Opinion | Trump Echoes Nixon in Targeting Twitter

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From WSJopinion: The bias is real. But like Nixon against the broadcast networks, Trump goes too far in his attack on social-media platforms, writes BoulderPreston.

Journal Editorial Report: The president's favorite platform becomes enemy No. 1. Image: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Trump signed an executive order Thursday that would have the Federal Communications Commission judge decisions made by Twitter, Facebook and others to moderate speech. Under Mr. Trump’s order, the FCC could revoke liability protection if a social-media platform hasn’t acted “in good faith.

The Fairness Doctrine, introduced in 1949, required broadcasters to air opposing views on issues of public interest. The FCC...


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opinion BoulderPreston No the media goes too far and is killing the first amendment at all levels: censorship and constant agenda driven propaganda

opinion BoulderPreston We all know what happened to Nixon.

opinion BoulderPreston From opinion: The bias is real. But like Nixon against the broadcast networks, Trump goes too far in his attack on social-media platforms The real crime is that, unlike in Nixon's time, those platforms let him get away with the attacks.

opinion BoulderPreston Liberals are trying to censor the conservatives.

opinion BoulderPreston Obama suppressed the media in private by seizing their records and phones as well as stalking fox news reporter.

opinion BoulderPreston You're irrelevant wsj. I damped you after 30+ years.

opinion BoulderPreston Whoa. Wsj actually critiquing Trump The world definitely has gone upside down in 2020

opinion BoulderPreston Don't get carried away, bro.

opinion BoulderPreston Trump attacks fake news

opinion BoulderPreston But it’s okay for Twitter to target him. You haters crack me up.

opinion BoulderPreston No he does not. They are shadow banning. They are limiting thevrNge and connections of conservative ideas. They are terrible towards ideas they do not favor. They cannot do that with their special protections.

opinion BoulderPreston He did not go far enough

opinion BoulderPreston I guess I should add the WSJ to this 🤷🏻‍♂️

opinion BoulderPreston he does not go far enough. they are fanning the flames. their loyalty to DEMOCRAT PARTY, is making propagandists., and not JOURNALISTS.

opinion BoulderPreston He's doing nothing but allowing them to be responsible for what they publish. It's the lawyers you are worried about. Tough

opinion BoulderPreston bro you are so off the rails right now. slow down and let America microwave some more popcorn

opinion BoulderPreston Boulder Preston = Cement Head.

opinion BoulderPreston No he didn’t, writes David Mango. See how that works?

opinion BoulderPreston Bias has been validated by the animalistic actions of a vile mob. They've shit on that poor man's memory and played into the hands of haters. I'm leaning to the right. Trump has a point. Get the cannons out.

opinion BoulderPreston Bias is real? How about RepubliCON bias against the rest of us? We disagree with your greed and politics. That doesn't make us biased, it makes you WRONG!

opinion BoulderPreston The press isn’t a real press. It’s a biased propaganda tool the same as the Nazi’s used. Goebbels showed them the way

opinion BoulderPreston Don't agree. Press lies, lies, lies, lies. You say 'bias is real' and yet you want him to lay down for what? He must NEVER stop voicing the truth. If he does, the country descends into a socialist state instead of a representative democracy. He is the voice needed the most.

opinion BoulderPreston Wait, now there’s an op-ed criticising Trump? Make up your mind, WSJ. You can’t have this and Karl Rove at the same time.

opinion BoulderPreston Totally agree! He went to far! He is a double-faced person. He even went against Twitter. Can you believe that? He's a mad-man! GetOutTrump

opinion BoulderPreston Here’s the plan Trump. Walk in front of a church and hold a Bible upside down. Got it? This will make you a hero. OK reality TV president?

opinion BoulderPreston Fake news is the enemy. Period!

opinion BoulderPreston Ahhh...thank God I canceled my wsj subscription a while ago. It was expensive, but I sure wouldn't renew even now for a cheaper price

opinion BoulderPreston He does not

opinion BoulderPreston Internal enemy: the people of US. Trump is turning the country in a Banana Republic

opinion BoulderPreston I call bullshit

opinion BoulderPreston bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy

opinion BoulderPreston

opinion BoulderPreston Nixon makes Trump look like an angel

opinion BoulderPreston Boulder who?

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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