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Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore

Pres. Donald Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at the foot of Mount Rushmore.

7/4/2020 7:56:00 AM

Pres. Donald Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at the foot of Mount Rushmore.

President Donald Trump has delivered a fiery speech at Mount Rushmore, charging that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” amid demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality

while in South Dakota. Both Guilfoyle and Trump Jr., who serves as a top surrogate for the president, are isolating themselves and have canceled public events, according to Sergio Gor, chief of staff to the Trump campaign’s finance committee.During the speech, the president announced he was signing an executive order to establish the National Garden of American Heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the “greatest Americans to ever live.”

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Amid the campaign headwinds, the president has sharpened his focus on his most ardent base of supporters as concern grows inside his campaign that his poll numbers in the battleground states that will decide the 2020electionare slipping.Trump in recent weeks has increasingly lashed out at “left-wing mobs," used a racist epithet to refer to the coronavirus and visited the nation’s southern border to spotlight progress on his 2016 campaign promise to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The event, while not a campaign rally, had the feel of one as the friendly crowd greeted Trump with chants of “Four more years!” and cheered enthusiastically as he and first lady Melania Trump took the stage.“They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive," Trump said. “But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history and culture to be taken from them.”

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem echoed Trump’s attacks against his opponents who “are trying to wipe away the lessons of history.”“Make no mistake: This is being done deliberately to discredit America’s founding principles by discrediting the individuals who formed them,” she said.

The small town of Keystone, which lies a couple of miles from the monument, was buzzing with people Friday hoping to catch a glimpse of the fireworks and the president. Many wore pro-Trump T-shirts and hats. Few wore masks.“This is going to rank up in the top Fourth of Julys that I talk about,” said Mike Stewhr, who brought his family from Nebraska.

Mike Harris of Rapid City, who said he was a Republican, wore a mask and waved an anti-Trump flag. He also was sporting a handgun on each hip. He said he was worried the event would spark a COVID-19 outbreak.“I think it's a bad example being set by our president and our governor,” Harris said.

Leaders of several Native American tribes in the region raised concerns that the event could lead to virus outbreaks among their members, who they say are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 because of an underfunded health care system and chronic health conditions.

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“The president is putting our tribal members at risk to stage a photo op at one of our most sacred sites,” said Harold Frazier, chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.Some Native American groups used Trump's visit to protest the Mount Rushmore memorial itself, pointing out that the Black Hills were taken from the Lakota people.

More than 100 protesters, many Lakota, lined the road leading from Keystone to the monument holding signs and playing Lakota music in 95-degree heat. Some held their fists in the air as cars loaded with event attendees passed by. Others held signs that read “Protect SoDak's First People,” “You Are On Stolen Land” and “Dismantle White Supremacy."

“The president needs to open his eyes. We're people, too, and it was our land first,” said Hehakaho Waste, a spiritual elder with the Oglala Sioux tribe.About 15 protesters were arrested after blocking a road and missing a police-imposed deadline to leave.

Several people who once oversaw fire danger at the national memorial had said setting off fireworks over the forest was a bad idea that could lead to a large wildfire. Fireworks were called off after 2009 because a mountain pine beetle infestation increased the fire risks.

Noem pushed to get the fireworks resumed soon after she was elected, and enlisted Trump's help. The president brushed aside fire concerns earlier this year, saying: “What can burn? It's stone.”Trump has presided over a several large-crowd events — in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and at an Arizona megachurch — even as health officials warn against large gatherings and recommend face masks and social distancing. He plans a July Fourth celebration on the National Mall in Washington despite health concerns from D.C.’s mayor. Trump and Melania Trump plan to host events from the White House South Lawn and from the Ellipse.

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That is crap, the media is what is pushing racism. And you love it. We watched the entire speech. He emphasized: We are one nation under God; Equal justice under the law; The virtues of our imperfect founders; Leaders of every color who have made America great; Coddling Marxist & lawlessness is foolish and dangerous.

You lie That is not true ..... stop telling lies. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Tell me. What is communist about telling the truth? That's what he said. Exactly what did you hear him say... Anything about unifying and uniting the country? Fighting coronavirus? Hmmm Even looks like a Nazi backdrop! The anti-American bias of the FakeNewsMedia is unbelievable. You cherry picked/manipulated his speech to fit your narrative. Watch the whole thing and you see someone who wants all Americans to succeed. Someone who calls out the radical leftist who want to destroy the US 🖕ABC

America has been found wanting as far as leadership is concerned just like us here in Mzantsi(SA) or the entire African continent if I may say 😭 Pathetic 😒 Cover the truth. Not your own hate. Looks like Berlin in 1939. Hey what’s you opinion on Biden being the architect of mass incarceration of people of color for Reagen and the Clintons The biggest enslavement since the 1800s.... oh and his thoughts against LBGT Can’t be married or in the military 🤦‍♂️

ABC hates America! He made a great speech! All those people without masks and with no social distancing. I don't want to be crass. But, a large of them probably will not be living in November in order to vote. Trump 👍👍 We are allowing the illiterates of America to dictate the history of America. 4thofJuly AmericaFirst BlueLivesMatter

Propaganda media. Disgraceful. ABC News should be called promote propaganda PPC idiot Of course abc would say that, but no one is listening to them. The presidents speech was hopeful, inspiring and A look at all the people and events that have shaped this great nation. Boo hoo abc, If you’re too stupid to see it

That’s not what President Trump said Defending Mount Rushmore is now considered divisive. 👎 The speech was not divisive. Play the entire speech...let folks decide. Gaslighting YellowJournalism. Apparently every news outlet is either fake news or communist, according to their feeds by Trumpites. Any wonder they hang on every word of an autocrat they’ve elevated to a cult leader? Once you’ve done that on any spectrum, you cease to have coherent individual thought.

FakeNews No - U r promoting all that! Not true Becareful what you people wish for in the name of ratings. Why the hell hasn't he caught this damn virus? I guess because he practices what he doesn't preach while inciting his followers into crowding into stadiums without masks. 5 months before trump goes full dictator

Doubling down. And Donald Trump is also extremely ugly. ABC is that the only thing you listened to? Youve already ran article at least three times on three seperate posts. Just allowing computers to pick what needs to run is ruining all larger news organizations. Were all tired of politics can all you media people not find subjects outside of these narrow bands to write about?

Wrong!!! He’s a Traitor and he’ll go down as the worst president in history, I can guarantee that. and his stage is circa 1939 Berlin Lies and manipulation! fakenews Liar! Fake News!!! What a B.S. headline Stop slandering the POTUS It's not only a Sin to lie, it's also illegal to slander others. America is sick of your fake hateful lied being pushed as news.

ABC News parroting the NYT, should we be surprised? The MSM is shaking in their boots because they know the Democrat candidate is cognitively unfit to serve. Biden will NOT debate Trump for love or money as it would reveal and illustrate his handicap. The only one's stoking racial divide, is the news people...

Liars! He absolutely did not. Fake News! It was a fantastic speech ie people who heard him . As for fake news go on with your fake news and opinion . We will vote trump 2020 Why aren’t you reporting on ghysalen Maxwell arrest? Are you protecting someone? Little to no coverage on your station. Why? Don’t you care about the victims epstein GhislaineMaxwellArrested

Trump did very well. That was an awesome celebration!! Enemy of the people. He said all Americans of all backgrounds all colors. That doesn't sound like racial division it's just the fake news you're pushing that thank fully no one listens to. Fox is no.1 FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople WOW You folks are the ones pushing racial division. Our President gave a great speech last night. Too bad our MSM is against our great country. We see right through you.

ABC ur so full of bias sh-t Fake news from the fake news king: ABC News No video of what Trump said to cause these racial divides? Instead this story has a video of Biden bashing Trump. I’ll vote for neither but this is just plain bullshit. Dam Traitor shameful doesn’t care about veterans ! Stop it fascists

all leftists media hacks have the same scripts Yet another example of MSM Hypocrisy - gives further proof for cause to WalkAwayFromDemocrats BLEXIT and vote realDonaldTrump in 2020Elections ABC tweeted this exact same wording last night. Think maybe they have an agenda? I see your stock prices are dropping again. That's a shame.🤷‍♀️

More bullshit. Only dummies buy into him. Hitler want to be Love Trump and Mount Rushmore He is optimism in the face of negativity. Your nasty way of looking at the world is tearing it apart. Be a part of the solution and do your reporting properly instead of shoving your biased opinions everywhere. Wrong again

Bahahahaha, this was the greatest speech! Our forefathers, our country,our love, our people! ABC a bottom feeder news station!!! MAGA2020. Trump2020Landslide ABC is fake as fuck. Zero credibility Nope. It was actually his least from the cuff and open speech he’s given. He clearly drew a line in the sand for ripping apart cities and monuments. Not defending the man but this is far from true. Perhaps you are being divisive

The racial division is being “pushed” everyday on the news networks and by our rioters, looters, and murders. I realize this is taboo in the liberal media agends, but is is a fact accepted by everyone but hardened criminals and atifa. Do you even listen to the same things everybody else does? REPEAT headline. Again. People, watch their Hanoi Hannah/Vietnamese communist practices with their repeated news every 1/2hr or so If you don't know what this is, look it up. Do your research.

On a stagr like hitler had. Hmmm Waiting for the batboy headline. He just want to stir the pot on his way out of office. He keep that stick in his back pocket how exactly was it fiery? the crowd was silent. trump just read a wikipedia page on Jefferson and did a few shoutouts to some other nazis and all in that obnoxious monotone. Did i miss something?

Can you give examples of his speech that were divisive? What was it that he said that was racial Oh, bullshit. Fake News Again. I don't listen to Trump anymore. There are better things to do, like cleaning out my purse, dusting the house, walking the dog... ABC is biased.I stopped watching ABC few months back.

abc you are full of crap. His speech was very good and true. But it’s apparent you don’t want the truth. abcrunbydems Not racial division!!! He called for an end to rioters and Country haters!!!! Report it correctly please. I listened to the speech several times now and Ive not heard anything that even comes close to 'racial division'.

