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Trump faces credibility test as he plays down virus threat

President Trump continues to distance himself from public health officials who say it's inevitable the coronavirus will spread within the U.S.


President Trump continues to distance himself from public health officials who say it's inevitable the coronavirus will spread within the U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump faces a critical personal challenge in grappling with the new corona virus outbreak : Asking Americans to believe him after he and some of his top advisers...

Trump surrounded himself with his administration’s top health experts. And he encouraged Americans to be prepared for the virus’ potential spread.“I don’t think it’s inevitable,” Trump said at the news conference, where he announced Vice President Mike Pence would lead the administration’s response to the outbreak. “I think it has a chance that it could get worse. There is a chance you can get fairly substantially worse. But nothing’s inevitable.”

He singled out MSNBC and CNN for “doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible,” and added that ”incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action.”In advance, Trump played down the mortality rate for a pathogen that has been confirmed to have killed 2,700 people globally. His top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, echoed Trump’s outlook, saying Tuesday that the U.S. had “contained” the threat of a domestic outbreak.

Trump’s public efforts to project calm masked a behind-the-scenes focus.As the media coverage of the virus has increased, Trump has grown concerned that even fears of an outbreak would stagger Wall Street, leading him to wonder aloud if Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was the right person to lead the administration’s response, the officials said.

“Americans want to see their president taking charge and showing leadership, and that is exactly what President Trump is doing,” said Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.The virus has already shut Chinese factories that are part of the U.S. supply chain. Mark Zandi, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, estimated Wednesday that U.S. growth could slow to 1.7% this year — roughly the same level as in 2016. He said the situation could become worse if a pandemic emerges.

Until now, federal health authorities have been preparing for the coronavirus’ arrival in the U.S. with little if any White House interference. They’re following the playbook: pandemic preparedness plans that were put into place in anticipation of another flu pandemic, but will work for any respiratory-borne disease.

As Trump plays down the threat of an outbreak, his past attacks on government scientists on everything from hurricane forecasts to climate change and his reputation for straining the truth all factor into the credibility of his message.At Tuesday’s presidential debate, Mike Bloomberg claimed “there’s nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing.” Sen. Amy Klobuchar criticized Trump for trying to cut back funding of the CDC and the National Institutes of Health.

Associated Press writers Josh Boak, Lauran Neergaard and Darlene Superville contributed to this report.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

I do not listen to fake news, I listen to the President who cares about Americans,not you. “Trump Faces Credability Test” This is comedy gold!! Trump and credibility in the same sentence!! Let’s hope you don’t get it to believe in science With as much as he travels and as few precautions he's taking, Trump and many of his people are likely to get it. And as healthy as he is not, he's likely to feel it.

trump has faced a credibility issue for much longer than this 3 yrs as president Is it wrong to hope.....?No I guess I shouldn’t The truth will kill his lies one day! He will be remembered as a pathological liar! Which he is! President Trump is a fantastical liar. Stop normalizing this lying monster. So much blood is on his hands already and more is coming.

Virus concern grips Washington as Trump dispenses optimismAfter weeks of telling Americans that China has a lid on the corona virus outbreak , President Trump will return from a trip to India amid growing concern in Washington over his handling of the situation | Analysis by stcollinson StCollinson Oh now he’s concerned🙄 StCollinson Let's get rid of Obama Care! That is like being a victim of stupid people! Are you willing to live like they do? Nature doesn't care otherwise why put yourself in harms way? StCollinson He’s not just a president who gets things done, he’s also a president who cares

Fake virus, fake news, fake president? This is sharpie-gate all over again. Trump the Dump has no view of public health. He a “fake it ‘til you make” conman. Look at Atlantic City to understand the road he’s forcing us down. But Trumpys are not interested in history or facts, only their ego driven view of The Swamp Drainer. Hope that works out four you😷

Credibility test!! That’s laughable. realDonaldTrump had zero credibility left and hasn’t had it in years. Whoever wrote this should be fired. If you would vote to give this buffoon four more years after watching this joke of a press conference you deserve to get coronavirus‼️ You can’t gaslight a virus

