Trump: I think 'I'd take' foreign help for 2020

BREAKING: Pres. Trump tells ABC News that he has no problem accepting opposition research on a political opponent that is being provided to him by a foreign power: 'I think I'd take it,' though 'maybe' take it to the FBI if he thought something was wrong.


BREAKING: Pres. Trump tells ABC News that he has no problem accepting opposition research on a political opponent that is being provided to him by a foreign power: 'I think I'd take it,' though 'maybe' take it to the FBI if he thought something was wrong.

In a new interview, President Trump says he would take help and information on 2020 opponents from foreigners like Russia or China. Trump says “there’s nothing wrong with listening” and defends his son, Donald Trump Jr. for not calling the FBI about his Trump Tower meeting with Russians. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, joins Ari saying the comments are “dangerous” and Trump “doesn’t understand the motivation” from these countries.

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You bet no better way to bust them out!!! DirtyDonny Why do we have to wait for impeachment process. Can't Trump be fired from his job like the rest of. Can he just be told to leave seems logical to me The Criminal trump is a TRAITOR and hes daring us all to do something about it So much fun watching liberal heads exploding.

The hypocrisy of Democrats on this topic is particularly obnoxious. I don't blame him from taking intelligence from anyone. Lord knows he's got none. The dumbest man in government. I wonder who helps him put on his shoes . Traitor. But, then, we already knew that. Hillary’s people took info from a foreign agent and went to Europe to get the info. Then used Steele’s lies to get a dossier. And trump said if info was bad he’d go to fbi. U left that part out conveniently

Why did Obama illegally spy?

Trump Asserts Executive Privilege in 2020 Census FightPresident Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census i wonder what does it take for the hispanic community to revolt against republicans Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn't show his desire to be a dictator, aka powerful leader.

🤡 This is corrupt. Uhhh, have people so quickly forgotten the 2016 election Russia, Wiki Leaks.... Breaking!😂😂😂😂😂! Talks to foreign guvs everyday😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So does that mean it was ok for Hillary Clinton to use the Steel dossier. Ok so what are we doing about this Nancy? The conversation was about foreign individuals (not nations) I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with him, but you really should report what was said.

Well it's about time the man tell his truth, especially since he did it before, (accepted opposition research). The problem is you don't think.

Biden and Trump attack each other in a possible 2020 previewPresident Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly laid into each other while traveling in the battleground state of Iowa, unleashing verbal attacks that at times felt more appropriate for the final weeks before Election Day than a lazy summer about 17 months before voters go to the realDonaldTrump was throwing and landing haymakers while JoeBiden was swinging and missing

The Dems and the dossier come to mind. Hmmm Breaking: Clinton paid for the Steele dossier. Hmm. Like Schiff? Where are the subpoenas for the interpreter who attended the Putin/Trump Private meetings? Did they discuss future voting interference by Russia? Why are we “hoping” this man becomes more presidential. WTF, hasn’t anyone watched him lead his entire life.

Who really surprise❓ Who the hell cares. He made some stupid comment so you spend 4 hours last night covering this one clip. Jesus. Who is surprised by this? See also pawn , toodumbtoknowyourebeingplayed and admissionofguilt America created this monster.

RNC Chairwoman says winning Michigan will be harder for Trump in 2020'Michigan is going to be competitive, it's going to be harder. You did same-day registration and you have a Democrat governor. It's going to be a more difficult state, but we're up for the challenge Because the oligarchs Paul Manafort gave voter data to, specifically about MI, via Kilimnik somehow lost said data since 2016? No duh. He didn't legitimately win it the last time around.