ABC wants racial division when it isn’t there Trump is the greatest President in history Standing up to FASCISM of which ABC is complicit. The American people will not tolerate it How pawns do you have left on your chessboard of disinformation? Tick tock. RT realDonaldTrump I just listened to the speech in its entirety ...if saying “we’re going to stop people from tearing down statues and destroying property” is divisive then I’m afraid you’re lost

Omg y’all are horrible. Did you even listen to the speech?!? It was inclusive and inspiring. The only way you could publish this headline is because you are for mob rule and America hating behavior. You. Have. Lost. All. Credibility! What a national embarrassment. A vile speech made for the bottom feeders that are his supporters.

🤡 A lie. He did not do anything like that. Stop your fake news. ABC pushes leftist propaganda because the only way they can be successful in the media climate they helped create is to monetize outrage and division. RobertIger is a pedophile on Epstein Island & GStephanopoulos 😃 Your headline is racially divisive, his speech wasn’t. I’m sure the speech is available online for anyone to see & decide for themselves whether is correct or if they’ve flushed journalistic ethics down the drain by engaging in political activism

TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🔥❤️ FourthofJuly2020 ABC is full of shit! So irresponsible and this our president ? Bullshit! Fifteen presidents have visited, never been called divisive ! Racial division? No wonder he calls you fake news ... disgraceful headline on every level FakeNews Trump and his base Repubs salute White Supremacy, Neo-Nazi, and the KKK. He's the one killing Americans and his own people disobeying COVID-19. Evilness, hatefulness, racism, corruptions, divisiveness, scandalous, lawlessness, and lying is his bloodline.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. adolf hitler and ABC NEWS. ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE My God, journalism is dead. This isn’t even an opinion piece. BS The only people pushing racial division are the people demanding we should look at every person, place, or thing through the lens of race. E Pluribus Unum.

Lamestream media pushes racial division! realDonaldTrump is: RacistInChief DividerInChief TrumpKillsAmericans Actually Pres. Trump stresses UNITY in his speeches but liberals & lefties have shown they misunderstand standard English. ABC news stokes racial division with lie number 6789988766554433 about the president.

FAKE NEWS alert: Listened to the whole speech and in no way, shape or form did he push ‘racial division’! It was upbeat and patriotic which is much more than I can say for the MSM! It was a federal fundraiser that he and his racists put the bill on the rest of us No. He did not. He did call out the left for what they are, enemies of this country. And I would agree it was a call to arms for all patriots

If you got racial division out of that speech about patriotism, defending our great country, its history and its founders, winning against those trying to destroy us...Well.. you ARE the problem with whats going on. You ARE ones pushing the racial divide. ABC is fake news. Happy 4th of July ! Mockingbird lies FakeNews realDonaldTrump highlighted the greatness of our American founders and the liberty granted in the constitution. He called out the cancel culture, big tech censorship and fake news media communists attempting to take over our country StandforAmerica

Fake news. no journalism left. you are in the tank for Democrats. the public is sick of you too, even liberals Let me guess, the headline writer didn't listen to the speech He hasn’t changed on bit. Still a rabid dog You really are propaganda peddlers, when the mob comes for you I hope you remember your ignorance!

Propaganda channel! Lies The only division Trump pushed was with fascist leftists, by name. Look at them here threatening a black family man. They torch black businesses, ruin lives. ABC News, CNN, and other wealthy media are their racist allies. Not true. Wrong. Pushes racial division? You are total lunatics. Please identify one single sentence where he was pushing any kind of racial division or retract that Ridiculous headline and apologise.

What 4th of July Rally were you watching? You’re pathetic! The liberal media IS the virus. Turning it off is the cure. I no longer can take the media seriously. D Trump pushes ABC ratings into the garbage can once again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡 Piss off libs. The 4th is about America. No he did not. You are. Stop lying to America!!!

Pushes racial division? You're the race baiting fake news. Go away. GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸 BenedictDonald Fake news is the real virus, that speech was AWESOME Now report the rest. And broke a treaty You are ridiculous ScumMedia happy independence day! i’m looking forward to the pool party & food today! 🇺🇸🇺🇸😜

FakeNews We are awake. And you know what is coming.... That's a relatable headline. Well done. Get lost on ABC to report how Senator THUNE celebrated July 4th in MOSCOW a couple years ago? Now Tribal lands? Communist ABC at it again! Did he I didn’t hear any racial division.. huh? IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump IndependenceFromTrump

From the Joe Biden campaign... 😏 Happy.... ABC pushes racial division every time they pen an article and has done far more damage to race relations than anything Donald Trump could ever do. pospotus 🤦‍♀️Fake news from ABC. Nice 'reporting' Holy shit this headline is trash In November it’s pretty simple. TRUMP LIES AND WE DIE! VOTE JOE BIDEN IN 2020 YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!

Why does ABC hate this country? You are the enemy of the people Why do you hate America? No.. You guys are fanning those flames. I hate Trump but his doctored speech was pretty good. The speech writers did a good job of making it sound totally different than anything he’s ever said. I hope people saw that and realize it wasn’t his words at all.

Were we at the same place, listening to the same speech? I don't know where you were, but that is absolutely not what I heard. Quite the oposite WHERE IS THE ACCURATE REPORTING IN THAT HEADLINE - YOU TAKE THE PRISE FOR DIVIDE ABCommunist network spreading lies on TV, the Democrats are fully responsible for racial unrest with their divisionary tactics they've used for generations. The KKK was their party, as the Antifa and BLM are now their party. The hate never ends for Democrats..

Fuc$ you, ABC!!! Where are your stories about how Commisar Fauci prevented the use of hydroxychloroquine and murdered thousands and made millions sick? Any response? Lying Fake News headline by ABC. The MSM divides America by skin color 24/7. Accuses anyone not far left of being racist. Race baits constantly. Then lies about President Trump who works tirelessly for ALL Americans and couldn’t care less what color their skin is. FAKE NEWS

He did the exact opposite but you already know that. You're deliberately spreading lies in order to try and divide us. This is why I no longer watch you or listen to your radio talk shows anymore. You are anti-American. Your tweet is so biased and totally incorrect. His speech rejected rioting demonstrates, not peaceful protesters. If your organization believes burning statues, buildings, and property, as well as defacing property and destroying buildings is good, then you are as bad as them.

Breaking news from the Anti-Amercan Broadcasting Channel Despicable liars. Sickening. Trump has historic black support hence ABC pushing a race war. The MSM is truly and evil force. An enemy of the people. You will lose. No he did not... fake news Virus 'rules?' You people hate America. Quit lying! The 1 reason why I refuse to watch news Your affiliates, too.

You're a joke. That's not at all what he said, and that's not at all what he did. And you don't need to talk about the damn coronavirus 24/7. No he didn’t ABC and their FakeNewsActivists are either completely ignorant, or are flat out lying to fit their narrative. And neither look is a good one. WalkAway FakeNews MAGA

Alternate headline: ABC pushes racial division, stokes virus lies at Rushmore. ABC is SCARED!!!! You are ALL going to be exposed...AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!! IRRESPONSIBLE ORANGE DOPE! Man this is a lie Or in REAL news: LOL! He is winning! Awe look......ABC lies to America again. Wrong. Listen again. You might learn the truth.

Thanks for helping President Trump get re-elected 🇺🇸👏 ABC Twitters audience is the radical biased left wingers. Same as the rest of the media. But the 39% independent voters are smarter, they get their info directly from POTUS, they saw a unifying, strong speech. Then they see the msm bs, move closer to Trump.

, Disney espn your whole organization, your leadership and your fellow cronies need to and will be held accountable for announcing filth like this over the past 3+ years! WWG1GWA FakeNews DrainTheSwamp I would hate to think Trump would start a civil war so his defnse contractorbuds can sell armory.

You are fake news. MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE I listened to the speech in its entirety. It was neither a hate speech nor a divisive ploy. Our President is a man who loves America and stands up for Americans and our culture. is a hate and division vehicle. is garbage. You are the enemy of the people ABC equals liberal propaganda channel! Stop watching the fake news along time ago! AllLives matter

Bullshit Do you have any specific quotes that support your headline? Fake news ... again EnemyOfThePeople Fake News. Dishonest. Despicable. Un-American. And and all out LIE. You’re a joke. Lol ...he never mentioned race! Stop lying! You’re a laughing stock at this point....Cat videos get more viewers than you 😂

Sounds, on-brand. This here is exactly why americans are rejecting main stream media. You guys are the biggest BS producers in the country and push to divide people to ram your political bias down our throats.... Let's just call it a protest....then it's ok right? Liberalhypocrisy FakeNews No that’s a lie. The Media pushes hate and division and supports anarchists and riots. We will always fight for what our country stands for freedom and justice for all!

The narrative of the liberal media is becoming clanging cymbals. The desperation is comical. Happy birthday America! What hell speech did you watch? Did Nancy write this article and send it to you before the speech? What 'rules' is he flouting? The useless garbage the hapless blue state tyrants have been promoting so hard with the media they're leaking into red states? FakeNewsMediaClowns

realDonaldTrump President is a prime example of garbage on display. Now the virus is spreading in Trump family . You guys are disgusting! I literally refuse to turn your channel on to even watch anything that’s not the news. I hope this is all worth it! Because I guarantee you that no realDonaldTrump supporters will turn your channel back on even after he leaves office in four years!🖕🏻🇺🇸❤️

BS. It’s coordinated talking points across all mainstream media outlets like this, that will give Trump a landslide victory. As if we haven’t seen Democratic leadership/media silent on the destruction of our cities, private property, and small businesses. Always narrative shaping. what a horrible bunch of people you are. anti- american.

