Trump doubles down on mail-in voting concerns, warns of 'greatest election disaster in history'

Trump doubled down on his concerns about mail-in voting snarling Election Day results, warning of 'the greatest election disaster in history.'

8/1/2020 2:33:00 AM

'It’ll be fixed, it will be rigged. People ought to get smart,' Trump, without citing evidence, told reporters Friday. 'This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history.'

Trump doubled down on his concerns about mail-in voting snarling Election Day results, warning of 'the greatest election disaster in history.'

'He's scaring our own voters':Republicans run into a Donald Trump problem as they push mail votingTrump is trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in battleground states, though analysts from both parties acknowledge there is ample time for the landscape to change. Democrats and other critics say the president's skepticism of the election is an attempt to sow doubt if the election doesn't go his way.

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"Trump is talking about stopping the election, which he can’t do, but would if he could, because he is losing," said Steve Schmidt, a former Republican now working against Trump's re-election."He is losing because he is the greatest failure in the history of the American Presidency. He is the most incompetent leader in a crisis in US history. Vote."

Trump again endorsed the idea of absentee ballots, which are offered to seniors, the military, people with disabilities and others who are unable to vote in-person on Election Day.The White House and Republicans have sought to draw a distinction between absentee ballots and universal mail-in voting, where ballots are mailed to all registered voters. But election experts contend that absentee and mail-in ballots are fundamentally the same thing: voting from home.

"Absentee ballots, great. Going to the polls, great," Trump said."If you do universal mail-ins with millions and millions of ballots, you're never gonna know what the real result of an election is. It's gonna be a very, very sad day for our country."

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although it is not in his power, congress does need to take Trump's concerns into consideration. there is NO room for error in this election. whatever party you side with, you all should want a fair election! But what if it were rigged in favor of Republicans? And if Trump wins, will it still be rigged?

POTUS seems like you speak from experience. Our last election was a disaster. You will be in all the history books for all the wrong reasons. When you are fired, you’ll find yourself the other side of your apprentice table. No, your election was the biggest disaster in history. The only time there was cheating in mail in ballots was when they caught the Republicans doing it

I’m 65 with underlying problems. Corona virus won’t keep me from going to vote, of course wearing a mask. I always vote early, lines are never long. Because he wants it! Look at that look. Show up or SHUT UP... vote in person. Only disaster is Con Don. It will be the greatest election disaster in history for Republicans.

realDonaldTrump .. Things losers say! I like presidents who are inclusive, smart and of sound mind! Vote JoeBiden and BLUE all down the ballot! OK, OK Isn’t it Time for crazy pants to go to bed yet? Starting to put doubts in our heads so he can say he lost because it's rigged. That's how losers behave.

No that was almost 4 years ago when the presidency was stolen...not won. Finally, the era of repression is over. And a new day will come for freedom travelers. He rigged the last election, he ought to know. The greatest election diaster of all time happened in 2016. What happens in 2020 is certain defeat for realDonaldTrump — well, if his Russian comrades don’t interfere AGAIN. Then hopefully Trump renounces the US and yachts out to Moscow (or as far as the Black Sea will take him)

He's right. Every illegal in the country is gonna cast a vote for the left. That's actual forcing election fraud brought to you by the left. Actually, he cited quite a bit of evidence. America already had the greatest election disaster in history. It happened in 2016. Americans finally understand that as long as Trump is in the WH, the pandemic will continue to rage. His leadership is killing us in record numbers. Democracy is worth dying for, he is not.

The smear has begin! we've already had our greatest election disaster in history in 2016. Laying the ground work for when he loses the popular vote, again. He's right there still counting votes in New York from a primary their in June realDonaldTrump no that would be 2016. It will be a disaster - for him, but for our country it will be awesome!

