at all the mentally ill people in the comments crying over this. Why would you say “nearly 70” when you could just say “67”?

Equity ❤️ they should have kept her in prison , her life was tragic in itself as well... there are many people in prison for murder that won't get executed and they weren't mentally ill or had brain damage. And others let out after murdering people- fucked up system. Wow such blood thirsty govt. And to think they have the gall to lecture others about human rights

Hmm I thought it was postponed pending psychological examination earlier this week? /confused So now every person that commits a crime is crazy and can’t stand trial? Every serial killer is also crazy, shall we pardon them to? I am not happy but neither sad she is dead. Learn that there are consequences for our actions and the “unable/crazy” card won’t save you forever.

This was a heinous terrible crime but this woman was clearly mentally sentence would of been more appropriate 😏 I do not feel sorry for Lisa Montgomery. That's tough, What did she do though? She was mentally ill. Trump spares his criminal rich friends and other murderers but just flippantly murders some woman with extreme mental illness. Go Trump let’s see what damage you can do in the next week.

Look at her face. Good news and logical end! 'Montgomery was sentenced to death in 2008 by a Missouri jury for the 2004 murder of a pregnant woman, cutting the fetus out and kidnapping it. The baby survived.' say no more, should have shot her. Normally I’m indifferent to the death penalty, but they got this one wrong.

A little country in Europe forbid death as punishment. Reason: cruel and uncivilized. That was in 1870. Today in the USA death is used as political instrument. The USA is 150 years behind the modern world. And so are other countries with death sentence. Then Trump should have the same consequences when convicted for Murder of the Capital police officer during his coup!

What about the women she savagely killed justiceforBobbiJoStinnett It will only make the murderer multiply 🤡😂🤣😅🤡😂🤣😅🤡😂🤣 About the most tragic story conceivable. RIP to the prisoner, and to her victim. potus leads the party of death. What kind of justice system is that? First keep them in prison for years with the death penalty hanging over their heads, then push the execution date like 10 times before finally executing them! That is just sadistic!

😢😢😢 Executions are barbaric and have no place in a modern society. Can't wait for a time when governments stop being serial killers Why has trump been so hell bent on executing as many as possible these last few months? Not getting into the rights and wrongs of the death penalty. There just seems to have been an urgency about executing as many as possible

The party that claims to be pro-life apparently likes to kill a lot Couldn’t wait to kill another person huh Trump? Good call Barbaric. She committed a heinous crime.. most reports about her childhood abuse could not be verified. But im still trying to figure out what the death penalty really accomplishes.

cnni It's easy to execute someone and / or be pro for capitol punishment as long as YOU'RE not the one to be executed. This is why the U.S. is still stuck in the Dark Ages with a lot of its regulations. thank God! Justice! No one execut Trump? How fucking barbaric Two victims of the system Looks kind of like Mitch McConnell, especially where the chin is supposed to be.

'what have we forgotten dear'? 'Oh I know nearly forgot to execute that women phew'! 'Now where's the car keys'?.....🤔😢 Good. Only a psycho can plan & kill that way. Well deserved. I read the report of the crime and it was horrifying So much for 'standing up for Human Rights'... 🙏🙏🙏 I thought a Federal Judge granted her a stay?

In the USA in 2021! sounds like 17th century What she did was heinous, but if she was truly mentally unstable then those juries, judges and Trump are her murderers. Why was Trump pushing all these executions in these last few weeks? It’s not a usual thing that occurs. Kinda scary. Better off with her maker. Don't make the rest pay for her crime. Sad for the person who died and her family.

Eye for an Eye.... Sad when we think it's satisfactory to kill mental illness. It's still there, just in another person. How many is it ok to kill? Easier than treating and stopping child abuse I suppose. Capital punishment is immoral The Old Testament would be very proud of President Trump, 11 executions after a 17 year hiatus. Oh, there was a New Testament? What was that about WWJD WWJS Two wrongs certainly makes the right happy? A terrible crime with a terrible ending.

