World, Berlin Protest: Large Demonstrations At Brandenburg Gate Over Covid-19 Restrictions - Cnn

World, Berlin Protest: Large Demonstrations At Brandenburg Gate Over Covid-19 Restrictions - Cnn

Thousands gather in Berlin to protest against Covid-19 restrictions

A large crowd of far-right groups gathered for a 'sit-in' at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate on Saturday to protest against the German government's coronavirus restrictions.

8/1/2020 11:41:00 PM

A large crowd of far-right groups gathered for a 'sit-in' at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate to protest against the German government's coronavirus restrictions. The march included anti-vaccine groups and some far-right and neo-Nazi organizations.

A large crowd of far-right groups gathered for a 'sit-in' at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate on Saturday to protest against the German government's coronavirus restrictions.

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What tripe! You are trying to make a far right group. It’s the public saying their not stupid and not to treat them like it. Their are hundred of people trying hard to keep communication dead but millions won’t play. Sorry!! 1.3 million there.. 'far right' what a joke you really are.. Tsila1777 Trump2020LandslideVictory DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Its not far right to be anti lockdown Far right they called it was peaceful..people are marching an its there question things..if we cant question then its a dictatorship. Antifa are far right there burning an shooting an ripping down things..this was v peaceful. 'Far right' is Libspeak for normal people.

So white people gathered, they must be neo-nazis. Just look at all these 'far-right and neo-Nazi organizations' with rainbow flags & banners reading: 'Love is the answer' 'End of the Corona dictatorship' 'Health is more than the absence of illness' 'Stop! It is enough! Enough is enough' CNN tweet: this people are terrifying

Did they try to burn buildings though? Cause it seems you're very eager to point out there's a couple neo nazi's at a rally in Berlin, but very cautious to mention that riots that have been going on for nearly 2 months now at BLM rallies. Wrong. according to Hitler's own platform the Nazis were not far right. Do more research before you slander.

Please do the far-left groups routing in Portland next. There's a ton of personal videos showing these are anti-traffic marches.. Lol same old same old from the Communist Comedy Network Yes, the neo nazis carrying gay pride flags. If you want to accuse ppl of being Nazis, you should be obligated to show linage or business connection to actual Nazis or face Hate Crime charges. Being accuse of being a Nazi w/o evidence jeopardizes the life and livelihood of those accused. POTUS

TheDemocrats lost in 2000 because of gun control talk over and over and over They will lose in 2020 for calling all conservatives and libertarians racist over and over on a daily bases for four years The left keeps screaming it but no one even hears it anymore Now do BLM protests. CNN is the enemy of the people.

CNN is an EnemyOfThePeople What reporting!!! You interviewed all those people & determined they were loons & Nazis! Funny how protesting quarantine means ur a Nazi or crazy! But u know the truth like u have stats on what percentage r Nazis I’m sure. What, like 80%? Show us the data so we can see! This protest, is because people are finally seeing the BS for what it really is. I’m from Berlin, and I know people here. They are furious and fed up with the political lies they are being fed

I thought the MSM liked protests? Here is the Far-right neo-nazi organization. How come if it isn’t BLM it’s far right? Funny that it was peaceful too. Incorrect. They were there to celebrate John Lewis' life. Heroes . Stay blessed Did they loot any stores for bread or TVs? Set any police cars on fire? Burn any churches? Yes, dangerous ppl. Must supress their free speech and demostration rights..

No theyre not far-right and neo-Nazi's. CNN IS GARBAGE AND NOT NEWS. Since your covering of this event in Berlin I have to think twice if I will laugh about Trump again, when he mentions Fake-News-Media... thank you! Nazis dancing in the street at exactly this event. I was there and took this video with my IPhone last saturday:

You are FakeNews Greetings from Berlin, Germany And will be the cause of the next wave But, this is fine. AudioAchtAcht Sorry from Germany to the World 😕 this is Freedom to be stupid 😀 'far-right'. DISGUSTING‼️ Why is it FAR right? Can’t they just be right? Give me a break from your fake propaganda The far-left and Nazi organizations aka Antifa didn't burn down the city? Amazing how CNN is on the terrorists side. CNN is not just fake, it's evil.

Get over it I love the jew kvetching! CNN is a shit show. Plain and simple. The corporate media is the enemy of the people. Hmmmm aren't you the same news organization that thinks everyone wearing black is a government plant at the Portland protests? Ya nazi huh. Fuccc offf cnn. Your domestic terrorists at this point.

CNN SUCKS...CNN SUCKS...CNN SUCKS...CNN SUCKS NOT what Time reports. not sure how yelling “nazi’s out” is a bunch of neo-nazis? Can u site source? Was it nytimes, that likes to retract articles a few days later in small print after damage is done? See below-L-German protesters. R-Neo Nazi protesters. Notice diff!

