Donald Trump accuses Supreme Court justices of bias in 1st direct attack as president

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Pres. Trump demands two Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly.

Gabe Roth, Ginsburg


Pres. Trump demands two Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly.

President Trump demanded that two sitting Supreme Court justices recuse from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly.

reports that Justice Clarence Thomas' wife Virginia has been closely advising the president and top aides on ensuring White House staff are loyal to Trump. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Supreme Sonia Sotomayor arrive to applause for a panel discussion celebrating Sandra Day O'Connor, at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Sept. 25, 2019. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Supreme Sonia Sotomayor arrive to applause for a panel discussion celebrating Sandra Day O'Connor, at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Sept. 25, 2019. Jacquelyn Martin/AP Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said the justices have no comment. In his tweets, the president cites a Fox News report that claims Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently “accused GOP appointed justices of being biased in favor of Trump.” “This is a terrible thing to say,” Trump said in his tweet. Sotomayor, in fact, has not leveled such a pointed accusation. Legal experts said statements attributed to Sotomayor and others by Justice Ruth Ginsburg do not meet the recusal standard applied to all federal judges. The extraordinary exchange stems from a narrow Supreme Court decision issued Feb. 21 lifting a lower court hold on the Trump administration’s new for immigrants in the state of Illinois. The court’s conservative majority offered no explanation for allowing the policy to take effect as legal challenges continue; Justice Sotomayor dissented in a seven-page statement. "Perhaps most troublingly," she writes,"the Court’s recent behavior on stay applications has benefited one litigant over all others.” While clearly passionate in her objection, Sotomayor never names Trump or the administration, instead referring to “the Government” as is customary. “This Court often permits executions—where the risk of irreparable harm is the loss of life—to proceed, justifying many of those decisions on purported failures 'to raise any potentially meritorious claims in a timely manner,'” she writes in the dissent. “Yet the Court’s concerns over quick decisions wither when prodded by the Government in far less compelling circumstances.” Sotomayor’s position is consistent with her long running and much publicized views that her colleagues often too quickly dismisses appeals from death row inmates and inconsistently address nationwide injunctions issued by lower courts. She concludes,"I respectfully dissent." The White House did not respond to questions about whether Trump had read Sotomayor’s opinion or only the Fox News characterization of it and why he believes Sotomayor was trying to “shame some into voting her way” as he alleged on Twitter. The president also revived criticism of Justice Ginsburg who had Read more: ABC News

Trump, we have three co-equal branches of government. You have no authority to ask any Supreme Court justice to recluse himself/herself because you haven't agreed with him/her. Wake up POTUS, we are a democracy not a dictatorship. I hope they don't. You are so very paranoid What happened to the separation of powers between. The executive branch and the judicial branch?

all of the supreme Court judges are probably in a scam because they are not helping us here in Rock island ,Illinois when we write to them no answer or any confirmation that they received our letters they do not help the citizens you need to do more sir That’s NOR what he said. What a spin! Justice Thomas wife is working directly with the trump administration and Ginsberg and Sotomayor should recuse

Sorry, you can’t do that! There is no pick and choosing who you want. Without evidence? How can you say that? Sotomayer and Ginsburg have outwardly shown their distain for him. That's not professional or unbiased. FAKE NEWS. Roll tape. Truth is, President Trump made no such “demand”. ABC, like it’s Democrat handlers, LIES.

demanded? gtfo but that's how ABC works, watch their vid or watch this and see

Sotomayor Accuses Supreme Court of Granting Favors to Trump in Blistering Dissent“I fear,” she wrote, “that this disparity in treatment erodes the fair and balanced decision-making process that this court must strive to protect” A reminder of the America we all love 🇺🇸 This 👆 needs everyone's attention . . GOOD!! Thank You, Justice... . America Wants The Truth. . .

All conservative judges need to recuse themselves from any trump trials as they are biased against the liberals Funny that they are both women (not!) Ain’t that so true shamful demo mess No way Donald!! I think his appointees should recuse. This would make more senee. Douche That is not how the government works? I guess those that had the nerve to tell him have been fired...