CNN ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS BBCWorld Reuters **BREAKING NEWS** Trump is just pissed off. CDC informed the public. Before he got a chance to lie to us. For fear of his economy crashing. His money before lives. TrumpVirus bethlevin That's a lie How nice the frame that for Donald Trump that way.Donald Trump does not have a credibility test Donald Trump is a liar Donald Trump is a fraud a con man & has not taken the presidency seriously.The taxpayers money he has spent golfing is stunning. Where's the outrage

The man is cursed. Everything bad congregates around him, nothing he does will be successful unless it's negative. The racism, hatred, division, and the violence he incites are the only things he's good at

Under President Trump, income growth has slowed across the U.S.48 states saw a decline in growth of real median household income under Trump – including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida, four states widely regarded as the key electoral battlegrounds for 2020. Shocking!! Of course it has!! That 'tax cut' was BS and only helped corporations and the wealthy! You're serial liars about Trump but we'll believe this. FakeNews Highly selective data set only exposes your bias as 'reporters'. It says nothing about the pretty good state of the economy.

But he has already ordered his medical professionals not to divulge any information unless he approves it. He will only allow his message to be official even if in reality Americans are dieing from the pandemic. How is he going to hide the dead? MelissaJPeltier Bad headline. Trump has no credibility President Donald J. Trump once again shows he is a moron! .....well, at least he is consistent, and thank God the citizens expect it.

Well let’s see, the flu kills 637,000 people worldwide each year. This virus has killed 2,000+ The survival rate is 98% So what’s with the fear? Mar a loga should be quarantine headquarters. No, actually your reporting doesn’t pass the credibility test! Donald J. Trump has run away or jerked free of responsibility and accountability his entire life. In this he is genius

well no shit, we already know he wont take responsibility for anything negative. Dude is the worlds greatest conman. Let me dumb it down for the trump supporters. Trump is once again distancing himself from the truth. There. Did I go slow enough for y'all?

Donald Trump accuses Supreme Court justices of bias in 1st direct attack as presidentPresident Trump demanded that two sitting Supreme Court justices recuse from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly. Trump is a thug. Great way to get SCOTUS on your side, Trump. Right. So he can have a 5-2 majority. Like that's gonna happen 🙄

What else would you like him to do? You evidently know more about this than the CDC? 🤣🤑 That test has been scored: Failed He lied. Say the words “he told a blatant lie at the moment, this moment and this moment”. Trump will forever be remembered for being IMPEACHED, and for firing the Ebola response team helping to spread fear of coronavirus, leading to the WORST week for the stock markets in history. Congratulations to our funny orange draft dodging president.

Stop distorting facts to make Trump look bad “Nothing is inevitable.” Does that mean Toxic-T thinks nothingness is end state of all life/forms of energy in the uni/multiverse? Is why he doesn’t care abt anything but his own psychological & physical needs. A nihilist. An unbeliever. His evangelical followers should run f/him

POTUS needs his med advisors to shield himself against future bad consequences (and they could be bad- 1.25 million caronavirus deaths in the US?) gtconway3d What do you expect. This sad excuse for our supposed leader doesn’t know anything about taking responsibility for our country. He’s only worried about his, and his cronies, financial consequences NOT our health and well-being.

Buttigieg to Trump supporters: 'This President does not respect you'Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer will answer questions from 2020 voters at a CNN town hall in South Carolina. Follow here for the latest. Pete is that tingle all-over again? Or is it raining. As long as it's the tit of prosperity I'll suck until it dries out.

Didn’t this happen with hiv? Didn’t Reagan hide from all of this? You can run from science but the microbes will have the last word. TrumpVirus Distanced himself from reality long ago... THIS will be one LIE if it's true, let's pray that it's not, that he won't be able to ESCAPE!!! He'll probably say 'I wasn't the President, I told Mike Pence he was President!!'....a LOTTA PEOPLE are saying I did everything PERFECT; that's what they're saying you know!?!?!😳😳🥺

Everyone needs to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We, the American people, cannot trust the media or the politicians in charge. They never want to create a panic among the public. Just prepare. When he going to visit kim jon? Trump is a global security threat. Why the f*ck isn’t the US closing borders?!