DrJovana jel ti poznato djeluju ove konstrukcije iznad? 😁 Ali za utjehu, nije samo Srbija u kandzama tog zla... i Njemacka je u jos gorem problemu. CNN is still a joke Memo to cnn journalists: Include ‘Far-Right’ & Neo-Nazis as scare tactics. Oh and don’t forget about the anti-vaccine groups. Freedom is bad, socialism good. 🐑 Berlin

williamcrawley The world has gone crazy! Disappointed with Berliners. Didn't think they would follow the murican wing nuts! That’s one way that CNN spins the news. CNN employs failed journalists who can’t work anyplace else Where are these 'neo-Nazi' groups the media keeps harping about? I haven't seen any neo-Nazi groups since the 90s and they were Feds draped up to cause civil disorder. 🤦🏻‍♂️🦇💩🤪👹

right groups?neo-Nazi organizations?LIE!!! This is fakenews :) Show us the right wingers Fake News Just because they aren't smashing things doesn't make them 'far right'. Insane we all tired of Covit19, but the reality is it is here and we have to fight it together using COMMON SENSE, do any of you know about Infection disease? Apparently not. Get a book on it, and read it, you will second guess your next move. I just Hope its a intelligent one.

another thing: there is no consensus among doctors/scientists too. People, since when it is all-wrong to ask for second opinion? why is that not an option? if you are so confident about this pandemic, why would you avoid debate/censor/patronize/shame doctors/scientists who oppose the protests will only get bigger. majority of people live outside twitter or other social media bubble - don't fool yourself into idea that there is some 99% consensus among population about this 'pandemic' situation while only 1% nazi/stupid/whatnot are stupidly protesting.

Far right? That’s a lie. They never learn. What clown hack came up with this headline?🤡🤣 It was about a million peaceful protestors; citizens of Berlin; the silent majority. So neo nazis and trump supporters have a lot in common, go figure If you demonstrate for your basic freedom rights you are a neo-nazi according to CNN

Tweets like this explain why the mainstream media is dying as it always distorts the truth. Whenever Americans report on Germany they have to use the word Nazi. The truth is that many ordinary people realize that they have been lied to and are waking up. BerlinProtests If the human mind must carry around a fickle, perishable body, then look out for worse scenarios. Complete creation where God left off!

morgfair Let them all expire. morgfair How about the scientific method to isolate stupidity as a predictor for COVID-19? Segregate them and let them prove they are right morgfair Cause Nazi gonna be Nazi CNN: Clinton News Network fpleitgenCNN I read the article but I didn't find any far right supporters in the crowd. Can you please clarify why you stated some far-right and neo-Nazi organizations were responsible for organizing the event?

thousands you say CNN. The police estimated well over a million 😱😳🥴🙄😥🤯 Meanwhile, MILLIONS wear a mask and don't die. Siri show me what fake news looks like : Not good Source? Neo-Nazis? What are Democrats doing there? 🤣🤣🤣 Funny how you label people far this far that. CNN is far gone garbage. Be sure to get in that “Nazis” attended. Meanwhile it’s ok for rioters to destroy cities here under Marxist organization. BLM

I don't see any fires. Odd... And here comes the second wave Sounds like a really fun group. Why does this bother you CNN? You and the Democrat socialists that control you, approve of protests against the government, don't you? What's wrong? Too peaceful? Wrong parties? Are they praying? Not your narrative? Is it Trumps fault?

This is awesome 👏👏👏 1.3 million people were there not just thousands and it was a peaceful march for the whole day for freedom. Nice. I am sure Trump will be praising them. so basically Germany's POTUS supporters? If you find yourself being supported by might not be on the correct side of history...

Restrictions are not the answer. Clearly we have to approach this from a humanitarian perspective and not a dictatorship. Open up, change message to Social responsibility. Deaths are inevitable from this nasty virus but let’s celebrate those who have survived more. “Berlin police tweeted, adding that a criminal complaint was filed against ONE of the march's organizers for not adhering to hygiene rules.” Meantime in USA,left wing ANTIFA/BLM unlawful rioting anarchists r blinding/shooting/beating cops & each other burning businesses, looting

fpleitgenCNN Which one are the neo nazi in this picture ? I only see normal people. Shame on you for your reporting . You are complicit There is so many things to say about Germans protesting having a their rights limited, but I’ll leave it here 🤫😬 were they six feet apart and wearing masks? vampipe :( ya no sé qué pensar de la humanidad. :(

If you want freedom, that makes you a neo nazi? = FakeNewsts ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ Its called Normal PEOPLE are Fkin tired of Fkin DemoRats/Left Wing Mobs. FriendlyJMC FACT CNN sucks Just like Trump supporters. Lol That looks like a lot more than hate groups & antivaxxers. CNN you definitely have a narrative and apparently you are sticking to it.

