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At Rushmore, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroes

MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL, S.D. (AP) — Speaking to a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore, President Donald Trump said Friday that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe...

7/4/2020 6:37:00 AM

President Donald Trump tells a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” amid demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality .

MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL, S.D. (AP) — Speaking to a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore, President Donald Trump said Friday that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe...

. Event organizers were to provide masks to anyone who wanted them and planned to screen attendees for symptoms of COVID-19.Noem, in her own remarks, echoed Trump’s attacks against his opponents who “are trying to wipe away the lessons of history”“Make no mistake: This is being done deliberately to discredit America’s founding principles by discrediting the individuals who formed them,” she said.

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The small town of Keystone, which lies a couple of miles from the monument, was buzzing with people Friday hoping to catch a glimpse of the fireworks and the president. Many wore pro-Trump T-shirts and hats. Few wore masks.“This is going to rank up in the top Fourth of Julys that I talk about,” said Mike Stewhr, who brought his family from Nebraska.

Mike Harris of Rapid City, who said he was a Republican, wore a mask and waved an anti-Trump flag. He also was sporting a handgun on each hip. He said he was worried the event would spark a COVID-19 outbreak.“I think it’s a bad example being set by our president and our governor,” Harris said.

Leaders of several Native American tribes in the region raised concerns that the event could lead to virus outbreaks among their members, who they say are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 because of an underfunded health care system and chronic health conditions.

“The president is putting our tribal members at risk to stage a photo op at one of our most sacred sites,” said Harold Frazier, chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.Some Native American groups used Trump’s visit to protest the Mount Rushmore memorial itself, pointing out that the Black Hills were taken from the Lakota people.

More than 100 protesters, many Lakota, lined the road leading from Keystone to the monument holding signs and playing Lakota music in 95-degree heat. Some held their fists in the air as cars loaded with event attendees passed by. Others held signs that read “Protect SoDak’s First People,” “You Are On Stolen Land” and “Dismantle White Supremacy.”

“The president needs to open his eyes. We’re people, too, and it was our land first,” said Hehakaho Waste, a spiritual elder with the Oglala Sioux tribe.Several people who once oversaw fire danger at the national memorial havesaid setting off fireworks over the forest

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was a bad idea that could lead to a large wildfire. Fireworks were called off after 2009 because a mountain pine beetle infestation increased the fire risks.Noem pushed to get the fireworks resumed soon after she was elected, and enlisted Trump’s help. The president brushed aside fire concerns earlier this year, saying, “What can burn? It’s stone.”

Trump has presided over a several large-crowd events — in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and at an Arizona megachurch — even as health officials warn against large gatherings and recommend face masks and social distancing. He plans a July Fourth celebration on the National Mall in Washington despite health concerns from D.C.’s mayor. Trump and Melania Trump plan to host events from the White House South Lawn and from the Ellipse.

___Associated Press writers Jill Colvin and Aamer Madhani in Washington and Todd Richmond in Madison, Wis., contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

They are criminal rioters The associated press lies, that is not how it was framed. Sooo where is the lie? We've all seen it for 4 weeks straight! The Black Lives Matter’s protests against the police and law & order have led to more black people getting killed in just a few years than in the entire history of lynching. BlackLivesMatter

What does he know about mercy OR compassion? IQ45 doesn’t even know who is on MountRushmore. MountRushmoreCovidFest Y'all are stupid. Y’all are only seeing what MSM wants you to see. Trump , CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBCNews, CBSNews, YahooNews, nytimes, washingtonpost, USATODAY, Google, Twitter, Facebook and any other leftists masquerading as news journalists.

What fine unbiased reporting, completely devoid of personal opinion and objectively analyzing the facts! It's like you people think we can't watch countless videos of people ripping down statues and burning historical sites from the past month. everyone can see through the charade now, it is a marxist insurrection.

Yo fuckhead What an idiot. These young people aren’t ‘wiping’ out history, they are making history great by telling the truth of what really transpired in this country since they arrived here on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria! Just tell the truth and stop lying! No bias in that headline at all...not even trying anymore?

Oddly enough the only person who is misleading people is the person who wrote this headline and article. Uhh.... do you not watch the fucking news? JFC... So you are ignoring all the videos we see everyday loved every word, as American as you can get, our country is young and what we have no one has ever done before, we should never be ashamed of our history

But its true He shouldn’t even be standing in front of Rushmore, it’s insulting. One of the greatest speeches ever made. He's correct. And we won't let them. You’re really going to pretend that statues representing our history haven’t been targeted en masse? Why do you hate America so much? What country do you spew propaganda for? Its time to 'fess up.

True. You did. realDonaldTrump has waged a merciless campaign to wipe out Americans by ignoring COVID science and not taking action regarding Putin’s bounties on American soldiers. TrumPutin COVIDiotInChief TrumpLiesAmericansDie You know it was a good speech, if the Lamestream Media has got their pantries all up in a wad. 😂😂😂😂. Well done realDonaldTrump, well done! Lol

He is using the same techniques as Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin. The is relentless trash. Well, is pretty much a pawn of the Democratic Party, so from a 'news story' perspective, do not find this surprising. If a Socialist was at Mt Rushmore last night, all the Liberal Media would be all over it!

