Trump: If foreigners offered info for 2020, ‘I think I’d take it’

In a stunning admission, the President told ABC News that he has no problem accepting dirt on a political opponent from a foreign power. In fact, Trump denied that foreign help should even be considered election interference.


'Two years to get that admission. Two years of the Mueller report and now we have the president's motive: 'There is nothing wrong' with taking dirt from the Russians' — HardballChris on President Trump's comments on accepting foreign help in 2020

In a stunning admission, the President told ABC News that he has no problem accepting dirt on a political opponent from a foreign power. In fact, Trump denied that foreign help should even be considered election interference.

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HardballChris ImpeachTrumpNow2019 , then IndictTrump the day after he resigns, Then imprisonTrump for the remainder of his corrupt, insidious life! HardballChris Holy hell HardballChris And you still won’t win but please waste your efforts trying liberals are clowns HardballChris Why didn't he say anything about Adam Schiff when he was getting oppo research on Trump from the Russians? Why isn't fake media playing that recording? Shame on fake media and the Democrats.

HardballChris Our stable TRAITOR HardballChris Because he is a TraitorTrump HardballChris If he doesn't mind receiving, he is also open to giving information for his benefit. No filter for whatever it takes. Now he understands and relishes the power of the political office he holds. He thinks he is above the law.

HardballChris HardballChris Isn't that a conspiracy? HardballChris hardball HardballChris Evidence he is unfit to be President. Impeach.

Trump: I think 'I'd take' foreign help for 2020In a new interview, President Trump says he would take help and information on 2020 opponents from foreigners like Russia or China. Trump says “there’s nothing wrong with listening” and defends his son, Donald Trump Jr. for not calling the FBI about his Trump Tower meeting with Russians. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, joins Ari saying the comments are “dangerous” and Trump “doesn’t understand the motivation” from these countries. He knows he would take it in a heartbeat Russia if you’re listening 2.0

HardballChris Easy. It is illegal, immoral and undermines our democracy. He took an oath to defend our nation not give it away. Statement close to treason. HardballChris Isn't this collusion? HardballChris Nothing is going to happen to him lol give me a break HardballChris Trump never ceases to amaze

HardballChris And oh wow would he get an ear full on the democrats I bet! hardball HardballChris He said he didn’t before!!! HardballChris POTUS totally being taken out of context AGAIN by the FakeNewsMedia HardballChris unacceptable HardballChris That's not wat he said and oppo research dossier by Ckinton is the same thing. Listening about information on somebody is just that listening. The dumbass wild CRAP you throw out there.

HardballChris Treader

Trump Asserts Executive Privilege in 2020 Census FightPresident Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census i wonder what does it take for the hispanic community to revolt against republicans Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn't show his desire to be a dictator, aka powerful leader.

HardballChris Well there is plenty of Dirt on the Democrats. You just have to listen to the chirping in America. Although Sniffer and his son have some foreign explaining. HardballChris Laughable libs. They pay millions for phony dirt on Trump then clutch their pearls at the President. HardballChris Court system needs to move faster to get the judgements that he deserves conviction

HardballChris So I guess clinton hiring Steele a foreign agent to dig up dirt on trump is different right HardballChris Trump is Putin’s wet dreams about America come true. HardballChris What trump is doing is giving foreign Governments who love ❤️ having this idiot at the helm of the USA 🇺🇸, this is Putin’s wet dreams coming true.

DemForLife3 HardballChris Collusion LadybugKae HardballChris Get over it NO COLLUSION NO OBSTRUCTION. HardballChris Liberal heads exploding! 😂😂😂😂 HardballChris How much longer is the mango man going to occupy the White House? ImpeachmentInquiryNow Impeach

Trump Official Goes Rogue, Says Climate Change May Cause Next Financial CrisisA top administration official is openly defying Trump-- and Trump can't fire him Now he admits climate change is real. But you also have very fine people on both sides.

HardballChris HardballChris Ja ja ja we already knew HardballChris Vindication at last. HardballChris Idiots at msnbc grasp at any little straw to make news 😂🤪. Bunch of idiots, wonder why ratings r falling, falling😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪😂😂🤪🤪 HardballChris ...truly believe his actions and behaviors warrant Impeachment. Speaking for myself, I believe if he would have let the investigation run its course, and governed like he promised, there would have been NO ISSUE. But there's no rest for the wicked and for 3yrs this has been life.