If Democrats do it, why they hell can't Trump!? and still the gop is silent. That's illegal dumb and dumber By law he has to take it to the fbi SpeakerPelosi It is time to do your job. I now gave a feint image of Trump circling the drain. With, unfortunately, SpeakerPelosi cuffed to his ankle. You changed your tune realizing you had said the wrong thing Mr. President It was wrong for your son Don JR It was ever so clear you would never call the FBI Your son wanted & readily accepted the information & lied when he said it was about adoption

Not sure about that maybe.. he said a lot more contradicting stuff. Trump is a TRAITOR! SpeakerPelosi Scotus RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler RepCummings So...this is AGAINST THE FEDERAL LAW, Correct? Hey! How about you all do your job and get the CRIMINALS out of the White House?!?! WTF are you all doing? ITMFA

Trump defends his trade war in Iowa as he’s battered by 2020 DemsDonald Trump is determined to stay in the good graces of America’s farmers even as his trade policies threaten their livelihoods Yes, Joe Biden is speaking more slowly than he normally does. This is deliberate: Joe is reaching out to the slow minds of the MAGAits and other trumpTOADIES. Gotta speak to level of comprehension of those who Joe is doing to peel away from babytrump next year. Good strategy, Joe Trump blunders trade and crushes farmers so now America has to give them handouts. Socialism under the right wing. POLITICO and RT have almost the same viewpoint.. Maybe because both are run by communists.

He already took it. In fact, he courted it publicly. Which he’s now doing again. Russia, China, NK, start digging. He’s talking to you. What a national embarrassment! Traitor to all those who have sacrificed to protect our country and freedom. 11thHour Trump tells his low educated base turn on your family and friends for my white racism that I trump your white god tells u to kneel to me like in North Korea

11thHour Trump and republicans putting America up for sale to the highest bidder white evangelicals conservatives want for America Just like in 2016! ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW That’s an awful lot of “maybes” for such a “strong” leader. Didn't the Clinton campaign do exactly what you're reporting about by paying for the Steele dossier?

Oh I guess it's OK to buy information from a foreign source like Hillary did about your opponent steel dossier ring a bell He’s a 🤡like that Why wouldn't he? He likely did it before, and now here he is in the White House.

Trump, Biden Face Off in Iowa in Potential 2020 Election PreviewPresident Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden exchanged barbs from opposite ends of Iowa on Tuesday and couldn’t resist taking shots at one another. There is no match Biden looks like falling down can't make a complete sentence not fast on your feet joe Youth leaders from all over the world have not been able to present their Youth Action Program for the prevention of violence and the consolidation of peace for 4 years already UN Blocked Global Youth Summit against Violent Extremism Biden allowed Obama to destroy America, Our Police, Military, the Unborn and Our Sovereignty. POTUS TRUMP’s RIGHT. Biden DEMS want TO CONTROL. But the truth is coming out and they will all END up in GITMO for collusion against Trump and with Russia, Ukraine,Mi6, Treason

So you’re saying Mr. “no collusion” is fine with.... collusion... got it. Come on, MSNBC. Thats not opposition research, that's election interference. POTUS needs to be reported to FBI as a security threat. He can’t learn from experience and is thus incorrigible. Biden is right ExistentialThreat . Democrats literally paid a foreigner to get dirt on Trump but he isnt supposed to? Gtfo.

The dude has got to rot in jail! TrumpKlanoutofWhiteHouse TraitorDon FoxNewsSucks JoeBidenwillkickthecrapoutofDonnie rexisright PresidentScum Mexicowillpayforit Punk I don’t think truth slips out of his mouth. He says it because he’s above the law. He now feels entitled to offend all Americans, not just minorities. Let’s see how many stupids still suppor him

This is the worst President has said actually admitting he took advice from a KGB agent. Trump out please. This POTUS is a criminal!

