Sport, Nfl Plans To Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 Games - Cnn

Sport, Nfl Plans To Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 Games - Cnn

NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games

The NFL plans to have the song 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' — known as the Black national anthem — performed live or played before every game in Week 1 of the NFL season, a source familiar with the league's discussions told CNN

7/3/2020 4:05:00 AM

The NFL plans to have the song 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' — known as the Black national anthem — performed live or played before every game in Week 1 of the NFL season, a source familiar with the league's discussions told CNN

The NFL plans to have the song 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' -- known as the Black national anthem -- performed live or played before every game in Week 1 of the NFL season, a source familiar with the league's discussions told CNN.

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There goes the neighborhood!!! Good bye NFL. kirkfranklin you up for this one! Opening NFL season with your rendition of our Black Nation Anthem. For this will be our exodus, the US our Egypt, racism the Pharaoh and BLM our Moses... you the voice... Too bad the stadium will be full of empty seats!! Vote for trump I am

This some kinka of joke 🤢 One nation under ONE GOD ONE FLAG one anthem.. stop trying to change AMERICA They can kiss my ass also. If the NFL thinks that they will remain American's Favorite pastime while making this obnoxious change for whatever the reason, Robert Goodall should think again. Liken the enemy and become the enemy. Wasn't much really a fan before, though I've know a few fanatics in my time

and I am sure I will be just another one NOT WATCHING OR PARTICIPATING IN ANYTHING RELATED TO THE SPORT EVER AGAIN. BLM. GET OUT , Trump If you’re offended and do not support the black national anthem, just turn your back, taking a knee is just a copy cat on what they choose to do. CNN pushing division again. They want us to be divided so they can advance their agenda to destroy america.


Goodbye, NFL. Hello puzzles! Black national anthem!! There is one? Okay, NFL is understanding this wrong. It's finally time to stop watching grown men hurt each other in what is suppose to be a game. Everybody change the channel and watch the history channel. Disgraceful it just continues to further separate the country

Just to pad the game even longer. That's racist What a fucking joke Its official then... we have a massive divide. We have americans and black people. I thought we were one nation and everyone one supposed to be treated equally. Guess not That's fine, NFL - but please play it AFTER you have played and given respect to the National Anthem of OUR country, in the same way that the rest of America gives respect to its black minority because black+white+all other colors = equality.

So, will players be taking a knee to protest police brutality during this pre-game music.? That’s great but what are you going to do for all the other races in our beautiful country.We are not made up of just black/white, but have amazing native Americans, Asian, Latino, etc.i want a world where we are one and this is making it a divided country we need to embrace all.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 There is ONLY 1 NATIONAL Anthem so the NFL must be the most racist of them all !! Won't be watching! How about no songs are played and they all just kneel? Take note from Premier League.... Cute but how about real change Why is it a black anthem. It should be the people’s anthem. Look at the lyrics. Not written by slave owner, still in original form, didn’t need to remove lyrics to make it more acceptable to a civilized society.

So we are slowly going BACK to segregation by having separate things for blacks? JusticeForVanessaGuillen Divisive and racist. I will be taking a knee during it. What about the Spanish ,Chinese,and all other heritages . As a white moderate/conservative guy- I have stood and sung this (with lyrics provided) at numerous events honoring African American achievements. I have zero problems with this

Or they could, like, have a black owner. Or have more than two black head coaches. Just spit balling. They just lost a Ton of Fans. Money too How about the native Americans version. If you do for one, you do for all; equality Not usually on board for symbolism, but must say, love triggering events to racist sensibilities...they love their athletes amenable/agreeable...stand 4 Lift Every, kneel 4 “anthem.”