Waving the flag is easy. Including people takes work so no one is left out. Wow ABC Ruse doesn’t even attempt to hide their agenda...this is propaganda Wow. Who tf is running that shit show? “Pushes” racism? Why does your headline not surprise Americans? You people stop at NOTHING to divide our country & hate on our great President Trump. GTH ABCNews Your idiocy only makes us vote for Trump more, in person, NO absentee Patriot voting. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople

Awful lies from FakeNews garbage. ABC is FAKE NEWS Trump hasn't pushed for racial division, the radical left pushes for racial division. The Progressive brain got rewired, not Trump's. Only thing he pushed was patriotism, pride, and rule of law. Enough with the fakeness!! FAKE DAMN NEWS STOP WORKING FOR THE DNC 💩

A nother B ullshit C laim .... stick to sports instead. Something you can't spin. ABC is no longer a news organization. They are a propaganda arm of the left. The question is: who is paying them to spew these lies? Come on be honest we all know you lied he did the opposite this is why you guys are fake news and have this reputation you know gave FAKE & LIES

Funny that’s not what he did. More lies from ABC NEWS. I NEVER WATCH THEM. FakeNews is the EnemyOfThePeople Racial division? ABC = Agenda..Biased..Crap! This is a lie. I actually read part of the article for once. Absolute horseshit. I can’t believe how bad our media has gotten. It is more clear than ever that the media has been bought and paid for by somebody. Don’t know who, but they don’t have our best interests in mind. Pathetic.

Not one word of race mentioned but nice try!! MSM hates America & I can’t figure out why, maybe gullible viewers Oh... so here is your editorial standard? ABC Always Be Criticizing (especially the POTUS) America is getting very tired of your political hit jobs! WWG1GWA americafirst What? Baaahhaa! What a trash News organization you've become.

No he didn’t!! But your reporting is what pushes racial division. ABC = Just a mouth piece for Marxism and DemsAreDestroyingAmerica BLMTerrorists AntifaTerrorist ABC = Always Being Communists Wonderful and positive speech of our founding and future from our great President who’s face will be joining the other 4 on Mt Rushmore soon! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Stop reporting fake news GFY with this utter nonsense. People are beginning to hate you more than the people that you are supposed to be reporting on. Biased hacks, every one of you. Same old BS for main steam liars This is ABC News? Someone is MSM TDS Paniced in their high offices! MAGA Report the news, don’t make the news. FakeNews

If championing affordable health care, equal pay, housing, and all opportunities regardless of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation. and/or disability suddenly make me an extreme leftist, the word 'moderate' needs to be stricken from the lexicon. proudDemocrat Wow. Not even pretending anymore. hacks msm

But racial riots by BlackLivesMatter is ok? F&k you! Best POTUS ever. One of the greatest speeches ever! Who made the 'virus rules'? He was pushing unity. It’s and your Democrat masters who push racial division everyday with false headlines like this. The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. – Thomas Jefferson

How did he do that Did you lesson the speech? It was for Americans and American Dream , you are so dirty!!! ABC pushes lies and Divison. Fake News, you just want to blame our President’s on everything. You supposed to bring good encouragement to the people and not putting fear because wearing mask is a must...Go back to the normal lives. The Demoncrats is the one putting fear to all. Mask is unhealthy!

Listen to realDonaldTrump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore as a relative (Trump-hating liberal) with open mind whi watched his work on covid crisis to see the light - that liberal press suppresses truth about president and presents false narratives. WalkAway BrandonStraka Sounds like ABC is pushing racial division and not the president.

This is a disgusting tweet!! we saw what we saw and you lie!! “We ain’t gonna take it anymore”! Another VIRUS is what you are. We the people are tuning you out turning you off! MOVE TO CHINA! THAT IS WHERE YOUR LOYALTIES ARE. ABC is the EnemyOfThePeople Such utter fake news A true & reliable news source is unbiased. Looks like you nailed it!!! Perhaps the media is the true source of racial decision? Your thoughts?

EnemyOfThePeople If any of your viewers watched his speech, you would know that he did the exact opposite! ProudToBeAnAmerican 🇺🇸 FakeNews Always be FakeNews’n Mike_not_a_bot When is someone going to alert this POS that the majority of us who don't support him or his racism are also Americans. America is not just a bunch of MAGA cult members risking their lives to cheer a pathetic, needy narcissist.

Sick demented Dem ‘news organization’ That is not what he said at all. Abc is a propaganda spewing race baiting divisive psyop. This is just a crap article. It's racist for starters then it just twists what happened to fit their sick narrative. Nice try, ABC...Trump tells the truth...something alien to you!Trump2020

The next president needs to use dynamite to destroy Mount Rushmore! INTERPOL needs to arrest, Donald Trump, one second after, Mr. Biden, is sworn into office! BlackLivesMatter One of the most pro American speeches and you call it divisive. Yup, something definitely wrong with you. Guys, at least rewrite the slack channel text.

Talking points memo seems to have made all the rounds All BS. But I expect nothing less from . You are an Disney company and covered up the Epstein story for 3 years He is NOT the one creating the division in this country We WILL see justice Be pleased, history will record you all like Goebbels. You should be proud Infamy

Hey ABC read this you may want to try it out Did you hacks even watch? It was a beautiful speech about America! You need to shut your doors immediately. You don't deserve to have 'American' in your name. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤦🏻‍♂️.....this is how you know Trump's speech was POWERFUL and hit the media smack on the face...they play the 'race card'

Trump: “This nation accepts all races and backgrounds. And by the way, I’m building a statue garden featuring dozens of black American heroes.” ABC: “That’s racist” Actually he was observing the virus rules established by the governor He didn’t. It was amazing. Encouraging ALL Americans in the US to grab the Promise this Beautiful Country extends to Everyone.

You are FakeNewsMedia and EnemyOfThePeople You’re sick You're posting fakenews again! If all you got from his speech was racial divide then YOURE the problem. abc is clearly getting desperate. Not even close to the truth Pushes racial division? Did you listen to a word he said?! The ‘news’ really is a joke. A sad divisive joke.

here for the ratio FakeNews MAGA Kag Asshole We see you...[Knowingly]... ... Your lies unmask you. dsupervilleap What 'racial division' exactly did Trump push? It's in your headline, but you don't seem to actually back that up with any quotes in your article Looks like Trumps speech must have been a grand slam. The clown sect of the media is trying hard to make orange man bad

These parroted headlines are only for those who didn't actually listen to the speech and who need a crutch to justify their hate and intolerance for others and for this country. For those willing to listen for themselves, it was a beautiful reminder of what makes America great. Fake News Media and lying politicians are what’s dividing our country.

For all those viewers, hers the transcript. Read it, inform yourself, and form your own opinions. And the girlfriend of your son tested positive. TrumpIsAnIdiot ABORTIONISTS genocidal killers The msm is the virus ABC is nuts. It was a fabulous speech. That's why we don't trust you. Liberalism is a disease, not a race.

So how is it a speech of unity around American core values is divisive? Oh right, you’re a communist news organization doing your master’s bidding. Got it. ABC is an enemy of the people and America. ABC promotes division with every tweet. Have a seat in your normal chair at the kids table. 😅 you're FakeNews Trump2020 KAG Trump2020NowMoreThanEver 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Trump last chapter in his play book. When everything fails play the race card. I’d rather not vote for him again, but BS reporting like this will leave me no choice to not help YOU win. It is “only racial division” if one accepts your premise that opposing cancel culture, monument destruction, etc is divisive.

Screw you They need to be discussing this Bullshit. What a horrible anti American headline . This is why you’re called EnemyOfThePeople just horrific! Fake lying news bought and paid for by DS traitors Nope it’s the mainstream media that pushes racial division every day You’re a pack of fools masquerading as ‘journalists’

Hahaha leftist lies from a Chinese controlled propaganda network! Totalbullshit, why do people even take your organization seriously, he never did that...fake news The News is cancer. You’re really embracing this “enemy of the people” role aren’t you I heard him denounce people destroying stuff which is not a racial narrative.

Add me on Snapchat Avasophia2311 for my nudes. I do hookups too Reported as fake and politically false news. This is what nobody likes the media! Try more journalism and less activism. Look into a mirror from time to time, msm! Asking Americans to come together against violent protests and vandalism and to respect the past is now considered “racial division”?

ABC are lying evil traitors. MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica What racial division was there idiots? Can we just meet you freaks on the streets and get this over already? Tired of your nonsense. ABC, you are positively despicable! You are the handmaid of Satan. President Trump's speech was the most patriotic I have heard in decades, and it was all inclusive. No one was left out! I pray for you to be awakened or cease to exist!

ABC news are you kidding. What speech did you watch? You should fire your whole “news” department. You are now only spreading lies and hatred. Lies. FakeNewsMedia The racial division has already been pushed. It started with your boy Obama when in office. Yea, there is a divide now, but the majority of us don't cower to silly demands.

Holy Crap, you guys are awful. This is the most biased commentary from a fake news organization. Shameful and disgusting. What an awful thing to say. God help us! Do us a favor..... move to another country. America- love it or leave it Media: 'Why does everyone hate us?' Also Media: (Publishes this) If it was still about reforming the police, all of America would be on your side

And you wonder why President Trump says you are the enemy of the people. All you do is push hate and division 24/7. Can't wait until real journalists make a come back, you know the ones who actually report the truth without deluding it with personal opinions this is why Americans hate the biased liberal mainstream media propaganda hacks

ABC pushes racial division by suggesting a truly liberating and inclusive speech pushed racial division. You really are culpable here. Shame on you! You are dead to me ABC News. Dead as a doornail. ABC is pushing racial division and fear mongering about the virus. ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC all fake new liars and they are Americas worst enemy they need to be destroyed

Enemy of the people Thank God people can see and hear and not rely on FAKE news. God Bless America! Happy 4th! This is unbiased “journalism”? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DNC talking points. I expect nothing less from your owners. So you’re banking on your readers not actually watching a minute of the speech? Honestly, even if you hate Trump this just comes off as an outright lie.