It didn’t work stupid!

President Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is NowTaken together, Trump’s escalating authoritarianism and rising popularity make the present moment the most harrowing of his presidency thus far. EricLevitz writes EricLevitz EricLevitz You must be noivous about more Harvey Weinsteins being brought to justice. EricLevitz & EricLevitz kindly keep your hateful rhetorics in New York. The most dangerous politician in America today lies in your party, named BernieSanders, you can try to spin it otherwise but it won't work. Reagan, JFK & our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves.

I would feel a lot calmer with a President who understands and communicates the threats with reassurances about the measures being taken to treat/control the virus than one who “calms” by sticking his head in the sand (and dismisses it as a conspiracy against him... narcissist) Trump faces credibility test? Are you idiots for real? After EVERYTHING this guy has said and done, what credibility has he got to be tested on?

It's like the CDC can't wait for it to spread Why don't we just send him to Wuhan golf course and the phony phone op princess can walk around in different outfits, sounds good to me.. this is one trip tax payers wouldn't mind paying for NotMyPresident Did he have credibility left to begin with? He lost most of it well before this millennium even started...

gtconway3d We need a leader not a narcissist This is my first time getting involved. I agree a pandemic is within our reach. I will be investigating our involvement into this medical emergency. Take a close look at the number of people who pass away from influenza in the world. chilleresa What credibility are u speaking about. There is none.

Isn't he due for a trip to China

President Trump hails Weinstein conviction as 'victory' for women'I think that from the standpoint of women I think it was a great thing.' Pres. Trump hails Harvey Weinstein conviction as 'great victory' for women. 🤯 Donnie's next. My President 🇺🇸

He'll do the stuff he's gotta do. Never stop fighting. Punch those viruses with micro baby hands. Winning for America. Or at least the survivors of what's left of America. Left... Don't even get me started on the left. Take my president... PLEASE!!! Faces a “credibility test” ? realDonaldTrump has exactly ZERO CREDIBILITY ! How much more evidence does ANYONE need ?

Wonder if “caronavirus” leads to Trump’s undoing (however that manifests itself). Many of his actions/words have flustered his detractors but fortified his base to this point. If it gets as bad as some think it may, pandemic may reach the point where no president would last Japan ain't messing around :

gtconway3d Here's the next WH press statement: 'The president is cancelling all future engagements to work on the economy.' aka Mr. Germaphobe is in bed until it gets hot. [heat has nothing to do with the actual passage of the disease.] What could possibly go wrong? giancola_mari In his unmatched wisdom he knows more than all the scientists put together. In fact, he heard from Rudy who heard from Lev who heard from a guy that once stayed in a Holiday Inn that Ukraine hacked the DNC and Coronavirus will not spread if you drink your beer with a lime.

He has ZERO credibility. Does anybody ever take the AP seriously anymore. We sure don't!

Because, stock markets. Must take matters into our own hands. ZenTaoPrincess trump..isn’t creditable..he’s a liar. Sue the government Pretty sure he failed that test a long ass time ago tbh What a shame that the press is a propaganda arm for the Democrats. And it doesn’t matter to you if, you’re hemorrhaging readers and viewers. You are digging your own grave.

gtconway3d Really? realDonaldTrump has never had a credibility issue, because he has NEVER had any. The man is a pathalogical LIAR more concerned about himself than the American people. The article title is the opposite of what Trump said last night. He hopes it isn’t a big deal, but the nation is prepared as if it will be. Sheesh.

gtconway3d Does he think that will make it go away gtconway3d I’m sure those public health officials will be on the next purge list. chilleresa CREDIBILITY TEST? 🤣😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣What credibility?

