‘Truly a catastrophe’: Minority workers take biggest hit from governors' jobless pay cuts

Some economists say the decision by more than two dozen governors to slash federally supplemented unemployment benefits will have lasting repercussions, making longstanding racial economic inequality even worse

6/25/2021 4:30:00 PM

Some economists say the decision by more than two dozen governors to slash federally supplemented unemployment benefits will have lasting repercussions, making longstanding racial economic inequality even worse

Of the 17 million workers who have applied for and received unemployment benefits between January and May of 2021, a disparate 22 percent were Latino and 18 percent were Black, according to a POLITICO analysis of Census data.

“The reason why Black and brown people are receiving disproportionately more benefits is because we are more likely to be locked out of the job market,” Andre Perry, an economist at the Brookings Institution, said. “Many employers still are not hiring Black and brown people. We saw the unemployment differences with the jobs report.”

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Even in cases where non-white workers are able to find new work, they may have more difficulty than white workers getting enough hours to support themselves. Schedule instability is 16 percent higher among non-white workers compared with white workers,

University of California Berkeley researchers found.“People of color end up getting worse and worse schedules,” Rachel Deutsch, senior attorney for worker justice at the liberal Center for Popular Democracy, said. “They’re more likely to be underemployed, more likely to have volatile, last-minute changes — and that really is an area where we see just actual racism playing out in the workplace.” headtopics.com

Some workers say these trends, while longstanding, may be worsening as the U.S. emerges from the recession.Earl McCarthy, 47, was working at a senior living community in Georgia when he was laid off. A Black father of four, he received state jobless benefits and, later, federally supplemented Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits as he searched for a job and was met with rejection after rejection.

Finding work “was really difficult,” McCarthy, now employed as a sales development representative, said. “Number one, definitely, race played a factor” more than it had in previous job searches.“You just face all of those kinds of pushback on an interview,” McCarthy said. “I would say that the interview process is definitely a lot longer [post-Covid].”

The racial repercussions of slashing jobless benefits could last far beyond the recovery — particularly when added to moratoriums on rental assistance and evictions, Perry said.“This can have absolutely devastating effects,” he said. “You can see more people evicted, more in abject poverty, a number of long-ranging effects because there's some things you don't come back from. It's hard to build back up when you don't have an income, when you're struggling to make ends meet.”

“For states to pull the rug out of underneath families without addressing real structural problems in various sectors? … If you're not fixing the structural changes that necessitated the need for supplemental insurances, then you're not ready to remove them.” headtopics.com

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Edwards points out that many Black workers make less than their white counterparts, meaning more of them will be pressured into taking low-paying jobs. The median annual income for a Black household in 2019 was $46,073,according to the Census Bureau; for a white householder, it was $72,204.

"It pushes people into jobs, but it has a scar of being in the low-wage labor market," Edwards said. "And you're just pushing that scarring onto Black workers."Rebecca Rainey contributed to this report. Read more: POLITICO »

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That's exactly what the republican/trumpers want. Vote for some else of your choice I hope that Latinx and African American voters remember what these Republican governors did, when November comes around. Racial economic inequality is their goal, while acting there is no structural racism. Of course it will. But they don't care.

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Since rhat’s probably what they were going for…yeah. Those same governors see this as a feature not a flaw Stop being lazy, stop waiting for a handout, get yo ass back to work!!!

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