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Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions

Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converge in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived.

8/1/2020 3:31:00 PM

Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converge in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived.

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converged Saturday in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived just as authorities...

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converged Saturday in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming “the end of the pandemic” has arrived just as authorities voice increasing concern about an upturn in new infections.

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A crowd of people whistling and cheering, and with few masks in sight, marched through downtown Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate ahead of a rally on a wide boulevard that runs through the city’s Tiergarten park.Protesters held up home-made placards featuring slogans that included “Corona, false alarm,” “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “End the corona panic — bring fundamental rights back.”

ADVERTISEMENTThey chanted, “We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom.”The demonstration, entitled “The end of the pandemic -- freedom day,” was planned for weeks and drew people from various parts of Germany. Police used bullhorns to chide participants to keep to distancing rules and to wear masks.

Previous protests against anti-virus restrictions in Germany drew a variety of attendees, including conspiracy theorists and right-wing populists.Germany’s management of the pandemic has been viewed as relatively successful. The country’s death toll — just over 9,150 out of more than 210,670 confirmed virus cases as of Saturday - is lower than in comparable nations.

The German government has been easing lockdown measures since late April but social-distancing rules remain in place, as does a requirement to wear masks on public transit and in shops.Officials have warned against complacency as the number of new cases crept up in recent weeks. They pleaded with Germans this week to observe the distancing and mask rules and, amid concern about residents bringing home infections from summer trips abroad, introduced free tests for people entering the country.

Germany’s national disease control center registered 955 new cases on Friday, a high figure by recent standards that underlined the upward trend. Read more: The Associated Press »

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There actually 1.3M ppl. This is FakeNews trying to downplay the massive number of ppl waking up in the BerlinProtests to the COVID19 bs & standing up for their rights That is crazy feel bad for Germany BY PROXY MEDICAL CRIMES This is the Ontario Supreme Court case against Teresa Tam that also names Bonnie Henry, with all of them guilty of participating in medical corruption BY PROXY using foreign influence and funds from people like Gates and foreign groups like the WHO.

You can always count on the Germans to be based. damn walking in the midst of people really makes sense while trying to protest restrictions, MAYBE IF U WERENT BREAKING THE RULES, COVID WOULD ACTUALLY END THEN U CAN ENJOY YOUR MICROWAVED WURST Should we rebuild the wall and quarantine them from the rest of the world? It wouldn’t be as bad as back in the cold war era since they can still claim the freedom of speech...inside the wall. Thought German were smarter than American.

Unreal 🤦🏻‍♀️ Idiots im sorry. 1.3MILLION isnt thousands.. but ye trust your media covering up real life shit as always This is what will be happening in Victoria theage australian These people are heroes. We are with you. Keep fighting. ✊ Can we put all these people on a cruise ship and send them around the world? The ship would be empty when it got back.

COVIDIOTS American needs to do the same LegendaryEnergy 'Thousands' More like hundreds of thousands. Maybe a million+ Wait... this isn't a Schwarz Lives Matter march? That's the only kind the Covid-19 virus won't attack. Talk to Merck 😏 Beautiful....thank you have restored my faith in humanity. God speed.

kacrary2 But they are PeacefulProtesters , they can't catch COVID19 . LegendaryEnergy Berlin , we are with you! What’s their alternative idea then? 😐 That many people can’t keep their distance it won’t be long before cases start to rise if that many people are marching and not keeping their distance

RichardGrenell We need to follow suit! Some people are suggesting this is fake and from a love protest 2 years ago....? True Seriously🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️when the COVID-19 pandemic is getting out of control...several restrictions will be laid out to protect people.. protesting in such a way will just cause harm to yourself and your loved ones...mass gathering will just result in spread of try to understand

At least these German protesters will have some place to stay when face masks & vaccinations become mandatory What pandemicwhat milions of deads ? Oh yeah in the 3th world .of cause from no more food and yeah more and more everyday because 98 percent of the ppl can get a flipping mild flue I guess Germany's in for another big spike. Rather not wish bad on anybody but lots of right winged folks are gonna get and spread the virus.

Jeez. I thought this nonsense was limited mostly to USA. Sad to see this. Greetings to all Germans and European citizens. Please, don't allow your government to control your life. Live free or die with honor. They never forced anyone to put a condom during the AIDS epidemic. Do the math people! Highest death rate in U.S. is in N.J. at 178 deaths per 100,000 infected. 178÷100,000=0.00178 This means 99.8% of infected people recover! Do not be a sheep! Do your own research & think for yourself. NO MORE FearPorn

These are blatant power grabs by governments across the globe. When accounting for the deaths and physiological damage from lockdowns, suicides, job loses, lost homes, overdoses, the extreme measures taken for covid 19 have caused far more deaths and devastation than covid 19. tmckfishy America? It’s nice, yet horrifying, that we’re not the only ones 🇺🇸 . COVIDIOTS

sad to see people not respecting medical staff's sacrifice God is my mask. Don’t believe the “news” . They don’t care about you, and lie to you everyday. Good for Germany. Covidhoax BillClintonIsAPedo PrinceAndrewIsAPedo LockThemUp It's crazy to see this when infections are on the rise. Shocking! Did not expect this from Germany!

The number was more like 1.3M. n Tell the truth, AP! 1.3 million. That's the actual count. Another garbage publication feeding the public lies. Wakey Wakey Go Berlin! thousands? MSM caught lying again.... 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 RichardGrenell Many Americans agree with them. If this was gonna happen anywhere besides the US I am so not surprised it’s Berlin

Clever folk there Beautiful! Welp ... Lot of deaths in Germany then. The pandemic must resign. warrior16win Must feel good to protest in Berlin without getting shot. juella_ Let adults make adult decisions. If you don't like it stay home and hide under your bed! The wake up call was realDonaldTrump refusing to protect them anymore due to their consistently evil leadership. This is their apathy subsiding & their malaise regressing. Next step is to regain control of their country by electing reps that represent the majority now.

RichardGrenell 1.3 - 1.5mio were there Disturbing I wonder what percentage of people condemning these scenes also condemned the BLM protests / riots also 🤔 sumanthraman ptrmadurai Small minded idiots who think they are untouchable by this pandemic. Because of these and all the others who are protesting and raves the world isn't going to recover from this. Get a grip it's not the end of a pandemic the second wave will be worse than the first

Invitation for the Second corona wave. ChineseVirus Don’t do what America did and bow down to these idiots lol A small bunch of selfish persons can sacrifice the effort of the whole nation. RichardGrenell AlexBerenson Melbourne, Australia just declared a Stage 4 State of emergency as their numbers grow. You think Berlin isn’t at risk?! Think again!

Germany on a mission to self destruction People are protesting not common sense restrictions but oppression . Problem is news , especially here in the states wont give the FULL STORY . For example , people being arrested for walking their dogs . Yes he has covid but he was avoiding people and doing a necessary chore.

allisonpearson their crazy! Coronavirus: The new Orange County RichardGrenell What is wrong with people?!! Don’t you know that they will all infect each other during this protest against the government telling them what to do? It’s only when it’s a BLM protest or Antifa riot that people are magically immune to the virus! It’s ALL so obvious!

Good for them. We are free after all Stupid fucking people. RichardGrenell Thank God the US has spent the last two months telling us that protests don't spread the virus so these people are fine. Look what the USA started! This is a Bunch of Karen’s & Kels Listen to you leader she is right Yes yesssss!!!!!!!!

This isn't going to end well What a glorious sight! But tell the truth, ! Crowd size was way more than, 'thousands'; try ~ 1 million. Bravo Germany! BerlinProtests libertywalk These Protestors aren't Social Distancing Or Wearing masks, they going to take this Virus Home to their Families.. So Effin Selfish

Looks like a BLM protest. Stick them all together and let them catch the virus amongst themselves. I'm getting fed up of doing all the right things to protect myself and others for dimwits like this to ruin it ! I don't think governments are being truthful to the public. New cases do not translate into hospitalizations or even people being sick. The number of new hospitalizations and deaths need to be the only thing reported.

That’s how you get it again. Mass gatherings & lifting restrictions. Shame on them let the floodgates open RichardGrenell it was 1,3 million people, i was into there. im one of this protesters !!!!!! 👆 Worth noting that the BLM protesters have been wearing their masks and are taking precautions against transmission, these protestors are legit against the covid restrictions...and are not wearing masks. It is NOT the same thing.

So stupid is not just an American thing 🙄, mankind really is doomed. Russia+media=Idiots Germans going to German how are you trying to end a pandemic by going out and spreading it 🤨 idiots RichardGrenell ...and Americans remain, either locked in their homes sucking their thumbs, or following along listening to frauds like FAUCI and the MSM...DISGUSTING!