Biden calls Trump an existential threat. Trump says Biden is mentally weak.Trump and Biden are running like the 2020 general election has already started trading insults with each other campaigning in Iowa. Garrett Haake, A.B. Stoddard, and John Heilemann discuss. So fun to watch the media try to trick the Democrat voters into voting for Biden. Fake polls, ignoring the rest of the field. I have a feeling the voters are going to notice. With napkins and bullshit and bent money? trump has no idea who he is dealing with.

realDonaldTrump is a traitor to the office of POTUS . That is why we all need to prepare for the vote on 11/3/20 and vote this person out of office. Let us send a clear message that the Presidency is about good for the whole country not just a man who thinks he is a king! He can do whatever he wants, but don't blame the intelligence agencies or the FBI if they investigate that on the spot.

Aaaaand here’s why waiting for the election instead of impeaching is wrong. This person is demonstrably corrupt. Impeach now! He either already is beholden to a foreign adversary or is advocating that it is ok to be. Either way, he is unfit to hold office. Trump never said if a foreign Country offered him info on a political rival maybe he would take it 2 FBI He said he never took anything 2 FBI and Wray was wrong saying anyone should call FBI if ever offered info on a political rival these r his words when asked by Journalist.

TraitorousLouseTrump Never seen this many. The trolls are melting down. Cddhjnmjgfhnjjkmnbghjnnhghjnkourevbnmkojgvbbghhjhythhbhgjjhjjhhhj and that’s all I got to say about that LOL , LOL justsaying You can call Treason “Opo-Research,” and a Skunk a “Poll Cat”, but both stinks to high heaven! When I get stopped for speeding, I’ll tell the Officer every body speeds, so it’s ok! Will I still get a ticket? Trump needs to be accountable!

Well if the opponent committed a crime why not? And vice versa should happen..

Trump: “There is nothing wrong with opporesearch whether from Norway or Russia! I did it before and I’ll do it again. Anything different is fakenews ! Wait, what was the question again” Neither did Schiff, and he actually DID accept it, but I haven’t heard you complaining about that?! Trump is inviting foreign autocrats /countries to interfere in our election. There’s nothing else that makes sense. Trump is stupid, but he’s heard for YEARS NOW taking opposition research is illegal from foreign countries- and here he is saying it wouldn’t bother him !!😬😬😬

Typical MSNBC edited story. When asked if he was given information if he would listen or inform the FBI, the first thing he he said is he would probably do both. At least he isn't paying for it like the dems do... Here your sign foreign governments he has announced he’s request out in public again ! realDonaldTrump is a TraitorTrump he is telling the world TrumpCanBeBought TrumpIsALoser & is incapable of winning anything without cheating TrashyTrump RotInPrison

Unfortunately most people would think Trump is just like them - totally surprised that getting opposition research from a foreign source is illegal. Isn't the Steele dossier a foreign source of dirt? 40% of America doesn't get why it's so dangerous. Oh brother! Lock Him up!!

So full of it! Just another spin senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC Seriously okay with you?!?!? Yes collusion. Trump is effing with you guys. maga He said he would take it up with the FBI if he thought something was wrong calm down loserer🖕🖕 Calm down you liberal cry babies President Trump said I think I would but I would also call the FBI if he thinks it was illegal did you liberals not watch all the video.

Secretary Clinton did. Unacceptable!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Treason.

It's never right ,NEVER He's the 1 Deplorable POTUS IN THE HISTORY OF THE USOA!!!!!!!!!! l said it Impeach this Liar!!! In all respects, Trump is mentally ill. For all the wrong and bizarre reasons he is still in office. HOW IS THIS NOT WRONG WITH EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN? And no one from GOP, nor senatemajldr, GOPLeader have said one damn thing about such lawless and traitorous behavior, because they're all traitorous enablers. AmericansForImpeachment ImpeachTrump ImpeachBarr

Do something already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy 😝 Right! 🤮 Time to TREND this EnoughisEnough TrumpHasToGO 25thAmendmentNow IMPEACHMENT impeachTrumpNow EnoughIsEnough EnoughIsEnough EnoughIsEnough He is protecting his son but he dont understand that he is a part of law enforcement.