What took so long. Justice People who think she shouldn’t have been executed. its sad that the death penalty still exists. Not only does it lower the society that uses it to the level of the criminals themselves, not to mention that death row inmates are more expensive than lifers, and all the innocents or mental patients that are also executed

She killed a pregnant lady cut the baby out and said it was hers the babies OK but the mom is dead and now it’s time for her to die lookner Disgusting. The death penalty is wrong. She deserved it but I was just thinking about how so many US leaders have murdered millions of people yet they did so 'legally' and not held accountable

Shameful Bye Felicia You mean our pro-life government? So much for Amy Covid Barrett’s claims that all life matters. She has repeatedly shown that she is not pro-life, merely forced birth. This woman was raped and tortured into insanity. She committed a horrible crime. God will judge her but he will also judge those who failed her.

But her crime was terrible! A pregnant woman and kidnapped the baby? This world is wicked. Barbaric. AbolishTheDeathPenalty I thought capital punishment has been abolished in the developed world Sounds like dissociative psychosis—”.. Mrs. Montgomery has brain damage and severe mental illness that was exacerbated by the lifetime of sexual torture she suffered at the hands of caretakers.'”

Well look at what she did. However i do think her history explains why (horrific childhood) but still doesnt excuse the act. Uhh, I dont know why they don't do the same with more women that are just as brutal. But bc they are females, they are cut breaks. Get these looney tune killers out. Their no worthy of breath. The woman that cooked her child in the oven didn't even get the death penalty.

Better to remove death penalty altogether As there is no difference in gender so there would be no difference in execution of women and men. The crime is crime doesn’t matter who made it, whether man or women. Both should b executed the same way as we believe n gender equality. I personally believ in equity not equality

She got what she deserved and criminals will think twice before (graphic) guting a baby out of a pregnant woman alive she this wicked women did. As too why should a state have the right too kill someone. Killing a murderer is the only deterrent and proper accountability to murder 19 years. Alieen Wuornos was on death row and died of lethal injection in 2002.

but the fascist has pardoned criminals and accomplices of his own misdeeds Her crime is heinous and unspeakable but why execute her? She should get life particularly if her records behind bars does not suggest violence. So much for pro life! Women scream for equality so what's the problem ?Awake2Woke After reading and understanding her life story. The abuse she endure from her childhood and onwards were horrendous. She was wrong for the crime she committed, no doubt about that. But she was broken beyond repair. There is no amount of psychological help to heal he from the

Excellent. If she makes it to Heaven after strangling a pregnant woman and cutting her baby out of her womb, I'm sure God will forgive her. Above our pay grade. We can only seek justice for the victim. And as far as constitutionality, I'm good with the Supremes on this. cnni That’s what you get if you have no power position.

I’m again the death penalty but in this case this monster got exactly what she deserved . This was an unspeakable crime . My heart goes out to the victims family ! Fantastic. Too bad I missed the show, hopefully she felt some pain. Got what she deserved actually got off a little easy compared to what you gave😎

I don't agree with the death penalty. But this woman is beyond mental health care. Suck to be her read the entire thing didn't mention what she did, cnn is that how u report news? Equality Damn this breaks my heart. I don’t want to execute anyone tho. This woman was seriously mentally ill. It is a terrible reflection on a society that executes those who are Ill and disabled. Yea she needed to be incarcerated but this is immoral

Bye gurlllll ? What a barbaric system! they finally on the board Under Trumps admin . Just another messed up law. Logic of people in the replies: 'I killed a person but that doesn't matter because I'm mentally ill :D' FFS, are they just sacrificing people to some mad God now? She looks evil🤨🤨🤨 Personally, we would be a lot better off if we executed more career criminals.

Trump no podia acabar sense vessar sang. Abolish the death penalty, no matter the crime! Therapy is the answer! A society that cannot look after their mentally ill should not have the right to execute them I remember reading about this crime when it was breaking news, it was horrifying. Nobody wins in this.