'...tells..' Implying they didn't already know or it's not true. MSM, horrible deplorables. You are fake news Here is just some of the truth I don’t trust my eyes anymore. 🖕 AP is in the Obama, Soros, Clinton, Pelosi’s gang fix. No masks “demonstrations against racial injustice”? The protesters(rioters) vandalized the Lincoln Memorial. Your tweet is pure ignorance and MindControl

He is correct. CORRECTION: Earlier tweet from our AssociatedPundits mistakenly identified 'anarchists and agitators' as 'peaceful protesters' Associated Press - STFU. Meanwhile the Democrat Party has educated a generation to poop on police cars. What say you.. media? I’ll wait. He’s correct Many will get this virus, many will survive! It’s a flu/cold virus. It isn’t deadly, the chance of surviving is far greater than 50/50, more like 97%.

Wow, Amazing Speech. We have built this Great Nation and no one is going to take it away. GodBlessAmerica Happy4thofJuly weLoveTrump 'A Largely Maskless Crowd' 😱. What was the point of Stating that? Covid has a 98.7% Recovery Rate on par with the Flu. Where’s the lie? United we stand divided we fall.

don't like either party is one beast with two heads...but this is very bias reporting !! AP EnemyOfThePeople Wow. Maskless crowd! I guess the riots are ok though. Right? FU WhitePrivilege Trump's right. And there are no more systemic 'racial injustices' or systemic 'police brutality' against blacks. You are race-baiting FakeNews and the EnemyOfThePeople

And still he lies a well America you did vote for him Great speech and he’s absolutely right!!! Greatest, most patriotic and inspiring speech from a president I have ever heard. Truly, realDonaldTrump is the GreatestPresidentEver Are you living under a rock? And he’d be right. Using too many adjectives to develop preimage of a person. Great tactic.

Somebody get this guy a mirror! Reap what you sow Police brutality? Incidents like the death of Floyd are rare indeed! Stop the FakeNews propaganda! He never said protestor....? Trump also mentioned abolitionists, black heroes among other groups. But I guess your the AP. All of the truth doesn't matter...

More racial injustice and brutality is coming from the commie rioters than from our cops. While they try to wipe out our history. Commie Marxist people out there every day tearing shit down, burning cities and beating/killing people but yea, no one is waging a campaign to destroy our history. Fake news thinks you can't see what's right in front of you. Hacks. Trump 2020

I quit my newspaper, lubbockonline, because they print your BS. Hundreds of statues & monuments have been taken down or destroyed, including memorials, individual memorials even. Again waging war among U.S. citizens. Division, division, division. Trump is a true racist! LARGELY MASKLESS CROWD‼️‼️‼️ WHAT JOURNALISM, WEARING MASKS IN RIOTING AND LOOTING MAKES EVERYTHING OK? GET A GRIP ‼️‼️

He’s not wrong Atlas526 So he told them the truth then And he’s wrong how Lie - he said absolutely nothing about protesters. He clearly identified the people who are destroying our history and others’ property. Protests were so peaceful that Minneapolis is requesting disaster relief funds from the federal government. Why won’t AP show images of the damage done all over America by the rioters and looters?

Sure. Is that why they destroyed an elk statue? He told the truth. You propagandist clowns should try it sometime Largely maskless Lmao. They’ve literally destroyed cities, businesses, killed ppl, beat people, burned buildings, tried to (and did) pulled ppl from their cars w/kids in them, looted, Defamed & destroyed historical statues, but let’s pretend it didn’t happen? Sorry FakeNews WE ARENT FORGETTING

You are the enemy of the people. The fringe Yes, and he will win in November because who’s going to vote in a group that supports destroying statues of George Washington. He is truly evil and does not give a damn about American lives! Truly disgusting!!! Largely maskless is the new mostly peaceful. Sounds right to me.

Trump is correct! Well if you look at the s alone we are not in a pandemic! hospitalizations down by 60% & deaths down by 80% survival rate 98.8% More test more Cases. 52% of all deaths nursing homes. H1N1 we learned to live w/we will do it again! WHO claimed it lied, CDC is reconfigure s again! Did you NOT see what they did? All the statues torn down and defaced? It was anarchy.

President Trump's Thrilling Speech at Mount Rushmore - A Defining Moment for America via SelfEdAmerican dsupervilleap Racial injustice in this country is on a one on one basis it isnt systemic there are no segregation laws anymore. Black deaths from police is 1% of all police related deaths. These are facts. Nice spin for the left wing elitists.

is a bastion of propaganda and yellow journalism. Anarchy journalism. Garbage journalism at its finest. In other words, he spoke the truth. Trump 2020! Never heard you describe MASKLESS protesters while they were coughing tear gas on each other Rioters, looters, murderers are defended by . GFY . Heroes. Does he mean slave owners?

Never tell me trump cares about his country again. He’s willingly setting it up to burn down. But NOTHING on Russian bounties!? He doesn’t care about our troops. He’s not allowed to talk about “defaming heroes” They torn down or defaced statues and monuments of Jefferson, Washington, Grant, the 54th Massachusetts, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Fucking Hendrix, among others I'd call that a pretty merciless campaign to wipe out our history.

In almost every case the opposite of what reports is the truth. tells you not to believe your lying eyes, that there has not been a nationwide rampage by Bolsheviks bent on revolution, using Black people as pawns. He was referring to anarchists, not protestors. Unless you think they are the same? President Donald Trump tells a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore that [masked (not for covid)/unmasked rioters] have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” amid [riots designed to instill anarchy in America.] Fixed it.