WBLakesDems Trump has failed every credibility test to date. When he gonna fire the whole staff at the CDC cuz that's how he fuckin operates. Hummmmm did you miss the press conference last night? Didn't seem to be doing any of that but nice try. Can we stop the BS about the stock market decline due in part to any Dems.Likely pandemic headed our way and investing public, as well as general public, realizes Trump is a f’ing moron without a clue as to what to do. In office till 1/20/21, thx 2 Senate Rs.

Do not listen to this fuck realDonaldTrump gtconway3d He distances himself from any problem or any person that he knows will cause him an issue that he cant lie his way out of. Piss poor joke of a president. gtconway3d The boy that cried wolf. See what happens when you lie. Fear mongering gtconway3d Even the Republican majority Orange County, CA Supervisors disagree with him.

It makes sense he would do that. The germs are clearly Democrats.

senrobportman how is your vote to protect Trump look? you must be so proud, Nov, 2022 WeWillRemember gtconway3d We just accept he’s an idiot because the economy is doing ok. gtconway3d Credibility test? And... It's here in CA now. I’m sure he thinks between Pence trying to pray it away and firing people who say things he doesn’t want to hear, he should get an honorary PHD in virology.

peace1 Credibility test? He flunked that more than 2 years ago. He has no credibilty. No patholgical liar has any credibility. gtconway3d He continues to distance himself from all government institutions without alternative avenues to get experienced advice or help. Hubris personified. gtconway3d I hope he knows how to distance himself from the hundreds of thousands of people in this country who will come down with the virus.

oufenix Trump has no credibility to lose. gtconway3d Trump faces a credibility test? What? The man has no credibility due to daily and continual lies. Come on, AP. Do better.

gtconway3d realDonaldTrump has NO CREDIBILITY. He is a pathological liar. IMPOTUS Fakenews This was January 29, 2020 on CoronaVirusUpdates JohnsHopkins Team said US is the most prepared nation. We’re screwed So long as he doesn't start firing them. We need serious intelligent people involved in this. Trump and Pence can't be trusted to tell the truth

magats aren’t particularly known for having good manners and they believe it’s one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse so it’s best to distance from THEM (physically) PinkVanillaMe Hello gtconway3d Maybe it will hit him and his family. They are not immune Lie! gtconway3d This isn’t his first credibility test.

He has been lying to the American people for over 3 1/2 years we are not going to start believing him now. 🙄

gtconway3d He does not care. He is only upset because it is hurting the market and possibly his campaign. gtconway3d You might as well say Trump lies again, he distances himself from the truth, he could care less if Americans get sick because it suits him and Services his own purposes The MSM has been crying wolf over everything Trump for years now, yet his approval rating keeps rising. Seems more & more Americans are becoming immune to the relentless anti-Trump drumbeat. It’s obvious that the MSM has overplayed its hand. Yet they can’t stop. Fascinating.

Can someone with the virus get in contact with drumpf to explain, while coughing in his face, how it’s fine and he shouldn’t worry? AP is a liar. I watched the entire event and Q&A. He was very supportive what CDC position was, and he added his perspective Or, Trump continues his usual pattern of avoiding truth to create a more politically acceptable view of reality for his supporters, even on public healthy issues. FoxNews, washtimes, thehill DailyCaller and senatemajldr steadfastly support Trump’s alternative reality.

Germany just announced the beginning of a possible epidemic, Japan is closing schools, Intell from China is unreliable and our intelligence community is saying the CCP leadership is possibly getting ready to go underground and a plane just hit the WTC it’s ok go back to work. As long as he’s safe, he doesn’t care if we all die. Perhaps if someone at one of his rallies were to test positive he’d care a little, especially if it’s one of the people who are paid to around him with looks of adulation on their faces.

Really ? “Faces credibility test”? When has he shown ANY credibility? luckilyFelicity The Gambler-in-Chief bets with our lives that ignorance is bliss. Like his business ventures, he never sacrifices his own assets but rather everyone else’s. We can bet our family and friend’s lives on that?