Sorry Donnie you use this mantra last election and you won , proving it was rigged !!!! This time it won’t be !!!!! Because u getting kick out no 2nd term for U wicked devil Only if Dump wins Just look at NY LOL It’s going to be the greatest ,sun shining ,praising the Lord ,hallelujah magnificent , thank God day ever when this pos is voted out by a landslide!

for UA, RU Judaism my Satanists, to US my Trump 3-d term ! wanna survive ? ... ; till now where the compensation me $15M +% from 2000-th for FBI persecution, intentionally killed my US surgeon's career !? Mail- in ballots are like advertisement's mass mailers. Most civil Americans who have stood for a Just USA know this is a quick trick. MD's are reporting around the country (including the MD's twitter took off the air) that today's CoV2 cases r youths with no symptoms.

DISHONEST MUCH USA TODAY? You people won't recognize evidence of malfeasance, even if it turns into a Snake and bit your Ass, as long as it fits your narrative. The People certainly know that mail-in ballots are CHEATERSVILLE USA. I can vote for at least 10 of my relatives. There will be NO regulation of who is actually voting. WWII veterans, veterans, forefathers, active military NEEDED to protect our country from THE INSIDE ENEMIES

VoteTrumpOut2020 and let's rid America of the Republican Senate VoteThemAllOut2020 Where s the tangible substantiated evidence? He's right. BC? He looses!!! Lol 😂 realDonaldTrump knows he’s not liked so prepping for when he loses. He cheats at getting golf, so he doesn’t lose Unless it isn’t? The left is hell-bent on making elections easier and easier to compromise. In the name of conservative 'voter suppression' . Democrats are as stupid as can be.

My cat and great great grampa are voting. I'm almost interested to what Biden2020 and what VoteBlue changes are made, we already lost death should be easy. Greater disaster than electing him ? How true is it that Trump to banned tik tok Yrump is shitting himself with fear. He clearly know he’s gonna lose badly.

Unless he wins, right? Then it won’t be rigged. We can’t get rid of this clown fast enough. He is such a waste of space the greatest election disaster in our times was 2016 Only if you win. That would be disastrous for America and undoubtedly rigged It's going to be a great disaster for PRESIDENT TRUMP! TRUMP BE GONE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY!

Trump2020Landslide The 2020 election will be a landslide disaster for realDonaldTrump . He will jump up and down screaming and carry on like an upset 2 year old. I feel so sorry for him. He certainly does not deserve it as he has only caused the greatest catastrophe this country has ever seen. The biggest disaster is 45

Everyone needs to remember he’s a reality tv goon... The sentence is not complete, complete reads: '... if, in a nightmare, would happen to be elected again!' Yep if you win again fake president realDonaldTrump ترامب اكبر كارثه في التاريخ الامريكي I'm sure he will do anything he can to make it a disaster

'This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history.' 👉Uh.. yeah... to him it will be... 🤣 American voters were understand this psychology/45 CONology 101 he’s playing (truth be damned and self above all else). 45 is betting if he causes enough repetitious confusion voters will be frustrated enough to not vote. 2016 “rigged strategy back up plan” when he loses.

My god! Could realDonaldTrump be any smaller? WorstPresidentInHistory PresidentSnowflake All that only if he doesn't win. If he wins, then it worked 'perfectly' / Mr President ! Only an Election Disaster if U fail to get elected back to the White House !!! Mail in ballots is a rigged system. That’s how we got our POS Governor in WA state.

Wrong. It will be the election to get rid of the greatest disaster president in history! Trump is trying to rig it. TraitorTrump For those of us paying attention, we KNEW he would do this. GOPTraitors TrumpIsACompleteFailure TrumpTraitor For him. Both sides are saying it. Nobody will accept the results as is!

You know Trump openly asked China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries to hack the election. He admitted to that last winter Live! Since when one have to produce evidence for concern. So.....what Trump is saying is this: If HE wins, it doesn't count because the election was rigged. Right? He's always confusing the American people with such nonsense, he is not a qualified President, the next President should not be him.