Yes and we are here to celebrate the good people of this generous country not the shitstains who want to ruin it like Antifa 🖕🏻 I mean this is undoubtedly true. You framing it like it isn’t just shows the trash factory American media has become. Did anybody even watch the speech or just get told what to think by the headline? It’s like we’re living in two different timelines. And Twitter is the portal that connects the two realities

Too much irony to even comprehend Every word spoken was truth! You scared that when the smoke clears, you will be hauled out with the trash? I encourage the outraged to find a country without a violent past and move there. Lol You guys truly are the enemy of people. Governors are asking Trump for a federal disaster declaration due to the destruction of their cities. “demonstrations” my ass.

Proper editing would've stated '...amid [violent] demonstrations against racial injustice and police brytality.' One of the very last good journalist reads around has taken a sharp downward turn. Journalism is now officially dead. Shame And he's EGG ZACK LEE correct. It's an all out assault on America.

Yes he said exactly what the communists left is doing and you are right there in the mix with the commies. You hacks. They're rioters and anarchists. This is 100% objectively true. But it wasn’t the people protesting police violence; it was leftist anarchists who used those protests as a pretext for their terror campaign. Never cancel Burning Man again.

Lol Spin spin, you wont win AP. Clearly realDonaldTrump's speech was inspired by the divisive racist rhetoric of the German National Socialist party of the 1930s. The President is correct. And you forgot to mention a large part of the protesters/rioters were massless as well. I guess only protesters doesn’t have to wear masks Nothing was ever said about not wearing mask by the fake news When it was the protesters not wearing them! FAKE NEWS ARE LIARS LEAKERS AND CHEATS AND TERRORIST!!

Here Trump was, offering them all a golden opportunity to dissociate themselves from the fascist left, and embrace the things they have always embraced - America's singularity, its heroes, its achievements - they'd rather sit in the mud and take potshots at Trump and even Mt Rush Hey , ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation? How about the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments? Look them up. And thank President Lincoln And yeah, he's up on Mt. Rushmore Surely, you've heard of the 1st Amendment Well this is still a free country and we will not be silenced.

The AP is really going down hill. Give generously to Planned Parenthood! They have prevented 20 million blacks from getting Covid 19. Planned Parenthood needs to expand to continue the war against C19 What? No Muzzle Muppets in their Muppet Muzzles? What is the World coming to? :) Oh yes, 'The End', because people blindly accept their Agenda Virus nonsense without taking 5 minutes to check details. Those Zombies & Mainstream Media will be the Death of the lot of us.

The silent majority is watching AP ignores the murders, assaults, and destruction of properties and businesses during these “demonstrations” Priceless And he is correct! You 🤡 are so transparent, you don't even try to hide your bias and hate filled agenda. You and your mask fear mongering can gfy. That's correct. You are the enemy of the people. You are too corrupt to admit it.

Now do the spike in COVID cases in Philly post-protests Sad that American media hates this country so much. Remember when they just reported the news and didn’t try to lie to create news. He spoke the truth, even if you in the media cover up the riots, deaths and damage. I see, you guys aren't following the current events. You just make up your own stories. And that is why, you are dangerous fake news, because you keep sowing divisive fake race-baiting stories.

I’m not wearing a fucking mask. Get off my lawn. AP want a new America: What is wrong with you people? dsupervilleap Fact check: The AP lied to defend white liberals who have caused over a billion dollars of damage to black communities because the AP is a racist institution that needs to be torn down. BanTheRacistAP Trump Factcheck

The media is the divider in the country! Life is better when you move away from it they are only about ratings! Division brings them ratings! We are one country! You sir have waged war on the TRUE American people! We are not just submissive followers in your white elitist cult. We are BlackLivesMatter we are Native Americans, we are Latino Americans, we are Asian Americans. weareamerica

So you are ignoring what the progressive left has been doing around the country for weeks. My. E People are trying to blow up mt Rushmore What are u talking about It's true. History is history. Destroying symbols of the past never move you forward. In the words of Charles Barkley, no statue ever hurt me.

ap shares another pants load with us. They are complicit in spreading the lie that the recent social unrest is about 'racial injustice and police brutality'. It's really about creating chaos so Marxists can take power. It's exactly what the Bolsheviks did. Google it... I thought for a while now this was a comedy parody page for .....but someone just told its actually what used to be the AP AND you actually still consider yourself journalistic...that’s the funniest thing of all...

FakeNews. Pretty sick of you treating us like we’re deaf, dumb and blind. Pro tip: the pandemic is a good time to learn to code. Right. And seeks to kill Americans. You call THIS , a “demonstration”?! It’s called a RIOT!!👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 AP is the enemy of the people. We need to bring back the Pinochet helicopter rides.

President Trump is 100% correct 👏👏👏👏👏👍 So he told them the truth? Gotta love how you drop in the bit about “largely maskless crowd” but when mentioning the riots and demonstrations you don’t mention a lack of social distancing or masks. And not all the demonstrators were there for social justice or police brutality.

He’s a shameless charlatan Within every group of Protesters were black and white robbers and murderers. They were the same type of person who slaughtered JFK and MLK! IT'S a sad thing that people destroy in the name of all And that few stand up to stop it! And here I thought we were witnessing an expression of the very freedom our fore fathers invisioned.

Nothing but more garbage from the AP Prove him wrong... A mind numbing speech that centered on slurred speech, irregular breathing and stupidity beyond comprehension. Why don’t you mention his announcement last night that by executive order he will build a national monument to Fredrick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Ella Fitzgerald, and countless other Americans of color? Or that didn’t fit your narrative?

We can not let the 2% of the population dictate to the 98%. Yes, he's right. Largely maskless crowd 😂 is a hoot What is racial injustice? I realize that whoever the person is that wrote this tweet will not understand, but by writing this and coming from what should be an objective and trusted source, you have absolutely proven the President right.