Yeah, I’m black and this isn’t the play NFL. Nobody asked for this, it doesn’t fix what’s wrong with America. Just sign Kaepernick7 and help stop police brutality/end racism. Singing a different song for a week? That’s like changing your playlist when you gotta take a shit. I’m going to take a Knee when they play it

⚠️communist propaganda ⚠️ Racist! We literally never asked for this. We asked y’all to stop killing us. The Black National Anthem is OUR anthem. Can we have one thing People will be singing words that have no meaning to them. Imagine white folks singing about their ancestors and their weary tears. Goodbye 😒

This is crazy one nation! UNITED, what NFL plans? What is the Agenda!! Wake up USA 🇺🇸 🙏🏽🙏🏻🙏🏼 More Symbolism, this solves nothing. Go back to the drawing board. Save it NFL ... not good enough! You better pick up the phone and call Kaepernick7 start with an apology and we consider supporting later! WeStillStandWithKap

Why? What about the other nationalities in the league? Pretty sure its a variety of cultures. Your league is turning into trash 🗑 What a load of crap That's just white people not have feelings Yay cool don’t address police reform and make another song, yeah I think that will do the trick Taking a knee while wearing anti cop socks... Whats good for the black swan is good for the white goose...

Wtf ? Black national anthem? Lol 🙈 Sources say the NFL will also be handing out coloring pages Gestures are nice, but are just that. Gestures are not a substitute for reform or even evidence of a change of heart. If you really want to know what African Americans or anyone else wants. Ask yourself what you want.

yes while the slaves smash their brains in 4 ENTERTAINMENT lol, and the SLAVEMASTERS PROFIT...and players r left braindead... JUST LIKE THE WORLD BRAINDEAD IN SEARCHVOF THE NEXT FIX, junkies 2 ENTERTAINMENT GOTTA LOVE USA AND CANADA duplicating the ROMANCOLISEUM How many NATIONAL Anthems do you guys have in USA? WOW....

Hey NFL that’s all good but when are y’all gonna straight up apologize to Kaepernick7 ? The National Anthem is for ALL AMERICANS! I want to know when everyone else gets a day, month, holiday, song for their race? That is what would be fair. 🤣🤣 what's the NFL? Do they have their own Nation now? Talk about racist! Some idiot team sign Kap! Change the NFL to the Black NFL! See how tickets and tv tank! No more revenue! No more Rediculous Salaries! I never had issues with Black but I’m tired of it now! I’m done with the NFL!

Do they think black people should be cutting backwards flips? Share you yearly revenue with black people in Amerikkka....then you can brag! Racism If there is no check being cut behind this then it doesnt matter. More symbolism. Who gives a fonk! This will create an even greater divide in the country Sports as a way of life should end, its a game, a child's game at that, sports are simply not that important and should never have been elevated to the status it had

Good gesture, but not a solution to any problems. Why didn’t you report the jobs numbers yesterday you guys are despicable If people knew the history they would understand. I hope those unaware will take the time... Dear God I thank you for my life Here’s a thought why doesn’t everyone just come out and do the job they are paid to do! Play Ball! No anthems period!

So we are bringing back segregation? Keep drawing lines in the sand to divide us and we will never know what a country without racism looks like.. and apartheid gets one step closer There is NO black national anthem Idiots, Black is not a nation. Where’s the white national anthem? Asian national anthem, Latino national anthem? PC snowflake virtue signaling now we have a white national anthem and a black national anthem? What happened to being equal? This places a divide. Complete opposite affect you morons. If ever there was a possibility of equality in America, that possibility is rapidly fading away, to think this is a result of a career criminal ,dying,while resisting arrest, is unbelievable!

We could care less about the NFL that anthem, statues we want Reparations from the last 401 yrs of death. So let’s go backwards and divide our country which has one anthem! Thats racist. Pointing out one race over the others in a nation that has many races. This will be the biggest mistake a business has made since Coke changed its formula back in 1985.

Will one be allowed to kneel during that anthem or will they be harassed and intimidated to stand unlike with the Star Spangled Banner? NFL has jumped the shark. Wonder how much of their fan base will walk away now? What about having Hispanic,Asian,Native American anthems too? Whats next looting hour.