Pence running the reponce GUARANTEES non 'christians' Will die NOLA was a warning 'public health officials who say it's inevitable the coronavirus will spread' like it did to a patient in California. No travel, no contact to known travelers. Just caught it. But you know.... It's not normal for a president to 'distance himself' from health officials concerning a health issue... stop wording it as if this were remotely rational. 'Trump continues to disbelieve and discredit experts based on nothing but his own inability to accept anything true'

Trump is a bigger threat. CrisisActorTrump He needs someone to blame Don’t worry, he’ll lie his way out of this. This article never uses the word 'lie' anywhere in association with Trump. Deficient news. Meanwhile premarket -400+ “Trump faces credibility test”, lol. That ship sailed long ago.

1. Trump is a germaphobe. 2. He knows he is out of his depth, hence he is sacrificing Pence. 3. He doesn't GAF if Americans get sick, as long as he doesn't. 4. He isn't a real leader, just a fraud that runs away from issues that are hard. BECAUSE HE CAN'T BE WRONG. He has already staked out his position so it is everyone else's fault except his.

If you don’t want to be blamed for something, let someone else take the reins. Trump wants his VP to take a bullet when visiting probable infected areas. gtconway3d Excuse me, when was he credible? President Trump indicated there are a number of possibilities. We have prepared health officials and people need to use good hygiene to reduce spread.

DireResister Perhaps Mr. Trump would like to take a leisurely stroll around a school...or a mall...or Chinatown. Either way he loses, if he mentions the possibility of the virus spreading he'll be accused of panicking the public. He loves to promote chaos as per Putin and will try to use this to enrich himself.

gtconway3d How can anyone think this beast is sane. He can’t even listen to medical professionals. Wake the fuck up people!!!!!!!! My carona!!lol...arriba arriba!!

President Trump is it acting in a calm and reasonable narrative not to panic the United States with the coronavirus as you the associated press seems to be doing! gtconway3d Trump and credibility shouldn’t be in the same sentence. I wouldn’t believe him if he said the sky was blue! gtconway3d Donald Trump is taking a credibility test, eh? I'm going to guess the credibility test won.

trump is lying again cdc says it not a matter of if but when Trump said with the amount of cases in the us its not bad it could get worse or it may not which is a correct statement i watched the press conference gtconway3d And he stuck in the VP as the designated scapegoat EVERYTHING is about him and his reelection! EVERYTHING. He doesn’t care how many people die as long as it doesn’t hurt his reelection prospects. The disease has no party affiliation. Does this sound like a man who cares about America or his base? Too bad, Pence. U will be blamed.

gtconway3d Wait... We still think he has ANY credibility? No. No he doesn't. gtconway3d Really, 45 has any credibility? Any at all? gtconway3d What he's doing is going to get us all killed.

You cant even believe a word coming from his mouth. He puts Pence in charge who has no medical health experience what so ever just so when Pence fails he has someone else to throw under the bus. Per the stock market he's failing the credibility test. He failed long ago with reasonable people. He failed this test long ago

Don’t be delusional the realtrumpsupporter be like... 'may get a little bigger; it may not get bigger at all.” Ummmm....😒 I guess he knows more than all the public health officials and is smarter than all the doctors. gtconway3d Trump continues to distance himself from reality and intelligent thought

I'm not confident he can handle this. But Azar will make money. You know, the important stuff. 😒 Told you so, Trumps Weak Link was Found by Trumps Enemies! The next war was not going to involve Drafts etc... Trumps Demise is of his own mouth!

They are worried about people. Trump is worried about the stock market Just like w Intel personnel who said and say Russia is F’ing w our elections - fake news, hoaxes, disinformation. Science schmience gtconway3d I hope he gets sick. Pence will pray for him and forget all that hoaxy science BS. gtconway3d Trump just got his credibility test score back. Score = 0. Just drop the class. There is no possibility of bringing your up above the failing mark.

