Top Democrat Urges White House To Withdraw Ambassador Pick İnvolved İn Racist Ad Targeting Black Po

Top Democrat Urges White House To Withdraw Ambassador Pick İnvolved İn Racist Ad Targeting Black Po

Top Democrat urges White House to withdraw ambassador pick involved in racist ad targeting Black politician

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7/3/2020 4:17:00 AM

Sen. Robert Menendez is urging the WH to withdraw Pres. Trump's pick for US ambassador to Norway because of the nominee's involvement in the creation of a racist campaign flyer in the 1990s and failure to disclose subsequent legal action associated with it

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realDonaldTrump rushlimbaugh seanhannity TuckerCarlson HowieCarrShow G_CURLEY DanaPerino greggutfeld JesseBWatters dbongino MarkSteynOnline KatiePavlich MZHemingway LouDobbs SaraCarterDC 'Hmmm MENENDEZ'? 'MAX WOULD BRING UP HIS RECORDS'? 'AHEM'. Is this the guy that was suspected of paying for child sex in the Dominican Republic?

Cronyism Considering senator that you were brought up on charges from Taking funds campaign funds and doing favors for friends and receiving payment I don’t think you have the credentials to criticize President Trump’s pick. Another criminal in the administration.

Taxes may be the top reason why Americans want to renounce their citizenshipWherever you live and regardless of where you work, the taxman is expecting a slice of your income. Seven out of 10 U.S. citizens abroad don't think they should have to file with the IRS, according to a survey by Greenback Expat Tax Services. That and being totally embarrassed having realDonaldTrump as a 'leader'. Did Democrats notice that Biden claimed that he will roll back all of Trump's tax cuts, the cuts that pushed the economy to record levels and brought businesses back to the U.S. and promoted a sound economy even with the crippling Covid-19 virus? Nope, they're in denial. And yet corporate media protect democrats (especially Biden now) who want to control everyone lives with overtaxing.

Top U.S. business executives urge Congress to pass bipartisan policing reformTop business executives in the United Sates are calling on the U.S. Congress to pass bipartisan policing reform before its August recess, in the wake of protests against police brutality and racial bias in the criminal justice system. Behavior of youth a huge factor conduct attitude loitering around stores shoplifting. Police response what we focus on they should be in school at work doing something meaningful Well past time. We need civilian oversight. Put a check between officers and their guns for nonviolent calls and traffic stops

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Reuters Top News @ReutersLIVE: China's State Council Information Office holds briefing after passing controversial Hong Kong security law 天滅中共生氣😡生氣😡生氣😡 ‘Everything is in keeping with the legal procedure’: ah then that makes it all right! 🤡

Trump campaign shifts top staffer and chief rally organizer to new rolePresident Trump's reelection campaign is making some changes to its top leadership by shifting Michael Glassner away from his current title as chief operating officer and into a new role managing their legal fights against news organizations. Yeah, like that’ll help. LOL! Like everything else Trump touches, his campaign is a complete and utter shit show.

Top CEOs Urge Congress To Pass Police Reform As George Floyd Bill Stalls“Corporate America cannot sit this one out.” Time to break up a lot of these big companies. Too big, too powerful, too corrupt.