Hitler tore down statues too when he invaded France Your 'demonstrators' tore down a statue of an elk. Because they could. And because they're waging a mercess campaign to wipe out our history. AP — give it up. You’re becoming a dinosaur Your web headline says 'Trump pushes racial division.' That's not what I heard. He was explicitly saying the opposite, invoking ML King. FAKE NEWS

Yes....and? FightBack He’s right. Those were mask protesters. LIES LIES LIES... AP is nothing more than a propaganda organization, no better than Stalin or Mao Can’t be a fight against racial injustice when the BLM & ANTIFA rioters burnt down and looted black owned businesses in their own neighborhood, burned down and looted black owned homes, and killed black people. Explain to me how that fights racial injustice?

It was a fabulous speech. The left is trying to divide this country for votes and power. We can't let them. Was epic...right!! Fuk the Marxist left. The Dems started the separation in 2016 after they lost the election and started harassing anything/anyone Trump! America was getting discouraged but after this speech we will be on fire!’

Fact check : TRUE Why do these George Soros pawns of an anti American agenda get so but hurt over the blimps in our GREAT AND HONORABLE founder’s lives while over looking the MILLIONS killed, starved to death, stolen from, placed in proverty, ripped from their families BY THEIR Communist HEROES ? Fact Check TRUE

I’d say less than 1000 protesters were actually doing that. Accurate. It’s time for America to stand up and shake off the Marxist fleas that run our media, universities and entertainment industry. EnemyOfThePeople The termites have dined well at the The media continues to ignore that this is long past statues of confederates and defends absolute lunacy and anarchy because Trump...ironically ending in 4 more years of Trump because regular folks are sick of this needless destruction.

FakeNewsMedia Our bodies, our choice! Yeah, no. They weren’t “demonstrations” and that’s not what they were about. They are trying to wipe out history. Anything of the white man, they are trying to destroy. This is the Left's racist war on white people. All this fomenting of hate just to get votes from gullible black people.

The hypocrisy... How about that “maskless crowd” who looted Target stores? Burned down small businesses & churches? The maskless crowds who tore down our nations memorial statues & defaced the WWII memorial w/ spray paint? Any thoughts on that crowd? The dems have decided that they are now on the side of a Maoist cultural revolution whose goal is to destroy the American ppl, our culture/traditions & our ability to earn a living. Their policies & ideology & fanaticism & continued Russia hoaxes has made a lot of us repubs.

Who is on Biden’s side AP, Washington Post, New York Times, NewYorker, Daily Beast, Politico, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg, Antifa, BLM, Islamic Terrorists. Anymore names Not protestors - Violent thugs. Americans are united against these criminals. GodBlessAmerica You try so, so hard to spin a narrative in these headlines don't you? 😂🤡

FakeNews editorializing within a ‘news’ headline And don’t forget the young that died in CHOP during the peaceful protests Why are you trying to lie to people? when we have seen the leftist mob destruction and violence. You are FakeNews lol And the press has been complicit in their war against American history and culture. Trust me, your role in this culture war will be remembered.

Have you seen the spray painted, damaged downtown property? “Insured” losses are estimated at 25 million. More will be uninsured. All of that will be passed along to the consumer/ tax payer by one method or another. You people are amazingly stupid. Or you think WE are. The biggest danger to the Country is Trump. He continues to stoke the fires of racism creating further divide. Statues to honor men, traitors in fact, that were fighting to OWN humans need to be torn down. We need to come together, stop racism and build a better America.

Have you been asleep for a month and a half? He’s right. EnemyOfThePeople dsupervilleap This article is the most biased hateful piece of tripe I've ever read, written by someone who is biased and hateful against our country and it's history good and bad. YOU ARE SICK. 'demonstrations'...AP = FAKE NEWS HACKERY... PROTESTS THAT LED TO RIOTS AND LOOTING..there I fixed it for you

Come on AP lets talk about you history & involvement in fomenting chaos. One of your own founders Daniel Craig saw the 'Free Press/4th Estate' twisting facts & rendering false opinions more than reporting. Some historians believe your trade culpable in much chaos since th 1600s Playing on fear, bigotry and hate, Trump has cobbled together an unholy pact with white supremist, delusional conspiracy junkies, and autocrats wishing to rule not govern. They are the greatest threat to our nation since WWII, and the greatest threat to the GOP since Nixon.

Now do the George Floyd riots Here it is real simple The Globalist DNC has a Propaganda Arm the MsM the 'democrats' are their Political arm Antifa their Military arm They are America hating scumbags deceiving America by posing as 'journalists' attemping to destabilize the Country so to gain Control When exactly did the big switch occur when the Associated Press and Reuters changed from news organizations to political arms of the Democrat party?

No assholes. Amid destruction and looting in DEMOCRAT cities where all these injustices occur in the first place. You are the enemy of truth. Becuase they did and tell us this is their goal you asshats. Weird that I don’t recall you mentioning anything about masks with protesters. Worst president ever and a shitty human being

You should have substituted the word brainless for maskless... tRump COVIDIOTS In case our propagandist media has forgotten: (3) another report from AP “Violence mars Portland protests, frustrates Black community” Heads up their asses. Can’t see for looking. Blinded by ideology. Fools. Pointless. That covers AP nicely.

The title “Trump pushes racial division” is false for this report. (1) Lots of Whites and other ethnic groups participated in recent protests. (2) people including Black condemned the violent protests and vandalism of public properties. Photo reminds me of a childhood teaching game: 'One of these things is not like the other; one of these things does not belong.'