RichardGrenell What? MSMedia keeps telling us Europe is doing Great. Beautiful. Long live DEUTSCHLAND! People like this are fundamental idiots in a fucking dream world . They need therapy and quick oh & top of the list for the Vaccine Great. Once the pandemic went worse in Berlin, we could just blame China... well done, protesters!

RichardGrenell not thousands. That's what MSM wants others to believe. I was there. Reality: 100s of thousands, probably more than a million. The street 17. Juni was packed from victory column to Brandenburg Gate, not possible with just thousands. Covid-19 apparently attacks brains too Our idiocy is now influencing others. Please learn from America’s mistake and follow restrictions 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

German doctors speak out on coronavirus restrictions WoodstockHongKongFluBaby CommieBatSoupFluSucks Reflog_18 Did you send this out again? I guess they just dont want to go back to work This is like something out of an episode of the Simpsons protesting against the virus As long as they loot, riot, pull down historic statues, arson and shout- f**k Trump, you wont contract corona. That's what liberal media & democrats are telling me!!

Expect it of brits and yanks but thought germans were a bit more clever Vern20151 dangerously stupid ignoramuses JohnAALogan Great another bunch of senseless protests to cause spikes in cases which will require tighter restrictions to prevent continued outbreaks They, the people that think covid 19 is over, have to think again.. but in the meantime thousands of other people will pay with their health and life's!!

Thousands? Lol I would say around 3m people And yes they don’t have jobs and now they have to fight for there future allisonpearson Ahi serch vecsin is 2021 chich ok good dr JoolzDenby I despair, I honestly do.😞😞😞 Protesting for WHAT? This virus is literally killing mass and non of them are wearing mask. I don't understand exactly what they want. FREEDOM? Are you kidding? This is not some colonialism. Will wait and watch exactly how many new cases arrive in Berlin after this.

Very dangerous unless carrying a sign which says 'Fund the police' The 'end' has definitely arrived 😶 Corona be like Another bandwagon for Tommy Robinson to jump on. The irony, speechless COVIDIOTS Covidiots on protest march Everybody dies!!!!! LanceHoyt this need to be done all over the world ..... wake up people .

People are not too dumb to wear masks. They see through the fake pandemic. I remembered when everyone voted to invade Iraq because of “weapons of mass destruction”. NO ONE questioned it! Fear politics is alive and well and destroying your lives one way or another. German spike next then. Wonder if they'll understate their figures this time?

RichardGrenell Wonder what Fauci would say about this protest ? FrontierAviator 1.2 millions get your msm facts right... The virus still exists in society. Beyond stupid Why are Germans so easy to influence with stupid ideas MarionKhler2 1 Million people in a peaceful protest. Note: no masks That’s a whole lot of stupid

'A dense crowd' - very apt description Ooof bruh moment RichardGrenell 1,3 million not thousands 👍 Fingerprint and track every one of them Well it’s back now That’s because their chancellor is a communist and a lunatic. Does anyone know if Germany implemented the law to infringe on the rights of parents due to “COVID” like Italy did?

This is definitely not good. How many of these people will learn the unhealthy way. Are they inviting the virus to kill them willingly? I believe the virus will say 'Say no more'. Germany being one of the largest producers it’s understandable why people are protesting the government. The supply chain is off and productivity down. Government’s globally far too slow, ignorant and ineffective at dealing with Covid-19

10,000 people dying is sad, but at least it isn’t over 152,000 like in America. We need the END of the maniacs who started/planned it to gain control and to get rick from vaccines/health passports/tattoo's. Mental b'stards!! The real agenda.......... global de population. 👏 Plandemic RichardGrenell I love the saltiness of the comments in this thread. The hypocrisy is strong.

Nazi supporter Someone please tell them it's contagious 🙄 Mainstream media is the enemy of the people. Tyranny FakeNewsMedia freedom 🤔 💭 COVIDIOTS Ellie9691 I think they are of the opinion Pompeii wouldn't happen either. We are a doomed species. Well HITLER has taught them good. RichardGrenell It’s a peaceful protest. Didn’t see or hear you complaining about the riots and looting.

More like over a million. Yes, the Pandemic was a hoax and all those deaths were actually mass suicides... I can smell bull$Hit! I guess this country isn’t the only one with really stupid people. RichardGrenell At least you didn't call those protesters neo-nazis as assholes at nyt did. May it spread worldwide, and in the US. Now.

I hope they all wind up on a 🎇ventilator🎇 Meanwhile reapers have hit every quota this year. (Note this is satire to highlight the absurdity of countless careless individuals) To all those that have lost one you deserved better. Unfortunately we live in a selfish world. Believe it or not, stupid humans are everywhere. Not just America.

They think there invisible to the virus, well guess what there is no such thing as invisible. There is arrogance and stupidity and that is going to get people killed. Have a beer and be happy. Oy vey!!! What a bunch of bs. Do you think we are blind - we have seen the phony social justice protesters eith our own eyes ignoring the covid guidelines. Stop with your propaganda - the phony justice protests are a major reason why the covid pandemic is raging.

All the hard work to combat..down the drain. RichardGrenell Everyone knows this is bullshit and intended just to get rid of one man who is in the globalist's way. RichardGrenell Government has counting problems in real it the virus or just a failed state ? ARDde zdf is unable to support ? unable to invite the chinese ambassador on the crises of the chinese disease ?

I just don't get people's mentality over this pandemic. It's not about people's rights it's about people's lives 😔🌈 RichardGrenell And the bill must pay other. Good for Germans they are thinking for themselves and cutting through the mass brain washing. I wish my country had the wisdom and strength to see the bullshit being peddled by Gov and MSM regarding this imaginary plague...

Oh look! Americans aren’t the only idiots! And here I thought it was only America that was stupid. RichardGrenell THANK GOD!!! 🙌🏻🥳😄🙌🏻 God bless the GERMANS! Where is the video AP!!!?It must BE RELEASED AND BROADCASTED EVERYWHERE! 😡We must do the same protest HERE AND WORLDWIDE!! 🙌🏻😆 RESIST THE NWO NOW😆🙌🏻🇺🇸🙏!! POTUS

RichardGrenell Was this the Nazi March cnn was headlining? SekretarzXXL It hasn’t. Here’s an out break coming. Get the supplies ready. Stupidity is everywhere! RichardGrenell If this was a BLM protest or pride parade the same people crowing about this would be oooh'ing at the 'beauty' of it.. RichardGrenell Throw Fauci into a Lake.

RichardGrenell Homey don't play no pandemic no mo RichardGrenell When did Germans demand more Freedom than we do CensoredRobot Too bad they aren't committing assaults vandalism or arson in the name of racial justice. The media coverage would be much more favorable. Idiots. RichardGrenell It’s over fascists. We are moving on.

RichardGrenell It looks like a lot more than thousands. That’s fake news All those people without masks. Their sick numbers are about to spike up. RichardGrenell Are you sure that there are only thousands? Looks a lot more. Covid_19 covidinamerica Every country should do this. The people who don't wear masks, make an issue about wearing those masks and cry about their 'rights', when these people get sick, turn them away. If you trash doctors and science DON'T look to them to save your ass.

RichardGrenell We need to do this here. As an American living in Germany, it has been handled pretty well. Other than wearing a mask inside businesses, nothing has really changed a whole lot. I just don’t get it. RichardGrenell RichardGrenell Protests are immune from the virus! Look at America! We good.....

RichardGrenell And the leftists are having a cow because the majority of people will not be controlled by their artificial mandates. RichardGrenell RichardGrenell I heard it’s actually over 1.1 million but media won’t report such a large number. RichardGrenell bUt BUt gErManY wAZ dOiNg sO gOOd RichardGrenell Plandemic

These ppl have been watching too much trump channel 😂 😂. Such a trump thing to protest about. Anyway, am going back to my own business of hunkering down Stupidity was exported by the US. It’s a lot of bullshit, because hospitals are getting the most cases and they wear the most masks. QuareFellas 🤬🤬🤬

Go Germany!!! Rise up!! The Government Can Easily Poison Them Now & Blame On COVID19!!! For Depopulation Purposes! Most Of These Protest Globally Are Really To Assist Governments / Corporation.🙄🙄🙄🧐 Every Lost Protest By The People Is A Victory For Them To Steal Rights.🙄 and the dumbs get dumber Berleezy?