Lock him up....🤷‍♀️ Another dog whistle to Russia? Trump has appointed Directors who don’t believe in the agency they are heading. Why? Because he feels rules and regulations get in the way of big business. Things like having rules to make sure we have clean air, consumer protection.and a solid banking system.

Russia if you're listening... Donald just told Russia to help him again in the 2020 election. Don't think he's going to make it to 2020. traitor FakePresident The criminal realDonaldTrump doesn't know the difference between right and wrong! traitor racistconman Proves Trump took help from Russia! Just a walking criminal!

His was his strategy to deflect the news cycles away from Don Jr today. You did take it, Treasonous Donnie. DerangedDonald issued a clarion call to our enemies to provide dirt on his political opponents. In full view of the world. This makes him The Enemy of the People. Impeach now, SpeakerPelosi senatemajldr SenSchumer realDonaldTrump POTUS

Just like the DNC paid for the dossier. What's the difference? Nothing. Both are opposition research.

Go Putin, n China, n North Korea he has invited you all on American soil, for open season invasion cause he'll let you have at it, while he collects payments from you all. Both parties except it already. HouseDemocrats DemGovs You guys need to wake up. Pass Gun Bans (exception for active duty police and military) for every abortion ban. Pass a All Access Voting Act, (make it a election week, mobile voting, days off for voting) for every anti-vote act they pass. Play offense!

IsItTreason Heezadick! What more evidence is required for Speaker Pelosi to allow Rep. Nadler to begin impeachment inquiry? SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats SenateDems Yeezus, Wake up! What does it take for Dems to do their job? Stop playing defense, your very bad at it. Let’s have 2 parties, play offense, impeach! Block everything, Shut down gov, The GOP did it and still won the election! Fight!

Holy hell TAKE A 1-WAY TRIP TO MARS!! Unbelievable. Dumpster Fire Donnie is just one step away from flat-out admitting: “Yeah, I colluded with Russia - what are y’all going to do about it?”

Yeah, right! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sad we have a real criminal sitting in the Oval Office .... Pine sol won’t clean the stinch out of that office once he is gone What a bullshiter Collusion ImpeachTrumpNow Donald Trump should never be given not even the smallest roll in Government. He needs to be impeach After it was done to him, why not?

🙄🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 GingerResists .SpeakerPelosi can you please impeach this asshole now? This is getting ridiculous. We are fed up with the inaction. Do something please. We don't care about the politics. We care about what's right. Were U pissed when HillaryClinton took info from the Russians? She did & even paid for it! 😂😂😂

Impeach! Impeach!! An unAmerican man. allinwithchris .SpeakerPelosi nadler RepCummings RepAdamSchiff schumer Open ImpeachmentInquiryNow, or u plan to wait & go full blown Autocracy after Russia, China, NKorea or XYZ assist in installing TraitorTrump in Jan 2021? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP HIM?! AmericansForImpeachment

ITMFA If want their help, you should move there Fat Boy...... Of course he would take it - Trump doesn’t have any morals Is treason an impeachable offense? Time for this motherfucker to be impeached! SpeakerPelosi need to do your job and let get this started I'm broad daylight... No chill nursemidwife The incompetence of realdonaldtrump is next level. And dangerous. That fact that he doesn't understand the damage of taking foreign intelligence as fact and using it against his political rivals is stunning. He is corrupt and leading the most powerful country in the world.

He has already received 'foreign help'. That's how he got the President's job.

Just watch him. As Congress closes in, he'll spew more and more bullshit. With today's vote they must have hit one hell of a raw nerve. LOL! That’s exactly what the Steele dossier was. Who commissioned and accepted that? Why am I not surprised?! So that would be bad but Hillary and the dnc actually paying for info from a foreign source is ok.....