Ugh That’s quite an interpretation of what actually happened. Wrong, of course, but still quite the contortion.

Ginni Thomas: Supreme Court justice's wife leading right-wing effort to purge officials 'disloyal' to TrumpA group of pro-Trump activists led by Ginni Thomas has reportedly compiled lists of “disloyal” government officials it wants sacked.It is alleged that Ms Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is part of a network of conservative activists called Groundswell, which has close ties Voteblue2020 VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy just another follower when what we really need is leaders This is normal...

SAID THE DICTATOR Without evidence?!?.....they have publicly spewed negative comments about him, which proves they have not been impartial and wont I wish we could have just, one, day, where that menace to society, SHUTS UP!!!! If he would just recuse or resign think about how many people would still have their jobs

Definitely wants to be a dictator For sure hi has learned from the impeachment. BwahHahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Blessings

Trump: Supreme Court justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg should recuse themselves from cases involving him“It’s very obvious,” Trump told reporters in India. “Justice Ginsburg should [recuse herself] because she went wild during the campaign. Perhaps she was for Hillary Clinton.” This man... god I’m so tired of this. Wow. Just wow. This man really needs to just shut it!

WITHOUT EVIDENCE, ABC!!!!! There sure as heck is EVIDENCE. Do some research. Do your job. That feeling when it's not enough to have an illegitimate, rubber stamp majority. Poor, poor little boy!! Go away Without evidence? What about Epstein? Without evidence? They’ve both been on record making personal remarks about him 🙄 EnemyOfThePeople

Without evidence? Their public comments amount to no evidence? ExposeABC NEVERTrustTheMedia Waaa waaa waaa. Everybody treats me unfairly waaa waaa 😩 The media never has evidence. The Dnc never has evidence. Thus guy is always whining about being treated badly! WTF? Every president gets criticized practically from everyone. Why do you think you're so different? Is it because you put yourself in situations to be HIGHLY criticized? For heavens sake! Shut up!

Trump Launches New Attack On Supreme Court, Demands Liberal Justices RecuseThe president wants associate justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sit out any 'Trump-related' cases. it wasnt a problem when the left wanted conservatives to recuse themselves. And I’d like it if russian asset45 would sit out the 2020 election..he’s old, tired, sick, mentally and intellectually challenged. Why w they sit out your cases? The court will exonerate u ... it’s packed remember? Ya, I don’t think picking your judges is a judicial option. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Without evidence...🤣🤣🙄 He said he “demands” it happens? Can you provide quote? Trump does not get to pick his judges. This is not what checks and balances means. “Without evidence” the judge wrote it herself 🤮😂🤮😂🤮😂🤮 ExposeABC 😂😂😂 Some of these stupid replies! Do liberals believe everything mainstream media lies about?! This “journalist” should be fired.

I agree. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh should recuse themselves from any case related to Trump since he nominated them. I also think that Thomas should recuse as well to avoid the appearance of impropriety caused by his wife's work in the administration. Hes the worst of the worst 😡

Trump takes aim at two progressive Supreme Court justicesWhat's the next step in Donald Trump's offensive against the justice system? Lashing out at two Supreme Court justices, of course. MaddowBlog He is testing the waters . How far can he stretch his « executive « power. He is jealous of all the autocrats he has met and would absolutely like to emulate them. - Putin, Chi, Modi,Erdogan, ..... MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Sanders voted against the ban on assault weapons.

Cry us a river realDonaldTrump Nope. He just wants to rig the game to win. No basis for recusal Trump defines unfairly as ANYONE who has a differing opinion than him. AnyoneButTrump2020 Not a lot of separation of powers these days? We The People expect fairness also. He fired the National Intelligence Director & replaced him with someone more loyal to him than the country so he could hide the fact that Russia is interfering in our elections AGAIN. And lets not forget the Ukraine PERSONAL investigation.