gtconway3d No test needed. He’s a heartless liar. Obviously he received his MD from Trump University School of Medicine. gtconway3d gtconway3d Because he wants to blame everything on Democrats. Just wait. He will find a way to do that, as idiotic as it would be. I heard a MAGA person call in to a public radio station questioning whether the corona virus warnings were overblown. THIS despite the disruptions in China; THIS despite trump bragging abt closing the border to possibly exposed non-citizens; THIS despite the statement fr the CDC.

gtconway3d Trump doesn’t care if thousands died. As long as the stock market doesn’t dip. gtconway3d Credibility? From the man who has lied continuously for more than 3 years about even the most trivial details? Why on earth would anyone doubt what he says? 🤷🏻‍♂️ gtconway3d When it gets worse you know he is going to blame Democrats, Obama, Clinton and windmill cancer. When it finally subsides, he will proclaim himself as the savior.

🥱🤥 The flu has killed 10k people in the US so far. Where are the stories and panic from MSM? Let me know when Coronavirus has done half that. Yet libs upset when he limited travel. No credibility left. Sorry gtconway3d Turn that plane around and take it to South Korea... 🤡 gtconway3d Q. Has Trump ever NOT faced a credibility test? A. No. Q. Has Trump ever passed a credibility test? A. No.

gtconway3d What credibility? Professor Emeritus IMPOTUS and very very trenlmendously qualified assistant NepotismBarbie

Media. Enemy of the people. 🤦‍♂️ plan. Prepare. Stay informed. Nothing is inevitable but death and taxes. gtconway3d He failed the credibility test the day he took office & claimed it was the biggest inauguration ever... gtconway3d The man who wanted to pray HIV away and thus created an outbreak in his state, has been named to lead a pandemic. Classic Trump. Only the best people...

gtconway3d Oh gawd... just catching up after being off-grid travelling. It’s SO reassuring to see he’s fully cognisant of the “cAronavirus” (🙄) & knows more than all the medical professionals & pandemic experts. gtconway3d Like he was ever credible?! gtconway3d How about having a president that understands and cares about any public health risk

gtconway3d Credibility test? Hah. I can predict the score. gtconway3d He is obviously sick and unable to correctly assess situations and dangers. And this guy rules the USA ?! Impeachment !!! gtconway3d “Faces credibility test”, ffs. What credibility does this fuckwit have left? gtconway3d tRump doesn’t lie. He LIES constantly and so very Stupidly👀😡

gtconway3d Notice US counts in comparison gtconway3d Just to be clear no matter what happens to the virus in America, trump will say he handled it great. If 75% of the population dies he will say he did a great job saving 25%! That’s how it works when one never admits a mistake. gtconway3d THIS tests his credibility? Cmon he hasn’t had any for almost four very, very long years.

gtconway3d It already is spreading in the USA. Stock up on hydrogen peroxide and get a spray bottle to disinfect every surface. Buy a box of surgical gloves for when you go out in public. Fake News gtconway3d What did you expect. He put Pence (another idiot) in charge so when it gets worse, Trump can blame him and take NO RESPONSIBILITY HIMSELF AS USUAL.

gtconway3d Wait until it hits Mar-a-lago! gtconway3d realDonaldTrump must take Corona seriously. He has caused a global economic slowdown with his China trade war. US semiconductor sales went down 18% last year - a sign that a recession is in the pipe. Corona will not only spread in the US; it will spread outside its borders.

gtconway3d Um...credibility? At this point? LMAO Because.he.simply.doesn'

Its all about the stock market, his only brag right. The rest is garbage.Trumps only smart move was an an Asian travel ban. However it has snuck in from other countries. Leave this to the CDC or face electoral demise Trump never had credibility. He needs to contract the virus or someone in his family needs to contract the virus, then he will see the seriousness.

Donald Trump does NOT face a credibility test over the coronavirus. The reason is: Donald Trump has NO credibility to begin with. If he has no credibility on the weather, why would you assume credibility in this circumstance? This is a really poor headline. How are you STILL, in a public health crisis, covering his “positions” like politics-as-usual and softening his obvious ass-covering lies? Carve “Trump faces credibility test” into the tombstone of democracy since you’re so eager to help dig the grave.