HardballChris Please do not get it twisted. I think it would be fair to assume, that no American 'wanted' the President to fail. But for all his lying, misleading, and generally unprofessional, unethical and outwardly corrupt behaviors, we (those of us who believe we NEED a new President)... HardballChris

HardballChris If foreigners offers information on opponents, should they accept it or call the FBOI ? Ans: I think you do both ..... HardballChris It's time our House Speaker stand up and stop turning a cheek on what's taking place right in front of us. The people are waiting on our Leader to stand! Time will soon run out and there's actually no one else to in Leadership who can protect the good of this great nation. Nancy?

HardballChris But getting a British intelligence agent to create a fake dossier with the fake dirt is just fine, right?

Trump defends his trade war in Iowa as he’s battered by 2020 DemsDonald Trump is determined to stay in the good graces of America’s farmers even as his trade policies threaten their livelihoods Yes, Joe Biden is speaking more slowly than he normally does. This is deliberate: Joe is reaching out to the slow minds of the MAGAits and other trumpTOADIES. Gotta speak to level of comprehension of those who Joe is doing to peel away from babytrump next year. Good strategy, Joe Trump blunders trade and crushes farmers so now America has to give them handouts. Socialism under the right wing. POLITICO and RT have almost the same viewpoint.. Maybe because both are run by communists.

HardballChris maddow IS A JOKE... ALL HER SHOWS WERE ABOUT, muller report.. IT WAS GOING TO PROVE trump colluded with RUSSIA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣 WHAT A JOKE.. lies FakeNews FAKEPOLLS HardballChris Trump ur team fact checking is not stepping over the line but u seeing nothing wrong with a foreign country giving u dirt on ur political rival is cheating and selling ur self & our country to that country 2 lift sanctions like Flynn told Putin u would remove when POTUS.

HardballChris He is normalizing treason, and Republicans do nothing. HardballChris Of Where’s Waldo McConnell agrees with Trump. HardballChris Trump will b offered help again from foreign country ,maybe even more then 1 now that they know he's easy target. D & R need 2 change direction our country headed get out & vote 2 stop him giving control of country 2 those who hate us. Do not give him states he needs 2 win.

HardballChris Oh, there is something very wrong. He still doesn’t get it. DumpTrump2020 hardball HardballChris He’s actually said this before....right after he was exposed helping Jr navigate the Trump Tower meeting debacle. HardballChris OMG! HardballChris He belongs in prison. HardballChris Clinton paid for the dossier and the FBI ran with it. Like that?

RNC Chairwoman says winning Michigan will be harder for Trump in 2020'Michigan is going to be competitive, it's going to be harder. You did same-day registration and you have a Democrat governor. It's going to be a more difficult state, but we're up for the challenge Because the oligarchs Paul Manafort gave voter data to, specifically about MI, via Kilimnik somehow lost said data since 2016? No duh. He didn't legitimately win it the last time around.

HardballChris This man has mental issues HardballChris hardball HardballChris DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020 DisqualifyDonald2020

HardballChris 45 is a mental sick person. We longer can hold back bur get rid of this guy fast HardballChris Trump has shown he condones white supremacy groups when he did not take a stand against them earlier. He is a supporter of having a man, accused of being a child sexual molester, elected to be a Senator just because he is a Republican and Trump needs his vote in the Senate.

hardball HardballChris When you hear obstruction first hand out of Trumps mouth, exactly what more investigations do you need to start the impeachment inquiry. HardballChris Hillary and the DNC did so why are they overreacting? hardball HardballChris Well then some people need to make a better deal with Putin than “Donnikins”has!! Make the right deal to see the real ages and sexual orientations of his/their“sexual” partners in Russia and at ” Fifty Shades ofMar-A-Lago”!!

HardballChris Impeach . HardballChris Yeah... but I watched that entire exchange. And while your agenda is obvious and on point, it's still wrong. Clinton paid a firm working with Russians for opposition research that was the Steele dossier. So it's only ok if you're a Dem. The president answered to this beautifully.

Trump brings Stephanopoulos to Iowa, into White House as 2020 launch nearsSitting down with an ABC News anchor is a sharp departure from the president’s usual habit of dialing into friendly opinion shows. Trump is only doing this because somebody told him the ratings would be huge President Trump is a nice person. His base is as solid as can be; maybe it’s time to convert some more hearts and minds. Keep on Trumping!! realDonaldTrump 'Keep your friends close and GStephanopoulos closer!'

hardball HardballChris Traitor. T. R. A. I. T. O. R. HardballChris Please U.S. citizens... please understand that Trump is wrong and do something about it. hardball HardballChris What a disgrace 😡 hardball HardballChris Jr. established opportunity. hardball HardballChris Where did HillaryClinton JoeBiden BarackObama get the Steele dossier from? Australia who got it from Russia..