LEAD with the truth! Why is this so hard for you? Most or supreme justice are a bunch of 🔴haters ! Please give him a Sugar Tit all he does is CRY They SANCTIONED HIM and this is exactly what they expected of him

Sonia Sotomayor Just Accused the Supreme Court’s Conservatives of Bias Toward the Trump AdministrationIn a pointed dissent, Sotomayor condemned her colleagues for rewarding the government’s rush to punish immigrants. Sounds like she’s the one politicizing it. What did she think was going to happen?!?!? TrumpRussia ÜBER ALLES

Like McConnell recused himself from the impeachment trial?!!! After admitting he would not be impartial and working with the president's lawyers?! Pot calling kettle black... Listening to realDonaldTrump is like listening to a kid that has to give an oral book report and they didnt read the back cover or cliff notes. Just trying to go off the picture on the front cover.

“Without evidence” 🤡 Dictator in chief says what? put a 'Cork' in that orange big mouth 🤣😂🤣😂 soundslikeadictator ImpeachedForLife Funny how you now irrelevant media spin things 😂 SPIN THIS 👇👇👇 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 *without evidence* 🤣 Why is it that these words only come up when the media talks about Trump saying something. As if everyone else presents a binder of evidence when they make a statement

Sotomayor’s chief complaint was the overuse of the Supreme Court without exhausting lower courts fully. But, we have seen bias in the courts; Judge Tigar allowing ‘asylum’ cases, Judge Aslup blocking Deffered DACA, Judge Robart blocking Muslim travel ban. American Safety 1st ! Baby Trump

The tax returns must say it all! There you go again ABC. The President didn't DEMAND the two Supreme Court justices recuse themselves. This is so out of context. Fake news. Getting more autocratic day by day with full support. I really wish realDonaldTrump recuses himself from the Oval Office. Leave it to someone that knows what their doing. VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

Demands ? He is so sick. That’s not what he said, idiots. Syphilis induce lunacy

Dictator president must be voted out! Who the hell does he think he is he’s stacking the courts with judges that only would side with him you want to talk about bias?What I hippo crite!Pay no attention to that man behind the wall of big Mack’s and fries! Seems as though anyone does not agree with him is wrong and should be removed! If assholes could fly the White House would be an airport! trytrumpfortreason

Without evidence? Look at the comments they have made and you have published..... Really! So now he is above the Supreme Court~ I don't think so! He needs to get over himself. This is not a dictatorship contrary to his belief! Time to go directly to jail🇺🇸 Yeah, all those critical comments they’ve made about him since he was elected clearly show they’ll rule fairly on Trump related cases. You guys are too stupid for words at times.

He’s right. Remember when Obama chastised the Supreme Court in the State of the Union? ABC News spends 3 years advancing the Russian Collusion hoax without evidence, clearly treating Trump unfairly, but giving no fucks about it. That’s how this game is played, yes? Without evidence? They have both made very biased remarks against him and have never voted in his favor....

Kavanaugh is Pro Trump. What’s the difference? Kavanaugh has shown bias towards Trump since the beginning. You folks should definitely be concerned about this. Very concerned. You should do everything in your power to make sure Trump's lies and attacks on the Supreme Justices don't go unanswered. All judges-- Supreme Court, lower court that were nominated by Trump need to recuse themselves from anything regarding Trump.

Fecord shows senateGOP fair treatment diagnosis outlook office credentials certifications vary smart people nascar attJOBS Chronicle copsoffice acquitted practices unions WaysandMeansGOP truth hurts HumanityRoad Wharton honorarium devryuniv inc expertiseDOESmatter He wants only Caucasian men to be in charge. Period.

Just another crazy, orange day in Trumpmerica. FISA is managed by John Roberts, lets start there. Again, right in front of our eyes 👀 they know this is True, but they don’t care because they know something Bigger will come along and people will Forget. Well we WON’T forget that IMPEACHMENT fiasco! He wants them to be biased for him. He wants to have full control of the SCOTUS & it's just not working out!

