What Is The Insurrection Act That Trump Is Threatening To Invoke?

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President Trump threatened to deploy the military to states that don't quell violent protests. But to do that, he would need to invoke what's known as the Insurrection Act of 1807.

President Trump walks from the White House to visit St. John's Church after the area was cleared of people protesting the death of George Floyd.Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

"If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them," Trump saidTo do that, the president would need to invoke what's known as the Insurrection Act of 1807.

Source: Law Daily Report (lawdailyreport.net)


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Well, for decades upon decades we have warned of the dangers of ever-increasing and centralizing executive power ...

Now do it like the rest of us.

'See America through the eyes of a victim. I don't see any American dream. I see an American nightmare.' Malcolm X. Black ppl are living a nightmare everyday. Trump is taking us back to slavery, he's trying to erase any gains we have made in his America.

So did hitler


I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have known about that act until it started showing up in the media

You could tell us without using his picture.

That's the DICTATOR in him taking full control of his being. It's truly what he wants to be. THE SUPREME LEADER. Now maybe his blind followers will open their eyes. The looting needs to stop but that is not the same as the protest. He does not distinguish between the two.

Thank God for 213 year old laws!

don-the-con trump IS NOT: a lawyer, teacher, brave, compassionate, minister, doctor, ex-military, historian, scientist, literate, benefactor, honest, tax payer, trustworthy, farmer, a loyal husband, decisive, psychologist, nor physic.

His actions during this (or any) crisis is either going to play out in the press as dictatorial overkill or this: 'Trump's Failure to Lead Destroys American Communities'. This man can't win for losing.


1807? That sounds about right.

thejointstaff should resign. He allowed himself, and the uniform, to be used as a stage prop. His presence, in battle fatigues no less, was meant to scare US citizens. This is a violation of the bond between US citizens and the military. shame

Trump is ignorant. Bill Barr is using Trump as his mouthpiece.

Don't forget, it's the masks that are tyrany.

On the the third day, he has risen!

it's a promise not a threat.


He's making things SO MUCH worse every time he opens his mouth.

Ahhh, the 1800's... the Republicans favorite years, when slaves were slaves and wealthy white Protestants owned them. Do not stay home on November 3... get up off your ass and vote BunkerBoy out to save the future

As he always does, he fueled these acts with his verbal negligence and then turned the flames on the people. That’s all he’s capable of.

Sounds like something out of the Spanish-American War! He must think he’s William McKinnley now and most of us know what happened in Buffalo and it wasn’t the football team

Sort of the the DOJ using the Logan Act from 1799 on Michael Flynn.

Fuq. I hope no one reads this to him.

What a combination of idiots

If the governors can’t or won’t do their jobs then somebody has to.

You don’t have to use this photo. They harmed peaceful protestors to get it. Why reward them by using it?

realDonaldTrump Even though trump was the one who stoked the flames with his tweets. The majority of the violence is being caused by his supporters and agitators funded by foreign powers allied with trump.

China plotted this

Hope you leftist, liberals at NPR are happy with all of the destruction and damage, you have encouraged?

I'm sure ChosenBoy's personal attorney billybarr is spending all his time in the DOJ basement looking up old archaic 'acts' for his bossy to rattle threateningly at his enemy ... the American people just plain fed up with his bullshit.

Violence rarely solves anything but I'd do 30 days to beat Bill Barr's ass!

Cool, cool... so did he do that? Because my nephew in the US army reserves just got called to serve. For this b.s. I don't know how to council him for this!!

We need to get all mention of militias our of our constitutions and our laws.

What an awsome name. He'll probably invoke it just to say the name.

Racism is systemic, systematic, and nowhere near gone. White America must step up not just for peace, but for justice many white Americans cannot admit that the country's criminal justice system and police culture...

For a rebellion it says, not for citizens exercising their rights to protest (not vandalize).

What Whites Have Done To America LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!

Such a diverse group of people he hangs out with.

Looting is not protesting!

Putin is celebrating tonight..... His mission of chaos in America has reached a new high.... Putin is pleased with his puppet

We should be asking how many crimes are mcconnell and putin committing while everybody is distracted by this rioting.

Wouldn’t be the first president to take away freedom . I give you the black mascot of Wall Street 👇🏽

He gives the option to the mayors and governors they let chaos reign, he does nothing you call him a BunkerTrump and more. He says he will sending national guard to noncompliant states and cities, y’all act as he’s a harsh dictator. My god y’all need to make up your fucking mind

Let him, the revolution that follows will end like that of the French. America will cheer when he's dragged into the streets to the guillotine.

NPR, owned by the Koch bros now normalizing fascism.

npr Trump 2020 Kristallnacht

? about that photo: is that his vapid daughter following him? The same idiot who was tweeting love in the name of pride week earlier in the day?


No. He is lawless.

Like Bush did in the 1992 LA Riots

He specifically differentiated between peaceful protests and RIOTS. The media lies. These 'Protestors' in Manhattan love George. This has nothing to do with George Floyd. This is board Rich White Kids, The children of NPR listeners no Fucking doubt!

take a red pill for one day, NPR. just try it out.

Trump copied Barr's homework and turned it in as his own.

My wish was they were walking his damn rocketship and fly these criminals of democracy out of here they have destroyed America ❗️

Very helpful. This for something far more serious than the current situation.

America was warned, repeatedly, and people said things this.

I think at this point it’s just Protesting

Every Good paths somewhere leads to an End .

Just imagine Trump trying to show some muscle and it all backfires...that's his presidential legacy and 2020 up in smoke.

We were just in lockdown for half the year, whatever at this point


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