HardballChris And yet Pelosi will not move forward on impeachment HardballChris treason readthereport HardballChris This man is evil HardballChris Oh paleeze Lame MSNBC. Keep scratching and there’s still nothing there. Your Old Lady Hillary did more crimes along with her letch so called husband!!,

HardballChris Confession. Guilty.

HardballChris When is the GOP going to come to its senses? Then again, when is America going to wake up and smell the BS? I guess I'm going to have to start buying sterno, water, and peanut butter... HardballChris The MSNBC lemmings are all jumping off the cliff over wishful thinking. OANN Liz_Wheeler GrahamLedger FoxNews seanhannity IngrahamAngle TuckerCarlson JudgeJeanine benshapiro marklevinshow charliekirk11 MAGA

HardballChris Boring. HardballChris Russia, China, North Korea, Iran if you have any dirt on Trump, Pence, Graham, McConnell please share with the American public! HardballChris All I have to Say Nancy better start Impeachment on this fool. She need to quit acting like she will when she is ready. The people just isn't her, it is all of us. Do your Job Nancy P. We are telling you how we feel about this fool Trump.

HardballChris Impeach HardballChris ADMISSION Of Guilt HardballChris His words are an admission of guilt. Trump knew of Russia's interference in 2016 election because he sanctioned it...lock him up! HardballChris Thinking 'dirt' is not the only thing 'The Liar in Chief' has taken from the Russians. How much longer do we have to put up with his shenanigans? His disregard for the law is sickening!

HardballChris Well old man did DEMS wanna dirt on Trump from Ukraine

HardballChris Why the hell didn’t he save the country some money on the Mueller report and just say “yeah I did it so what?” HardballChris Right Hillary ?! Or Schumer ! HardballChris Watch the Handmaids Tale and see where we are headed. HardballChris My god. How much longer do we have to deal with this idiot?

TryChick HardballChris So if partnering with foreign spies, aggressors interfering with our system of govt is simply 'oppo research' (not aiding an enemy) then why fear asylum seekers? Just let 'em all in! potus has lost his mind. HardballChris Or the Chinese since Biden’s no talent son benefitted $1.5 billion as a reward for his kindness.

HardballChris ls this the very reason why President Trump met personally with President Putin to set up a schemes for the next 2020 election ? HardballChris Mueller Report Volume 1 is now SOLVED!! After 2 years of investigation, he just made the admission as to his criminal intent! He doesn’t even pretend anymore! He’s screaming “Impeach me! I’m not well!” SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats GOP

HardballChris HardballChris Enough Already!

HardballChris Not what he said haha what if it was a foreign agent from the UK. Someone like Steele 😂 HardballChris We should not be surprised by what Trump said — only that he actually said it. Out loud. Trump thinks we are all suckers just living in his world for his purpose. And unless something is done about this reprobate he’s right.

HardballChris There is no coming back from this its like a cheating relationship broken it only get worst if allowed. HardballChris and he is still in power .... I pray 4 ur country every day,,,,, HardballChris HardballChris Hillary would know! Hell she funded the dossier. HardballChris Just a thought: Respect and honor your morals, your ethics, your sense of decency, your concern for those less fortunate than yourself, and your basic humanity. Do what is right, always.

HardballChris There is nothing wrong from taking information from anyone unless you pay for it like hillary did. He committed no crime. Read a book. HardballChris whiteprivilege He didn't lose one voter over this Loose ass Anti-American Sad Statement. They would have thought Obama was importing Kenyans.

HardballChris LOCK HIM UP!!

HardballChris Trumps ok with this for us as long as it's not for him. HardballChris Juat admitted he would commit treason. HardballChris all the democrats need to do is to stay together and go vote on 11/3/2020 /.the billionaires like the koch brothers & others in the GOP PARTY CAN NOT BUY YOUR VOTE/.so remember that when we the majority go to the polls/.

HardballChris Slimy HardballChris I KNOW you'd take it. That's the collusion you say didn't happen. Your attempts to prevent reporting and responsibility for your actions is obstruction HardballChris The death of American values, to hell with the rule of law I'm making millions. All I have to do is pedal fallacies and watch my ignorant republican base lap it up..