He “recently learned” that thousands die from flu every year.... SERIOUSLY? 25thAmendmentNow ImmediateRemoval That's why he appointed Pence..can blame him if things get worse..then drop him as a running mate.

Good lord. I underestimated this guy. After the countless allegations and blatantly accepted lies that would have crushed others it really did take a global pandemic wreaking havoc on his stock market (cuz fuck humans helath-wise) to finally test this man's credibility. The STAND, watch out for the crows

Unreal How does the WORLD distance themselves from HIM It’s completely speculative to insinuate we have accurate numbers, no undetected cases, or deaths without testing 100% of evacuees & persons exposed. Current tests are faulty and only available in a handful of states. We should be demanding complete & accurate testing. TESTNOW

Don't forget. Mike Pence is in charge of handling with the coronavirus. Considering Pence sucks at everything he's trying to get him fired The media faces a serious credibility test when they still pass on his lies I hops he gets quarantined The president is just flapping his Jaws. He is only interested in your vote. He is not concerned with the welfare of the American public.

Trump recently appointed his VP to tackle the coronavirus don't mean that he distances himself from public health. If he said, 'I could care less about the virus spreading,' many people would defend him. When you need a leader in need, twins Johnson and Trump go into hiding. What is the difference between him and China’s Xi? don’t care about the virus? Then you don’t care about American’a life, and I am not voting this person

Even ScottMorrison is more prescient right now with coronavirus KarenSalitis Credibility test, that's rich. The man has no credibility. Lies with abandon. The country can't believe a word he says. Really? Credibility test. 🤣🤣 Credibility? Nice choice of words. Trump administration has zero credibility!

Trump is not going to lose any credibility because nobody knows anything about this virus !! Including him. .realDonaldTrump wouldn't let an American get treated for Covid-19 Deplorable Faces credibility test? Are you fucking kidding ? How can a serious media outlet suggest that realDonaldTrump has a shred of credibility on anything? donisdumb

If “public health officials “ do their jobs, there wouldn't be a viral spread. Why would he care if it is not his personal business. The continues to distance itself from the truth The virus isn’t the only reason he has a credibility problem! His entire presidency has had credibility problems. Because he is a liar

Hey trumpers, your hero just lied to you again telling you that you have nothing to fear. Keep thinking that even as people you care for (family) start getting sick. Unlike a hurricane Trump can't use a sharpie to divert the storm from us It doesn't matter, is not HIS BUSINESS. FakeNewsAP desperate to help their DNC masters by trying to create a panic when there is no need for one. In the U.S., the CDC and POTUS have things well in hand

The dumb knows only his dumbness, nothing else. This isn’t true. I watched the press conference today. He behaves the same way about climatechange so this was an expected response politicalscience policy

I guess we'll know in the next few weeks, we'll knkow who was right. The only thing the AP is an expert in spreading is bullshyt. Not what happened. FakeNews HillBeverlyhill He can run awkwardly from the truth but he can’t hide. Meanwhile in California Meanwhile Hmm, who to believe? A shockingly ignorant boob who lies about everything, all the time, particularly to make himself look better, and who appoints unqualified lackeys to important positions? Or ... uhhh ... experts?

He is the virus.

This isn’t even true. No harm in taking precautions. trump....credibility.....should NOT be in the same sentence. This is the jerk that said some soldiers had headaches. Why do people continue to believe what he says? Until he gets sick. Then he’ll need them . It hits older men the worst It's already here, morons.

He’s out of his league on this one!! This isn’t business. Find someone competent!! realDonaldTrump Man the media is just hoping for death and destruction. Your distortion is amazing....🙄 What? What credibility does POTUS have? He said he's a businessman.

Well he’s an idiot so....... It’s almost as if he’s trying to make this a disaster on purpose Hoping for a virus to infect millions so Trump loses the election. I'm starting to think the 2nd Civil War is going to happen. Wish he would distance himself from planet earth while he is at it. trumpworld pathetic shameful insanity vote

Does he think his security guys... Can protect him from the virus? So many on this thread... Wow, your bias apparent in this article. Please, he already had no credibility.