So sad She deserved it God bless her Good Riddance 👆 Wow! 😔 I know this is disgusting but there may be more behind it. I bread about this awhile ago but to see this outcome is baffling! I feel like people’s mental health is very important! Especially in these current times. Appalling all around And yes, this is sweet justice for America and for the family of the young woman and unborn baby the monster Montgomery cut from her dead womb. Anyone opposing this execution is truly sad, weak and ignorant karma executed deadMontgomery

Feminists should be so pleased. No, abolish death penalty. Seriously. Get in line, Nancy. Once capital punishment was considered unconstitutional in the US. Now this barbaric practice unworthy of a civilized nation has become simply business as usual - even condoned by the so-called SCOTUS. SHAME ON YOU. Your country is a stain on humanity!

What the fck WhiteHouse Trump pardons friends, but okays the execution of a mentally ill woman. How many men get execued? Or better yet, how many innocent coloured men in the past. 🤔 I guess being a woman and becaude it happened under Trump's administration, it makes a better story. Women posting there L's

So they are waiting to execute the other 2 recovering from covid before executing them? She endured a life of abuse and rape. Extremely mentally ill....a sad day for America. I feel sad when I see stuff like this. It makes me forget the horrors she did.. I am not sure if you will be forgiven Couldn't happen to a nicer woman. It's a shame she wasn't made to work for room and board.

Not right So sad. Fuck her, watch this We need more women executed to achieve execution equality. Men are overrepresented in the stats. Good An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Yes I’m aware of what she did and others on Death Row. I could not have anyone’s death on my conscience. He went out of his way to do all of these acts for four years and even in his last moments we see how truly bad he is.

I thought that mentally ill, brain damaged people who commit crimes were protected from the death penalty in USA? Seems I was wrong 🥺, shameful treatment after being treated for her condition for years in jail Bye, Felicia 👋 Why keep wackjobs like her alive? Its expensive guys. Im happy for that victims family. Imagine losing your daughter,wife,sister like that? And now raising her baby. I hope they never tell that innocent bub what happened to mamma.

Trump death penalty More Women elected to political office means more women go to prison AS USUAL FAKE NEWS...ITS AMERICAN COURTS THAT HAS CONVICTED HER OF DEATH SENTENCE..FOR HENIOUS CRIMES. CNN FAKE NEWS GOP WhiteHouse BBCWorld WSJ So executing someone for a crime by the state is barbaric and bombing and killing innocent civilians is collateral damage? 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

No government should have that much power. Tragedy. State sanctioned murder of a woman with brain damage and mental illness. What makes ppl w every earthly advantage bloody-thirsty? A lot of that going around lately. Well.. thats how it goes. Maybe next person wont cut a baby out of someone She cut a mothers baby out while the mother was alive then let her bleed to death . She got what she deserved .

More focus and sympathy for criminals than their victims seem to be the news media's new norm 😏 Yes!! She strangled the mother, cut the child out of her stomach, kidnapped that child & left the mother on the floor to bleed out. I’m not defending her. She was a MONSTER! My sympathy is for the victims of her HEINOUS actions!

Nothing more beautiful can happen but death. Shakespeare cnni Did she do it? Ok. Then, there endeth the lesson. What was her crime? Patent Technology Transfer -Annual sales 10 billion$ -Annual profit 7billion$ -Investor referral fee 1billion$ lnventor: Korea mobile82107626.4542 ? The 'pro-life' party sure isn't very pro-life.

Bitch died of ugliness Thailand girls check phone CIA& FBI from NYC Her actions were heinous, she got what she deserved. Maybe she can find the rest of her chin when she goes to hell. Do I laugh do I cry? Idk where is the punchline Do they still do that🤔🤔🤔 Impeach Trump. I thought they halted the execution?

She deserved it 100% Like many great women before her, Lisa was a pioneer in her own right. One day, hopefully soon, we can close the gender execution gap. It’s just like they say... Cut babies out of people, get the lethal injection. It’s not an execution, it’s a late term abortion. Gotta sacrifice souls to get into hell. Nobody does that better the the US government

Lettts gooooooo F 😡😡😡 She deserved it You should be next CNN