HardballChris Where is the outrage of the R's? Oh, that's right..silence, cold silence! HardballChris Hillary thinks it's ok because she did work with Russia. HardballChris What about dirt from the Ukraine? A British spy? HardballChris America's criminal Russian Puppet.

HardballChris You are so full of 💩in how you are trying to proclaim that statement. I heard what was said to. Get this, all candidates running for president do the digging on opponents. It's just that Obama and Clinton, your bed buddies, went about it all illegally and will be caught for it. HardballChris Hillary did...didn’t work.

HardballChris These are the moments that make me like Trump. HardballChris How much more do you need SpeakerPelosi impeach TwoGoneCoastal HardballChris Finally he now admits he DID collude & WILL collude with a foreign power to get info on his opponent! CultureOfCorruption HardballChris When is enough enough!!!!

HardballChris The swamp creature Mueller did his best to get Hillary elected and then went on a $30 million fishing expedition to dig up dirt on Trump. 'He found nothing'if Mueller himself ever gets investigated, they’ll find plenty -like his involvement with 9-11 and the Uranium One scandal. HardballChris When are we going to impeach? He just admitted he broke the law in 2016 election and everyday since

HardballChris MSNBC, & ALL OF MY FELLOW CITIZENS, President Trump JUST CONFESSED! And, we have photo evidence supplied by the Kremlin showing payoff! THE PAYOFF WAS PRESIDENT TRUMP IMMEDIATELY SUBMITTING TO VLADIMIR PUTIN PUBLICLY BY PROVIDING TOP SECRET INFORMATION: HardballChris Not that we needed to be told, but this is confirmation he’s going to do in 2020, again.

HardballChris Trump says 'Say you're a congressman. You're going to call the FBI? The world doesn't work like that.' What say you GOPLeader LindseyGrahamSC Jim_Jordan SteveChabot ChuckGrassley senatemajldr RandPaul Your voters deserve to know on record please. HardballChris He really likes leaks.

HardballChris If realDonaldTrump doesn't believe in collusion and obstruction, then of course he would never think he was guilty of anything... HardballChris He says it. We are shocked by it. Nothing happens. Repeat. HardballChris Do you think he would've been able to keep the collusion a secret? 😆😆

HardballChris Well isn’t that what they called Hillary’s campaign strategy? HardballChris There's nothing wrong with enforcing impeachment when laws are broken either HardballChris What a chump! HardballChris That statement should startle even his base. He’s without any guiding principles or moral compass. No sense of right or wrong

HardballChris I told you....if you just keep talking you'd bury yourself.....Congratulations! You've just buried yourself....keep talking because WE'RE ALL STILL LAUGHING AT YOU!! 🤣😂🤣😂 Too funny!! American's aren't that stupid! 'YOUR BUSTED'...🤣😂🤣😁

HardballChris There ya go! HardballChris Treason HardballChris Then what the hell did Our Veteran’s die for? HardballChris Does Attempted Collusion count? HardballChris Rudy Giuliani said this months ago. It’s an attempt to normalize the behavior of syndicated crime. What they are not saying is “yes” we did it - not yet, but that will be next! This is why the GOP has been blocking - busy normalizing it.

HardballChris He's a sleazebag. We knew that, now you know that too. HardballChris What’s the difference between taking dirt from an other country AND having another country get dirt on your OPPONENT HardballChris This president is in contempt of his oath of office and of the constitution of the United States. He is unfit to be president. He will do anything unlawful to retain power. And we just heard it from his own lips!!

HardballChris never pay (hillary) for what you can get for free HardballChris We know his grown children have heard it endlessly.......but how often has his 13yo heard, 'man, your father is fukdup.' Besides at school, I mean.

HardballChris Seriously, how does this man look well? Seriously? 😳 HardballChris Outrageous. It’s almost like if a candidate used a spy to get false information from the Russians and packaged as a dossier and then pedaled to the FBI .... oh wait! HardballChris The whole time 45 Denied and Lied and sent his Liars to all the Media Networks to say it was a Witch Hunt and Called the Truth Fake News What does the Republican Party do Absolutely Nothing This is a Stain in American History

HardballChris Ya, so what? He knows damn well he can say and do WHATEVER he wants and get away with it. He’s a POS HardballChris Just when you think he can't say or do something any more stupid or ignorant... Well guess what? He DID!!!😳🤥🤮🤡👹😈🙄👺😱 HardballChris All of them do it... both sides... Don’t think for a min that your lord and savior oBama wouldn’t either... y’all people crack me up.... thing is, Trump is the most transparent one on the hill...nice to have someone ripping DC apart finally...DC is so corrupt it’s not even funny

HardballChris the campaign/Trump et al were not charged because it could not likely be proven that they knew it was illegal. Since when is ignorance of the law make it ok? HardballChris HOW IS HE THIS STUPID HardballChris Oh, but doing it in plain sight makes it okay. Right? 🤯 HardballChris If anyone knows true facts on an opponent, what's the difference who it is.