Trump was masterful. He truly is a great speaker. Governor spoke beautifully, but he's in a different category; he has tremendous presence. He honored American history and heroes of all creeds and colors. Fearful, violent left does what it always does, calling it divisive. One tiny group protested and wiped away with our brave NG. Big whoop! They were greatly outnumbered and wise to stand down. 🤷🏻‍♀️mtrushmore

You can tell Trump is over the target by the amount of anger coming from the leftist MSM. Good job, Mr. President. That “history” is racial injustice and police brutality, and deserves to be wiped out. Trump 2020 Thank You, Next. trump hates america 🇱🇷🇱🇷very dark and depressing speech in front of monuments

VoteTrumpOut2020 VoteOutTheGOP This mountain is the property of the natives. The burned an Elk statue. It isn’t about anything other than destruction and mayhem. Those who thrive as an occupied 'nation' have no voice when it comes to morality. Trump family wealth initially came from sex trafficking. Is his family still involved in sex trafficking? In my opinion, YES!

Well since most news agencies report that rioting didn’t cause coronavirus spike, I guess using words like “maskless “ is pointless MAGA The colonizers are scared now Hello ? He was talking about the anarchists... those taking down our statues and ERASING HISTORY .. why did I get that ? He's a man who has never thought that honesty is the best policy.

That was a great speech and a good time was had by all. Interesting comment considering he is standing on Lakota Land. Thank you for not using the photo that is circulating from the campaign. Thank you for doing better. Why does this man in the WH only preaches to crowds that look like him? STFU FakeNews AP !!! Just remember everyone Supposed News outlets like the AP=ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE It’s time for America to hold these CREEPS accountable for fake outrageous reporting ...We will not be intimidated....Our support for realDonaldTrump will not threatened by anyone

Anti-American much? Over the wall with you Actually, we’re waging a merciless campaign to wipe him out. Enemy of the people. Yep. He was right. That's you. Those protestors that gather in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, are largely maskless as well you hacks. Blatant media bias on display yet again.

Oh how HORRIBLE!😱 NO MASKS! No sheep! 😱 Fake News. I see the propaganda machine is still rolling Listening to realDonaldTrump’s MtRushmore speech, I was reminded of the eloquent words of George Bush: “Well, that was some weird shit.” Why did demonstations against racial injustice involve burning bookstores, churches, low-income housing, and a Wendy's?

Fortunately, you can't wipe out history..no movement or statue toppling will ever wipe out history..people remember, they don't forget..🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 No one trusts you Oh...like the MASKLESS looters and rioters?! At least THIS was peaceful without Conservatives looting and destroying. Well SD has about 832 active cases and 58 hospitalized out of 850 k population.

Leftists are pure evil. Y'all can F off Well-written headline Trump2020Landslide He’s right. You’re wrong. You are the Enemy of the American People True story. He's not lying. Stop pushing this ridiculous pandemic nonsense. The mortality rate does not warrant this level of hysteria. Dump the dimwit Trump Putin Moscow Mitch Comrade Barr Ticket

YOU FLAT OUT LIE TO YOUR READERS. SHame? NO because YOU WANT TO DIVIDE. Trump wants a culture war to divide us even more. Rushmore TrumpRally Speak to Truth Mr President! America loves you. Thanks for protecting our great nation. May God bless you. Will he coyly suggest another adding the head of “your favourite president” to the other four. I can foresee carving the hair will be tricky.

Those 'peaceful' protesters have set the cause of race relations back a hundred years. They are unhinged violent thugs... He's worthless I thought you were beyond the petty left baiting reporting 'The largely maskless crowd'? What in gods name does that have anything to do with a report about a Presidential speech? Clearly you too have devolved into leftist clickbait reporting. 🤬🤬

Amazing the lies you can get away with when you use the RaceCard blm is a LIE I see pictures of protestors with No masks idiots What's interesting about the 'wipe out our history' bs narrative is that in order to have purpose for these protests... People are required to have a strong grasp on...wait for it...our history.

Leave American history alone! Her greatness, which currently benefits the whole world, was built upon the apparent tragedy of slavery. That the Israelites were slaves in Egypt is indelible! Thanks for the great picture. The speech is great! We can hear it ourselves w/o your filtration. Isn’t it illegal somehow for the President to co-opt a national holiday and monument site, using public funds, to hold a self-serving hate rally?

I liked the 'maskless' bit...As if wearing a mask is the certified sacred gold standard now...what a load of BS... For days we watched a culture of anger behave like wild animals with no regard for their communities or neighbors. They stole, ravaged and burned. Civil society rejects this behavior. The greatest President is merely stating the obvious

I remember an AP that presented relevant facts without political posturing. I miss that AP. Mob rule is not healthy BLOODY TRUMP IS A LOSER AND A HOAX !!! “Largely maskless” Not once did I ever see you guys say that about the rioters Fuck off with that BIAS dsupervilleap I am no 100% Trump fan, but after listening to his speech & reading this article, it sounds more like this AP article was written by agents of the Chinese Ministry of State Security. In conversations with BLM/Antifa I was told their goal was to overthrow the US government.

He wants us to fight amongst ourselves. He loves it and we keep falling for it Another subservise media outlet that is only trying to keep their viewers brainwashed in fear and hate. Our country is under attack from all angles and these media corporations just empower them. There is a reason we call you, the enemy of the people.