What does that mean? Fake news scum at it again . Stirring the pot. Picking at the wound. we must heal another way . One Love ! More segregation can’t believe people don’t see that shit Hell that Orange Guy will turned Black with Fumes...nice Certain NFL players ignore the true anthem for a stand in Black one. Isn’t this Racist in it’s self.

The black national anthem? That is really helpful in bringing people together. I definitely will not watch such a stupidity. Apologize to Kaepernick7 That is Stupid! They are saying they are not treated equal as Americans and then they separate themselves with their own national anthem. Something is not quite right there. They won't mind if I sit during the playing of their national anthem then, RIGHT!

Will that be followed by “Dixie” for the white people? Thought we were going for unity, not driving a wedge between us. Literally not what anyone was asking for. We want police defunded and reformed. racism rooted out everywhere. First the Kente cloth, now this. Smh Wow!!! More pandering. Imagine for just a minute if there was such thing as a White National Anthem.

And what about the Irish? The Irish were treated like shit for years. Please play Danny Boy EVERY week! What’s week 2, We Are Family? YHGTBFKM Your President is divisive but you don't say a damn thing about that. We Mexicans demand Volver, Volver by Vicente Fernandez to be played as well. We DON'T need another anthem! What we NEED is SYSTEMIC CHANGE that gives our race an EQUAL path of hope that leads AWAY from the path of jail! Give us libraries, schools & SAME ops as WHITES! sherylunderwood KingJames nflcommish NFL espn GMA TheTalkCBS TheView TheRevAl

This is an attempt to pacify us. nflcommish NFL the pacifier will not work! Dont give us what you THINK we want. Give us what we NEED & its not an anthem! Kaepernick7 KingJames common TheRevAl sherylunderwood WhoopiGoldberg michaelstrahan GayleKing donlemon Beyonce FUCK a song, statue, i don't even care about racial hatred toward black ppl. I dont care about equality...WE WANT EQUITY, ECONOMIC RESTITUTION ,da slaves was da cause of da 1st civil war im very well aware of history repeating itself..AMERIKKKA OWES A DEBT!!

momentum increases for an African-American professional football league with Colin Kaepernick as commissioner. We dont need a BLACK ANTHEM, another anthem or another parade NFL nflcommish espn what's IMPERATIVE is systemic CHANGE that give blacks a hopeful path in life that DETOURS them from the path of jail! sherylunderwood TheRevAl ananavarro soledadobrien common KingJames VP

There’s only one national anthem. When Black Americans talk about inequality and systemic oppression, listening to the Black national anthem will fix it every time. 🙄 Out with white and in with the black! Stop Are the players going to take a knee, or stand, during the playing of it? Where did the CORONAVIRUS ANTHEM go? It was number one in the CNN charts for weeks and weeks... Will it be performed at the next game

Trump2020 WWG1WGA TheGreatAwakening ̷̧̢̼̤͈̼̫̋̾Q̸̼͔͕̗͚̟̉̄̄͝a̷̞̗̺̐̔̚ṇ̶̨̢̦͚͚̜͇̯̉̓̑̉̏͋̕͝ö̴̡̟̥͔̟̞̯̠̳́ͅṇ̵̫̭͔̈́̓͆̄̈́̋̈́̓͘͠ The song is no accident. Tick tock tick tock. InTheEnd That's it for week one. Of course, never pay any attention to exhibition games. No more NFL for me. Democrats bringing back segregation......again.

Huh Hypocrisy Look at God. Sounds like bull$hit to me. Black National Anthem like African National Anthem? What? Is the BlackLivesMattters movement mentioned in bible prophecy? - Bible prophecy Keep adding reasons to cancel the NFL for good, not a dollar for those spoiled brats.🙄 The breaking news is that the NFL still plans to have Week 1 games.

This is segregation and racism, separate but equal is over with. What the hell is the black national anthem? Let ‘em. I quit watching the NFL Looney Tune Show years ago. I encourage all who disagree do the same. Instead of putting money where our mouth is, let’s put our passion for national unity (our flag) where the NFLs “rules for racial etiquette” a distant memory.