Their own words are evidence of bias- u r also biased against him! Trump wants a One Party State This man just can’t quit criticizing everyone who differs with him!! So viciously too!! Demented dictator Evidence ? we all know how fake news ABC created their own evidence ' Syria bombing ' PATHETIC Without evidence?!!! One was tweeting, the other ran her mouth on national TV. And you say no evidence? 🤨🙄🤔😡

STOP GIVING THIS AIRTIME! IT ONLY ENCOURAGES HIM! Trump impeachment 'Donald Trump cites Film 'Boss Baby' as 'documentary' he 'used as a model for the administration.' Press release ended before Q&A, citing 'running late for nappy wappy time.'

Demands WaPo lie Can't intimidate, replace with an acting judge nor fire any Supreme Court Justice. Agent Orange you won't be able to get what you want. My the shoe fall hard and the gavel split wigs... 😡😡😡😡😡 HE needs to be removed Ok.....if the media goes against him, it’s now called “fake news”. Everyone is lying, but him, of course. Now, appointed Federal judges are against him & his lying ways, & they should recuse themselves when it has anything to do with him. What’s next?

Next he will demand only judges who like him should be involved. Paranoid or guilty? I agree realDonaldTrump its terrible how white people and religious folks have been treated by SCOTUS. We cant own slaves, accused have to have rights read, women can have abortions, public schools cant force God down the throats of our children. Its a real mess. Your the best!

Oh. I agree. The SC is a hot bed of dissenting thoughts.They are so progressive and pragmatic. It’s terrible how the SC has sided with criminals, womens rights, automotive and pharmaceutical safety. Except for the past 160 years. realDonaldTrump is being victimized. Stop this! Well Judges NEED to judge on the law! Not their bias & “feelings”! Or the must recuse...

In all FAIRness, trump didn't appoint either one of them, they might not vote in favor of Him. What r they still doing on the bench get in line America - trump is our king!! Like it or get out! servetrump. subjects Lol They have been openly biased. Read a decent news source and you’d know. Sheesh! Cover-up the loose ends is his MO. He’ll screwup big one of these days and “Ka-Pow!” He’ll get fired by the Senate, too.

They would be diverting the course of justice..not all are as corrupt as trump.. He “demanded” them to recuse? Are you sure about that? 😂😂 Did you report when they actacked him. He stand up to those who bully him. ABC is Fake News. The Deep State is real. TDS is also real. SC Justices shouldn’t have a bias. They should be about the law and enforcing it.

Except what they said. JournalismIsDead

They are both partisan and have no business being justices. I can see Trump asking god to recuse himself on judgement day. Too bad that's not how this works Not his call - no jurisdiction. The American people demand Trump recuse himself from the presidency. I agreed 100% with our president Wait what?!? What the hell? There are days when I am shocked beyond belief.This is one of them. We are living in an alternate reality: Justice Clarence Thomas' wife Virginia has been closely advising the president and top aides on ensuring White House staff are loyal to Trump.

🤯 Lucifer 👹 say that about any human beings that has ingerty, character and honorable. Congratulations Judges !!! Guess what ... life ain’t fair CryBaby

Such ignorance They are a disgrace to the supreme court. “Without evidence”. Fucking hacks Without evidence? Where have you been hiding. Ginsberg attacked President Trump stating he was fake. Sotomajor just accused the President of putting biased justices in the Supreme Court. If you're going to make stuff up, at least check your sources.

Trump: Born into obscene wealth, handed every opportunity, bailed out repeatedly, allowed to lie and cheat until he became president and has literally been told he can break any law he wants, is sitting in the White House and complaining about how unfairly he's being treated I hope they don't. Yup keep it up Trump...sooner or later Karma’s gonna get you

Somebody please change this baby’s diaper, he is full of 💩 He needs to step off. They are co-equal branches. He won't get his way on this one and it's a real no win situation for him. He needs to learn a little better about picking his battles.

Screw Good! They’ve exposed themselves. Can’t wait until he’s done from office. Ugh! Worst president ever. Oh, poor thing. But Thomas's wife making a loyalty list for Trump is fine... Tyrant Oh well. Just like your AG does on so many legal matters. Um? He didn't get it still think 'He about the law' They’ve made public statements criticizing President Trump. That’s proof enough. Their job is to interpret the Constitution not political activists!