Some people are just too ignorant towards everything Well at least we arent the only stupid country anymore. A dense crowd indeed. According to fauci, they just have to claim they are blm protestors and then the virus can’t get them 😂 And then a new spike of covid hits berlin. ratan_lanesra PranavKB5 gg boys wehenare we starting

That doesn’t bode well. Its fine, massive protests dont spread covid as ive learned from america Protesting it doesn’t make it go away. 🤦‍♂️ Freedom day. Pray they don’t find their freedom from this life. Pray they maintain their freedom to breathe, unencumbered. Oh god, stupidity spread to germany. Last I heard Germany did good with the March lockdown because “everyone complied”, now they’re protesting? So was that all fake four months ago?

Maybe... Just Maybe.. this is 'The Great Plan' where stupid people get the virus and die and a lot of smart people live on!!! Survival of the fittest? Sad...but this makes me feel a tad better about being American. We aren't the only morons. 🤷‍♀️ Awesome. We need to organize that in the united states. Please we need to do this

I can’t believe this is all happening just bc it’s an election year in America Damn I guess all western people are idiots. I think this insane protests should be ended with the army’s Leopard tanks going full speed through this crowds. Not a mask among them. This will turn out badly foe Germany I disagree with them but they have the right to protest

Stupidty And I thought us Americans were stupid smh HayleyForrest88 BRILLIANT!! Let the Darwin Award presentation ceremony begin! Well.. At least they’re enjoying the weather ☀️any excuse to get out I suppose 🙃 Finaly Historically, the German people are not known for their common sense or wise choices. It's nice to know that the US isn't the only stupid country in the world

They remember Hitler Typical fascist If history has told us anything, when Germans gather in Berlin a lot of people are about to die. Humans are just dumb enough to create worldwide self extinguishing... nicht sehr gute 😷👎🏾 covidiots O look berlins people are as dumb as americans Your new country has problems too. edoalru

Putin is mucking around with his kkk army, also, I see. Right when I thought Americans had cornered the market on selfishness. aww fuck...don’t tell me us americans influenced this 😑 They think they can congregate to protest against a highly contagious illness and it will make the illness go away! 🤦‍♀️

George Kerr The truth is far right wing Nazis are behind this...they started all the conspiracy theories becasue they want political power . There has been a big Nazi comeback in Germany and other countries Oh it seems the stupid just isn't in America. Germany seems to have a case of it too This is stupid.

And none of these protesters have masks on so Covid positive numbers probally just went up to 250K ...real smart Berliners Not sound offensive but if Hitler was there, all of them would be dead already...just saying No way! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Learn from Americ or suffer NorthCoastGuy1 Totally agree. I never got coronavirus and never wore a mask. I wore a mask once and got Covid and now people call me CongressmanCOVID

They really should have just did this online or from home. Don’t they know there is an infectious disease running rampant! 'Unlike stupid Americans we don't protest restrictions in Europe. We just wear masks because we're in this together. We're so responsible. Hahaha stupid Americans' My entire life I thought Indians were stupid to protest for 'Mandir yahin banega' But now I see people are same everywhere. Americans topping the list

Now that’s social distancing No Germany you were suppose to destroy the anti lockdown protesters not join them That’s okay, just open up the mosques then watch how they’ll start going “WHA- Those Muslims are spreading the virus!!!!” Praying for us all SlimJimJohn1 How funny!! People think they can just declare a disease is gone!! I think they should protest cancer next!!

Usa stupidity can be more contagious than covid. Great, America’s stupid is an infectious disease now Oh so the US of A isn’t the only one that wants it to spread faster. Least we aren’t alone. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tell 2 weeks from now and they have our USA numbers from their irresponsibility COVIDIOTS unite. Go figure... without masks! ...and here I thought only the USA had COVIDIOTS.

Well, maybe U.S won't be the worst covid country soon. Not sure anyone realizes this, but China and Russia are destroying the allies without firing a single shot. dharmang_dmg tfipost Karma is coming Stupid Germans. Everybody knows you're only allowed to protest against Trump, the police, and anybody who doesn't hate Trump or the police. Protesting against infringements on freedom and ridiculously unscientific shutdowns is just plain selfish. Drink the kool-aid already.

Ohh word I live this so much. well they are going to die, :D Checkout the truths and facts about Coronavirus vaccine as this is the only way to end this pandemic... Link - Makes me feel a little better to know Americans aren’t the only Covidiots out there. German people always struck me as a really sensible people. These are just a minority all gathered in the one spot. Perhaps they’ll get what they wish for......🤔

Looks like everyone wants to keep COVID alive Latina4DJT Very few Useful idiots here😀😇 Fools ! Many will die ! 💀 is it mental illness? This is the dumb, dumber population world wide Like sheeps they follow. No opinion of their own. Their path, the path of the mass. How the internet, Mobiles, computers and tablets made the humans without a brain to think for themselves and consequences of act

Because thats going to help... I cant believe we breathe the same air as these people Thousands AP? Try 1.3 million estimated by police there. I don't agree with the right wing agenda this has attracted, but i do agree with them in that people need to go to work and from a general society point of view, this only affects 0.02% of people. People will lose everything the longer this goes on

Narrator: All of the world wanted the virus to be gone, but they couldn’t do simple tasks to make that happen, therefore it stayed for a very long time 🤣🤣🤣survival of the fittest now includes intellect 🤣🤣🤣 wear a mask stay safe killthevirus letitrunoutofvictims WearAMask washyerpaws WashYourHands keepyourdistance unityasone assembleasaforce realterrorisim biologicalterrorisim survivalofthefittest

How dare they appropriate our culture is there a 'disassociated press'? Glad to see crazy isn't just something we Americans have to deal with. Ooooh look! They want to be like the US😍 Yet again, peddling patently false information. Does this look like 17,000 or 20,000 people? Fools. The difference bw East and West... mask wearing has become part of many Asian cultures. Um, bc they don’t want to get sick. Nothing political. Simple matter of self preservation. Different outlook.

This is what I’m talking about. Good on them 👏 If only people would have been smart enough to protest the Black Plague 🤤 Good for them! We need to do that here! Plandemic WHO Oh yeah that's where the Nazis mentality originated from. Makes sense. Nazi Germany COVIDIOTS Covid_19 laughingginge Eejits are everywhere 🤷‍♂️🤦🙄

A worldwide scam to the detriment of citizens,of their rights,by corrupt politicians willing to limit democracy by intervening through a state of emergency.Hydroxychloroquina, costs little,but does not earn enough gravediggers of politicians,agencies and pharmaceutical companies. And their police force is being infiltrated by neo nazis? Just like the US!

Ok I knew Covid was contagious apparently stupidity is too You have got to be kidding is this better than Trump? So its not just stupid redneck Republican Americans? Thank god. People with courage. Standing up to 'The King's New Clothes'. It's about bloody time. Of course the UK demos were sectarian in nature(BLM). That's why they were 'tolerated'. But once we get together to OBJECT big time, then they'll get heavy-handed. Thank the Germans!

Yay! Just wish the pandemic away. Why didn’t we think of that. Ready? On the count of 3!!! One Two THREE! All right! The pandemic is OVER!!! Yay! Let’s go get a beer and violate personal space!!! It’s OVER!!! (Wow, that was easier than I thought) Stupid people all over. Let's see how many come down with the virus after this stunt.

You can't stop the inevitable and people want the choice to live as they please. Anything less than freedom of choice is totalitarian. We will join you soon, best move ever!!!!!!! Democrats better hope there are huge surges in cases and deaths, or people are gonna figure out US death numbers are a little fudged.

This is dumb consprisy theorists, going to make things with a virus worse. But I thought people were only like this in America Oh Good we aren’t the only dipshits. We are here to support you!! Don’t be like the 🐑 in America. Whatever Dr. Fraudi tells you to do!!! God bless 🇩🇪 Germany. Me parece increíble que haya tanta gente retrasada

As they did in US, right wing extremists are protesting to make Germany sick again. They have made the mistake of confusing freedom for illness. Right wing ideology fails again. Is that picture taken now or in the past? I don’t see a single face with a mask on it, which leads me to believe this is a BS picture.

the math is mathing on this one ✨ GermanNazisLikeToDie Today on public transp w a friend we saw 2 Hisp W talking loud evn tho t bus ws ful (no social dis) my friend told one f the w nt to talk bc of sprd. Thy ignored her. The Karenas exist in the Hisp world!!!. Ever wonder why Hisp hv higher Corona nos in CA?

🙄😔 Obviously American visitors sneezed on them. Stupidity is more contagious than COVID. WearADamnMask You mean over 1 million!!!!! According to Dems, the virus doesn't spread when protesting.... What is wrong with people?!? COVID19 Fools. I thought they’d be smarter than the USA. They just made those time out even longer. Sigh.

