Trump supporters on Twitter spread Covid-19 rumors about China

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Nearly 30 groups of Twitter users who identified themselves as supporters of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party or the conspiracy theory QAnon spread rumors that the coronavirus was a bioweapon created in China, according to new research

in Wuhan, China, a charge for which they have yet to offer any evidence. The two have also declined to say whether they thought the virus release would have been deliberate or an accident. "Whether they made a mistake or whether it started off as a mistake, and then they made another one or — did somebody do something on purpose?"As of late March, the Australian researchers found that the conspiracy theory labeling Covid-19 a Chinese bioweapon had been shared on Twitter within these U.

“The million dollar question is what impact will this activity have,” said Timothy Graham, a co-author of the report who is a senior lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, in an interview. “This problematic content sets a foundation where you can have a tipping point when it really takes off, being amplified by the mainstream media and celebrities."


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TwitterSafety does twitter have guts to block those accounts for spreading misinformation. Or its about only anti China narrative. Thank you Twitter for making US China Again.

Sorry. Didn't want to forget about all of you at Politico.

Rumors? That is your opinion. We are all entitled to our opinion. China is to blame we all know that.

Well, it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to convince yourself that wealthy politicians care about you so you have to make up all kinds of goofiness.

Sen. McTrumpy in AZ is trying to be re-elected on a blame China, better-to-go-to-war than admit Trump’s incompetence and accountability. She lost a bid for the Senate once (this is an appointment after her loss). She will go down with Trump, losing again. Welcome Sen. Mark Kelly.

I think we can all agree now that anyone who still supports Trump supports Putin

Theyre the worst of America. No one with a brain listens to their paranoid delusions anyway.

Talk about 'Distraction'!! Isn't THAT what the left wing liberals, as well as MainstreamMedia do, yet place it on the other? You disgust me! Let's keep it on how the Democrats have failed while it all burns down! And bail out those who lit the match? Jesus *F Christ 🤦

As bioweapons go, there are much more deadly viruses than Covid19. But that would involve logic, which all of the aforementioned people lack.

What won't they do, he has created evil in this country.

Over the last 4 years, it has become obvious that the things that the media label 'conspiracy theory' usually turn out to be true. Maybe not every single time, but most of the time.

Simple. Just remove their accounts and track their IP addresses - then freeze those IP protocols.

Well no shit. Is anybody actually surprised by this? we all know the Trump supporters that were so quick to parrot this information. anyting to get some heat off of him.

It all begins with the White Elephant in the Oval Office.

🤣😂😂🤣😂 how long did it take to make up all those scam accounts🤣😂🤣

Anything to enable the perpetually undeveloped ego of Donnie the Conman Trump. But if this were true shouldn’t Trump have taken it a bit more seriously?

You guys in the media spread the rumor that COVID-19 was so deadly we needed to shut down the country or 3 million people would die.

I think that the Governor of Minn. is who needs to be investigated. Probably for stupidity because he sure isn't the brightest lite bulb in the grocery store.

So where did it come from Politico? Are you also denying that China let the virus spread while locking its own country down?

jack needs to eliminate them. Zuck has claimed them and embraced them. Twitter should block them!

mterr337 Yet again another debunked theorie, empty heads.

They're the best at spreading hate.

Qanon are the real terrorists in this country

Politico and all the Democrat mafia’s media said Coronavirus is President Trumps fault. 😑

So why does our President not address the nation and explain his stance on all the crises and horrors now facing us?

Politico, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC tan a conspiracy theory that there was tear gas used to clear the way for the president yesterday. Also, reported the conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Russia

Interesting that this would even be a thought !!!!

It was a bioweapon

You have proof it wasn’t?

They've been trying to get this out for some time now.

It's really not that crazy of a thing to believe. Many people in the virology community have been trying to warn us for years that some lthing like this could happen. Nobody listened. Calling it just a right conspiracy theory is very naive.

Twitter needs to shut this down.

Who needs bots when you have willful idiots

Truth is the basis for Democracy. Trump can not handle the Truth

You really don't even know who these groups are. If ws. Could claim they are antifa.. anyone of these twitter accounts could be bots!

Soon it will say that it was funded by the democrats.

It did come from the lab and was likely modified. Bioweapon or not is semantics.

Maybe it is a bio weapon ? China is shady as hell cant trust them

*Trump suppressing civil liberties, stoking violence, enacting martial law, and generally being fascist* Qtards: But Hillary's a deep-state commie!

No suprises here. Just wait a few months. Their shenannigans thus far will be seen as child's play. Americans need to keep their guard up.

Just when I thought we were free from that conspiracy goofiness.

And trump himself started this lie.

Maybe they should label QAnon a terrorist organization, it has about as much structure as Antifa.

I think it’s a hoax. Report that, too.

Haha, now you’re spreading Chinese propaganda to own trump. Hilarious.

Nut bags..... nothing more.... nothing less

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