Nobody is buying the protester line anymore. Their leaders mission is a Marxist agenda, most of people rioting, burning, and looting don't even know what the message is that they are fighting for. They are being played as is America under a false flag for groups like BLM. Oh heck ya fergot to put the word 'peaceful' in front of the word protesters. Dadburnit anyways.

A doom & gloom Stephen Miller racist & divisive speech for the 4th when our country is suppose to all come together as Americans? Disgusting AP = Aristocratic Propaganda EnemyOfThePeople DYSFUNCTIONAL DON 🤡 The enemy of my friend is a simpleton😩....a highfalutin despot😔 It must suck working at AP and being forced to push the democrat party’s agenda of racial hate and violence.

That’s not a headline...that’s a DNC sales pitch. I got news for him, sadly, there's no wiping out THAT horrible history, but that doesn't mean people have to have it in their face every dang day. It really is that simple. If you wanna save them, take them to a museum. They've asked the right way long enough. Save it or lose it

There were many who wore masks!! FACTS We the People would like to let those who control press know that we know. He should have bragged about his military service. It was one of his best speeches. I will never apologize for loving this great country that we live in. Doesn’t seem like a bad thing to be merciless in addressing a history of racial injustice and police brutality

I see your shot at the maskless crowd....this was the next post in my timeline. Yup I see a lot of social distancing for a career criminal and a marxist organization The demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality have nothing to do with this and you know it. It’s the fact that some democrats want to get rid of Mt. Rushmore. Why do you blatantly mislead people

😡😡😡😡 He’s say and do anything to keep his stupid supporters stupid You could use A lot of red paint. Yeah he couldn't possibly be talking about people tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant! Except for the part where he explicitly said that's what he's talking about! Throughout its history, the United States has lived according to the canons of injustice and cruelty. And Trump, is responsible for all this! It is logical! Ahahahaaa!

CNN ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS BBCWorld Reuters AMERICA! No matter what may make sense to do. Someone will find a way to be defiant. Mainly if they are being encouraged by a seated leader who supposed to know better. Trump happy with body bags. Was he close to Jr.'s gf? Omg

GREATEST PRESIDENT THAT HAS RATTLED THE 6 CORPORATIONS THAT RUN ABOUT ALL OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA 🌟💥🗽✨💯🇺🇸 this guy is so gross trump's illegal speech on Native American land is what fascism looks like in 2020. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 **BREAKING NEWS** O.M.G.! Trump said; the protesters he refered to as Thugs! Are protesting against racisum and police brutality. Which is a part of U.S. legacy. And he dispised them for doing that!

dsupervilleap Can't even trust AP anymore to report a story without any spin, thanks to worthless tramps like Ms Superville. Expertly worded. Beautifully dishonest You're not so stupid that think he said 'protesters,' traitors. Did you guys know about all the statues being either toppled or defaced? You can look it up.

Now do the 'maskless' rioters and looters. Media is EnemyOfThePeople Merciless, yes. Campaign, yes. To wipe Trump off the political map, YES. Yeah, racial injustice. And lets not forget that Floyd George guy or whatever his name was. His death was certainly ample cause to burn some black-owned businesses that will never recover. Great job guys and gals.

dsupervilleap Should Native American statues all be torn down, because they engaged vicious slavery and rape. AllLivesMatter MeToo dsupervilleap You’re aware that African/Hispanic/Asian American all achieved RECORD LOW unemployment under Trump, right? SocialismKills MountRushmore He wasn't wrong. We the People will not be silenced. You will not destroy our history and force us to live in your sad version of the future .

dsupervilleap What did he say that’s factually inaccurate? BLM founders have stated they’re Marxist and want to “burn the country down”. SocialismKills He has not history except for being shitty at everything. This didn't happen? Uplifting speech, what a glorious day in American history, paying tribute to the heroes who sacrificed everything so future generations could enjoy freedom. The mark of a great man is that he plants a tree knowing that he will not be alive to see it bear fruit.

Fucking Doublethink you biased lying media. Fact Check: False. He was not referring to “protestors.” He was referring to RIOTERS and domestic terrorists committing acts of vandalism. How about all the idiots running around looting, rioting, killing innocent people.... what about their mask? You guys sound ridiculous.

He’s exactly right. He speaks for us. The ones who voted him in. You’ll never take this Country down. Never! Pure trash. Heroes? You mean the traitors of the South? Where are you from again? He doesn’t believe in anything. At least the protestors, not the looters, believe in something. It’s true. They have. Quit crying about masks.

Ahh everything is offensive/oppressive. Yes, they are actively trying to wipe out the history of racism that has held our country and its citizens back from equality and a truer exceptionalism. Those things belong in museums, to learn from the mistakes of our past, not in a park to glorify them. Wow I hope all of them get corona

Stop gaslighting us and pretending like we didn't all witness mobs of anarchists tearing down statues and burning our flag. America is great. You are the enemy of the people. 'LAGELY maskless' 🙄 You only remember mask and Covid-19 whenever Trump is involved why? And you’re a news outlet? Where have you been the last 2+ weeks? You’re as bad as CNN.

The Nazi/Marxists in the 1930’s tried to wipe out history by toppling statues and burning books... now they topple statues and ban films... then it was a Nazi salute, today it’s a clenched fist For a hoax, they’re really going all in: “The discord was heightened as the Trump campaign confirmed during the president’s speech that Kimberly Guilfoyle, a top fundraiser for the campaign & the girlfriend of Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., had tested positive for COVID19

Trump is so pathetic!! If you don’t like Trump then VOTE FOR BIDEN. Your vote is stronger than tearing down a statue or taking over a street or freeway. VOTE. Yea it’s called covid and the president just gave it to the stupid white folks at his rally . Funny you ignore them attacking abolitionists, and people who never owned a slave in their lives. They want to remove TR, Lincon, Washington. They are attacking American history blatantly, framing your opening as if this is not happening is disgusting.