😂😂😂😂😂 He's saying this because he knows he's going to lose. So do we really have to say this again? If you KNOW he's saying something harmful - and saying it deliberately - but you go ahead and put the story out there anyway, aren't YOU basically an accomplice now? The saddest person alive. Yeah if win it’s okay if loose it’s fixed, rigged, blah, blah, blah

If he were up in the polls instead of JoeBiden, he would be pushing for it. ifyougiveapigawhitehouse The greatest election disaster in history would be if Trump wins again. Don’t let him! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteBlue2020 Biden2020 Isn't that what he said when they placed him in office? Stay woke

I agree. We’re going through extraordinary times, what’s the problem with taking extraordinary measures! Get out of the box America! Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Hawaii. Nuff said. TrumpThreatensAmerica Maybe for him. Aren’t they still counting the mail in ballots fron the June primary in New York?

The election will be false. Already people are getting dead relatives or previous tenants mail in ballots. Don't think some people wouldn't forge those?! No that was 2016! Can anyone trust Trump? Trump is the only threat to our election and democracy. Will his Republican lackeys allow him to do the damage he plans to do?

No, you're just going to LOSE. This election won't need to be rigged. Lol ... every day you write “stories” without any evidence ... you take things out of context, you misled and meld your stories into whateve4 crazy shit you want people to believe. The President votes by mail so he can do it but we can't that's crazy

He is absolutely right. People should look at this Trumpian tactic from a smart perspective. The loser-in-chief is a master whining-narcissist-hypocrite. in 2016, he said 'this election is rigged for me', while he was doing the rigging. This is not about delaying election at all. On the contrary, the greatest election disaster was four years ago.

Says the wimp that knows he is going to lose. Dissaster because you will lose bad How can you have evidence before something happens? Libs! This how you can tell Trump is right on the mark A desperate man is a very dangerous man! LOCK HIM UP AFTER HE LOSES FOR ALL THE CRIMES HES COMMITTED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

He’s a fraud and fake! Besides 2016 when Russia jumped in and dry humped our electoral process ? Yes, he's probably right. We have districts that can't even count regular ballots half the time. It would be a disaster. Hed worried the usual can't fix it again. Only way he is in office is pay to play Cannot stand realDonaldTrump as he’s ruining our country. So many damn fools supporting him. Please vote. I am dropping my ballot off in person and offering to drive anyone that needs a lift. ALL day long.

Greatest election disaster in history would be donnie cheating his way to victory! He is the ANTIPOTUS. We should expect nothing less. His hands are bloody and he is still failing us. Trump sows doubt about mail-in voting because it’s more secure than voting machines which endured hacking attempts in 2016.

For you Trump. For you. He’s settling the stage to further divide this country. He’s actions are traitorous. realDonaldTrump is a domestic terrorist who has broken his oath of office and is violating the constitution! Our country is having a constitutional crisis & Congress must intervene/remove him!

Be weary of trumps claims of a rigged election. It’s a set up! He gets dems to say it’s no fraud, meanwhile he rigs the election and the dems can’t cry foul because they said there was no fraud. Repeat of 2016 Trump is going to go postal when he loses😆 Would it be like someone losing the popular vote be 3,500,000?

If y'all going ahead with this election and the president wins by big margin I don't want y'all crying and carrying on like little babies out on the street looting and burning because y'all can't have what you want. We're going to change the country. I am all for mail in voting but if I don't get an email back saying when they recorded my vote, how will I really know my vote counted?

The greatest election disaster occurred in 2016. Cry baby wen he doesn’t get his way. It’s sad how childish he is, more so after all the people he’s fired & allegedly ripped off/screwed over. The tyrant has arrived. WAKE UP! Do the intelligent liberals realize that everyone is talking about trump. Good or bad. No one talks of Biden. Why. Because he is lacking

Trump is correct. When anyone can vote with out proof of identity, you know both parties are going to attempt to rig elections. We’ll Chinese from China, Iranians from Iran, Russians from Russia voting for their countries in our elections. The US Citizen will be removed. A disaster only for Trump. LoserTrump NovemberIsComing

But what if he wins? Still rigged or does that argument magically disappear? 😂 Did anyone ask him if he will feel the same if he wins? Is it only rigged if he loses IDIOT. He's gonna try to sabotage the elections to deligitimize the results. Only someone that knows he’s gonna lose would say that. But what if he wins? Still rigged or does that magically disappear? 😂

A loser says what In other words, he cannot cheat if we vote by mail? Huuum! If the elections were to be suspended he will not stay as potus until a new election day be orquestrated; Meaning, that NANCY PELOSI will become interium potus. If that was to happen, (whichwill not)it will be kinda ok? so if he wins it will be fixed he keeps telling everyone the news polls are fake and he is really leading Biden so since he expects to win them its not a real election?