HardballChris Didn’t Hillary do it? And paid for it? HardballChris Congress? HardballChris HardballChris Clinton and the DNC paid a foreign government for dirt on a presidential candidate. HardballChris HardballChris Treasonous Hillary /Schiff tried to get dirt on Trump from the Ukrainians and Russians..why aren't you talking about that ?

HardballChris He didn’t say Russia. This why you a labeled as fake news HardballChris Trump also has no problem calling our free press the “enemy of the people,” and possibly making a profit off the office, so there’s that, too. (What is up with hiding all his finances? Hmmm....) HardballChris GOP the GOP in its entirety are cowards and traitors and must be treated as such! Vote them all out. Corruption INC.

HardballChris If a Russian told you where to find Jesus would you not take the information?

HardballChris Sitting from the desk of the Oval Office a US president just invited every world leader to interfere in our elections. I'm sure there will be a price paid by all of us. God this is so disgusting. HardballChris HardballChris But, but, but... what about the dossier? Pee-pee tapes are ok?

HardballChris Hope Hicks about to testify so he coming clean so he will have his cult backing. Hicks probably told him she will not go to jail for him by lying. TheRachelMaddowShow HardballChris 👍👍👍 HardballChris The question now is how much money did Trump take from Putin? That's OK Also? To me Trump looks and acts like an agent of Putin. Guess that's OK Also?

HardballChris HardballChris WTF are people surprised about? This guy is corrupt to the bone. HardballChris trump has never respected this country, or the constitution, or his US citizenship. trump does not respect the law. HardballChris throw back to the 'if the Russians are listening'...of 2016.

HardballChris Scary. Our so-called President apparently is an ignorant and crooked A-Hole. But most of us knew that already. HardballChris Of course Hannity feels the need to regurgitate the same crap night after night. HardballChris How is this any different than ' RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING? HardballChris Impeachment time

HardballChris HardballChris Sir, Please help me find a job.. I want to support my family. Please HardballChris GUILTY HardballChris Turn about's fair play...... I say the Dems go after dirt on every GOP running for office, any office.... don't think we have to go to foreign countries to find the dirt on them, they're pretty dirty right here under our noses.....

HardballChris Stupid is as stupid does. That he sees nothing wrong with collaborating with an enemy is the absolute illustration of all that is wrong with him. HardballChris Imagine: Russia backs a Democrat in 2020 and also Democrats in both houses. Would Trump still be stoic and supportive while he packed his MAGGOT bags?

HardballChris Looks like trump is trying to get out ahead of the News that Don Jr. colluded with Putin. It’s ok if Jr. HardballChris And Mueller didn't call it. So much for BoyScouts. HardballChris Didnt Hillary pay millions for dirt from Russia? I mean the Mueller investigation was based on what she paid for.

HardballChris Why not? Didn't Hillary? Didn't Hillary and the DNC pay for foreign info? Except I believe he said Norway when talking to Stephanopoulos. HardballChris HardballChris And if you disagree with him. Then you must also admit that it was WRONG when Hillary paid for that Russian dossier ! HardballChris Trump, the low intelligence antipatriot.

HardballChris Ignorance is not bliss in politics. Trump does not do defense, he goes on the offensive. That is why we voted him in and proud of it. HardballChris IMPRISONMENT for Trump is where we're going. HardballChris Today Trump sounded EXACTLY like Chris (Roy Cohn jr.) Matthew did last year - screaming at Bernie Sanders rep. 'You're angry' ...Chris Matthews = Donald Trump

HardballChris Rally on June 15. Check locations. IMPEACHMENT now HardballChris Didn’t the Clinton campaign pay for the dossier? And what was the dossier again HardballChris There's nothing you can do to stop Trump. Nothing. HardballChris HardballChris HardballChris So is THIS collusion?

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