At least America doesn't have a Monopoly on STUPID 🤷🏻‍♂️ Covidiots This is amazing!!!! Well Well Well Germany! What!!! Do they want to become a shithole country like US? When did logic become extinct? Magical thinking at its finest. Way to make this spread worse! Never would have thought Europe would beat the US in standing up for their own liberty. Fucking shame. Founders are rolling in their graves.

Good. is it a coincidence that the average age of death in the United States is also the average age of death from Corona Virus? Pointless for anyone under 70 to even get vaccinated then. You people realize you're gonna die one day right? The same people freaking out over this supports the riots in America. Funny

WTF is wrong with people? Why is the font so tiny!? It's going to be part 2 of the beginning if they start doing this kind of stuff. They were doing so good too. I send my condolences early. There are gonna be some sad ass stories coming out of Germany within the next month. At this point who gives a shit.....if you die you die. Thats how I feel because this shit is getting old af.

I guess the US doesn’t have a monopoly on idiocy Covid: free real estate Bravo Deutsche! Du hast immer noch den Geist der Freiheit! NOOOO!!! What are you doing?!?! Wear a mask!!!! It helped with our protests. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Im sure if it was about a different topic it would be fine. Bravo. We know the risks and we know the precautions to take; now let us decide what to do for ourselves.

i hope they all got in touch with covid gods... Insanity ensues. Illness & Death will follow their misguided lead. 🙄 All I see is a group of people who deserve to die from this virus. No sympathy from me if they catch it or kill a loved one by passing it to them. ❤🇩🇪pride Q Anon has gone global. Let them! 🤷🏽‍♀️

We have an absolute need to connect. I call it SOCIAL NUTRITION. You can only isolate a population for so long before it begins to rebel. You can blame & shame all you want - it won't matter. We need to take our bio-psychological needs into consideration. SocialNutrition Nothing good has ever come from people marching is in Berlin... JustSaying

How stupid could this people be Don't tell me this is happening in Germany SteelhorseQ It was 500- 1,000,000, That’s a peaceful protest, unlike the marxist carnage in Portland the world needs to wake up this virus is not going away until they find a cure for it people are not going to continue to isolate.and there's not a government on the planet that can force their people to continue to do that.

More like 1.3 million Finally The first country in the Europe who dared👍🇪🇺 Enough of these restrictions. China plays in the laboratory then cannot control and the restrictions do around the world😡 We are not Brexiteers to accept everything that the government wants!🤮 Here is why they protest, w/ data! Look at the last 4 yrs, Spain has a lower excess death rate vs Germany, even w/ their worse Covid outbreak This is b/c Germany's vulnerable pop. died from worse 2017 and 2018 flu seasons, while Spain built theirs up Same for every country

Here comes wave II! Im actually shocked this isn’t the US. It’s sad to see older people in this picture knowing they are high risk but they are literally walking into a fire so 🤷🏾‍♀️ There has to be one of those long German words to describe it, but since I don't speak German I'll just make one up in English: JESUSCHRISTWHATALOADOFMORONSANDHEREITHOUGHTTHATWASJUSTCONFINEDTOTHEUNITEDSTATES.

Like a realDonaldTrump rally, make they sign a waiver in case they are infected. So the hospital knows they don't believe in Covid_19 and don't need treatment. I'm sure prayer and thoughts will be enough for them. That way only those who tried to prevent infection get treated. In the 20th century, the German Nazi party took notes from the US gov, specifically in regards to how the US was conducting genocide against the Native people. This story follows months of the far-right protesting masks in every state. Isn’t the saying history repeats itself..... it's no!🙄 The more you deny the virus is still out there....well the longer it will be out there!🤔 WearADamnMask PhysicalDistanceYourself WashYourHand DontTouchYourFace StaySafe Remember & don't forget wearing a mask is not a political thing, it is a health thing!😷 what is goin on giiig _geeeeg

Headstrong thinking is not exclusive to Americans, I guess. They ARE determined in their belligerence.🤔 No, it's toll has. What a bunch of dumb idiots. So these fools 'decide' that Covid has left us based on their own opinion? Germany did well to hide its death rates the first time around, but this kind of stupidity is bringing wave 2 closer and closer.

unbelievable - morons, they seem to be everywhere... I will never understand the lack of creativity with these demonstrations during a pandemic. You don't need to converge and march. Find another way! It would be memorable and effective. I'm sure that COVID will look at the demonstration and suddenly stop existing. Sure, sure. We need science classes around the world, apparently, so people can understand that we don't decide we're tired of the pandemic and that will make it suddenly be over.

This seems so unlike Germany. Remember, virus doesnt go after protesters, at least that's what our MSM told me Thank god!! I was really worried about how much stupider America is than the rest of the world. This makes me feel way better. Well at least it's not just the Americans and Brits acting like arseholes.

If you ignore covid19 it will go away. NOT So COVIDIOTS aren’t restricted to the USA. COVID19 reacting to this display of “freedom”: I dont understand when people protest against regulations that are in place TO PROTECT US. So it’s not just American Whites? Whites across the globe are crazy extremists!

No masks to be seen in n this photo. Turns out Germans are just as foolish as 33% of Americans. Just read a different article about the infiltrations of right-wing neo-nazi groups totally bamboozled by propagandist Russian news. Putin must be having a field day. Corona Virus: “Halte mein Bier.” they wants more death then its them fault for carrying on with this.

Ugh, c’mon Germany, don’t do the same stupid shit we did in the US!!! What was it,'A Let Me Die' Protest. Damnit Germany. You were doing So well and so much better than us in America. Welcoming second wave of COVID 19 in Germany People to the media: If they were protesting for BLM it'd be okay. Germans have turned into Americans?! WTF would anyone want to do that? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Secretly relieved. Thank god British people arent the only idiots. Turns out every country has them Did some Americans make it through and infect them with covidiotism? Honestly relieving to know we aren’t the only stupid nation Far-right ? Germans have balls!!!! What utter stupidity from what is meant to be the most Educated People in Europe. As we Wiblicks lived in Berlin we are ashamed to see such stupidity as this; the People behind should be classed as Enemies of Berlin and Germany.

No, say it isn’t so! Let's give it two'll be the end alright...for some of their lives. 🤦‍♀️😰 Sadly that’s not the only thing we have in common with Germany these days. The germans May know a thing or two about the signs of coming tyranny. Hitler much? Wow, someone is even dumber than we are.

Wow. I truly don’t understand what the big deal is about wearing masks. Just wear it! In a weird way, it's kind of nice to know we aren't the only country full of idiots. moronic - believe me it has taken its toll on myself with severe mental health conditions but I still abide by the rules. It isn't clever that they are protesting about these measures in a way that will spread COVID19and then have to be in lock down if COVID19 rises again!!

LibertyNow11 Americans are sitting back, letting the media peddle panic porn, and the politicians are implementing mail-in voting. What happened to the American spirit Germans have more balls, organization and common sense than we do, let that sink in. And they say Europeans are smarter than Americans. Nope they’re just about the same. COVIDIOTS

I don't think this is a protest of COVID19 restrictions-- I think it's a well organized recruiting effort for these groups, as Germany wakes up to the fact that the threat of neo-nazism is bigger-- and more real-- than many realized. Or perhaps wanted to realize... covidiots everywhere Seems people live on cloud 9

I wonder if social media has had some hand in manipulating people to protest in this fashion? Or if this is really happening... it is the internet after all. I'm sure Putin has something to do with these ridiculous protests! ( The United States is not the place you want to emulate.😩🙄 The virus has heard you, Berlin, and it will cease and desist all activities in Germany.

US rightwing stupidity is highly contagious Unfortunately, ignorance doesn’t respect borders. Let them all get sick. What a great idea. SteelhorseQ We should the same in America Germany is gut The DeVos’ have great reach. CptAlva everyone’s talking shit about Americans for doing this shit but looky here 👀

Wishing doesn't make it so. This is the equivalent of toddler tantrum 'Thousands of protesters against German coronavirus restrictions converge in Berlin for a demonstration proclaiming the END OF THE PANDEMIC HAS ARRIVED' – CC: BILD BCC: BBC BCC: FoxNews BCC: USATODAY BCC: CNN Hallelujah at people fighting back !