I submit this is a case of th pot calling th kettle black.. If U r trying 2 deceive sm1 a good offense is 2 paint Urself as th victim and mk claims what they intend 2 do 2 U , all th while this is Ur plan, doing th very same 2 them. Imo he is a dishonorable man n cannot b trusted No, the greatest election disaster occurred in 2016.

The disaster is that he is still part of it. He never cites evidence. And his cult followers lap it up. vote VoteByMail2020 Election2020 Will he still think it was rigged if he wins? I might think it was rigged if he wins. Pretty sure the greatest election disaster in history was the 2016 one Please Lord stop with the out of context banter. He is right. Mail in votes will equate to fraud. You take what’s already been going and extrapolate that - the fraud would be detrimental to either candidate. But only one side is interested in voting for the dead and illegal. Dems

Impeach him for being a sore loser Desperate little man....... It'll be for him because we will boot him out This is just not true! Trump has been the greatest presidential disaster in history. He is going to rig it. By calling it out now, it makes it difficult to say he rigged the election by he warned us so he's the fair one.

He knows he going to lose. He is just ramping up his crazed base But if he wins, there was NO CHEATING and NO COLLUSION ! 🙄 Why is Trump so sure of election fraud? Because Putin told him? What you telling us?! Russia helping out again! I refuse to mail in vote. I recall the mess of the Bush/Gore election battle. I'll vote in person.

If tRUMP has his way with it. He is a disaster no matter what he touches. The reverse of the Midas touch. He has no intention of trying to help secure a fair election just piss and moan. He is a disaster. So if Trumpy wins it will be fixed, rigged, and people will need to get smart? Sounds about right!!!

He is just flat wearing me out. TrumpFatigue Disaster of possibility loosing fake news! Why does anyone listen to the man who had a foreign country help him steal his election from the real winner of the election. He is a liar and he is trying to steal again. YOU tRUMP are our biggest election mistake .. you are the most corrupt and so is your administration.. you all must go

Because yer gonna lose!! Loser Trump just seems to get more and more unhinged. Having postal workers not deliver the mail like normal. Having unmarked agents take people without saying why or who they were. Wanting to delay the elections. Laying groundwork in case he loses. Why is everything a ‘disaster’ in this Presidency. Historically in fact.

Mussolini also said he won’t leave He knows he's going to lose, so someone or something has to get the blame Stop giving him attention people are dying. Mussolini KILLED by the people in public The only disaster I would identify is if this jerk is reelected. This is how Mussolini died for thinking he could be more that 40million Italiens, Trump is looking for his day

You are - not he election Got that wrong, sir. The last election was the greatest election disaster. He’s running scared! It’s hard to put in words what Trump could of done to me personally until last night. My brother died. As a nurse I have been so angry at this idiot. Dear God... please do not let this mad man hurt my son in the military, since he is allowing men kill our troops. I couldn’t go on

No. That was 2016. Another smoke screen so we won’t notice how REALLY AWFULthe economy is! ... which is why he and McConnell have fought efforts to secure our elections from foreign interference? Fought investing in securing elections? If he's so very, very worried, why won't he lift a finger to do anything about it?

That’s why he put one of his cronie friends that know nothing about the postal service in charge of it. He’s gonna do everything he can to make sure that things go wrong. The president is loosing faith and most likely look like loosing the election. He has campaigned all four years. Never made himself solid to logical standards certain level of expectations. Never took ownership of anything & refused to address the pandemic logically. Sad.

With trump as president, couldn’t be any other way. Democrats are horrible humans and will cheat the system. Thanks agent 86. Delay, and then agent 99 Pelosi will be in your chair. What an improvement that would be. Trump lives in his own fantasy world. No that was when he was elected The greatest election disaster was 2016. It has proved by the death of 150k plus Americans, the largest unemployment numbers, the biggest drop in GDP, and how we become the laughing stock of the world.

