Tiger Woods Update: Suv Crash Was Caused By Speed And An İnability To Negotiate A Curve, Los Angeles County Sheriff Says - Cnn

Tiger Woods Update: Suv Crash Was Caused By Speed And An İnability To Negotiate A Curve, Los Angeles County Sheriff Says - Cnn

Tiger Woods' SUV crash was caused by speed and an inability to negotiate a curve, Los Angeles County sheriff says

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4/7/2021 8:32:00 PM

JUST IN: Six weeks after Tiger Woods suffered serious leg injuries in a car accident, authorities say the main causes of the crash were speed and the golfer's inability to negotiate a curve.

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Tiger never had trouble negotiating the curves at Augusta ....hope his recovery is speeding up. We will all miss his aura over the next few days at Augusta ! Most would get charged with Failure to Maintain Control of Vehicle. A moving violation. Not the rich and famous. Once a illuminaty you’ll be destroy until you suck a toe look at them they still want to finish him

Wishing Tiger a speedy recovery And he didn’t remember going that fast? Bullshit! How many more wrecks and tickets is this ass going to have before they finally yank his license?! He needs to start taking a cab, before he kills someone. Too much swing into that putt.... HAHAHA...oh come on,..he did it to himself...

I also like to lay out the terms and conditions prior to a curve in the road Careless driving. It was simply his own neglect to drive carefully and according to the speed limit. so in other words wreckless driving If you want to learn how to trade/invest in the crypto market and maximize profits, I’m happy to show you the best way to invest and navigate the market, so if you’re interested in learning more about this feel free to send me a dm

Hey, why aren't you airing Biden stories all day every day? BECUASE YOURE BEING PAID NOT TO. Absolutely disgusting and look them up, CNN is the most hated company under Xfinity. So where is his reckless driving ticket like everyone else would get karma 🐸🍵 Bwahahaha. Names Tucker not Sucker. Speeding, hit the gas not the brake Stupid fucking people that believe that crap

in other words, 'por pendejo' It’s funny how many people are being conspiracy theorists about this An 85-mph fade when he should have hit a draw. TigerWoods Operator error If that is true he needs a ticket just like anyone else would get and a court date Maybe he was dreaming about love? That wouldn’t of happened if he drove Tesla tell them elonmusk

Omg..iv never seen such a hyped accident I could care less. Why does he get an official investigation but normal civilians don’t? Celebrity privilege 🤦‍♀️ Second time he crashed and the same result. Let's hope the next time he don't kill no one Liers. All cover up . Where's the drug result and when was the breathalyzer initiated .

At the age of 8, he was accidentally stoned in the eye by one of his classmates. This was very traumatizing for Mukit and his parents. He set them back not only academically but financially. Doctors concluded he would need a corrective surgery. I hope they charge him! By accident I hope? So, when will he be issued Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, Speeding and if on pain meds, driving under the influence...he really was quite fortunate there were no other vehicles in the way. He could have killed and/or hurt so many others.

When you bring it on yourself you don’t deserve sympathy. Dang dog leg right... I will help you manage any email marketing account successfuly KINDLY DM ME NOW We all know what he was attempting A serious crash like that an they wouldn’t do a sobriety check? Being famous must be nice Question is did he got a ticket? Or suspended license? Everyone knows he’s a drugged guy.

Definitely on some kind of pain killers to make all those mistakes He couldn't negotiate hiding his mistresses either. Love how he gets a free pass for being a complete scumbag. He's the real life Big Ernie McCracken.... What? A celebrity's reckless driving caused an accident?!? It's not breaking news. Just added news. Glad it was not liquor or medication.

There is no correlation with having lots of money and having good judgment. Plus he was endangering lives. Anyone else would of had blood taken and levels check What did he offer the curve in exchange for not existing? Why do they always say 'negotiating a curve'...like do you even have time for that during accidents

Hmmm history of drug abuse but I’m sure that’s not a factor , also pigs can fly. Speeding 2nd most common cause of traffic crashes, injuries and death! Hitting the wrong pedal isn’t a defence for dangerous driving only amplifies the fact u didn’t have care and control Water is wet! Happens to the best of us.

Inability to negotiate curves is kinda a thing for him. Negotiate🤣😂 my dad's reaction when I told him I was 'unable to negotiate a curve' So he panicked and hit the gas instead if brakes ..happens everyday PM me if you’re interested in earning $105 by online trading daily, PM me if you have a phone or PC let’s go ✅✅✅

And this couldn't be release earlier due to 'privacy' issues? Every day people (not sports celebrities) would have had it publicized immediately. SUV crashed on the border of Rolling Hills estates and Rancho Palos Verdes . So him being a bad driver is why he crashed Anybody living in California driving those roads on a regular basis knows not to be an asshole while driving those roads… And drugs never help

Really you don’t say?!?! Surprise surprise 😂😂 blacks are like chinese when it comes to drving never thought the man would have an issue with driving Interesting how not one of you, that tweeted, enquired about his well being. Sad really. I hope that you are not judged the same way. He was asleep Wow, what a news!

Tiger had the need. The need for SPEED! He usually goes right off the tee but this time it looked like he drove left into the trees. So tell me why this info -- routinely released by cops the country over -- wasn't released until now? Not a single journo wanted to know back then? No one raised a stink? journalism FactsMatter

He had to negotiate with a curve . Makes sense Should’ve negotiated better. 🤔 imagine he had his son with him! Imagine he hit another car or pedestrian and killed them he needs to be shown he is not above the Law jail him Any summons issued ? Steering with his knee while texting really didn't affect anything. It was the speed, and the speed alone.

so tiger woods just walks away scot free but the pilot of kobe bryant's helicopter is like some kind of horrible villain reverse racism. Q.E.D. I bet on FoxNews and oann there’s all sorts of racist comments on this story. this is what cops tried to hide Tiger be on the PERKS , WYTE always down playing they conrads , yes tiger one of y’all..

Charge him with speeding and dangerous driving then ...... So he's a bad driver?