Your Extreme liberal bias is showing with this tweet, ABC. EnemyOfThePeople Why does choose to be the EnemyOfThePeople? Garbage Doubling down on the hate he thinks drives his base realdonaldtrump ignores a failed record. The dead and covid infected are libs and MAGAs. Millions unemployed are Rs and Ds. All Americans are disgusted by his silence about Russia’s bounties. America is united by his failure.

abc work for chicoms. Traitors Why don't you report something worthwhile...Fake News... Liar Your spin is sickening! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Completely False! Watch the speech yourself!! “We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and create every child of every color born and unborn is made in the Holy image of God.”

You must be talking about a different speech. It’s time people started thinking for themselves. Here is the transcript: Racial division would be the NFL playing two national anthems... ABC, nothing but pathetic liars. Divisive STFU 🙄 Please anyone who believes this nonsense go to youtube and watch it for yourself, it was unifying, personable, heart-warming and uplifting from start to finish with the native american intro, lead up speeches and Trump's address. Watch it for yourself.

Bullshit!!! fakenews The lying liberal MSM media pushes racial division! If you actually listen to his full speech, says no such thing, very inclusive of all ! Can the MSM be any more dislikable? Oh boy, breaking news at ABC: We're just gonna say some stuff that sounds sensational & pi$$e$ you off w/racism. It won't be real, but it will sound scary & feed the TDS we gave you. Please believe us & keep shopping from our advertisers cause we don't care about you, just $$.

This man is proving to be a great American leader! You are so Misguided Joe, I’ll pray that you wake up and drink the coffee! What’s it like representing Lucifer knowing you lose in the end? You people have zero shame. You are literally destroying yourselves. Network news divisions are endangering the future of Network TV as we had known it. Their bias is at an all time worse.. they are FakeNews

The NFL just created a separate National Anthem for black people to re-establish segregation, but yes, TRUMP is the one that pushes racial divide. Bull crap! Anti American fake news propaganda tries to destroy our President again No I think y’all are pushing racial division He did the exact opposite of push racial division. The media is actually pushing people toward trump because their lies are becoming so blatant.

“ABC pushes racial division....” Here we go msm inciting anti American rhetoric! They are the problem. This headline is just not accurate Amazing speech. God bless America. Cry more, Democrat America haters. In 4 years do we not know what he’s capable of? All politicians now believe they are above all else. uspoli

What a load of crap. So, loving OUR country is racial division? Trump2020LandslideVictory TRUMP2020 NOW MORE THAN EVER. The only ones promoting racial division is MSM who are hate mongers. You are the enemy of the people. HIS campaign had better pick up the cost of this Rushmore Rally!!! The TAXPAYERS should NOT be on the hook for it!!

You are not a news organization.Your are political activist. The hypocrisy is off the charts. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews MediaBias LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder The rage of journalists today reminds us that they are our enemy. God Bless realDonaldTrump and God Bless America! Are you on crack? Division ? Was the Black National Anthem played ?

Thats what the FakeNews got out of the speech The Media is sick and will continue to sell hate and division ABC is garbage. The only ones pushing “racial division” are you and the rest of your FakeNewsMedia buddies IndependenceDay Trump2020Landslide enemyofthepeople Yet another example of the media’s journalistic dishonesty. should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it. Condemning anarchists and marxists who have hijacked legit protests is not “pushing racial tension” and everyone with half a brain knows it.

ABC News hates America... Show us a quote. : YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! 🖕🏼 ABC aka Tass News Agency!! President Trump was trying to bring people of all races together. GET A REAL JOB! This one is washed up and DONE!!!! YOU SUCK ABC!!!! Fake news, I watched it he includes all the American people. Did we watch the same speech? It was nothing like what you are describing. Very dishonest!!

You lie. As always. We've seen racial division only come from one side the last 5 weeks. Liars ABC you are destructive and a minis to society! STOP! ABC News has been discreetly trying to undermine President Trump since his campaign days before his 2016 re-election. They are part of the swamp. Please list the quotes where he pushed racial division. Are you kidding me?

Lost all faith in ABC news. This is disgusting. I think they wrote this before he even made the speech. Get bent The only people pushing a racial division is and the rest of the LamestreamMedia Biased much? You didn’t listen to the actual speech did you? Figures abc which should be changed to “All Bull Crap” literally mised the patriotic pro American speech that was all inclusive. But you missed one other thing. Identity politics was trashed and rightly so. realDonaldTrump did a spectacular job and was one of his best!

Do better . He didn’t create racial division, but you just did. No, YOU, ABC News. BEST SPEECH EVER. No, i watched the whole thing and he pushed unity and love. You guys aren't even reporters anymore. ABC pushes racial division. Try being on America’s side for a change! 🔴⚪️🔵 Trump2020 He did not! Omg you all are desperate to get rid of him, you lie so much

How the mighty networks have fallen. Each one now licking the boot of the cultural upheaval of the month just hoping that it picks you to be its state media arm. You used to stand for something. Now you just bow to whoever has some cash and a BS story. Bunch of weak asses. Congratulations! ABC news has finally caught up to CNN. Fakenews

Left wing media = enemy of the people ABC pushes radical division, per normal. You people at ABC are so pathetic. Stop causing division. You know that was the most awesome show of Patriotism in history. A great President in a great Country! Show your patriotism if you have any. If you don't, you do not belong in America, home of the free and the brave!

ABC new can no longer just present the news! FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople How's your ratings these days ABC News? Ask yourself why. Fake news gets turned off. Now do: Will you A-Holes ever get tired of being wrong? REDTSUNAMI2020 MAGA KAG2020 If you think Trump's MountRushmore speech was divisive, it's because YOU are the enemy of Liberty & Freedom. You will not prevail! Like so many patriots before me & with me, we swore to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign AND domestic. Tyranny is a leftist gov.

Best speech ever by a President ❤️🇺🇸👏 And look!! He’s wearing an orange mask!! Looks like the Democrat Communist Propaganda Communications Division is at work this morning as you all continue to try to divide the country through your corrupt and evil agenda. America will fight back- and it’s not gonna be good for you...WeThePeople love realDonaldTrump

You gonna cry? Disgrace. You should actually try 'investigative journalism' by just reading something like the BLM website which states their desire to demolish the USA and western standards of decency. I know it's hard because of your bias MSM... MSMHatesAmerica Suck it, libs. He’s a demagogue. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

ABC News is a joke. America’s news coprorations are in bed with evil. The Dems are the American political party representing the globalist elite. They don’t even really hide it. He’s the one pushing racial division? Have you read the news lately? More lies again from MSM EnemyOfThePeople MSMbuiltonlies The MSM is the one promoting racial division, fear and hiding truth

And this is why you are not to be trusted. You just keep proving him right. Watch the full speech here and WakeUpAmerica. Stop listening to the lies of the CrookedMedia and CorruptPress. StopTheHate StopTheInsanity EndTheCorruption JournalismIsDead DemocratsHateAmerica DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica Trump2020

You are fake news the enemy of the people. This is a 💩 headline and a 💩 article. My God, you people have no shame. Journalism is DEAD. Racial unity. The only division is caused by journalists orgs that embrace yellow journalism such as your Marxist anti-American broadcast company. Yellow Journalism caused the Spanish American War and they are trying to do it again by dividing Americans.

This is journalism!! Turn off!! Complete lying media BullShit The media is a disgrace to Americans. The media is now a campaign tool in the hands of some individuals. That’s not what Americans heard! EnemyOfThePeople The corporate media monopoly is over. You just don’t know it yet. It's pretty sad when a major network misrepresents a speech so blatantly. He literally expounded on the accomplishments of the men on Mt. Rushmore. You know, founders and abolitionist. No bias here. Does that make it FakeNews? IsTheVirusReal?

You leftistfascistnazi racists!!!! fakenewsabc veryfakenews He had a rally , paid for by everyone, not just his campaign. Fake News ABC, didn't learn from last election 😁 You missed a talking point from the list. Came for the ratio... abc report the news not your agenda against potus geez Lol. Garbage news.

And the 2020 PulitzerPrize For Jingo Yellow Journalism Goes to stephengrovesjr dsupervilleap AP Tell me how celebration of our nation’s birthday is a racial division? What about One nation, under God? You communist liberals simply hate this country and what it stands for. FakeNewsMedia great speech

This is very twisted journalism and frankly disgraceful . I think ABC is guilty of hate speech here and a violation of the Twitter TOS. How do I report this? You obviously did not hear or watch the same speech I did! This is why you are fakenews Shame on all of you! Fake pos That's not what he said at all. This is just FakeNews

You write this skewed bs that’s clearly an editorial because you know you’re protecting by the constitution he’s defending. If you lies like this in other countries you’d be out of business. Start reporting the news fairly Trump may lose in November, but the best thing he did was expose the media for the hacks they are

It was a nice, patriotic speech. This is why people tune out the media because they can’t even say something nice about a speech that is positive and about loving our country. How in the F did he push division? You are pathetic! I watched it. Liar. Enemy of the People you are. You’re the fake news promoting a man with diminishing cognitive ability over a man working hard for free! Idiots!


RemoveTrumpNow Fake news! Fake News!!!!!! FREEDOM ..... ABC is downright hateful !! If you hate America, you would hate this speech. ABC - sound like you? You all are such liars. That was one of the most uniting speeches I’ve heard in a long time. Probably close to in not his best. Tell the truth! What are you talking about,, 'pushes racial division', I didn't hear that. I heard a president rightly reflecting the mood of our nation, frustrated with people flouting law and order!

