China’s box office overtakes North America’s for the first time with its earlier pandemic recovery

China’s box office overtakes North America’s for the first time with its earlier pandemic recovery

10/20/2020 2:08:00 PM

China’s box office overtakes North America’s for the first time with its earlier pandemic recovery

Movie theaters across China have reopened to eager audiences, as Beijing keeps a close watch over new coronavirus cases.

“This is the first time in history,” said Lighthouse, a Chinese movie industry data tracker, in a post on its Weibo social media account. “What’s even more worthy of pride is that 85 percent of these movies are domestically made. Go Chinese movies!”AD

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ADChina and North America are neck-and-neck at the box office, with some dispute over which one is ahead. Lighthouse puts China’s box office receipts so far this year at $2.02 billion — which is ahead of Box Office Mojo’s North America tally of $1.94 billion, but behind ComScore’s North America tally of $2.1 billion.

Jane Tian, a 34-year-old Beijing resident, said she was eager to go to the movies again when they reopened in the summer. When she went to see a movie in August, audience members were only allowed to sit in one out of every three seats.By September, they could sit in every other seat. Now, 75 percent of seats in a theater can be occupied.

AD“They check your temperature at the entrance of the movie theater, and people still wear face masks, but it’s largely returned to normal,” said Tian, a pharmaceutical executive, by telephone on Tuesday.ADAt public places like shopping malls, consumers still have to show their official QR codes that prove they are

coronavirus-free, Tian said. But she has noticed shoppers are out in droves, after they were all stuck indoors for the early part of this year.Before the novel coronavirus pandemic, China had been widely expected to surpass North America in movie ticket sales this year, as its middle class grows and movie theater construction continues across the country. That title was thrown into question when the pandemic shuttered all its movie theaters.

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