But, nothing like the people trump's going to wipe in this rally. 'Oh well, that's too bad.' Sorry, 30+ more statues to come at the new National Garden of American Heroes. HappyFourth To celebrate 4th of July on land that belongs to native Americans says Trump cares nothing for any justice. BLM is correct in thier drive for equality and life and the pursuit ofnot only happiness but freedom.

Ironic that he would make these comments, on the sacred native lands of people whose histories are being COMPLETELY WIPED OUT!! ihatethatracistfucker You’re the enemy. Nice try Fake news All of a sudden, being maskless is worthy of being in a headline. Where was 'maskless' when Antifa & other anarchists were looting, rioting, killing, and intimidating? You're so full of it and and anyone with sense can see right through it.

Does this man want a civil war or homegrown terrorist or something? Why do you hate America? Everybody has eyes... the see the MURDER in CHOP; the DESTRUCTION of cities; the LAWLESSNESS of rioters; the RECKLESSNESS of media fanning the flames... you are the ENEMY of AMERICA AP is being run by the CCP. Nothing but communist anti American propaganda. It’s sickening

Wow you guys are mentally ill? Something is definitely wrong with you people! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver After we reelect the president let us put back all those statues they tore down So he told the truth? This is supposed to be a negative? Fact check false. 'Maskless' damn straight. hey AP--wear your face diapers. Independence Day bitches.

Only going to wipe Trump out in November. TrumpsFailedPresidency Trump is an idiot, but that part of his message is true Reagan is turning in his grave. Where is any shred of decency or governing for all the citizens? History shall not be kind to him and his cult. realDonaldTrump is gone come November. He is officially choosing the wrong path here.

religion is next.. NWO He's right tho Sad Making America great again TrumpIsAChildRapist the left is the new Taliban Their “history” being what exactly? Racism? Well that says enough doesn’t it Crowd spreads COVID 19 Trump is a true horror. Give Back the Black Hills. lol Let’s make them eat shit for dinner this November. vote

Fake News is truly 'The Enemy of the People' So, he told the truth. I guess that is something the AP is unfamiliar with. So they see it as some kind of threat? ScottStroud1 Good job AP for YOUR 'merciless campaign to wipe out' the arson, looting, and murder of your cherished 'demonstrations.' Again, he attempts to change the narrative.

From this day forth, until re-election My focus will be working to get TRUMP out of office. I will not spend one more day distracted by STATUES & RACISM. I have to fight for my children’s future. America get friends and family registered to Vote. Mail in those ballots. Campaign Obviously out of touch with the majority of American people.

Trump is seriously clueless about everything. Racism and police brutality are not parts of our history we should be proud of POTUS Tell him their actions are rooted in actually understanding history. The glorification of these men in history is at best a oversimplification of their roles and accomplishments. The real history is much more complex.

The history doesn't go anywhere we just acknowledge how many evil acts were committed. It's not hate to demand a better America that is actually true to its ideals Leave it to you to focus on a mask versus the GREAT SPEECH by OUR President!! A UNIFYING SPEECH - A call to not allow Socialism to take hold in AMERICA! OUR FREEDOM was a result of many hard fought battles! Freedom had a cost! We cannot allow it to be diminished!

Bias much For anyone who thought the reported the news rather than news commentary... Talk about selective reporting. Nice going, 🙄 🎼I’m out of touch. You’re out of touch. I’m out of my head.🎼 realDonaldTrump Hall & Oates, have your number. Trump speaks the truth , you speak lies. fakenews trump loves our country, his people and our hertiage, he loves blacks , whites doesn’t matter, he loves Americans,something you folks cant understand

And he’s right. 'Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.' -Mark Twain Dipping in and out of the trump hate rally. I guess we need him to be really really awful so we will never be tempted to vote for such an obviously flawed person ever again. President Trump gave an awesome speech! 4thofJuly2020

Define heroes, please? Heroic in what sense? What ethic guided their heroic action? What else do you expect from the Grand Wizard at his Klan rally? It is true. We have seen what the protesters are doing. No reason to burn the Elk in Oregon or take over an area in Seattle to just kill more black people. Democrats have failed their communities.

We will still celebrate our country! Stay emotional media The ultimate statue to tear down is Mt. Rushmore There's a spot on MtRushmore for donnyt's big head. Just behind Lincoln ... where Abe's behind would be. 😘 patriciaawells Where the hell did this guy come from What planet dropped him off by mistake He has no soul!!

aboallaltalbi29 He never said that about the protesters just the rioters. Surprised he knew where he was FUD Very bad. Trump is equating all protestors and it sounds like the Left, with traitors and people who want to destroy America. He's setting us up for violence against us, for a real war calling it a 'Cultural War' that he's creating

DENTRO DE 2 O 3 SEMANAS TODA ESA GENTE QUE ASISTIO A ESE RALLY ESTARA INFECTADA YA LO VERAN. And he's speaking the truth, so why is the headline phrased that way? Worst president ever. The great divider! Am I getting this straight? Trump called out the National Guard against the Native Americans? I mean, did they actually clear the road ahead, of Native American protesters, so Trump could speak at the Mount Rushmore event?