Are you describing the protests? At least in South Dakota, you can get hydroxychloroquine Do you guys get paid in USD or yen? ABC continues to uphold its liberal virus. You are...fake news! No one is pushing 'racial division' more than the 'Fake Stream Media' ABC News and all others like you are PURE and UTTER TRASH! I want to see everyone of your news organizations fail! YOU DIVIDE OUR COUNTRY! YOU!!!!!!!!!

is a total joke. still in business Racial division? What speech did you guys listen to? FakeNewsMedia This is what the media like ABC News wants young generation to listen to fake news. Grow up You people are awful. Where did he mention racial division? Journalisms is dead. Stop following all media because there sharing fake news.

blah,blah,blah I did not hear any racial division in fact the opposite abc you need to be shut down for fake news disgusting! Not True, this is why nobody trusts the MSM . Haven't we seen this dias before? But with a different logo? Fake news says 'racial division', normal people say PATRIOTIC. And the ironic issue,our fearless leader hasn't contacted the virus yet!. Donald we need you to catch Covid-19 and show us how you pretend it away. Look how close it's coming...

The only people pushing racial division is the media. I was flipping channels to see who was airing it.......hmmmmm maybe ABC was on the same commercial break as the other networks, accept CNN, they we’re doing a special on Covid and the President. It is you ABC that fuels racial division. you are fake news.

The racial division comes from you the media and it needs to,stop but it won’t because you are blinded by your hatred of Donald Trump. ABC ... All Bullshit Channel You lying communists! ShirleyDebalsi He truly does seem to be inciting his 'people' to go to war against We Unbelievers. Der Fuerer speaks and weak willed listen.

You're lying and you are the ones fomenting divisiveness again Only MockingBirdMedia saw it that way. EnemyOfThePeople All of this, because the president’s ego is so fragile and his needs for adulation surpasses the need for American’s safety. Worse yet, not ONE single person in his administration is able to speak truth to power. SenateGOP HouseGOP just stand by unwilling to do their job💔

Practice diversity in reporting. Give republican reporters a story too. Hey jack , this is a blatant outright lie from . It’s harmful to our nation and the peace & happiness we are all seeking as one people of all races, genders and creeds. ABC FAKE NEWS OUTLET!!! More falsehoods and wrap up smears by the lame stream media. Why must you always try to stoke the divide that Obama started? Shame on you!

Wow! Keep pushing that fake news! Shame on you ABC for reporting a story like this because of your Hate for Trump. Who did write this article of ABC about President Trump ? A communist follower ? I can't follow you anymore ABC. Hey FakeNews, what speech we’re you watching? Antiamerican Biasednews Company. We heard what President Trump said and you warped it into a democrat mudsling. No journalism at ABC. Muir and Llamas are negative alarmists every night using lazy democrat negativity and talking points.

Your headline should also include sweats profusely under layers of a weirdly dark makeup TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpEpstein TrumpRacist TrumpRacist TrumpRacist TrumpRacist

This is an outright LIE! A lie that will be lapped up by Trump haters who didn’t watch the speech and won’t bother to because they hate the man so much. You people are pure filth trying to stoke the fires of anarchy and chaos. ABCSUCKS EnemyOfThePeople This is a fucking lie. When did journalism become activism. Disgraceful. praising so many African American heroes in his speach! dfsparks Another racist rally at the expense of taxpayers. That’s all he does. Well, that and golf. Trump World..... evil to the core. Did you fucknuts even tune in? Clearly ABC did not watch the speech that or the author of the article was too stupid to understand American History. The speech was not divisive. Only a moron with TDS would conclude that.

Fake news is the EnemyOfThePeople You clearly didn’t listen to the speech if you some how magically think he pushed racial division. MSM just likes getting everyone on both sides all worked up. Look at us. Great job ABC you did it again. Your racism is showing!! President Trump's speech made real Americans feel proud of our history and our heroes. America's enemies hated it. You know who you are. 4thofJuly HonorOurHeroes DeathtoFakeNews

The MSM act like such children when Trump knocks is out of the park. You LIR Trump is definitely pure evil in this country, and I have yet to see anything that this man has done to profit our society, because the only thing that profits is in the destruction of mankind!!! TrumpVirus TrumpIsNotMyPresident TrumpIsTheWorstPresidentInHistory FDT

STOP LYING. No he didn't. You did. How many BLM protesters and rioters flouted virus rules ? Lies...all lies. The Poor news outlet is getting a big hammering today, great job ABC news No lying fascist ABC! He was combating the insanity and ludicrousy of the mob rule RACIST liberal FASCIST PARTY who are destroying this country and tearing down its history! He was speaking against the radical VIOLENT left wingers who hate this country! TRUMP2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Pushes it where? Out the door Will ABC news announce the names of the people when the arrests come in for the statue vandals ? asking for a friend? These are very delicate times for America 🇺🇸. Defend America on its Birthday, get called a white supremacist. has turned to the dark side, aiding and abetting Marxist revolution, anti-Americanism, and chaos. HappyFourthOfJuly to everyone BUT ABC News.🇺🇸🎇🗽

ABC why are you evil / Fake The media is so incredibly Leftist biased. It's f*cking pure evil Never thought I’d see the words “flout”, “virus” and “racial division” in the same headline. Without a doubt, the msm hates the U.S.A.🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA We are just laughing at you now. Leftists are pure evil Is this the man and the message you want to hear for four more years? I think not.

It's time for you to just shut it down when you can't do anything but repeat what other far left media are saying. I doubt you're capable of hiring people who can think for themselves, so just give it up. Democrats have fully converted ABC News into a propaganda machine for their narrative..former UN Amb and NSA Dir Susan Rice, the woman who lied and blamed Benghazi murders on a YouTube video, is married to ABC News Executive Director Ian Cameron Trump2020

I’m guessing, by your headline, it was a great speech that promotes exactly the opposite of what you say here. This article is a biased piece of shit. I didn’t know was being run by cnn. This is either the best fake news headline or the worst. Another low from the lamestream media. It was a great speech.

'Virus Rules' = Whatever we say today, subject to change without warning or explanation. I guess quoting Martin Luther King extensively is racist? Or maybe his list of candidates for Monument Park which includes several great people of color? I could go on, because the speech was designed to be inclusive. Anyone who listened knows that. Four. More.Years.

Please highlight which words specifically highlighted race in your already broadened and libel article. Fact: There are people who do not realize what they are destroying. Who the hell destroys a elk statue? Uninformed people. Again, UNINFORMED PEOPLE. ABC defund defund defund Pushing racial divisions whit a speech because it’s at Mt Rushmore! No bias here ! You’re pathetic!

FAKE NEWS. YOURE LYING News is the only one pushing the narrative of racial divide. Media needs to take their own blinders of hate off. Racial division is two national anthems. Racial division is the Only Black Lives Matter movement. Racial division anti-fas Kill Whites stance. Here we go. ABC pushing hate a division. EVERYTHING trump says is true. Fake news media and liberals are a cancer to America . ABC is sick and treasonous to the United states...

We thought you'd print that... Get over it. ABC bullshit again!!!!! I actually wondered how you people would create something negative but I sure didn’t figure this. You’re pathetic. He did nothing of the kind. Trump 2020 💯!!! Expect It!!! Thats what you got from that speech? You people are literally the worst. It’s no wonder why a large chunk of the country hates and mistrusts you. Talking about the contributions of the men on Mount Rushmore isn’t pushing racial division, you dicks.

What division? Did ya'll listen to that speech? What's wrong with you? FACT!! Lol who handles your Twitter account, ABC? You need to terminate their employment immediately. I legitimately thought this was the Babylon Bee until I looked at the profile pic. Someone not only wrote that in all sincerity, but an editor approved it. Why has every day become a new challenge for some to be dumber than they were the day before?

Your network is unwatchable and you spread lies and hate. President Trump is not a racist and would never push racial division. He should sue you for this false headline. Your network is garbage. This entire tweet is nothing more than manipulative propaganda bullshit... you truly are the enemy of the people. Thank god no one trusts you or watches you anymore 🤣

Fake news makes another false headline statement. He did not such thing. You just lost all credibility. Lol so when did he round up the all white voter crowd? How racist are our reporters for getting? Sounds like they are the ones promoting racial division. Whomever wrote this article should be fired. It’s blatantly racist ABC

We The People!! I don't believe in giving power and responeablity to MARXIST!! The Marxist Agenda!! Ignorance Of History!! Trained Marxist!! Trump2020Landslide No PresidentTrump gave a strong, positive, uplifting speech. One of the BEST I’ve heard from any President. It was exactly what this country needed, and that is why he will WIN in November. VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA

You are the problem you should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. It was a speech about unity , traditions and our future. Did you write this post before the speech based on assumptions? It’s a cult voting and it may sink America Man that image looks like nazi propaganda. Another enemy of the people Push your hate/ division

YOU. ARE. INSANE. What can he do to stroke racial division. Don’t you those gangs roaming the streets kicking beating white to near death. Don’t you white senior men sucker punched from behind. What are those actions; expressions of love? It does not matter who’s statue it is or who does not like it. It is a crime to vandalize or destroy property. If they must be removed, do it by the law, not mobs. Enforce the law.

FakeNews The problem is you... ABC the network with no integrity no honesty no morals no scruples no accountability no truth no values no intelligence no humanity a neteork full of lies evil bias a communist traitor to America bought and paid for by the evils of the world. POTUS look at the fakest news yet.

along with the rest of the Fake News Media are the ones pushing for racial division You wonder why everyone knows the media is full of shit. Ya'll mad ain't ya? He spoke, ya'll told him not to and he did it anyway, now ya'll mad as hell. Lol he called out the America haters for what they are and ya'll don't like it.

You are the EnemyOfThePeople Fake news media pushes racial divide. That's your goal. WE ARE NOT GOING TO FALL FOR YOUR LIES. There is a saying: “You get the government you deserve.” What did we do to deserve this? LOL!! FAKE NEWS!! You lie. You are propaganda for the Democrat Party. TrumpIsALaughingStock

He chewed the hate media up and spit them out. TRUMP 2020! 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 You have got to be kidding me with this headline. Racial division? Where did he mention race? Pravda would be proud. What FakeNews. Standing up to the rioter & looters, and stating that America is a great country is NOT promoting racial division. Did you even watch this speech?

What speech did you watch? I watched an incredible speech that was educational, inspiring, and patriotic! Seems like you are the one with racial division and hate 🤣🤣🤣 Racial division? You people are acting like juveniles. History won't be kind. Go fuck yorself ABC..And happy independence day America you have lost all journalistic integrity!

