Trump considers Insurrection Act to deploy US troops domestically

.@Maddow explains the conditions under which President Trump could deploy US troops in response to protests in cities across the country.

6/2/2020 8:53:00 AM

.Maddow explains the conditions under which President Trump could deploy US troops in response to protests in cities across the country.

Rachel Maddow explains that in order for Donald Trump to make good on his stated intention to deploy the U.S. military on U.S. soil against Americans, he would have to invoke the Insurrection Act.

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maddow The statement reads as if the General is willing to kill Americans. as if the 1st Amendment right to protest is not a protected right citizens are allowed to exercise. will the USAF carpet bomb cities soon ? maddow Y’all dumb asf 🤣😂 maddow 'Dear Jenny..Tomorrow we are being deployed. I hear Chicago is big and bustling, much different from Hoboken...' What is happening in America? Conservatives are now the martial law advocates? My. Word. MartialLaw MartialLaw2020

maddow SwannStreet needs coverage maddow Domestic terrorism is a criminal act. If these crimes were in your neighborhoods or your buisness was destroyed you would criticize Trump for taking so long. maddow The President Of The United States can not mobilize Military in to the states without Approval Of states Governors And Local Governments .

maddow How many of the rioters are unemployed and collecting government money? If you get arrested you should lose your checks. maddow Now I understand the importance in Gun rights. Mayors in many of these cities are not doing enough to stop the needless violence on innocent people. You can’t put all your faith in government officials.

maddow I guess loss of lives under his leadership don't count, huh? We all know America has been losing alot of lives in all of those conflicts. It was just Memorial Day. No short term memory loss here. DumpTrump2020 maddow Keep firing up the masses with your irresponsible garbage and you'll quickly see all the criteria met. MSNBC will definitely be sued for inciting riots, and insurrection.

Trump considering a move to invoke Insurrection ActPresident Trump is considering invoking the Insurrection Act, which allows him to deploy active-duty US troops to respond to protests in cities across the country, according to 4 people familiar with the decision. when will The GOP shows its backbone and stop this dictator to save our nation that he has made a mess of Good “if” true Hiding in his bunker CellarSissy

What Is The Insurrection Act That Trump Is Threatening To Invoke?The 213-year-old law allows a president to 'call forth the militia for the purpose of suppressing' an insurrection. Trump threatened to deploy the military to states that don't quell violent protests. We were just in lockdown for half the year, whatever at this point This…

Insurrection Act: Would it allow Trump to send troops to a state over a governor's protests?The law does allow a president to send troops to a state over the state government's objections, but only under specific circumstances. They pleaded with Hitler to but it didn't help.

Trump Says He May Invoke The Obscure Insurrection Act To Quell Protests⁠—Here’s What That MeansThe 213-year-old law gives the president the ability to deploy the U.S. military within U.S. borders. BunkerBoy Will the military be fully deployed ? Quel 'violence and looting' not 'protests' there fixed it for ya

Trump Mulls Declaring an Insurrection and Sending Military Into CitiesIf President Trump orders widespread military deployments against the wishes of state and local officials to deal with civil unrest, it would be unprecedented Yes. too bad our media, as an institution, was so passionate about normalizing him all this time, isn't it? it's too late now. far too late. It’s against the law. How else are we going to solve Democrats' failure to crush these looters of businesses?

Can Trump legally deploy US troops to US cities?President Trump threatened Monday night to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 law and take the unusual step of deploying active-duty US soldiers to police US streets. But there may be curbs on what Trump can do. | Analysis by zbyronwolf zbyronwolf Unusual!? Yeah lets just let the country burn...You guys really do hate America. zbyronwolf Hey Republicans you guys kept swearing Obama was trying to be a dictator but if ya haven't acted by now you clearly dont know what one is. zbyronwolf