Well I demand he turn over his 🧬 because he’s a rapist.

Hell No. he want puppets Idiot!!! Are Americans going to allow an emperor? Hitler tried that, too. Supreme Court Justice: Slightly criticize tRump. tRump: THEY WERE AGAINST ME FROM THE BEGINNING!! Dictator Not before The illegitimate Kavanagh and stolen seat Gorsich both be recused too. Typical dictator. He accuses everybody if everything. He is a 13 year old boy. Everyone please stop listening and just vote him out. VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

corruption in media is the problem!! media bias

C’mon, You guys love this. Screw trump! Cry baby Waaaaaaa!!! Sniff-sniff Waaaaaaaa!!! When did America elect a Dictator realDonaldTrump and become a Communist Country ? (2016) WTF That’s not how justice works. What’s next? Only people who vote for him are allowed to vote at all? Trump needs to stay out of the Supreme Court business.

Hell no. You resign

Freaking psycho realDonaldTrump THIS IS NOT A THING. You don't get to demand Supreme Court justices recuse themselves because you have a fragile ego (which by the way shouldn't be as large as it is). Grow up. No Trump cult. No. He is trying everything to get off. Post indictment when he loses in November on all charges.

When is a line going to be drawn. She is very demanding even for a Trump. Wannabe Dictators cannot accept dissent! You really think Presidents have NO interest in stacking the Court with Justices of their political, ethical, or moral standards Wake up! Trump wants only reactionary allies on the Court. Paranoid much donnie?

The lunatics on the left are all the time demanding people recuse themselves! It's nothing these days. The left has made it normal. What's appropriate for one side is appropriate for the other! Get over it!! FOH, Pay our childhood their Money Back Conman

please get the orange baboon out of the white house!!! Maybe they should stop talking..Sotomayor..Ginsberg. hes referring to their comments. why manipulate readers with the misleading headline? If they can’t hide their bias against him then he’s right. They have shown themselves to be bias. corruption in media is the problem.

Trump needs to recuse himself from the presidency You’ve got to be kidding me

Obnoxious. The country great experiment is dying with this fool. You need to get with the wizard because You never received your brain Typical Obama disaster

Oh my geezus. File a motion. Checks and balance. He has no legal right to ask this. They wouldn't look at the evidence is there were some

Barr should recuse himself from anything that involves Impeached Trump. Now do ClarenceThomas realDonaldTrump ! Can we have trump recuse himself from governing 🤣🤣🤣🤣he is so delusional. So only those who are conservative and pro trump get to rule in trump related issues?🤣🤣🤣 best laugh today Did you not hear Sotomayor last week? Stop using this contrived '...without evidence...' nonsense.

Every headline with Trump in it exhausts me... Vote2020

Tampering again. He doesn’t even know the 3 areas of government are separate and distinct. We demand that Cavanaugh and Sotomayor récuse themselves. Sorry Donnie...that's not how this works. NEWS FLASH......THEY HAVE! Russian grifter has no credibility What a disgrace. Whiny-ass manbaby. He needs to be shutdown now.

The man is insane.

Ginsburg should have been required to recuse herself by referring to the next President in 2016 as “She” Poor baby. GFU The credibility out our courts are under attack. All 9 justices need to issue a statement. This is dangerous and absurd. gop Donald should do his job and let the Judges do theirs! Stop meddling in these things!

needs to happen... will never happen Using Trump's ill perceived logic, any Judge that he has appointed should also be recused from any litigation involving him! I’m assuming he knows everyone doesn’t have to like him Even SC Justices!! His opinion is just that! An opinion! Everybody has one!! 🖕🏾the 🤡 today tomorrow and the next day!! I said what I said!!

OMG....really! and JusticeClarenceThomas wife is the author of the HitList.... to remove long time employees who are not loyal to what... loyal to Trump...! JusticeClarenceThomasMustResign and his wife must be removed from out WhiteHouse Idiot! Man, the self proclaimed fighter seems to always be bitching about folks bullying him...