ABC News sux! 💩🤡🖕 'These people are sick' Thats you ABC and the rest of the alphabet No he pushed the divide between you on the far-left who seem to desire racial disharmony and the vast majority of the people who want justice for all and racial equality. ABC has become a shill for the DNC. Ill stand in hot coal to vote his ass out

I hope the next time you do in field “journalism” the crowd mauls you. LIARS Are you sure you watched the right speech? Yawn... ABC = EnemyOfThePeople You people twist everything he does even African Americans think you guys are wrong so it’s abvious you people are part of a agenda to surpress the American people and create division in this country

on the contrary. It was an inspiring event, very pro America for those of us who treasure our country...of ALL colors/backgrounds. Thank you, Mr. President, for the message of unity and dedication to the things that make America the greatest country ever. is pushing for racial division... He did not! Fake news!

What else would you expect😡 The only one being divisive is YOU, there was nothing divisive in that speech. Hacks He never said anything about race! No wonder more and more ppl are realizing that you are FakeNewsMediaClowns He pushed racial division with a call for American unity and a recognition that all Americans regardless of race are Americans. Division, or what we used to call, a unifying speech.

FakeNews has a real Hate-On for POTUS. That's an editorial, which is fine, but don't call it news. I don’t think you watched one second of what he said. Without a doubt you had this written yesterday morning ready for the editor to approve. ABC pushes fake news , flouts bullshit at foot of joe Biden Are you sure you weren't watching an Obama re-run?

Amazing the amount of bots and shills on this comment thread. Do you ever wonder why no one watches your channel? Because of lying headlines & the fact you sat on the Epstein story for 3yrs not caring how many underage girls were trafficked & raped in those 3 yrs! Worried you'd lose access to the Royal family.

ABC is a horrible news organization Lies. reading these articles honestly versus things I see just confirms they are full of shit most of the time It must have been a very effective, inspirational event for you to twist it like this. Fuuuuuuuuk off abc !!!!!! Keep writing stuff like this and watch America unify against you.

So you're simply parroting the nyt? How in the world did you come to that conclusion from that speech? Are you even trying to get it right? Are you so locked into an agenda that you would outright spin and lie? What happened to you as a news division? FAKE NEWS!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!! No he doesn't, where did you get that from? FakeNewsMedia

The President celebrated patriotism. And FakeNews calls it racial division. No wonder you’re so despised outside the swamp. You guys are just totally beyond repair as a trustworthy industry. All the racists claim you all are lying 🙄 Hey Disney, You are the Enemy of the People. Fakeeeee ABCNews you are fake ...

But having 2 “National “ anthems and not mentioning looting are not divisive nor flouting virus rules !!! Give me a break LIES! “Pushes racial division” Enemy. Of. The. People. Ahhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha, f**king hilarious!!! Toss on wankers. unfollowing. Tired of media selling snake oil Your source must be the New York Times.

Actually it’s the opposite i heard. He speaks in unity and peace. Very patriotic president. Prove me wrong. The only racial division pushed was by The lying fake news media like yourselves , no wonder you’re irrelevant and untrustworthy 🤡’z STALE 4 AM TALKING POINTS. Disgusting... OH FFS JUST SHUT UP. YOU HYENAS ARE HOPELESS

What a wonderful event for the American people who support and love President Trump. Your snarkiness never gets you anywhere we can see through it even though you’re trolls love to say that trumps people are ignorant toothless deplorable. Disgusting article. President Trump gave a Patriotic unifying speech and it was amazing! This is why you are the enemy of the people. Fake News.

The DNC pushes more racial division than anyone else in this nation. You are Fake News You all seriously are showing how YOU, as a one-time good news org, are wanting to divide this country by lying repeatedly. Shameful. Piss off with your edited narratives Its obvious no one at ABC watched it. I wonder if this conspiracy between networks to push the same talking points is actionable criminally. I think its time.

Fake news fake newsin' ... you are the enemy of the people. JACKASS. You are evil. Does loving your family, imperfect as they are, mean you hate other people? We love America and are grateful for its blessings and freedoms, what does that have to do with hate? Just lame, ABC The media is embarrassing This reporter needs to get a new job! The speech was inspiring, uniting and uplifting.

The President kick the asses of the DEM's ! P atriots A re N ow I n C ontrol ABC, CNN, MSMedia lies unmasked and the “virus” is dead. Media blames Potus for racism yet every story for weeks has attempted to pit whites against blacks, liberals against conservatives. Media is the EnemyOfThePeople No Trump did not push racial divide. This is amazing how you can take that speech and get that meaning. Wrong again. It does not matter how you turn it. We watched and listened and it was fantastic. Joe Biden can’t even speak without a script.

You need to have your broadcasting license revoked. You mean is PUSHING RACIAL DIVISION!!! HONEST AND FAIR JOURNALISM IS DEAD!!! On July 4th, let us continue to inherit the ideal of freedom conveyed in the Declaration of Independence.........May God bless you, and God bless the United States of America, and wish you a happy birthday!

Don't be confused...please make the simplest choice stand or kneel build or destroy security or riot law or crime work or unemployment prosperity or frustration justice or evil WOW. is EVIL! Negative! God, you people are pathetic. Do you even remember when you had a soul? abc foments racial division for fun and profit.

Democracy cannot work if voters are grossly misinformed. DefundABC covers up for pedophiles and sex trafficking 🤷‍♀️ People don't forget 😉 realDonaldTrump is likely to win in a landslide 😘 🇺🇸 are the one promoting racial division on a daily bases. Always making up a problem for him to say he’s going to solve. This administration is just a reality show with tax payer money.

Looks like an updated 1930's fascist rally. ABC is lying to you You guys are kidding me right? Your reporting has been extremely divisive. MediaIsTheVirus Enemedia ABC News has now revealed its self as extremely partisan. ABC News has become a parody of its self. ABC peddles outright lies to the American people.

No our President does not promote racial division; it is the media that does so! Trump’s message was unity. He doesn’t peddle the divisive Black Lives Matter rhetoric like democrats do. All American lives matter to him. All the MAGA replies are 'I didn't hear any racial division! So it must not exist because I say so, oh and ABC must be racist!'

Racial division? 😂 sorry, democrats have a monopoly on that:/ Clown show headline The devil is working very hard to get people to hate the president, abc and the media are with the evil Pretty sure the POTUS is not the one 'pushing' racial division, flouting rules, supporting lawless here, racist radical dishonest hateful treasonous fake news .

KeithOlbermann Patriotism and the Confederacy should never be in the same speech. Unless you are denouncing the latter. Utter feelings-driven rubbish masquerading as facts of the matter. I watched the speech in its entirety, and came away with quite the opposite understanding of what was said; and my command and comprehension of the English language is excellent.

If you had listened without your hate filter you would have heard a great speech. Americans can see that these headlines are what divides us. MAGA Lying News Networks. They are a foundation of the Democrat party and an enemy to free Americans. is a domestic terrorist organization Mount Rushmore, always brought America together. The only racial divisions, is Hatred from the Democrats leadership. They said nothing for weeks of crimes and riots in there cities. Blame the police instead of the Majors, and cabinet members of the cities, who set police rules.

I watched the whole speech and ABC u are a bunch of liars. RobertIger you let these tweets and propaganda out. Ur no better than the nazis ANC news sucks 🤣😂🤣😂😛😂🤣😂🤣 Clearly you didn't watch it. Anyone who did knows this is a LIE. Lying News Networks. They are a foundation of the Democrat party and an enemy to free Americans.

Oh you’re such an expert at Fake news! You’re not even a news outlet anymore. You’re running pure propaganda. Stop your lies . Do you ever report anything truthful? You guys always try to spin what our realDonaldTrump says everytime. So sick of your lies. defundthemsm. Btw-you guys are the racist. Great unifying speech Mr. President. KAG Trump2020

You're not fooling ANYBODY Fake News by ABC. The World Watched and Applauded President Trump for his truthful account of what it means to be a true American! Vote Trump in 2020✅🙏🏻👍🏻 Racial division Haha! Nice try, you bought and paid for Leftist puppet. He spoke of patriotism and love of America. The MSM pushes lies and racial division and your tweet is a prime example.

KeithOlbermann Dictator Fact aBc staff is public information. Damn. Tick tock. Tick tock. FUKIN FAKE NEWS ENIMY OF THE PEOPLE PRAVDA fakenews is it. Well...good to see ur not hiding the fact ur fake news. Liberal hacks. EnemyOfThePeople Abcnews is part of the problem in this country. We're you fools watching the same speech as all of the decent humans?

ABC, you guys really suck. You're obviously part of the conspiracy. This man is nothing less than a buffoon! God save America. He did the opposite of push racial division. That’s what you do. You’re wicked. People are catching on. FakeNews Racial division? You have lost your fkg mind. No he didn't! DYSFUNCTIONAL DON 🤡

Well...good to see ur not hiding the fact ur fake news. He did NOT, the only one's pushing a divide is the left and the lying media such as yourselves..GET a REAL job Cancel Disney ... and Politics Liars Replace with real American heroes and sorted 😉 Bullshit. You never watched or listened. What garbage. President Trump labeled the fake news as an enemy of the people and with garbage like this you prove him right. Good show.

Breaking: ABC dutifully pushes DNC talking points about racial division as NFL wants to play a Black National Anthem & Blacks want black only spaces on some colleges Note: You can't make this shit up ABC News is truly pathetic. Disgusting. Lame and complete BS ABC 'News' = EnemyOfThePeople It must suck working at ABC and being forced to push the democrat’s propaganda of racial hate and violence.

You ppl can’t be serious? The President gave a fantastic speech filled with patriotism, non division, even quoting the great MLK. He did stress law & order, which most Americans want. And, even gave us a lesson in history to remind us why we celebrate the 4th of July. FakeNews Are you kidding me? Are you the news?