Ahora dilo sin llorar POTUS_Trump_ESP So he knows he will probably lose because he has sucked so bad and realDonaldTrump is already making excuses His first election was pretty fraudulent with Russia and all. Like this time will be different. 🙄 diversion for the fact he’s a POs and going to loose. His GOP buddies must love that he's pretty much conceding now....

realDonaldTrump pack up chubby. It’s almost time to go Kayleigh gave evidence today in her press briefing. Might want to watch. LIES BY USA TODAY - mail in fraud has been in news. Many times just in last few weeks? Why is media lying so obviously? He is panicking. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Already planning his defeat...classic!! A greater disaster than 2016 which led to America losing it’s leadership status in the world, a fascist movement in America, white supremacy coming to the forefront, and 150,000 dead Americans from a pandemic? So if it’s going to be rigged, Wouldn’t it be easy for the government to stop that. And as he is currently in government, is he saying he doesn’t have the ability to stop it. If so he shouldn’t be in government.

Bc ure going lose is GUNNA be a disaster NOT! GUNNA be the OPPOSITE OF DISASTER !!! Without evidence? That’s rich. Russia, Russia, THAT was without any evidenceon realDonaldTrump or Gen Flynn! Just ask SidneyPowell1 ! Mail in Ballots would be a disaster. A trial was conducted of 600 sample ballots. They were mailed in different locations around the city and 30% never made it their destination. 🤔

How about start with him first? ...without evidence or substantiation. 2016 was Remember this in November. Trump disregards America so much that he is making up reasons he’ll lose in an effort to not leave the office. He’d sooner see the country burn. A GOOD president would then take action to fix what could be fraud. Heck, even a decent president would do that. As president you can empower states to make voting correct, safer, and easier.

What? Russia isn’t helping him this year? همه چيز با جنگ و كشت و كشتار و اسلحه و بمب درست نميشه ترامپ احمق... realDonaldTrump is the disaster. nytimes CNN :همه دولتها و حكومتها و مردم دنيابايد بدونن كه از سال بيست بيست به بعد بايد با شيوه جديدتري زندگي كنن...اون كشورهاي عقب افتاده و بدبخت هم از صفر شروع كنن...

FORGET: 150 000+ deaths, the Maxwell history, the tax returns, the Stone commutation, the Flynn saga, the Clorox injections, the alien DNA, the hydroxychloroquine, the nepotism, the Russian intrusion in elections, the scrapped economy, the fact that he is impeached, etc. He said something stupid. Shocking

That happened in 2016 let's not repeat it in 2020 This is just a fit of paranoia from an infantile, narcissistic psychopath. From now to January of next year, we will be treated with the delusional rantings of a man who is out of control of himself. Trump is the biggest disaster in history! So if he wins, it’s still rigged?

Without evidence ? Note to USAtoday, the election hasn’t happened yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are becoming CNN With this BS He wasn’t wrong last time and he is wrong this time. The election was rigged and will be rigged for him. 😂 Doubles down? He’s been saying this incessantly. If you can go to the store you can go vote . Otherwise apply for absentee ballot . That’s how it works .

OneTermPresident ? He is so delusional. Press him. Ask questions. Ask for proof. Don’t let him treat you like you’re idiots. Do your job. wake up! he is (again) just telling us all his plans. Man, this fraud is already fearing his defeat now He f-ing knows he’s going to lose. He’s panicking and setting the stage for it. Anyone with a fraction of a brain can see that. If you chose to ignore it, you’re an enabler.

gross is it genius to abuse americans and WHEN they tell the truth, YOU abuse power and want to silence them? OR is that simply abuse of power. Said by a guy that can’t lose gracefully Lol. What world is this lol. Wow setting up his excuse for losing and his reason for contesting Translating Trump language this means he will lose the election and it will be a disaster for him. He has tried very hard to divide America and bankrupt it in the process.