I demand the demented orange guy making this demand resign from office since he is destroying our democracy. If the two had integrity, which they don't, they would have voluntarily recused at the beginning. That's what impartial judges do. Those two are the kind of crap that constitute the 'deep state'.

Everything that judges and prosecutors DECIDE according to TRUMP is not final until TRUMP says it is. As of today 85% of FEDERAL INMATES charges that they are currently in prison for are null & void and should be released according to the (TRUMP'S INMATES) that has been pardoned What a constant victim.

Demands? Yeah OK Trump needs to grow the F up or he can resign and let an adult be in the WH.. Fakenews. Not what he said. He said their comments Abt him showed a potential bias that would require (if true) to recuse themselves for obvious reasons. Nice try though. Without evidence?! Like the Russian Collusion hoax?!

I agree with President Trump.

He’s IGNORANT! End of story. Never a guy given so much complain he is treated unfairly as this clown 🤡. The Country is under attack by this joker and his minions Without evidence? You mean the public statements, and voicing of their personal opinions of Trump don't count? 😂 I watched him today. I did not hear a demand. Get it right fake news.

He is so insecure I agree. Ain’t going to happen...suck it up! The BlamerInChief needs to grow some cajones. Spend a little less time blaming and a little more time doing REAL work. Most reporting on Trump from the biased MSM is non-stop accusations without evidence hence being called FakeNews. Including

Are you serious That's not even close to what he said. Right ABC !! I’m sure there’s no evidence!! Your just like cnn Fascism in plain sight. That’s the new American way. What a complete buffoon. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 does that mean the five conservatives should recuse themselves because they have treated the US unfairly?

Tons of evidence. Ginsburg and the fat Latina have opened their clap traps way to many times. 100 years ago they would have been impeached. Sotomayor's dissenting opinion, which lazily used ad hominem to accuse the other jurists of bias, simply reinforced the fact she is the most incompetent jurist on the SC.

Trump needs to resign as president while there is an America. When judges play activist instead of judges there is a problem. Not a single justice signed onto this opinion, which tells me she was out of line bringing up politics. The district court judges who play activist are the real problem. Their job is to interpret the law not create

Yeah because we all know Supreme Court Justices. With ties to the ACLU and other left-wing groups. Are pure as the driven snow an unbiased in all their decision-making. Just like you Trump derangement syndrome sufferers and Trump haters in the news media are. NOT !

He’s still trying to hide more stuff!! Anyone notice he didn’t ask MoscowMitch to recuse himself after he claimed he’d work closely with whitehouse lawyers to end the impeachment trial quickly? Talk about ‘bias’...Trump SCOTUS Trump 🤣 The irony of elitist accusing the President of speaking out concerning Judicial matters & yet here we have liberal Supreme Court Justices unveiling their prejudices - note: many past President’s have entered the fray while in office

Boo hoo. Too bad, so sad. Then the two you put on the court must also recuse themselves along with Clarence Thomas who's wife is working to purge certain people from the WH. Totally,...... OUT OF CONTROL ! He thinks he shouldn't be held accountable for anything wrong he might do. Bet he's NEVER had to take responsibility for screwing up. He gets caught lying now and then lies about that.

A president who doesn’t know how to stay in his lane.

Donald Trump has NO RIGHT to demand that the two Justices do anything! He should keep his opinions to himself!! We demand he shut the hell up! I'd say the two mentioned have both made comments that would bring into question outward bias. Excuse me Trump treated mostly everyone bad because he wanted his way or the highway.

No proof? They spoke badly about our President! Impeach them! We do t want bias on our Supreme Court! What a big fucking baby. They spoke out against him publicly! We will not stand for bias in the Supreme Court! Impeach them! America insist that Trump excuses himself from all things Presidential after America accuses him of treating America unfairly

This is crazy. He needs to go. He isn’t a king His evidence was their very public statements, stupidfucks.

Right. So he can have a 5-2 majority. Like that's gonna happen 🙄 Great way to get SCOTUS on your side, Trump. Trump is a thug.

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