Sounds about reich. Ha ha! Stupidity isn't only contained to the USA!!! We will never get over this covid bc we all have different beliefs. Too many things going on at the same time. I’m out here protesting at home trying to get DetrNevada to pay me for my UI claim. 4 months of waiting. Smh Oh look! We're not the only land of IDIOTS!

nordisk2020 ILOVEGERMANS FREEDOM LIGHT CORAGEOUS NOVACCINE NoNWO NOLOC AlexBerenson can we organize the same in NYC? What a bunch of nuts 🥜 All you gotta is protest and it cures it Hmm yea just like here idiots, always some asshole bucking the science. The Murdoch’s should be jailed for inventing 🦊

Next: Berlin re-enforces lockdown orders to slow COVID-19 spread. The word, “Protest' should no longer be used anymore. Erase it from the dictionary. They are about to become America So idiots are there in germany as well i thought only USA had them? Well, they're not wrong. For many of them, it will be 'the end of the pandemic'. Although dying from catching it at their protest probably isn't what they had in mind ...

World, focus on Germany. It's not just America acting a fool. Good for them, f*** this covid 19 b.s., covid 19 is a lie, it ain't protection or safety, it is about taking control of your life, they want control and further more they are making as a plan for UNAgenda2030, you better wake up and see the truth.

Is this the kind of protest that’s okay or nah? So this is not ok but our looters and “peaceful” protesters here is? GotIt They be looking at the USA too much My illusions about Germany are shattered. And here comes the wait two weeks responses. dear germany, trust us, you do not want to protest restrictions. sincrely, the us

What do we Poles think about the plandemic, the governments, banks, media and medical corporations: Well done Berlin. 🙄 Bunch of right wing Dummkopfs. People are so dumb. Pandemic? Less than 1500 total deaths in the UK due to Covid. For them maybe. If they catch it and die. ageofstupidity There’s not only lunatics in the U.K. 🇬🇧 and the U.S. 🇺🇸 then! They’re probably Worldwide 🌎🙄🙄🙄🙄

Germans can no longer make fun of the United States for covidiots I hope those are all the leftover Nazis. They are telling their government that you must listen to them too as humans and not just part of a science experient, we hear you! 🤣🤣🤣 You can't make this shit up. The truth of sooooo often stranger than fiction. The truth here is: humans are in general utter morons.

I’ll never not be surprised at the stupidity of people. I see little kids wearing masks when I go to get food at a store and then see this from grown ups. Youth is the future. Get out of the way and don’t ruin it for the people that want to live in peace and safety. Wear a mask! Welp, so much for Germany setting a good example of being both vigilant and aware of what it takes to eliminate this COVID-19 eh?

Only thousands. Not hundreds of thousands or millions. When Germans start to protest people start to pay attention The end of their life has arrived After German protesters I am sure, that normal people live only in Japan: nobody goes to protests against face masks, most are wearing masks. Japan Covid-19 Deaths 1008. Germany Covid-19 Deaths 9,224. The USA Covid-19 Deaths 156,000.

Ahh those damn Americans... Oh wait. I forgot, but wasn't the rest of the world laughing at us 🤔? I heard it from the Twitter blue checks lol.. Guess not. If ever a country knows about fascists, it’s Germany. The population of the U.K. and US are kneeling to them (literally) Coronavirus(they appear to have dropped the Covid for a more ambiguous term) will only go away when we make them. Germany 👏 👏

Fck$n Germans. If we all socially distanced for the first few weeks we wouldn’t be in this mess. People from around the world are starting to come out of their comas and starting to ask questions about the real reason for this lockdown. Democrat Logic: - 1000s of U.S. citizens protest COVID restrictions, theyre deemed selfish, idiots & irresponsible - 1000s of German citizens protest COVID, deemed righteous, caring, only seeking what's right COVIDIOTS

This is the reason the western world has so many cases people like this Why are people so stupid weinbergersa CantFixStupid It is after all northern part of Germany; if you go to Bavaria that’s a whole different story People are obeying the law, and they’re making strides Expect another COVID-19 outbreak after this demonstration. You cantfixstupidity

So the dumbasses aren't just in america...? I thought only 'Stupid Americans' did this? I thought every other country on earth was on board and didn't have anything like this? Funny how quick they are to protest to get things back to their normal. meanwhile we got folks dying in the streets in the U.S. protesting human rights. privilege.

Von Herdenimmunität sind wir noch weit entfernt. Ich weiß ja nicht, wo diese Irren ihre Infos herhaben, aber alle Nase lang gibt es neue Infektionsherde, teilweise mit hunderten Betroffenen. Diese Gebiete werden schnellstmöglich abgeschirmt, um die Verbreitung zu bremsen, aber This what we should do in UK come out in our thousands to protest if not were or become unemployed. Well done Berlin for standing up for yourselves you have my full support. KBF

Ahh, I wonder if in the future people will recognise this as the stupid moronic self centered act that it actually is. Not sure if I should cry or go insane or both. 😭😢 💪 IStandWithBerlin Finally some people with some balls. Americans used to fight for freedom too. Hoping they find it in them again soon.

Why does it comfort me to know that other countries deal with this level of selfish stupidity? And here I thought the only garbage people who think like this were in the USA. Lol seems intelligent. The one thing about this pandemic is the sad fact that it higlights that half the population is brain dead.

They're not wearing masks. 😷 Americans should as well! endlockdownuk This is needed here to bring this stupidity to an end. US: WE'RE THE WORST AT ACCEPTING COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS! Germany: Hold my Ayinger Bräu-Hell ... Anybody protesting a Government trying to protect their people from becoming ill, regardless of death... needs to go away and die. This world isn't for you anymore.

Damn they want to be the U.S. so bad. We have some geniuses over in Berlin eh Welllll......they’re in for a surprise. Aren’t they? Schinken sind überall They got alot of ol' Murica in them 🤦🏽‍♂️ Was los man jesshecan ? Diese leute verstehen die situation dort nicht. Protest in einer pandemie = Todeswunsch

Republicans will say ' well those BLM protests didn't create new cases, so why should this ' but then use them as an excuse as to why new cases are rising🙄 pathetic We are never going to get past this shit Guess I won’t be hearing how great Germany handled the pandemic 🤷🏻‍♂️ Desire beats knowledge every time...

Oh look, a new covid hotspot! COVIDIOTS What we're dealing with is the first case of a 'woke' virus in human history. Protest for the one percent's BLM or Pride movement's and it'll leave you alone. Protest the lockdown, see your family/friends or send your children back to school and it'll kill the f**king lot of you

Real_Killercat Covidiocy spreads from US to Germany. Thousands infected. Wow. I thought Americans and Brits were idiots during this pandemic. I always thought the Germans were acting clever. Turns out they've also got a lot of complete idiots in their country too. Even in Berlin! Good for them! It's not just Americans. People everywhere are sick of their governments

wanted to show yall that both 'idiot parade' and 'covidiots' is trending in germany Hey at least it’s not just the U.S. with these morons Well that's unfortunate. Haven't they seen the devastation in America? Well, at least we aren’t the only country w/ selfish morons lol. Who TF does this after what those crazies have done in America w/ this childish BS spreading disease outta control. They won’t even wear a mask to their protest over nothing. All they do is prolong it COVIDIOTS

In the US, it won't end until the election. All these people bitching on here support BLM protests LOL Check back in 3 weeks for the next chapter in this story. So sad. Wells and donkeys... I'm so close to agreeing with you Meanwhile all is calm in Bork Bork! Well done Germany! Greatest hoax in this century.

It's called The Awakening and it's about 2/3 months too late but will do better late than never 🖕 About fucking time what took you so long wonder if we will ever see this in the UK oh no wait too busy pulling down statues for BLM 🤦🏻‍♂️🖕 Why not they are watching the US do nothing and open up so the spread can continue.

Yeah so America's stupidity has spread to Germany. One idiot at a time makes us all return into quarentine. = more covid cases The good news is they are not wearing masks... Q4 should be amazing. So the 'Wingnuttery Is For Clowns' disease isn't just here. We need a vaccine to end The Far Right... We must learn to take precautions and live with it. It’s not going anywhere. Open all countries back up!

The virus is just waiting to infect us. Dear Germany, At least you can still leave your country. Knock it off. Love, America Idiots.... Good. Stand up for your rights. BLM has shown people have the right to protest! Follow America’s lead if you want to. Mean while China inherits global leadership. Life goes on! Listen, we’ve lived with hundreds of viruses/diseases before, a lot unknown and mysterious.. we have a flu vaccine that isn’t 100% (people of all ages die from the flu, young and old, vaccinated or not). Time to move on!!

Plandemic is being exposed When the government becomes intoxicated with dishonest political leaders -faith is lost, security diminished GovAbbott BadJudge emilymiskel oh they got influenced by the dumb fuck rednecks in the US ✨ Good for them.. Does everyone deserve medical treatment? The virus was released before 2020 that’s why 10 times those who tested positive have antibodies already. Keep your fingers out of your nose and don’t lick doorknobs. Ask your doctor for a prophylactic if you feel like you need one.