He's setting up for if he loses people will think it was rigged. This isn't a good sign that he feels confident he will win. Just because he knows he’s losing, he lies. DEMOCRATS - that’s your evidence! Asshats! My coal driven smart phone is slow today. Disaster for him! Great for America. DJT has done more damage to US, in every way. He cannot bluff his way anymore. He should feel really proud of his end result with Cain after holding rally he was told 'not to hold'..150 thousand lives lost due to his ego and failureto act

Actually, the greatest election disaster in history occurred in 2016. After losing the popular vote, realDonaldTrump was installed into an office he wasn't, and still isn't, fit to hold. Terribly disastrous election. Oh, it is, it is. FOR HIM! is it genius to call me a powerful woman as the excuse to ABUSE and try to make her business NOT happen and threaten to murder her and her family and ritually abuse is that genius? OMG it is abuse lying to act like that is NOT what is going on is nazism and illegal.

Putin’s Puppet. Will the Russians be able to rig the elections, so that Putin’s Orange Puppet will have four more years to further destroy our Democracy. VOTE BLUE! is it genius to say YOU cook dawn, that he chooses and to purposefully HURT an american? is it genius to stalk her and say that she is the false prophet for saying we have global warming and NOT wanting to be spied on by him etc and believe that I am 2 and NO divorces?

all those things are abuse and illegal. unhappiest man that ever existed being a us president is something a thousand einsteins couldn't predict. seriously this guy can't do the job, knows it, but won't seek any real guidance. that, without a doubt, is an unhappy person wallowing in his own fear, total fear of 1600...

ROBBERS TOO... ARE AFRAID OF ROBBERS!!! to him and believe what he thinks we are suppose to do, that it is genius to act out the bible saying he is chosen to hell and heaven people, sleep deprive LIE about true intentions call me illegal etc. discipline etc spy use military to abuse americans, is that genius?

is it genius to tell a disabled homeless woman you are terminated bc you think she is the source and a witch jew etc. on and on. OMG is that what being a genius is these days. OH to call abusing people who he feels are NOT god's people that we have to respect and pray Let’s just be real you can riot you can wear a mask to vote. Enough voter fraud happened in South Bend, IN alone when the dead were voting for Hilary. Already proven mail carriers had paid homeless go fill out mail in ballots. Just go vote

Spoiler alert: HE'S the one doing the rigging. GROSS says things like your scared, wow is that genius or is it ABUSIVE and lying to americans about what YOU are doing reallllly. If Trump and Barr have anything to do with the way the election is done it will be fixed and rigged. Trump wants to move the date forward so that it gives the GOP more time in which to meddle n the election process.

d. trump has got the post Office in an uproar over changes causing mail delays ! it was planned to help trump's claims about voting by mail. mailservice is backed up as we speak ! trump's a real evil, vile and underhanded player to get what he wants . Keep spreading propaganda Trump 🙄 Evidence has already been reported, with 20-30% fraudulent ballots, illegal ballots being mailed to dead cats from 2008, dead relatives, apartment neighbors that moved a decade ago.

TRUMP LITERALLY TELLING THE PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT HE AND HIS MINIONS ARE DOING TO WIN NOVEMBER ELECTION he just told me he was a genius for lying to congress or whomever to create an excuse to harass and abuse americans via calling himself chosen feels that it is genius to ritually abuse and sexually haraas, threaten social security, abuse , sleep deprive, using military

THE GREATEST ELECTION DISASTER IN HISTORY IS THE DAY TRUMP ASSUMED OFFICE. PERIOD!!! He knows he’s going down and will have to pull strings. 😡 We are not falling for that. He needs to be removed immediately. When he loses in November, he will take revenge on all of us. criminallyinsane The law prevents him from changing the date or pushing back the election. Stop giving him so much press for his constant misdirection

TRUMP TRAIN Not even the hardest core Republicans can shut him up. It's time we did 'How to make people believe the only reason you lost is because the election was rigged' 101 by POTUS realDonaldTrump. He’s right Trump is losing he has defeated himself. 🤦🏼‍♂️ he’s loosing and since trumpers are morons he deflects. Idiots!!

