Trump lawyers return to court to block House subpoena for tax records

Trump lawyers return to court to block House subpoena for tax records

10/20/2020 1:31:00 PM

Trump lawyers return to court to block House subpoena for tax records

A House panel says it wants to revamp conflict-of-interest and financial disclosure laws.

October 20, 2020 at 6:00 AM EDTPresident Trump’s lawyers and the Justice Department will return to court Tuesday to try to stop House Democrats from enforcing their subpoena for the president’s tax and financial records.TheSupreme Court this summer said the president is not immune

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from congressional investigation, but the justices put the subpoena on hold. The case is now back before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for a more detailed review of Congress’s request to access Trump’s personal financial records held by his longtime accounting firm.

arrow-rightThe House Committee on Oversight and Reform is seeking eight years of the president’s information that lawmakers say they need to amend financial disclosure and conflict-of-interest laws. House lawyers urged the court to “end the delay” and allow Congress to carry out its investigative duties.

Supreme Court says Manhattan prosecutor may pursue Trump’s financial records, denies Congress access for nowTrump is the “first President in modern history to refuse to fully disclose or divest from his business holdings upon assuming the Presidency. His ongoing financial interests create the risk that his decision-making as President may be influenced by private financial considerations,” Douglas Letter, general counsel for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), told the court ahead of Tuesday’s oral argument.

ADADTrump’s lawyers want the court to invalidate the subpoena, and they questioned lawmakers’ intentions. The committee’s “professed interest” in revamping financial disclosure laws “cannot justify the ‘significant step’ of subpoenaing the president’s papers,” according to the president’s team, represented in court by lawyer Cameron T. Norris.

Justice Department attorneys said the sweeping request amounted to a “dragnet” and noted that the committee already has obtained an enormous amount of information about the president’s finances without a subpoena.Trump avoided paying taxes for years, largely because his business empire reported losing more money than it made, report says

The legal battle over the president’s records held by Mazars USA is one of several clashes over access to Trump’s personal business information. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is separately seeking the same records as part of his investigation into alleged hush-money payments made before the 2016 election to two women who said they had affairs with Trump, who has denied their claims.

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ADTrump, unlike every president since Jimmy Carter, has not voluntarily turned over his tax returns.Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in July, theabout the president’s taxes and debt based on tax return records it has obtained.The three-judge panel reviewing the case for a second time Tuesday

. Judge David S. Tatel, nominated by President Bill Clinton, and Judge Patricia A. Millett, nominated by President Barack Obama, were in the majority. Judge Neomi Rao, nominated by President Trump, dissented.In sending the case back to the appeals court for additional review, the Supreme Court

that subpoenas directed at the president must meet a higher bar and can be “no broader than reasonably necessary” to serve Congress’s purpose. Read more: The Washington Post »

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