The media is bought and paid for. Public enemy number one. They turn Americans on one another to gain views so they can sell advertising. The shape the minds and claim no responsibility for there fear and anger KeithOlbermann Hate speech for a dead day today! Great! I won’t be celebrating this country for sure!

That speech is only divisive if you hate America. No other reason. ABC is not a news organization. It is a pile of partisan BS. President Trump delivered an inspiring message of hope for a brighter future. Unbelievable how anyone could not have loved every word...but then again you are fake news. FAKE NEWS!

4MoreYears 1 is an editorial comment, ABC 'News.' ABC news proves once again their controlled by left wing money to trash a great moment for our President and our country and our heritage just simply shameful and divisive turnoffABC No he did not. What a lie! You should be ashamed of your news agency.

No wonder you’re called fake News!!! Go take a long walk off a short pier ABC! ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC were complicit in killing over 100,000 Americans by advising them not to take HCQ, a drug that could save their lives. You may want to start acting like real news instead of like 5th graders holding a grudge against someone who beat you at jump rope.

Clowns WTF is wrong with you ABC? Hey, look who else got the memo! BS. It was a beautiful, patriotic speech full of hope and gratitude. Actually he spoke of unity and love among ALL people. And a nation built on Christian love of one another. But I can see how liberals wouldn't understand those things. I love how saying we are all equal and should be treated as such is “pushing racial division”

ABC News- who do you serve - You guys will never win. His speech was unifying. It’s disgraceful that you are so antiAmerican. The media is so dishonest and hateful. Trump’s speech was inclusive and true. Biden and his allies in the FakeNews media truly deserve to lose for the good of the country. Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Wtf is wrong with you people? Liar FakeNews What racial division? I watched the whole thing, I must've missed it. Please point me to it, I want to understand. Also what virus 'rules'? The ones that set by Governors of each state (or not)? Or are u confusing recommendations by the CDC with 'rules'? Does somebody need a cry room or coloring books! Most despicable dishonest headline I have ever read! FakeNews

Who writes this crap from ABC. More comments than likes, you should be fired Bull I’m sure there is a flight somewhere to SA if you don’t like it ... KKarkagiannis The media with their play on words/wording are causing the division. I'm not a fan of Trump but I clearly see how the media manipulates people by stirring emotions, conscious and subconscious with language. Many don't realize that they are being played. Sad!

☝FakeNews is the reason no one trusts the media anymore. ABC - ABSOLUTE BULL CRAP! 💩 disgusting headline from a disgusting pack of divisive liars. go to hell ABC I like a nice succinct headline. garbage can news Pushes racial division? What speech did you watch. The one I saw called out the people who are trying to divide this country - in an attempt to show them what a great country this can be when we all come together. How important it is to save our nation and protect our freedoms

If you scared, say you're scared. You are way scared!! Lol what is wrong with these people? Serious question Shut up. YOU push racial division. Shame on YOU! It seems like Deranged Donny has gone further around the bend. GOP TheDemocrats TheResistance realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Who is giving you the orders to spread lies and hate like this? EnemyOfThePeople

He was awesome! What a come together moment! One nation, under god! Most powerful speech in last 20 years Bullshit Silly lil billionaires are getting scared now and ABC is asking China what it should say about the big bad president that is still American. You guys fucked up and didn’t get the guns lol cock sucker ABC enemy of the people

That is not true. At all. He spoke, more than once, about all people being equal. Perhaps you should re-watch and actually listen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 KeithOlbermann This speech sounds alot like ones i have seen on the history channel from another angry little man from Germany. BenedictTrump WorstPresidentEver DumpTrump NaziTrump

No he did not do that. Not at all. And you know it. Shame on ABC. Shame on all of the unindicted co conspirators of the same group of liars pushing the same lies simultaneously and calling it news. We know the difference between rain and piss. Ya because propping up MLK in his speech was so racially divisive.

Of course he does that's who he is. White Nationalist! Patriotic and inspiring! You’re lying. fakenews He slurred the whole time. Something is wrong with him. ABC hates America. Im thinking you heard the wrong speech. You’re going down....Im yellin Timberrrrrr..... ABC, nice try. No one is interested in fake news

No Ones Like You. CNN MSNBC These people will cheer if he farts! Still waiting for clayton bigsby to show up and give his speech! You’re losing abc and that’s how it’s going from now on we are awake nothing can stop the inevitable Viva Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln 🇺🇸🥳🇺🇸🥳🇺🇸 Best speech ever.

Y’all got anymore of that Kentucky shooting range footage FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Is there any event he does not turn into a rally and ruin? What a disgrace! ABC ‘news’ gaslights nation, foments racial division by pushing fake headline, and makes hypocritical excuses for rioters flouting social distancing guidelines during a pandemic. There. Fixed it for you.

You divisive hacks of the mainstream media need to be stripped of the title 'press' and all the rights that word affords you under the Constitution. ABC Propaganda. We do not listen to you. MinistryOfTruth EnemyOfThePeople Is that stage left over from the Third Reich? After Trump wins by a landslide in November will you realize the majority of America does not believe anything you say?

You're frauds. ScumMedia Racial division you say? You have lost all credibility. As usual fake news 😆😆😆 Media continues to destroy itself. Congrats. so how much is the commission if Biden wins Please point to where in the speech he 'pushes racial division'? I just read the speech and there was no such statement in it.

In the top two speeches as POTUS. The other one was the one that Nanshy Peloshi tore up. You guys are just awful. Stop projecting.The only people pushing racial division are the Democrat Party and its propaganda stormtroopers aka MSM Democrat Apparatchiks. EnemyOfThePeople DemocratsAreMarxistsDestroyingAmerica

What virus rules? Obviously ABC didn’t even listen to what he said. You are the ones that not only promote but relish devisiveness. You must realize that there is a group of folks dumb enough to listen to you. You've described it perfectly. Lololol. Came for the spin...stayed for the contempt. Trump2020

This is how the so called nazi ass president seeks to silence protesters with this all statues mattter nonsense. Slavery isn’t a legacy to worship. Wow. You all got the same memo, dutifully parroted it and expected nobody to notice. No campaign ad could help Trump as much as you are. Good job, dipshits.

thats not what i watched. better luck with your propaganda Time for a 'protest' of ABC EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews Who owns ABC the Propaganda Pushers for the DNC Who Owns CBS the Propaganda Pushers for the DNC Who owns CNN the Propaganda Pushers for the DNC, who Owns NBC the Propaganda Pushers for the DNC who Owns MSDNC the Propaganda Pushers for the DNC. The more you know will help you grow

FakeNews You are responsible for the 120000+ covid19 deaths that could have been prevented with HCQ. You sacrificed American lives for your determination to smear Trump! You are not American. Americans are coming for you! ABC pushes 'racial division.' He did not, why r u lying? Beautiful setting, fantastic speech and great Americans coming together to show their love of this country. What sad, miserable lives you must lead. FakeNews

I thought it was pretty good. He screwed up some words. He has to be exhausted from being under attack all of the time. The backdrop was beautiful for a much needed 4th celebration. 🇺🇸 There was NOTHING wrong or hateful about his speech. What is wrong with you people!! 🤬 Fake news telling us what to think. Doesn't work anymore. People know you are the enemy.

After BLM ANTIFA CHINAVIRUS never vote democrat Liars. Lol Those confederate monuments started in early 1900s during Jim Cow. The pattern is there visable and loud. Now here is Trump pushing that nasty crap again in 2020. Put in a museum and tell whole truth not white wash version. You liars. Hello, Pot? This is Kettle...

All good bro. Everyone in the audience has a brick and a can of spray paint, so they are immune. You are all on crack and need to get your affairs in order. You will be arrested. None of this is remotely true. Ratioed 😂😂 Cant wait till this guys out of office. For sure one of our worst presidents right next to Bush and Nixon.

ABC sucks! I loved his speech! Best president of my life time! The speech was fine. “Pushes racial division” should be the new ABC News slogan, though... How truly pathetic no wonder no one watches the news anymore . It is quite apparent you hate America and our history . Fake news Not even pretending to be 'neutral' anymore. It is, sadly, the most honest thing about you. guys have spent weeks pushing racial division...amd you call a patriotic speech before the 4th a call for racial division. Not sure if you big brains in the media know this or not, but nobody believes the drivvel you write... Are you freaking bananas? Total TDS! Trump promotes the continuation of White washed history. Why are Traitors fighting for slavery forever, murdered thousands of people for surrender honorable. Most of the monuments weren't put up until the 1950 and 1960s a nod to white supremacist during civil rights unrest.

Only in America could eliminating racial division be seen as promoting racial division by the upside down left. Wake up America: Never put faith in any news organization that repeatedly proves its participation with evil. America’s media, which is owned by five major corporations, is a willing propaganda puppet for the DNC and ultimately the globalist agenda. In other words: they suck.

pushes racial division? nah, that's what YOU do almost 24/7 What a truly asinine piece of reporting ... Fuck right off with your nonsense. I call BS! Again & again our American media divisive & hateful! Trump did no such thing... You on Crack? So you're assuming that all people of color are on the far left and want to take statues down? MSM is the real racist...