realDonaldTrump is the most dangerous man in the country. RepublicansAgainstTrump VetsAgainstTrump Republicans GOPComplicitTraitors Biden2020 There is an act live telecast for you here friends, check out by tapping play He played this EXACT SAME CARD in 2016 leading up to the election. He never expected to win and repeatedly laid the foundation for distrust of the outcome. His chances this time are worse than before so he’s laying in on THICK! Don’t buy the BS. CNN VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Actually, you are the biggest election disaster in this country’s history Once again he will be right 'Without citing evidence...' there are numerous examples of mail-in voting misconduct all throughout the country and have been for years. Even if you hate Trump, acting like there isn't an increased risk by large scale mail-in voting is just deliberately naive.

He plays the victim and like any dictators trying to manipulate people. Of course it will be fixed and rigged, unless he wins. Nope, realDonaldTrump POTUS “the greatest election disaster” was November 8, 2016!!! 😆 The press pool needs some cardboard avatars to stick in their chairs. Lmao he knows he’s going to lose

This is how I talk about the Browns games knowing they’re gonna lose. This country hit the moon 40+ years ago and yet need evidence for something that obvious. Of course it’ll be rigged. Liar In Chief He's got the finger on the trigger. His redneck army is waiting. 😢 Voters can request absentee ballots if they don't want to go to the polls. We don't need the expense & extra time & man power needed for mail-in.

Every election is a disaster when you will get your ass whooped stomped kicked !

Trump defends tweet on possible Election Day delay at contentious press conferenceClaiming at Thursday's White House briefing that the 2020 elections could be 'fixed' and 'rigged,' President Trump again highlighted the risks of nationwide, universal mail-in balloting in stark terms -- including by citing news articles and experts who have raised similar concerns. He wants to start a civil war doesn’t he? Wasn’t enough that he’s killing Americans, now he wants to turn us on each other. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could compare the US with the authoritarian regime in Zimbabwe. Trump is sure behaving like the Zanu PF dictators in Zimbabwe. Wow! FULL OF SHIT AND DESPERATE

White House condemns Hong Kong election delay after Trump suggests postponing U.S. electionThe White House’s top spokesperson denounced Hong Kong’s decision to delay its elections as anti-democratic, one day after Trump suggested that the U.S. postpone its own election The feeble attempt by Trump to delay elections was also anti-democracy too. Great to see the WhiteHouse & the PressSec getting on board. ✅ Self own once again kayleighmcenany Hypocrite!!!

Trump floats election delay, lawmakers in both parties reject ideaPresident Donald Trump on Thursday raised the idea of delaying the Nov. 3 U.S. elections, an idea immediately rejected by both Democrats and his fellow Republicans in Congress - the sole branch of government with the authority to make such a change. DIRECT DEMOCRACY = ONLINE VOTING vivelarevolution No election, Trump is president as long as he wants to be. StateDept Doublespeak..

Trump faces rare rebuke from GOP for floating election delayPresident Donald Trump repeatedly tests the Republican Party's limits on issues including race, trade and immigration. On Thursday, he struck a boundary. Trump* is flailing in his incompetence as the pandemic rages. This is the issue above all of his distractions. зубы не настоящие He spoke only his own interests. Not paying attention to the American people He only wanted to be a leader for another period.

Here's what we know about Trump suggesting the idea of delaying the November electionAfter raising the idea of delaying the November election, Trump later asserted the tweet was aimed at starting discussions around mail-in ballots. So Trump & GOP says it's safe enough for people to go work & kids go to school, but not safe enough for people to go vote. Yep, sounds about right to me. America's President. 🇺🇸 Trump 2020 all day. Not up for discussion Spanky!

Trump floats election 'delay' amid claims of voting fraudWASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is for the first time floating a “delay” to the Nov. 3 presidential election, as he makes unsubstantiated allegations that increased mail-in voting will... gtconway3d It’s a distraction play. Now you’re reporting on this, and not the horrendous economic numbers Are there it is, my morning cup of anxiety. DonaldTrump on floating the idea of delaying the election