TRUMP GIVES GREEN LIGHT! China, ISIS, Iran, Mexico, if you're listening, please dig up dirt on Porky-face Trump--especially regarding several abortions he paid for and covered up with non-disclosure agreements--and publish it or provide to his opponents. Press will reward you. COLLUSION! Read the Mueller Report, it will explain Everything. Poor Mercans

ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow allinwithchris Anyone trust him to make that judgment? It’s wrong to begin with! That is what madame cyber hack wearing the golden moo moo done to him ...

allinwithchris It is not illegal, so your story is what? That’s mild compared to what lengths politicians would go to in Washington. Narrator: After years of claiming “no collusion,” he tells everyone he’d be happy to collude. Loves dirt 😏 LockTrumpUpForTreason! So when democratic candidates get dirt on him I hope republicans will be fine with that. Is open season America.

Picture worth two words. 'Traitor .......Trump' RepGuthrie how can you not speak out about this? It is unAmerican and illegal to accept, condone, and seek foreign influence or money in an election. CountryoverParty Good it’s the only reason, s notes within MuellerReport he did file criminal charges, as stated Trump was to new and to stupid to know it was wrong! Well 2yrs later still to Stupid, but knows and there for Trump going to Jail very very soon. Lots of very good people say!

How is it possible this orange clown is still the President?

Judgement is not his long suit Then he should be fine with the dossier. ThugLifeSocial The extremely stable genius hit one out of the park today. This is what got him in TROUBLE. Exactly what I have said time and time again EVERYONE LEARNS FROM THEIR MISTAKES EXCEPT THE ORANGE ORANGUTAN Trump is nothing but a corrupt criminal...!

He is a traitor He’s completely amoral, unscrupulous, unprincipled, villanous, shameless, treacherous, predatory. He will not stand down.That’s what we can’t fathom, it’s too much to take for normal people ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentinquiryNOW I think you already did! Criminal intent proven today hummmm sounding like collusion is going to be easier to proof

Hilary paid for it. $10 Million!

He and Sarah Sanders will deny he ever said this next week. Hillary accepted it, why not Trump? Are there two standards in America? Where are Trump’s supporters who are so proud of his behavior? His corrupt intent is in the open for all to see. No defense is plausible! Is it only me, or do you think that he's violating the law again

Traitor! Trumpism SpeakerPelosi COME ON AND DO YOUR JOB FFS!!!! Didnt Hillary pay millions for dirt from Russians? WTF is your problem trump? Sell out your country for dirt.

But the Steele Dossier paid by the Clinton campaign is ok, your f'd up for even reporting this. Fake news at its best, u should be ashamed Another ‘subtle’ hint to Putin to fuk with our election. Yeah right IndividualOne realDonaldTrump Of course he would, he already did in 2016...Wake Up America 🤯 TrumpsAnInternationalDisgrace TrumpsWorseThanNixon FoxNews realDonaldTrump GOP politico thehill JohnFugelsang DonnyDeutsch

Traitorous scum. Sad to see how USA has fallen with Trump Huh This is Russia is you’re listening all over again... and we all know how that worked out last time. WRONG FOCUS. No surprise he’s telling his cult taking info from another govt. ok. Focus should be POTUS telling nation: 'I'll tell you what, I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI. In my whole life. You don't call the FBI

That’s because he already has. allinwithchris Translation, he took it! Trump took help from Russians in 2016. It’s a confession. I tell you this guy is a traitor of the United States Breaking: president trump is a pos It’s a confession. He’s actually a brazen human being Ok so the obsessive right to know only applies to Trump!?! Like every other candidate wouldn't accept dirt.... Don't blame the player, blame the game you created. Clintons, Obama spying....

He'd take it to the FBI if he thought it was helping his opponent... That is collusion, that is treason, that is unpresidential and he should be arrested. 😡🤢🤮 Letting you know what he's up to again America, same shit different year! Treasonous?