Maybe we should name this land the New Africa next? For that matter then can we have an Italian anthem, and Irish anthem and a Jewish anthem too? I guess a black national anthem would be racist, wouldn’t it? I don't care if they rap a fucking marry poppins song just play the damn game. What’s a black anthem 🤷‍♂️. Blacks your driving ths nonsense but you will regret tomorrow. Your Destroying your own strong nation USA

We all know whites started this division. By racially abusing blacks. So nobody should ever say blame Black's for the division in USA. There isn’t a black national anthem Absoluteely inappropriate and disgusting!! This land is not called 'Black America'. It is America! You mean in America you have a special National Anthem for Blacks?!!!😱 In YOUR democracy?!!! You make Apartheid look like a glitch at a school event!

😂😂😂😂 BoycottNFL Can they scrap the regular national anthem and play Purple Rain? That would be cooler We never asked for this. Where’s Latino national anthem? This is interesting: black national Anthem &White National Anthem. What a narcissist joke;tokenism wl not help. Heads been messed, open your hearts. For far too long race anarchism was shoved under the carpet in USA capitalism. realDonaldTrump dividing society &our communities

Blacks should leave the planet Or, you know, you can publicly apologize to Kaepernick7 and give him his job back? You think we forgot how y’all condemned players for taking a knee but then also tried hijacking the protest and making it your own? Your performative allyship is showing and it ain’t cute.

They should all kneel down to that! 🤣😜 Nobody asked for this. Completely dumb and waste of time. The NFL needs to go back to not giving a shit instead of pretending to give a shit. Beautiful. How can there be a black national anthem when skin colour does not equate to nation status in any political sense?

makeamericafreefromracisminequality Who wrote it? When? It's a shitty song. Ive heard it. Like it was written by 3rd graders Is the nfl going to do this at the Redskins games? Because continuing to call a team “The Redskins” makes them fucking hypocrites no matter what else they do. NFL messed up so now they are going to make it worse..... 🧐

This is certain death of sports as we know it. No one is more privileged than pro athletes in America. If they want to ruin that too, then so be it. Wave goodbye to your inflated paycheck and career. If there never was slavery in this country, jim crow laws, blacks being considered as property, THEN James Weldon Johnson never would have needed to write'Lift every voice & sing' also known as the black national anthem. The song was a cry for liberation. By us, for us about us!

Wonder if any player will kneel.... This is exactly what they were fighting for, huh? All I see is clear equality. Exactly what generations have been fighting for. Police reform Nope here is a song 🎵,or syrup bottles remove golden girls episode . So many amazing changes . The nfl owners are Trumpers. I am done with the nfl. Not watching. Bye Felicia.

What's next separate water fountains? 🤦‍♂️ SMH.. Why now, play ASIAN, HISPANIC, NATIVE, LATINO, THEY ALL SUFFERED Funny. Black National Anthem? Keep dividing. We used to sing that at my grade school from kindergarten until I moved in 5th grade. It was an all-black school. The school a transferred to wasn't and that was the end of that song being sung in school for me. This was in Chicago.

Gee I hope no white players take a knee then..... Omg it very sadly.Use your masks cleansing your hand or use alcohol to disinfect and social distencing. I'm Ok with it, as long week 2 is native American, week 3 Latino anthen, week 4 Asian anthen and so on NFLTwitter N.F.L. Stands.for *No Faith Left*... NFL My Wife *SNAPPED** She Had It... Read the *Real News* if You Can Handle it... NoKneeling Get Off Your Knees! Kneeling is an Act of Worship Reserved for Jesus!....⏬⏬⏬

There is only one damn national anthem First, consider Defunding the NFL! Second, There's only one National Anthem per country! I'm sure it's a nice song, but this is pretty lame. Save it for America's Got Talent. You can sing whatever you want there. Good job NFL for promoting the reintroduction of national racial segregation. One anthem for Blacks. One anthem for Americans. This will go down as well as someone might expect. 😏