'The march included anti-vaccine groups and some far-right and neo-Nazi organizations'. But apparently, you always forget to mention in your headlines that BLM protests also includes far-left, communists, marxists and anarquism organizations. If they were Americans they’d be voting for tRump this year.

Stupid people just stupid people! What the hell is wrong with them! Crazy! Your daily dose of state propaganda where you do things for the woke-ness or you're a nazi. You make Pravda ashamed What evidence do you have that they are far right? This is your new mascot at CNN To CNN, 'far-right' = to the right of John McCain.

CNN people will believe anything. More biased garbage from the Clown News Network. Who takes these guys seriously anymore? RIP . Good for them hahaha cnn serious. haha - estimated between 800.000 and a million hit the streets protesting ridiculous corona rules and you turn it into 'a large crowd' of nazis. - you are sad beyond words and above all no journalists

CNN's concern for these people is understandable: Not one of them is protected by the natural immunity conveyed by the ANTIFA and BLM rioter's association. OH! The humanity! mark4real789 are we living in 1984? Man what a headline.. Leave it to CNN to accuse a movement of regular citizens of being Neo-Nazis 🙄

So...normal folk who speak against CNN narrative are now neo nazi... Just so ya know. 🤣🤣🤣 'Far-right groups'? 😂😂😂 “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” G. Santayana CMA_Docs WHO CBC DrJenGunter OnCall4ON bradwouters RachelCleves carlyweeks MDAndersonNews marykge ICESOntario CIHI_ICIS cityoftoronto JohnTory chronicleherald

Look everybody!! FAKE NEWS!! 🖕👆👆Fakenews FakeNewsMediaClowns nitanan1 senatemajldr VP LindseyGrahamSC POTUS GOPLeader does victory look as tasty as you thought? How do you know their far-right. It looks like common sense people Damn CNN That’s A Lot Of Nazi’s. I guess they learned nothing from us! Pathetic!

The Left wing lockdown BLM facists can protest tho --- this according to CNN - Crap News Network. Since when do far right groups carry italian an rainbow flags, you fckng liars! How on earth can you publish this set of lies and have any self respect, I mean ffs come on. Have a shred of professionalism. Fake news scumbags.

Tools This is a picture of soccer fans gathering to watch World Championship. CNN you could have done better. CNN will not talk about Clinton and Epstein tho Fake news CNN. .. In Germany doctors cames on public places and tell German people their opinion... Make your job journaliste. Fuck em Does cnn every label BLM protestors as far left?

🙄😮😮 Have people gone out of mind... ? I see the development of ego, selfishness and stupidity only in the people of this age...and no patience at all. Human at present are not developed human at all. you left out white supremacists. at least stick with the whole BS narrative. Morons everywhere If you protest against government for your rights which isn't supported by left Left media will describe you a far right or Nazi or racist CNN and other left media are fascists

Demonizing decent people is all leftist hacks do i pray one day that BS you front makes them put you in your place Nice to see that we don’t have all the right wing wackos here America does not have all the idiots. We have some here too Don’t forget the day when CNN called Germans fighting for their freedoms nazis 😂🙌🏻

Lmao “Far Right”?

Thousands Protest In Berlin Against Coronavirus RestrictionsDemonstrators in Germany declared that 'the end of the pandemic' is here. Yeah, ok. What’s ur excuse? realDonaldTrump coronavirus

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictionsThousands have converged in Berlin to protest Germany's coronavirus restrictions at a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived. Smh 😂😂😂 Its been milked long enough.

Thousands march in Berlin against coronavirus curbsThousands marched in Berlin on Saturday to protest against measures imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, saying they violated people's rights and freedoms. Idiots These people are Germany's version of Republicans. I thought America had a monopoly on idiots. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong.

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictionsBERLIN (AP) — Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converged Saturday in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived just as authorities... fuck each and every single one of these fucks - a fellow german it's not surprising to see people unhappy with the extended lockdown. At least these protests don't have ties to right-wing donors like the ones in the USA have.

Thousands march in Berlin to protest coronavirus curbsThousands of demonstrators rallied in Berlin on Saturday to protest against measures imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, saying they violated people's rights and freedoms. Utter chaos Long way to go to beat the Americans

Red panda born in Berlin as part of global breeding programA Berlin zoo says a rare red panda has been born, only a few months after its parents were brought to the German capital from India How freaking precious!!! Such a cutie!! GET Non COVID 19 connection??