At this point I'm starting to think we've already been taken over and they are just pacifiying us Gosh! This man is a Gangster. This man has to be removed from White House. This man is extremely dangerous. Foreign help in election? Seriously? He is a criminal of highest order. Why are GOP pups silent about it? Wake up guys before it is too late.

allinwithchris Trump voters are not at all disturbed by this, which is why Democrats need to stop trying to appeal to them and rally their own base (looking at you PeteButtigieg). Dear SpeakerPelosi; I know you want to build a strong case against realDonaldTrump. Might I remind you that sufficient evidence of 10x impeachments is not necessary. One will do. Please proceed now. Sincerely, Joe Public

Trump knows he’s caught, now he’s confessing in public because the only move left to him is to convince people that it wasn’t a crime. It was a crime. here he goes colluding again. he thinks he has gotten away with it so he's doing it again It’s time Speaker Pelosi!!!!! Someone needs to stop this, what are we doing? Karma where are u?

Valkyrie Is this guy for real? Seriously.

Nancy Pelosi do your job and IMPEACHMENT this disgrace Fkg cheating moron Impeach this jerk now $!×:;';😡 It should be clear to everyone that any country that gives him dirt on his opponent is expecting some favors in return. He is willing to sell out his country as long as he wins. That’s criminal Hill dawg had no prob w it. And she paid for it

GOP DNC When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH! Sad. This man is so very dangerous...and the GOP should be ashamed of themselves. I feel like I'm living in an alternate universe and I'm having trouble getting back. Truth. And a way to change the subject from investigations

His statements will send GOP pollies into a tail spin trying to explain what they think he was actually trying to say because the fake MSM had reported him word for word. Spin and cover ups. That is not only wrong, its illegal and no one should take any help from outside our country..Trump needs to be jailed

Another answer that Mueller didn’t have to ask but tomorrow he will say that’s not what I said. 🤡🤡🤡tell on himself If we don't have borders then we don't have a country And he wants to be only one with oversight over himself. he is flat out saying the congress should not have any right to check him.. only he can tell himself what is right and what is wrong. ? Anyone else see what the hell is going on here ?

Don't start acting like a Leftist Mr. President. Continuing the established pattern. ImpeachtheMF. SpeakerPelosi what else do you need? more fake news. this is nothing but a.s.s.--allegations speculations smoke-fake news. if oppo research was legally obtained n true, what on earth is wrong w/that? oppo research has been around in every pres election.


This is him publicly asking for the opposition research from a foreign power. He is breaking the law in public and pretending it is legal. This is how rule of law ends. God. Every single day he either says or does something that is destroying our democracy. Forget the Democrats. Why aren't Republicans not coming forward to defend and protect the constitution and the American people. They should be asking for his impeachment not the Democrats.

Democrats have so much fake outrage, nobody will listen when they say something important There is the proof that he DID collude with Russia! He's a criminal. His family is a crime family. Republicans are complicit, but Democrats are too timid to act. I'm afraid for the US. Immoral, indecent, indefensible, incompetent, impeach or indict!

That’s just it. He thinks HE gets to decide what is right and what is wrong. With complete disregard for the law. 😡 Who thinks this is good? No one should!!! And what will you do in return? Information isn’t free! The blue wave was a wave goodbye.SpeakerPelosi is losing every last bit of momentum gained in 2018. Never been more ashamed of being a Democrat.

What's the big deal? Democrats use illegal foreign voters to win elections. Pathetic. Lock Him Up !!! No collusion (this time). GOP, this is probably the only time you will have to kick your BOSS out! No questions asked. Tomorrow he’ll say he never said it - fake news. All I can say at this point is that I am proud and grateful that my conscience is clear on this abomination. NotMyPresident

realDonaldTrump CRIMINAL!!!! OMG! Can someone just show him the door? This guy has zero shame and no idea, or doesn't care, for the rule of law. All he is doing is creating confusion and discord.