Ironically Germany will now see a spike in cases of the Coronavirus with this massive demonstration. Although I understand that people want their freedom back but it will be at the expense of their health and others health. Fuck around and find out! Natural selection in action only that there is high rate of collateral damage associated in this particular circumstance.

Hold my beer, America. Simple, take all their details and they're refused any treatment for covid19. And here, we have natural selection doing the work for us. And now all of you idiots have it lol yuhvett 1stMrScott Knuckle dragging Covidiots. Comforting to see it’s not just the U.K. that have brainless folk knocking about.

We will never get rid of this virus. Omg...this pandemic is never gonna end. The only good thing about this is we in America can finally point to another country and say 'see, we're not the single stupidest fucking country on earth, there's more of us!' Idiocy loves company. WearAMask MasksMakeYourDickLookBigger Ifyoulikethatkindofthing

This does NOT cheer me but there is some small comfort in knowing this is not an exclusively American brand of stupidity. Turn your country into 💩 like 🇺🇸 Do these morons not look at us in the UK or the cretins in the USA? That’s so american of them. Nice to see that Deutschland have COVIDIOTS too! Good for them !

The Trump death cult and their notion of “free-dumb” has spread worldwide. I await a spike in COVID cases in Germany in the next 2 weeks. ImTheNotorious1 lookin a little Drumpf-y there The Transnational White Nationalist Confederacy Has Assembled. In a country that was a prime example of successfully tackling a large outbreak. With lots of government aid, minimal job loss, and reopening when it was reasonable. The only thing Germans are being asked to do is to wear a goddamn mask.

blackrepublican Chancellor Fauci would not approve ibflorea. Well, enjoy having the virus in all your homes for the next 6+ months Germany. And they are correct. Germany reached herd immunity weeks ago. They’re experiencing the american rebellion syndrome, NOOO THE REST OF THE WORLD IS GONNA COPY US Idk what’s going on with Germany and the United States but literally no other country had a problem with restrictions and they are LITERALLY opening back up. Like ? Who raised y’all.

That's one way to get rid of the remaining neo-Nazi/white supremacists. Good to know Trump Republicans don't have a complete monopoly on stupidity.... They just have to call it a BLM protest - Berlin Lives Matter. That’ll be good enough to confuse the Wuhan Flu from causing them any trouble. We have thousands here who protest wearing a simple face mask but look at the rising numbers and the locations

My belief that Germans are sensible just took a huge kicking. COVIDIOTS This looks like the BLM/Riot rallies that spiked numbers in the US No masks.... stupid people everywhere Fkn idiots Well I guess we’ll see how this turns out. I wonder if people opposed the Black Plague restrictions too haha Wow. excuse me what Mike_Reset

Germany has a lot of dumb people 1.3 million people. It isn't thousands. Idiots if you ask me. evanchill Such misguided and shallow lamentations on the concept of freedom chanted in chorus in the key of ignorance. Like a cult's anthem. Not wearing a Mask is literally becoming ‘Assault with a Deadly Weapon!’

What a bunch of covidiots. Will the grave markers increase after this crowded protest? They should have brought some BLM signs, the AP would be sucking them off right now. Let Americans into the country then. In other words, they are marching in favor of horrible, lingering, tortuous death in writhing pain.

Except it’s not. Good to know Americans aren’t the only selfish people. I thought German people were disciplined and respect science. 🤔🤔🤔 The rally was dissolved because the corona rules were not observed! Welp, looks like US needs to completely restrict travel from Germany so these idiots don’t bring their bs here, we got enough morons here to deal with.

Dumbkopfen! At least large protests in the US aren’t about the right to infect each other during a pandemic. Cold comfort but some comfort. The restrictions are draconian and without any real scientific protocol. The virus is airborne none of these measures work!! Herd immunity does and the protection of the elderly and health compromised

I feel for Merkel, and the innocent and cautionary. The end of their lives will soon arrive. Wish Americans could do the same. The lock downs and the copycat Government approaches (copying China), have completely ruined the entire world economy and saved the lives of many elderly people who were riddled with morbidities and who will now, in all likelihood, become the victims of natural seasonal flu.

Don’t forget, this virus is has Woke DNA. Protest govt regulations and you gonna geddit and die. Smash a few shop windows in the name of BLM and you gonna be just fine Natural selection in 3..2...1... Idiots. Social media companies need to be held accountable for spreading the antivax nonsense that is literally killing people. And Twitter jack need to add a “Report COVID19 pandemic misinformation” button asap and take concrete actions to reduce the spread of conspiracies.

People are fed up, everywhere. Delaying herd immunity is costing lives, literally. Open the economy without restrictions, open schools, no mask mandates - we’re DONE! America is next. Portland proves people can gather in large groups for months and not get covid as long as you wear a mask and riot. I GUESS it feels good to know Americans are not alone in their display of complete idiocy?

Germany needs to throw off another Nazi takeover and put on freedoms This is disturbing Interesting Right wing nuts live everywhere and sometimes i forget that. Thanks for reminding me how awful people are. Honestly, I didn't think Germany would be to the EU what Florida is to the US. 👇 You know it’s bad when the Germans start marching.

see? The Americans are not the only stupid whites in this world. Bless. They can protest..but, should take precautions, like wearing masks and staying away from each other...just think how much the crowds would extend if they were staying six feet apart They won’t understand till it’s too late weirdos. This will end well

I thought US nuts were on a race to the bottom with only the UK & Russia. I guess the other nut nations don't wanna miss out 🤡 Hey if the pandemic is “over” then why not come to the US? While you’re at, visit California and Florida. Go to bars and beaches- you know very high trafficked areas. Good to know American right wing nut cases aren’t the only imbeciles in the pandemic.

Are those American expats? Better they don't complain when their cases skyrocket and even deaths. We cannot keep the world locked up forever, nor can we run away forever. This was bound to happen sooner or later, and I think something similar is happening here at Speaker's Corner. Like it or not we must move on!

Geez ppl you think masks are gonna keep you safe? Ok let’s ban smoking, drinking, sugar, flying, pain meds. All of these have the potential of killing & giving lifetime disabilities. if you’re scared wear them don’t tell I have 2 cause you’re scared Have they not learned from America?! This is a protest people shouldn’t have a problem with

Take that Florida! Looks like the Chinese got all our numbers they started covid because they knew Europe and united states in their free society couldn't handle not being told No. Says alot about all us as a people Stupidity is universal. Hope the hospital’s are gearing up. Yikes! I see dead people! Nomorelockdowns Fakedemic CovidHoax

👀 Maxwolf333 daphneyuhas Awesome!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The end? No, this is just the beginning now. Is it bad that my first reaction is wow maybe we are not the only idiot country after all No people, it's not the end of the pandemic. Corona be like No worries, give them HCQ, Zinc, and Zithromax.

You mean thousands of COVIDIOTS . Why dont COVIDIOTS go to a deserted island... And leave us alone. This is asinine. Covid 19: You’re making it too easy This is getting a retweet from Trump for sure..He’s so full of himself and this is gonna enable him even more.. Stupidity really is a world wide problem, how comforting *hides in cave*

So pretty much a bunch of glopez4581 Germany Plzzz don’t be sooo stupid! Just look over here in the USA. We don’t wish this on anyone. US: we are the absolute worst at managing the pandemic. Berlin: Hold my beer... 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😭😭😭 Look, there I am...and there....and there.....and there....and there I love a good protest. Thousands of dickheads to sink my spores into - yum 😋

So America stupidity has spread to other countries. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Im so sorry y’all Germany still has a radical wing? It seems Trump would fit in and do better in Germany than here in the USA. The end of the pandemic until next week in Berlin. Unrelated, are Americans going to hit the streets today and protest to congress to extend enhanced unemployment benefits that expired in July?

I thought Germany was smarter than USA Fair play to them, they're sick of all of this exaggerated nonsense Idiots! COVIDIOTS Idiots are universal and numerous So its not just America being stupid now? I'm pretty sure it's stupidity like this that only fuels the spread of pandemics Thousands to be purged.