This cult following group will all be Covid 19 positive within 2 weeks. 👍👍 Free Americans Celebrating the great American heroes who founded this great nation with a POTUS they love and respect The Media is the Enemy of Freedom and the American way of life The Media is the Mob The AP really has lost it. There really is no truly non-partisan news source left. Implying that Trump's words weren't directed at the tearing down of statues, but instead are directed at peaceful protesters, is straight up gas lighting - it's petty and desperate.

Sounds more like putting they’re putting history into context Look at all the low IQ liberals in this thread. Always good for a laugh. Keep on drinking that cool aid ya’ll. DNC loves their people to be good little sheep. Lol at the racists responding pretending the speech was bad Yes, we will have no mercy for you and your fascist brown-shirt minions!

The evil bad people Trump spoke of reveal themselves. you guys suck! I guess the Donald is worried about the Confederate traitors Legacies because he doesn't know anything about history that these people were really traitors Get over it why aren't you crying about the large protest crowds! Why isn't GAO investigating his appearances that we, the taxpayers, are paying for? They are nothing more than campaign rallies under guise of gov't business? Another realDonaldTrump grifter scam

Media mask shaming when they hate the people without masks and want them dead. Curious! You are insane! Yup. That history has got to go!! Comrade Trump is the worst President in American history. Trump is a corrupt destroyer of our country! ap is poisonous garbage This could have simply read 'President states facts to large crowd'

4th of July Halloween is in October On the bright side, the coronavirus is reportedly waging a merciless campaign on Junior's girlfriend. He wants a civil war. His “American Carnage” inauguration speech was a mission statement. AP, what a BS headline. I hate him so much. Because he’s a lying POS. CorruptMedia still protecting those 'peaceful protestors' *cough ** RIOTERS

this year's caravans 'The 'maskless crowd' Your editors are very sick people . Nothing but talking points of no consequence . Only leftists feed off your crap. 139,000 dead and not a mention? cancelTRUMP TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER Trump was magnificent tonight ! Eat you heart out Trolling media. CRY.

True Action brings reaction, Negative impact is colossal Can you get anymore biased? JournalismIsDead YellowJournalism Right If the left keeps telling people that violent thuggery is 'peaceful protest', they're going to prove him right. America will Win! Fuck all the haters He also said you will be getting more statues and monuments 😂 cry me a river

He Lies as usual. Worst President America has ever had. He has an IQ of 81 asswipe Trump Wants A Race War. SHAMEFUL! Racist president is more racist. More at 11. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump is at Mt Rushmore looking like a Walmart rotisserie chicken. He hates brown people but he sure wants to look like them!

Let me fix that for you: Largely Brainless! Anyone can buy a mask. Brains? When you feel that realDonaldTrump is your pick for 2020, they are clearly an optional accessory DIVIDE & CONQUER. He still using this for his clueless supporters.

Trump holding large-scale July 4th event at Mount Rushmore despite coronavirus risksThe president’s plan to address a crowd of thousands at Mount Rushmore, where the state’s Republican governor says social distancing will not be enforced, comes against as the U.S. hit a new single-day record of 50,000 new cases. Of course he does . Smh COVIDFest19 North And yet there will be many who wonder why bars and restaurants aren't open on New Year's Eve.

Of course Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount RushmoreThe holiday that celebrates US independence from Britain is being used to bolster President Trump's false narrative that the country is doing just fine. | Analysis by StCollinson StCollinson Trump trash StCollinson Is CNN the Donald with this language? StCollinson Hi

With Mount Rushmore Visit, Trump to Emphasize History, and Court ControversyPresident Trump’s trip to Mt. Rushmore ahead of Independence Day is designed to offer a blast of patriotic pageantry. But the firework festivities are shadowed by questions about social distancing and wildfire risks, as well as tensions with Native American leaders. KNOW THIS: Light-workers all over the planet have been busy alchemizing any & all dark energy, by the power of Almighty God: ‘Twas DARK is NOW LIGHT. And it is done. ✝️🔮❤️☮️🇺🇸🌎 P.S. We also decode comms.😉 He needs a photo.

Trump Visits Mount Rushmore Amid Controversy, Coronavirus ConcernsThe site has not had fireworks since 2009 because of environmental concerns. Leftist Bull💩! Cunt 130,000 plus dead americans, troops getting killed for money, lying to the people, being a racist president and he doesn’t care one bit. Instead of being a leader he’s out golfing right now. Your disgusting Mr. Trump. Over 50,000 cases yesterday, but golf is more important.

Trump visit to Mount Rushmore to be greeted by protests, wildfire fearsPresident Trump will attend an Independence Day fireworks display at Mount Rushmore on Friday before a crowd of thousands. But concerns over coronavirus and wildfires, along with protests from Native American groups, will also greet the president. Trump os only attending Mount Rushmore 'cause there isn't no black sculpture there. It’s an organic protest so don’t worry And freedom shall ring out all over the nation even if some are ungrateful.

Trump to accuse 'left-wing mob' of 'totalitarian behavior' in Mount Rushmore remarksPresident Trump will emphasize America's history as a 'great and virtuous country' in remarks he plans to give at South Dakota's Mount Rushmore Friday to mark the beginning of Independence Day weekend, a person familiar with his remarks told Fox News. President Franklin would’ve put a stop to this nonsense much quicker than Trump. No wonder Don hasn’t made it on any currency yet. trump is the totalitarian here. The president of the Lakota Sioux Tribe has let it be known that trump is not welcome at Mt. Rushmore. It is Sacred land guaranteed by treaty to the Sioux by our own government. trump's point in having this event at Rushmore was disrespect.