LBoogy31 Fake news has all its eggs in the disaster basket yet if it was up to democrats the open borders would be an acceleration of coronavirus. Pence will take the bullet when Americans start to die Spread about as likely as an HIV epidemic in BFE, IndianOh no! You think we the PEOPLE don't know you guys are trying to manufacture a CRISIS? IT'S NOT WORKING. We don't get our news from you.

He's dodging responsibility by using Pence as a shield First of all, he didn't distance himself - I watched entire press conference. Secondly, which officials? You mean Nancy Messonier - Rod Rosenstein's sister? Media and Dems pray for Coronavirus outbreak for chance at “getting Trump” Perspective: USA pop is a little over 329 million. If only half the pop gets the virus that’s 164,500,000 n if 2% dies from it that’s 3,290,000 deaths.


Ignorant idiot Fake news 'Traffic? What traffic?' says the stable genius playing on the freeway. Insider sources tell me that he is convinced that the whole ordeal is a conspiracy meant to depress the Markets, one of his few remaining source of pride, as well as his favored electoral topic. He said 'I'm sure it will show up in more places' 'It will affect the GDP and economy' you guys care to report that? How about the American people watch it themselves or is it wrong think to listen to the president during a pandemic you filthy liars?!

_Politics 'A well-oiled machine'. Shameful what America has become under this administration Trump failed again ... Just to make sure, he should test his convictions by visiting Wuhan...

Get the sharpe out and your bigly brain Can any trumpian please tell me you would believe trumps opinions on the virus. If you do than you believe the world scientists are wrong. And that would also prove you are totally wrong about everything trump. A world conspiracy about millions dying to damage trumps stock market

Trump is not facing a credibility test. Trump has no credibility. He lies constantly. Never believe Trump. In fact, believe the opposite of what Trump says. Thank God for our President! That’s not true he was in India! the media and the Democrats only spread hate and fear! Credibility test. Donald Trump. Our great Orange leader. What now? realDonaldTrump idiotpotus IdiotInChief LiarInChief

all you guys had to do was stop flights from China and now look His brain continues to distances itself from his head. White House wasn’t designed to be hospice. Get him out of there. realDonaldTrump just held a National Press Conference WITH those people and you’re saying he is distancing himself? What am I missing? He’s actually working to solve the virus

He’s wrong. It’s it inevitable that it will spread. Trump is a fool.

I'd love to know his wife's honest opinions on her husband. I'm pretty sure she can't stand the guy any more than we do at this point. She made her bed tho... Wow...let’s see, I’d say there was less than two feet between Trump and the Public Officials at the Press Conference he just gave about the virus. Fake News

Correction. He has zero credibility. Only his cult followers still believe his BS. Give the rest of us some credit. I watched the interview. President Trump is not distancing himself from public health officials at all. What a weak, weak man. Isn't this exactly how China f'kd up in the beginning? Hope it’s first stop is the WH 😷

He’s worried about the stock market and pleasing his rich “friends.” He cut funds to the CDC and World Health Organization and placed Pence in charge of Coronavirus response team. He doesn’t care about Americans or people in general.

Poor Trump hates being bombarded with FACTS!! HOW MUCH LESS CREDIBLE CAN HE POSSIBLY GET? This virus is a living entity. Are we that callous that we will try to destroy a living thing? BernieSanders2020 Downplayed?!! He literally said every aspect of society must be prepared. TDS thisiswhytheyhateyou

What’s the difference between Xi and Trump since they’ve both lied and tried to cover up the severity of this pandemic? Nothin- they’re both morons that have made this situation worse. If he panicked the American people you would fry him for that too..... so does it really matter? He has a terrible case of Moronavirus.

Did the Virus ask his permission to come in? No! Then it's not affecting them... 😬😳😬🥴😷 It won’t the virus is scared of Trump nard_info Moronic idiot

He's setting up Pence to fail so he can get rid of him. Is it not obvious? He scared of this ? Lol

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