Thread of photos: So these people are basically committing mass suicide The end of Germany as well! 🤪 Malignant idiocy Covid and American ignorance is spreading out of control Go Germany! European countries make so much more sense than the US Well, I'd hate for Americans to have an exclusive on Covidiocy. WearAFuckingMask

Not all heroes wear masks Oh snap, here we go Ha haha Jesus I'm from America if they want it so bad they can have. As a country that has no control they should be dann happy no one is dying because of their government. As someone that lives in a country that had a bunch of these, 'let us be normal' protests with no masks, it's not a good idea!!! Lol

If looting and crime goes unpunished in the US in a protest, I’m totally supportive of this! Maybe Trump should visit Germany and never fucking come back!! Fuckin Trump supporters I want to dance like Fred Astaire and sing 'The World Is Full Of Incomprehensible Idiots!' Come on!!! In Chicago we wear masks and we are doing really well. It works. It sucks!!! But it works!!! Hot! Icky! Gross! But it works!!!😷

And here I thought Germany was one of the best in Europe on handling this pandemic... Give it one or two weeks and we'll be back here seeing there's to be a large spike in cases Germans looking to catch up with the US. Germany 🇩🇪 against the NWO! Stay strong brothers and sisters !! Russian propaganda strikes again.

Covidiots Hope they all catch it I was hoping no other country was as ignorant as ours. Or as I call it Nazis but super dumb. Let’s do a world infection week Parade and get over this ! Enough is enough . Clowns Look at all the Karen’s..... German culture is so bipolar lmaoo They should hand out these kind of folk bracelets that identify themselves as COVID-19 deniers, and if they get sick, they don't want any medical help at all.

I see dead people Oh dear god. They have so far been the shining stars ...they have no idea how lucky they are. PVizionn Oh so it's not just Americans that are stupid... I guess they want to be like America. You complain about restrictions... Imagine being on a ventilator for three months. Don't be stupid Berlin

Open Germany back up! Google Nakam! It's the only way! Well it’s nice to know that my country doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity... Looks like we’re not alone with dealing with nutty citizens. Wonder if they have QAnon over there too? FrasierSein Or - The End is Near! Time to get the tear gas and pepper balls out

Hope they don’t go down the same road as us in the United States CNN cnnbrk cnni where is the news coverage for this? Y’all are starting to act like propaganda. Germans demonstrating against the fascism, i hope we will see more of this! Finally, people can stop only looking at the us funny A there a German word for, 'Don't copy what America did or you'll end up like them'?

All I see is a bunch of far right idiots. If this works we should also eliminate global warming with a declaration. Nice try germany, but AMERICA will win this race 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 The far right are going to make this virus so hard to beat Well we now know which side of trump’s family his stupidity comes from now. One of these unmasked idiots is probably a relative of his. I hope Merkel stands her ground. These fools are going to make Germany look like the US in cases.

In America we envy the relatively low covid19 death count. Apparently some in Germany envy the American 'freedom' of mass casualties. Why not just sprinkle the Corona virus over the protestors and be done with it? please wear a mask tho Good on them hopefully it will make other countries wake up stop protesting in the streets ffs

Germany still doesn't know how to _not kill_ people. Oh look American Stupidity is contagious 🙄 natural selection 😌 It just goes to show that we are not just individual nations, we are one world. News and ideas spread like wild fire and we need to fix ourselves NOW so that we can help influence more positive attitudes in the rest of the world.

And the Darwin Award goes too... The stats say they have little to worry about. The facts are it's nothing like it was predicted to be. Nothing. It's not 2%, nowhere near it. It's a 1/100 of a precent in Germany. Take the facts. It doesn't matter since protestors are immune against the virus or so I've heard

This is surprising to me. They arent all Trump supporters Yay somebody else can look stupid for a second!!! Yay!! We saw this coming. U can't lock down people and have all these restrictions for months with out some sort of resistance. It's human nature, our stubbornness is what fucking us up right now Look America....a real reason to protest!

Trump supporter extended family members🤣 Goose stepping and square dancing. Same thing. coronavirus COVIDIOTS See, it isn't just the americans that are idiots This can’t be real FredericArnould Comment dite vous déjà ? Ah oui! Qu'ils sont biesses 🙄 Three times as many people died of flu last week than covid in uk. Food for thought.

Jesus christ. Right wing nut cases need to be dealt with before things start getting even more ugly. COVIDIOTS Covidiots I see the same people who support peaceful riots against Trump in USA, claim that the German protesters gonna die of Covid19 pretty soon. I will not comment on it. No one was complaimg about the BLM protests

Proves this article right Personally I'd just machine gun the lot of them. Are these people idiots 🤔 they must be. NOW protesting is bad for public health RELEASE THE DARWIN!!!!!!! Well, there ya go. I thought Americans where the only idiots protesting Covid19. Covid19 doesn’t care who it infects. Makes me feel good about my fellow citizens. 🙄

They are in for a rude awakening And it’s back... 👀 Oh the selfishness - disgusting. Nothing can possibly go wrong Oh ok so they still have those kind of people too ffs Amazing, Germany marching for liberty and democrat Nazi terrorists in the USA marching for hate and destruction. This is the reason why think cannot get better. People are too dumb to make small changes in their like in order to make things better

If the massive riots in American cities are ok this should be ok too. Gott mit Deutschland 🇩🇪 iPrayag why are your people protesting mate. Thought Merkel was supported 'the end of the pandemic has arrived' ? unless they're talking about IN Germany but even then if they open everything there's a chance cases will just rise again, all it takes is one sick foreigner from some other country

The irony! I do hope no one is infected! Bruh what 💀 Not a single epidemiologist amongst them 🙈 YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID, AMERICA? Mid august outbreak Mark your calendars The Covididiots are a universal breed Oh wow.. UK 12.8(Cases per 100,000) Spain 60.2 Italy 5.9 Germany10.0 France19.8 Sweden30.7 Belgium39.8 Netherlands16.50.1 Portugal29.10.5 Romania77.71.8 Poland16.5

We have got to prioritise the economyand open up all aspects of it now and enable herd immunity. It's the only way out...then once sorted we need to look at severe and irreversible action against China. Deal with them once and for all. Looks like stupidity is not exclusive to Americans. COVIDIOTS Good Lord! They were doing well. Please do not follow poor examples of leadership. You guys have a real chance in returning to normal if you listen to medical advice!!

Stupid people everywhere Now all the sudden protests are bad. Glad to see we’re not the only stupid ones here in the USA Coronavirus is looking forward to its next field day. These stupid dolts don’t realise they’re about to spark a second wave. And when they fall illl and start dropping like flies they’ll wonder how it happened. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

What?! Fake! this stuff only happens in US. Europe is better, more reasonable than those arrogant imbicile Americans! i hate morons Looks like Germany wants to be the Florida of Europe. Can’t wait to see those numbers jump in two weeks and this shit is never going away. Better stock up on ventilators!!! What is wrong with people? They think they are invincibles ?

Problem solved *facepalm* Millions and millions are realising since the end of lockdown, that after months of lockdown, billions and billions are and will be fine. Fantastiche. They’re really stupid. Fuckwits. Ah well. Natural selection n all that Covid approves. They’re all safe from a a zombie attack. They need brains to eat, and there are clearly none there.

So not only in America.. Ummmm, Germany? Florida says hey!👋 I thought Berlin would have an aversion to right wig nut jobs considering their history. 'The end of the pandemic'... Don't You Believe It! (Old way of saying don't believe it.) hiemakene DrDenaGrayson 🍂🍁***YOURE INVITED***🍁🍂 GOP FALL FESTIVAL! 😘Free KISSING BOOTH👄, Free 🍎BOBBING FOR APPLES🍏 GIANT FINGER FOOD BUFFET WITH 27 CHIP DIPS- George Castanza says DIG IN!

It is no coincidence that Donald Trumpf is German. Hasnt belgium already dealt with mass gravesites before? What can I say but....das ist nicht gut. Must be mad we pulled our troops lol Draft dodging Trump is always bragging about being German via his draft dodging grandfather. simondolan Wow. The US isn’t the only one with ignorant civilians. Welcome to the club, Berlin. Sorry you’re here.

Clever! Das ist eine idiots. Oh my god. Oh my god it's just white people. White people everywhere are so stupid. Why can't we be like Asian countries where people are not only intelligent but they care about eachother 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Stupidity, like the coronavirus, knows no borders. Leave it to the white people to fuck everything up like always

Uh chile i thought ppl in europe were smart unlike in the usa🥴💀💀 Lmaooo covid-19 doesn’t care about your protests 😂 Allow nature to run its course.. evolve them out of humanity. Corona is bs! See, there are idiots everywhere. Remind me; how many US Troops are we taking out of Germany? Funnily enough, it might have been over had they not done this. Good job turning around, Orpheus.