Sorry, qill be burning all my Jets stuff this year! The national anthem is about our nation, black anthem is about one culture! So. Do we kneel for that one? We are the world will do!! Good bye NFL White anthem first! Covid!!!!! BLM!!! What a day!!! Sure feels like segregation...sad. hope all the white football players take a knee

Well that's nice and all, but we ain't ask for none of this, just some basic human rights. This is my pick to sing it at the Super Bowl No, it's known as the Negro National Anthem. Just stop with all the history rewrites. Obama may have hated the word Negro but most Negros I know are fine with it. Please stop rewriting our history. Thos pan-African bs has got to stop.

The NFL is a PR nightmare. Goodell is a pawn ruining the game at every level. This comes off as an insincere apologetic PR scam all in the name of $$$. Not to mention the season will be a train wreck in the midst of a Pandemic. Take the year off and get back to basics NFL. So we are going to have different “National Athems” for every race? Don’t Hispanics want one too, Asians?

I'd respect the NFL more if the owners just came out and finally admitted 'we don't care, we just want this all to go away'. I’ll be kneeling for the Black National Anthem!!! Does that mean no kneeling during the national anthem? Expect not. The NFL is now history If a white person kneels while it’s played, is that frowned upon? Racist?

So stupid, smfh The NFL is weak and stupid. We don't want symbolism. Cut the check, hire Kapernick, and protect the players from head injury!!!! They can do whatever they want, but I’m not watching... There is no Black National Anthem and you know it. Fuck the NFL. Reparations The comment tone upon hearing that the Star Spangled Banner won’t be heard...lmao!

Does the NFL expect the players and coaches not to kneel during the national anthem? If they do, they still don’t understand why they are kneeling. That’s not what we want. Omg they are slow. This what happens when you have no senior level people of color in these meetings I think most white people just assumed we would sing the national anthem for all races that fought side by side in the trenches for our freedom.

This is getting beyond ridiculous.. There is NO ''White' National Anthem. There is just 'THE' National Anthem . You think that playing this song is going to bring Americans together. It is going to do the opposite. Bending over backwards to kiss the ass of black activists is only going to piss off every patriotic American. Who do you think buy the ticket, merchandise, food & drinks BLM?

We’ll kneel to that too , our ancestors will understand- don’t be slick Hire kaep How about America the Beautiful the next week? Ray Charles had a drive to get this beautiful and easy to sing song as our national anthem Sounds good👍🏻 Trash. Ah, good old-fashioned American pandering. 'Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. ' Those were the words of Alabama Gov. George Wallace in 1963. Reading through these tweets, it's the sentiment of many today. The only difference is the skin color has changed. We're at a sad place in time. 😞

Absolutely ridiculous and a good way to divide America. What in the world is the NFL thinking The funny thing is i bet 95 percent of the protesters will be out protesting that day and NOT watching NFL Goodbye NFL. I will not be attending any games or watching. It’s sports, morons not politics. Might as well just start calling ourselves America and drop the United States.

Man we need solid effective Laws and a financial influx into the black communities. MLK fought against this exact thang Neo-segregationism is running amok. That'll really bring people together. Great lets go back to segregation SMH Are black folk not American's they need a separate one? Is this coming back?

Good reason not to go. Urmmm. Police reform would be nice. What is the black national anthem? The American national anthem? Or do blacks not want to be Americans? I’m very confused right now The NFL has just added to racial tensions. There is only one National Anthem. This is just being more divisive. You have to be kidding

Will the NFL try you help employ Colin Kapernick? Why not just play America the Beautiful? Neutral ground. Besides, people want substantial change. This is just highly superficial and almost condescending. Like, here’s something to just shut people up while we continue our bigotry... I keep on telling you people God love everyone not just one

FUCK YES Play all the songs you want to play. It won’t change anything. There’s a small portion of Americans hiding behind a fake narrative while fundamentally changing America into something most Americans do not support and the elite and large corporations don’t even know it yet. CuttingRoomMRB Doing everything we didn’t ask for

The NFL is determined to push away as many fans as possible as they bend over for the oppressed millionaires. Canceled my Sunday Ticket. Will not spend another dime on games or merch. Bye-Bye LEVAS is 5-7 minutes long depending on tempo because it's a 3 verse hymn and you always sing every verse if you are doing it properly.