He is trying to normalize this sleazy treasonable behaviour. I want to know what the CIA and FBI are thinking. PutinsPuppet TraitorTrump Unfit4Office DictatorInChief TWITLER PomousAss I like oranges. Why? Because DeplorablesAreWinning. TreasonTrials WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists Who obstructed what? Watch your diet. You're being fed lies. WakeUpAmerica FactsMatter

So it was wrong for Hillary to pay for Russian disinformation to use against Trump? Why haven’t you said so? allinwithchris Hence the term “self-impeachment.” I want to wake up from this nightmare. Traitor That's the ONLY way for him to win, CHEAT!💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Ok folks , this is the definition of treason! Now what America Now what ?

Are you kidding me ? traitor What’d he do if someone offered him a video of some prostitutes peeing on a bed? The corrupt traitor knows he could Never win an election fair & square. ImpeachTrump And some people still call him a Patriot. Liar you didn’t in 2016 Democrats. You asked for power to reign in Trump since the Republicans wouldn’t. Now you have the power and he spews corruption every day! What are you doing about it? You have to do your job or you don’t deserve to keep it. If we don’t impeach for this then for what would we?

Lock him up!!!!!! Someone please start doing something. Absolutely the most repugnant person ever! Let's eradicate the idiots who thought he would be perfect as President.....start with making them ineligible to vote in 2020 maybe? Obviously they LACK sound judgement...

The democrats sure would, and have recently....just look at the dossier, created by foreign nationals and paid for by the Clinton campaign He knows he's going to lose in 2020 so he's asking for help from every country who will . He's a cornered Rat and knows he's going to jail right after the election , he's all in !

That’s how he operates...anything and everything to benefit himself. WinAtAllCosts LieCheatSteal Lock up Trump, NOW!!! WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump HouseGOP He just admitted he used Russians to sway election against Hillary Clinton What babble. This is Trump's open plea for interference on his behalf. Sounds treasonous. Impeach this corrupt clown.

Glad to see him finally admit what he's already done and is willing to do it again 😮😮 That’s not what the President said 😡 Well duh! It’s not like he hasn’t done it before! Enemy of the United States. Traitor

Remember. Remember what Giuliani wants to do with Ukraine & Biden's son. VladPutin_RF & GermanyDiplo have a secret deal to destroy America in WWIII. Germany has been occupied by the Industrial Military Complex for 75 years and wants to break free. Arnold Schwarzenegger and I will help them gain their freedom and win WWIII.

JeremyHubbard You do know this is nothing new, right? It's not an uncommon practice. This is the reason he needs to go Hillary did too. He's telling us that he'll commit treason. That's some straight gangsta shit there How about what he actually said. 'I think I'd do both!' Hay puttin boy, did you get the message, tumpie needs your help now, more than ever!

Doncha know it’s called “oppo research”?

18 U.S. Code § 371 If a thing gives him what he wants he doesn’t consider it wrong. realDonaldTrump unAmerican traitor SMDH! He just told on himself again. I just don't get it Justifying cheat to win is a tough thing to do. I think intending to send your personal lawyer to the Ukraine to get dirt on your political opponent pretty much tells you where he’s at. The foreign power doesn’t have to coming looking to offer dirt, he’s happy to go find it.

..RepAdamSchiff would you accept opposition research from a foreign power? MSM is funny. This is not a breaking news but a very old news. During his 2016 campaign too, he openly asked for help with her emails and any other dirt. The media has to do be better and do better President Trump is playing the MSM like a fiddle setting them up for the take down! They have not reported anything about Clinton doing exactly That with the Steele Dossier! These people are not News Media which has the protection of the Bill of Rights they are propaganda Machine

That's good. So he won't be upset when a foreign country provides information on him to the democrats. Something tells me there is a lot of that available. Something tells me there are many countries who want to see him out of office. Something tells me China will be helpful.

He really needs to go! Trump just admitted collusion and he knew what he was doing with Russia during 2016. Sometimes his behavior seems down right un-America. I'm shocked he's willing to be a traitor. Russia if you’re listening 2.0 He knows he would take it in a heartbeat

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