This is low even for you abc The media is the virus. EnemyOfThePeople There was no racial divide FakeNews What are you hacks going to dream up for the next 4 years of trumps presidency ABC IS FAKE NEWS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE AND TRUTH 'Racial division?' Where? When? , nytimes, latimes are all LIARS. EnemyOfThePeople

President Trump vows to not let marxists destroy America. There, fixed your headline for you. No he didn’t is despicable. Fuck abc pushes racial division did u even watch this lol EnemyOfThePeople Wonder why I don’t watch MSM any more. We could do without ABC, MSNBC, CBS, and all FAKE NEWS. Sounds more like you are pushing racial division tbh

What a terrible human being trump is! Stop calling him potus please! He is scum !! It was a wonderful speech. Truly American, calling for unity as Americans ...his 'far left fascism in the news rooms' statement punched your button it looks like. The truth hurts I suppose. 'ABC 'News' flaunts racial division, pushes virus rules at the foot of the toilet on the 3rd floor....' [ABC, btw, is an opinion-pushing organization & can no longer be trusted for actual unbiased reporting or journalism...] FIXEDITFORYOU

Now do the loony left GFYS! MSM obviously coordinated their framing of the speech. It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous. FakeNews for Hopeful, Defining America statement! Yet Democrat Party OF SLAVERY is Not Cancelled The Democrat Party Must Be For Conducting Civil War! Democrats Created the KKK! Democrats Created Segregation! Democrat Media ABC News TDS Supporting The Democrat Party? Racist

Racial division? That is a flat out lie?😣 ABC News killed its own Epstein story to protect him and his cohort of pedophiles. Never forget The corporate media truly is the enemy of the people. I pray that you get what is due in the end. You do realize you have no ethics? Democide or genocide? Y'all are hallucinating. It must be painful.

What speech did you watch? He was calling for unity NOT division. He called for equal rights for all humans no matter their creed, color or gender. GTFO with your spin 🤣🤣🤣 Another Democrat Channel. ObamaGate2020 PizzaGate pedogates HillaryGate Remember this video? This establishes your lack of credibility ABC... FakeNews Thank you Mr. POTUS!

You're literally praising the dude for not campaigning on why people should vote for him. Say what you will about Trump but he doesn't see you as a puppet by expecting your vote and saying 'you ain't black' Shame on you fake news! 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Donald J Trump just won the 2020 election tonight.. speech was unifying, electric and patriotic. MSM cannot bully the people with false propaganda 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Happy4th

FakeNews trash from the FakeNewsMedia. Enemy of the people. ABC News news pushes racial division, flouts false virus data at the foot of Mount Rushmore Autocorrected this for you Media pushes racial division as POTUS speaks at Mt. Rushmore Thanks to this hacker I never believe he can help me but I really thank him for the help He help me generate almost 10000$ into my PayPal account and cash app add up the hacker for your offer WhatsApp +1 9252618850

This is literally fake news You people at ABC, CNN, and plenty of others are disgusting with your twisted headlines. You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. ABC is null and void of intellect...KeepAmericaGreat2020 Wasn’t it great the way Trump spoke about our heroes killed overseas because Putin rewarded the criminals with a hadsome sum of money? Yes, 4 more years, in prison.

😧😞😕 Bitch, I was there, I'm not white. I'm a PROUD AMERICAN. I support our President. You guys just make this shit up! You all should be arrested for treason! Go live in Russia where they like your kind The left incites racial division. Our press incites racial division. Trump just gave a speech on unifying behind our country and not being divisive. But our press just can't stop race baiting for even a single moment. Partisan liars the lot of them.

Any sign of Barron? Best President ever. Trump2020LandslideVictory Defending abolitionist statues is racial division... ABC is just part of the NAZI plot to regain power. See them for who they are. “useful idiots” ABC , are you a news organization or one of those Hollywood entertainment shows. The speech was a pro-America, patriotic message. Did you FakeNews hacks write this before you watched it? Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

He’s out of touch with what’s going on! No one is erasing history. The confederate flag was only brought out and championed around during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Cool, you took the same headline from that rag The NY Times. You all SUCK! This report is a joke. Biden couldn't even say the word white in the 'white flag.' Also, I think you're gonna need more than a mask to keep creepy Joe away from you.

Oh done w Trump trashing, getting old, yawn Please just let him be GONE! No he didn’t. I didn't hear any of that. Thank God he uses twitter. It is the only way people hear what he truly says without the twisting and lies of those who think it is their job to control what we think. He gave a patriotic speech that included all peoples that believe in America

You guys all get your talking points from the same place? racial division is rioting, looting, tearing down statues, and blaming white people for the actions of people over a hundred years ago. Also lol at you leftists bashing anyone for 'flouting virus rules' you have had daily mass gatherings across the country for months.

You didn’t even air his speech. The media censorship is breathtaking and I didn’t even vote for Trump! No one is more out of touch than journalists. Garbage like this is why no one respects you anymore. You are a pack of lying jackals. MEDIAMATTERSBITCHES You guys are more than laughable now. You can’t control him and it will ruin all of your agenda and you will lose your power. You’ll never win...

Sorry CCPAgitprop Why doesn’t the ABC just get paid by the democrats as the silent media of the undemocratic democrats deepest of deep state swamp bats, Pandemic plan ? No he didn’t. I saw it. He was talking good vs evil. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! What a wonderful speech ✊👊maga2020 Donald Trump: President of the people, by the people and ... for the people.

AmericaFirst KAG AmericaAlways FourMoreYears 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 FAKENEWSMEDIA Ya'll can all PECK SHIT WITH THE CHICKENS If you don't stop lying, where you end up will be all your own doing. You need to start being honest with the people and stop your lies. You have no conscience? You are the atrocity of humanity. Each of you hateful liars will reap what you are sowing. Any honest person cares to, go listen for yourself.

No he didn’t. Not even close. You are pushing racial divide and are knowingly segregating the races again. We will not stand for this. That’s not what we heard tonight. The President’s speech was patriotic, honoring American history and past presidents. It disparaged those who would seek to tear our nation apart. The message was to bring Americans together as one people, not divided and fighting with each other.

EnemyOfThePeople Trump2020Landslide Trolls out in full force tonight, tr☭mp is scum If it's a Stephen Miller speech it's more of a sturmwinder than a stemwinder. Give it a fucking rest. Counter factual propaganda. You’re the enemy of the people. It was AMAZING and inclusive and patriotic! Happy birthday, America!!

It’s very sad because he is so pathetic he stumbles and fumbles cannot speak cannot read what a horrible embarrassment we are to the world When you see crap like this from what used to be a major network, you know that President Trump crushed it tonight!! You are the reason we need Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Four ex presidents are rolling over in their stoney graves. Can Traitor in Chief bring these soldiers back to life? Surreal. Got your talking points, we see. Low energ and weak with slurring galore. The Last breaths of Trumpism's final days. What in the actual shit are you all talking about? Ghislaines arrest really has all you MSM mockingbirds losing your minds. Wow.

Bull shit! You are not serving the American are a propaganda machine against this country...this is Chinese news A very sick traitor in chief How in the unholy hell did you derive this headline from that speech. I mean wtf Is wrong with you people. I can remain objective and I also know the president is not a saint but tonight’s speech was nothing like this headline and you ought to retract and apologize for it. shame

Such hateful words ABC News? I think it is YOU who pushes racial division! The garbage media just can't get it right, ever. WeSeeYou FakeNewsMedia DemocratsHateAmerica Damn !! That is what I'm talking about. What a total load of crap. This is disgusting. You people are causing strife and violence in this country. Shame on you.

This is an absolutely disgraceful headline. You are the ones who are trying to divide us. Shame on you. That’s total bs... I watched it. He touted unity and quoted Dr. King Go fuck yoursef ABC! How racist of you to think a pro America speech only applies to white people. Wow Watched the speech myself. It was very unifying focusing on American greatness. This headline is a joke and a reason why trust in the mainstream media is at record lows.

Trump is the first foreign sleeper to rise to power. America get your guard up and make sure GOP and DNC vent candidates more thoroughly. ABC hates America MAKE AMERICA INDEPENDENT FROM PUTIN/RUSSIA Actually the MEDIA is pushing racial divisions. Glad i listened for myself instead of relying on the Media to tell me what they want me to believe.

Of course Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount RushmoreThe holiday that celebrates US independence from Britain is being used to bolster President Trump's false narrative that the country is doing just fine. | Analysis by StCollinson StCollinson Trump trash StCollinson Is CNN the Donald with this language? StCollinson Hi

Donald Trump, In Mount Rushmore Speech, Tries To Set Off New Fireworks In Divisive Culture WarsPresident Donald Trump used the spectacular backdrop of Mount Rushmore and the eve of Independence Day to deliver a speech that cast himself as the defender of American history against a out of con… It sure felt that way. The Left are the only ones trying to divide the American culture.Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Mt. Rushmore - all 4 are shaking their heads & Lincoln threw up in his mouth a little.

Trump holding large-scale July 4th event at Mount Rushmore despite coronavirus risksThe president’s plan to address a crowd of thousands at Mount Rushmore, where the state’s Republican governor says social distancing will not be enforced, comes against as the U.S. hit a new single-day record of 50,000 new cases. Of course he does . Smh COVIDFest19 North And yet there will be many who wonder why bars and restaurants aren't open on New Year's Eve.

With Mount Rushmore Visit, Trump to Emphasize History, and Court ControversyPresident Trump’s trip to Mt. Rushmore ahead of Independence Day is designed to offer a blast of patriotic pageantry. But the firework festivities are shadowed by questions about social distancing and wildfire risks, as well as tensions with Native American leaders. KNOW THIS: Light-workers all over the planet have been busy alchemizing any & all dark energy, by the power of Almighty God: ‘Twas DARK is NOW LIGHT. And it is done. ✝️🔮❤️☮️🇺🇸🌎 P.S. We also decode comms.😉 He needs a photo.

Trump Visits Mount Rushmore Amid Controversy, Coronavirus ConcernsThe site has not had fireworks since 2009 because of environmental concerns. Leftist Bull💩! Cunt 130,000 plus dead americans, troops getting killed for money, lying to the people, being a racist president and he doesn’t care one bit. Instead of being a leader he’s out golfing right now. Your disgusting Mr. Trump. Over 50,000 cases yesterday, but golf is more important.

At Rushmore, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroesPresident Donald Trump tells a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” amid demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality. DIVIDE & CONQUER. He still using this for his clueless supporters. Let me fix that for you: Largely Brainless! Anyone can buy a mask. Brains? When you feel that realDonaldTrump is your pick for 2020, they are clearly an optional accessory realDonaldTrump is at Mt Rushmore looking like a Walmart rotisserie chicken. He hates brown people but he sure wants to look like them!