Uhh...Bad Idea!!... I won't be watching. NFL NFL Should be every sport - every game And why in the world would you capitalize black? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It doesn’t matter. I stopped watching 2 yrs ago. Maybe the white guys should kneel during the black anthem After all it's not meant to be offensive Not watching week 1!

Another reason we wont watch Like deBlasio’s idea for a Black Lives Matter mural across from Trump Plaza, this is something that a) no one asked for, but more importantly b) does nothing to address systemic racism or police violence. They will also continue play songs by black artists throughout the game that condone violence, gun culture, drugs, and demeaning women. They know best I am just a dumb white (small case) dude.

I’ll be kneeling I always thought the national anthem was racist. Why do the words only ask Jose if he can see? Oh boy those ratings are going to drop for the NFL. I'm done with it. Did all you racists even read the article? They’re still playing your US anthem. Just playing this song before it. What’s the big deal?

Kind of ironic the song is called 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' since the people who want to sing it suppress and censor people who don't agree with their logic. did cnn just take the knee....cnn is fake news Fuck NFL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The black national anthem? 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anything but a black owned team.

Great idea. Why is the American anthem played? It’s not as if it’s the national team playing. Get rid of it for domestic games. This man needed no black anthem!!!!! He had the American flag! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍 I will stay seated Black privilege ! I wish there was a supremacist detector!

Just boycott the first 15 minutes of airtime. Sponsors will dry up. F*CK RIGHT OFF NFL. Whats next a gay pride song too? The anthem is for all Americans Know the rules people!!!! A white national anthem is racist!!! A black national anthem is celebrated!!! Hasn't public schools and socialist colleges taught you anything!

Get woke go broke Ik these MFs really don't think black folks are suppose to be passified by a SONG 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I will trade all of these symbolic gestures for the cancellation of student loan debt. HappyFourth BlackNationalAnthem thursdayvibes ThursdayThoughts studentloans This song is ofter referred to as the black national anthem, so what about all the other races in the USA when are they going to get their songs noticed?

What about the Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Native American, Gay, Trans, Non-Binary, Queer, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan or Atheist Anthems?! The NFL is so non-inclusive! Cancel all sports! blacknationalanthem blm What is the “black anthem”.... I must be the most un-woke person ever MAGAs are going to blow a gasket.

Let the comments fly & the free entertainment begin So wait...a separate anthem for... black people... it sounds so familiar but I don’t Remember where I’ve heard of it before... 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️ this is mad woke NFL also..gfy. Segregate much? blacknationalanthem NFL WE ..... DONT..... CARE....!!!!!!! WE WANT THE DAMN SYSTEM FIXED AND TO BE TREATED AS EQUALS.... GIVE US JUSTICE!!!!

Because segregation is the new empowerment! Shit like this is why Trump is getting re-elected. Reviewing the posts & this is why African-American studies need to be included in all American history and mandated for all Americans & immigrants seeking citizenship. Here’s Beyoncé singing the black anthem recently called “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

I take it back. I’ll try to take a knee during the Black National Anthem, if I don’t feel MOVED to show my dispute in another more MOVING way. That way could get NASTY. I am obviously a fan of this song, but . . this is NOT what folks have been asking for. Is it really that hard to get behind *NOT* killing black people?