Did they not learn a lesson from the mess America is in? Ffs Germany ! Am shocked I'll just bet there's money from Russia behind it The rest of the world is sick of being pawns in Americans political hoaxes Ok this is coordinated madness and likely asymmetrical warfare against Germany by I wonder who? Great to see people stand up against the insanity. Sad to see so many media informed panic inducers still wailing about others wanting their freedom and lives back.

See, everyone has dumb people. Probably should not allow large gatherings during a Pandemic. Apparently protesters are immune. This actually makes me feel sort of good. Was starting to think America had cornered the market on assholes. WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE 'Previous protests against anti-virus restrictions in Germany drew a variety of attendees, including conspiracy theorists and right-wing populists.' Right-wingers & conspiracy theorists are the stupidest people in every country. They'll be self-extincting but infect others, too.

What a bunch of idiots! 🤦‍♀️ Can’t be...Dems and their propaganda wing (MSM) say Europeans are the smart ones... The virus does not recognize proclamations. Things do not make sense. Five Democrat governors ordered Covid patients into nursing homes to deliberately drive up the death toll to cause fear, to shut down the economy. Small businesses close while Walmart and Amazon thrive. Churches closed but Antifa minions burn. No.

My first thought: glad we're not the only stupid ones. But really, I don't wish this disease on anyone. No schadenfreude. Putin got a big ole toehold in Germany! F*ck! Good to know America doesn’t own the exclusive rights to stupid I thought there was no country in the world where people were more stupid than americans. I guess I was wrong.

Go Berlin!! Ich bin ein Berliner Apparently these people haven't had the coronavirus or lost a family member from it yet! When their loved one dies alone under quarantine. When will people learn, you can't just wish this pandemic away. If have a problem with this but supported george floyd protests you are a massive hypocrite

MAGA's over there too? 🤡's United in stupidity. The other 80mio Germans are more clever. East Germany is state of mind. Post-communist and post-prussian mentality. 2nd 🌊 begins in, 3.. 2.. 1! Good luck to them, they will learn the hard way We’re doomed aren’t we 😕 The end of humanity has arrived And all those idiots will find out it’s just starting for them

For you ze pandemic is over. And when they all get the virus in a few days from this unmasked gathering they’ll shut up. Only to be followed by another group in three weeks 🤦🏻‍♂️ Humans are fucked. At this point it's no longer a question of if you will be exposed to coronavirus- it's a question of when. How metabolically healthy will you be when you meet SARS-CoV2?

Except that it hasn’t. You recover from covid and are out there good for you. aestheticmgt Next week's headlines... MASSIVE SPIKE IN BERLIN CORONAVIRUS CASES AS SECOND WAVE HITS IN FORCE. HeikoMaas vonderleyen JanJambon korembge SamsungDE Thousands of protesters, extremist right factions among them, demonstrate in Berlin against German coronavirus proclaiming that the end is near.

A far-right, nationalist, libertarian gathering is called a rally, and in Germany they call them conspiracy nuts. WT actual F AP? Ok, which is it .. we need massive depopulation OR we need to keep everyone alive ? I thought germans were smart No s--t? 28 days later COVIDIOTS are ENTIRELY too precious and they can't be killed off by the virus fast enough; GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!

Thousands in Germany soon to have covid Ummm...such demonstrations actually just spike the spread and deaths. Sound like a Russian sponsored event like the ones in the US. Stupidity is a pandemic spreading faster than Covid. Sadly, we have none of this here. Americans are now submissive to liberal Tyrants and dictators who run our states

Nice to know the US isn't alone with having gaggles of stupid infesting it's populace. Eyfvhfdnaw Ciuyhknobhttr Cofdwdfnfvhjcegfv Tioegrykvvci Bovfwotnmcoujahdv Eifdvhcnpvtwb Tffviuvotrorhgvvwta Uvfhwnhvijvcgthiw Bjvhvwifvdnpvonwdvtr Yefvvdsnncaignv Cyreihvfwjovnmjdeu Aimvccnhvgwuioeh Tfnvivojrnbavvdwgievf Ypvhfnwifvhccayhvjgth Boccfsnvvewuhionvv Pvgtrhyviofnmdugh

And they just reignited it. People can be so very stupid. morons everywhere you go ... The insanity spreads! Here’s some food for thought: It’s Trump’s fault.... Apparently the Russian disinformation team has been busy everywhere. In the Berlin demonstration, very few are wearing masks. It's ironic that people who want to declare the end of the Coronavirus are creating a new wave of the virus which is likely to surge in about 2 weeks

Coronavirus-converge. That’s called oxymoron. Thought that was the love parade. The end? It can quickly surge back...especially after a protest. If you want to isolate in your house & abandon your job until you get the 'all clear' from your government, do it. However, if you want to live your life, like those in Sweden, with a mask & social distancing, & chance that you will be in the 99%+ that lives, feel free to do it!

Wondering what organization is behind this... plaguerats Didn’t they do that in 1917? How’d that workout? They learned nothing from it then It's easy to say stayhome but a lot of people are losing their jobs and businesses. Today is August 1. My prediction: By August 10, we will see a spike in coronavirus cases in Germany.

blhack octobadger1 Sure it has-oh well, safety I see is of the highest concern here This would never be the end of the pandemic, on the contrast, it will the new beginning of the second wave of the pandemic! I thought they were only saying fuck the bullshit for COVID in America, boy boy was I wrong oh, so there are idiots in Germany too.

loluck_________ Germans have been wrong before Wake Up !! STOP THE HYPNOTIC SESSION OF OMS , réveillez vous !! Arrêtez votre hypnose OMS francoislegault ArrudaHoracio StefBlaisCPA Alexis_Cossette RadioCanadaInfo CitoyensQ Good. I wonder if people acted like this during the plague or if advances in science have made people too comfortable. Maybe it was better when people thought sneezing made your soul escape and you’d die in Hell without it.

Didn't realize we could just end the virus by protesting against it... Not good . Guuuuuuh... I think at this point people won’t “get it” until they get it. Open it all back up! Every country and every city. Just like normal. Let all these selfish F’ers die or have lifetime issues. It’s just less traffic and more job opportunities for the rest of us.

So...Americans aren't the only ignorant fools, looks like stupidity is universal. Ummm, that's comforting Bravo! I'm sensing a resurgence of the virus in Germany Preferable to what it might have been about. Foolish nonetheless. Don't know whether to be relieved or appalled that there are morons like that outside of the US too.

YIKES Let’s all pay close attention to see if there will be a spike in Covid-19 sickness and deaths in Berlin Germany. May the truth be revealed. Same event covered without the US media's need to pretend there is massive resistance to anti covid measures. This people are so stupid Well we know where it came from

Get the body bags ready ☠️ I'm interested in seeing who is behind organizing these events. Ah, German Trumpsters. Such a shame. Idiotic Trumpism is infecting the world. Oh for the love of god...people just dont get it! 😔🙏✌ Welp Covid 19 be like Pandemics don’t end like that. Nope... Nice to see stupid is not solely a US problem

We should send the trump supporters who are against restrictions there they are mistaken. it's not surprising to see people unhappy with the extended lockdown. At least these protests don't have ties to right-wing donors like the ones in the USA have. fuck each and every single one of these fucks - a fellow german

Thousands march in Berlin to protest coronavirus curbsThousands of demonstrators rallied in Berlin on Saturday to protest against measures imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, saying they violated people's rights and freedoms. Utter chaos Long way to go to beat the Americans

Red panda born in Berlin as part of global breeding programA Berlin zoo says a rare red panda has been born, only a few months after its parents were brought to the German capital from India How freaking precious!!! Such a cutie!! GET Non COVID 19 connection??

Red panda born in Berlin as part of global breeding programA Berlin zoo says a rare red panda has been born, only a few months after its parents were brought to the German capital from India hannypandy So cute. And cross-eyed. Look at that face!

Thousands march in Berlin to protest coronavirus curbsThousands of demonstrators rallied in Berlin on Saturday to protest against measures imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, saying they violated people's rights and freedoms. Utter chaos Long way to go to beat the Americans

Philippines extends coronavirus restrictions, makes vaccine pledgePhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday extended novel coronavirus restrictions in the capital, Manila, until mid-August and said the country would be given priority in supplies if China made a breakthrough with a vaccine. Ugghhh Hopefully DUTERTE gets it

Ahead of Eid Celebrations, Middle East Braces for Another Coronavirus SurgeAs the Middle East prepares to celebrate Eid al-Adha, governments in the region are tightening coronavirus-related restrictions and urging people to stay at home to prevent a resurgence of infections. ؤخشششخخءخشء+شء ء ش dakota HajjMubarak Makkah Go tweet about America! This time muslim countries showed the discipline and patience for two eid celebration. Nothing happened and will not mess up inshaallah.