Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals - Nature

Nature research paper: Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals

Micro-Optics, Quantum Simulation

1/20/2022 11:14:00 AM

Nature research paper: Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals

A triple phase transition, where changing a single parameter simultaneously gives rise to metal–insulator, topological and a parity–time symmetry-breaking phase transitions, is observed in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals.

n= 100 ns andm). The measured pulse intensities correspond to the squared modulus of the wave function at lattice sitemIn the broken PT phase, it is expected that the overall light intensity can exponentially grow with propagation timemThe experimental error is captured via the systematic and statistical errors. The tolerance regions show the expected deviations owing to systematic errors. We assume that the main contribution for systematic errors stems from the limited precision of the experimentally realized lattice parameters. The lattice parameters are implemented via phase and amplitude modulation of the propagating light and via the coupling of the variable beam splitter that connects the fibre loops. Therefore, the systematic error stems mainly from the limited precision of the electro-optic driving, for instance, owing to bias drifts and tolerances in the look-up curves of the modulators. We assume a relative error of ±1% in the modulation parameters (that is, the imprinted phases, gain/loss and the coupling

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