What the fuck is a “Black National Anthem.” 🖕 Should we be kneeling or standing for this one...I’m getting confused... Known by whom? Besides whoever's writing the tweets, I mean... Dear Twitter: don't start acting like black people wanted/asked for this cuz we did not First time ever in my life to know that there is a “black national anthem”

Fuck the NFL aka The National Felon League Bye bye NFL! Boicot NFL. 👎🏿 We have one national anthem. me watching the nfl NeverAgain Who asked for this? They should fix the stuff they have been ducking for years (Washington team name, Kaepernick, Black Ownership/Head Coaches... We ASKED FOR POLICE REFORM Whew the racism and I find it hilarious y’all didn’t know there was a black national anthem and mad without knowing it or it’s meaning. It’s uplifting and the lyrics are so powerful ✊🏾

What about all the other nationalities who play in and support the NFL? Guess I will not watch that week. This country has one National Anthem that is for ALL Americans of all colors. How about the white cops killed by black people every day? got any songs FOR THAT They are uniting the country because no one on either side of the issue wants this.

This is so divisive!!! AND YES I AM BLACK!!! What problem does this fix? Nothing says UNITED like having TWO separate National Anthems 🤦‍♂️ I had no idea there was a “Black National Anthem”. Maybe we should have a “Hispanic National Anthem”, and an “Asian National Anthem” and a “White National Anthem”. Seems like progress?

Imagine if a nfl player took a knee in 2016 2 prevent this chaos in 2020. Prevent future death & chaos. Then BlackLivesMatter filling the stands & parking lots disrupting a NFL game 4 future lives? chaz was built in 49ers snack bars? LorenzoAnderson DavidDorn RobertForbes? All I did was take a two hour nap—-TF happened. 🤷‍♂️

Let em play what ever they want. Just dont fly our USA flag! And boycott all pro sports. Black people don’t care about that.. BS on the NFL All lives matters excep pedos Donald Trump BEST PRESIDENT EVER WWG1WGA CNN PIECE OF SHIT Good bc after that first week you can have the Star Spangled Banner national anthem all of the other weeks. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 NationalAnthem NFL nokneeling

Can people kneel without repercussions? You’ll stand for this but not the American Flag? Lol Take a knee for the black national anthem All of the 3 black people I know have never heard of this song before What is wrong with you people? And the conservative males will be posting on social media that they’re boycotting the NFL in 3,2,1.....

We have to have segragated anthems now? That's an insult to black Americans.

NFL to Reportedly Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 GamesThe NFL is planning to make a huge statement when the season kicks off ... with the league reportedly deciding to play the Black national anthem before every Week 1 game. NFL, The Lost Years, another one I will kneel in support of Police or take my money elsewhere. Not a fan of segregation 🙄 All this performative activism.

NFL will play Black national anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' before each Week 1 gameStarting with Texans-Chiefs NFL season opener, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the Black national anthem, will play before every Week 1 kickoff. realDonaldTrump you mad? BoycottNFL nfl is going to commit suicide faster than GhislaineMaxwell

NFL Plans To Have “Black National Anthem” Performed Before Star Spangled Banner At Week 1 GamesThe National Football League plans to have the song Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing performed live or played via a recording before every Week 1 NFL game. The song is considered by many as the Blac… Going to back to segregation, led by Democrats, again. Sadly, I hope the NFL season is cancelled for 2020.

Movement for Black Lives plans virtual national conventionBlack Lives Matter groups will hold a virtual national convention, on Aug. 28. Organizers say the convening will produce a new political agenda that builds on the protests calling for officials to defund police and invest in Black communities. Should be a terrorist organisation BlackLiesMatter

Zachary Levi to Star as NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner in ‘American Underdog’ BiopicZachary Levi will star as NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner in “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story.” The film, from Lionsgate and Kingdom Story, is expected to begin produc… This is big news for both my wife and I. Gimme_Da_Lutz How you feel about this? I feel so happy for my man ,I'll be in the front row watching the film zacharylevy

Ex-NFL star Burgess Owens wins Utah GOP House primary: reportA former NFL safety took a big step Tuesday night toward a whole new career.