This Year’s Emmy Nominations Are Actually…Not Terrible?

The 13 Most Shocking Emmy Nominations Snubs and Surprises

8/2/2020 7:16:00 AM

The 13 Most Shocking Emmy Nominations Snubs and Surprises

'Watchmen' mopped the floor with literally every other series.

Ozark? Well, to preempt that question, it's a terrific series centering a criminally corroded family in the Ozarks. Every season they sink deeper into the moral abyss—betraying each other and their allies in the process—and it is can’t-miss television. This year’s Emmys clearly think so too, because stars Laura Linney and Jason Bateman are nominated as well as supporting actress Julia Garner and the series itself. The only letdown? Janet McTeer, who is incredible in her final season, gets shut out. That’s a major oversight by the Academy.

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Zendaya gets a seat on the throne.Read NextZendaya's performance onEuphoriais so electrifying, raw, and entirely surprising, all I can do is stan. It's exciting to see her name listed among the greats here.Okay but seriously, when is Mandy Moore going to be nominated?

Not to take away from Sterling K. Brown’s transcendent performance onThis is Us, but he’s definitely not the only actor worthy of a nomination—yet he’s usually the only one who makes the nominations list. (Though the iconic Phylicia Rashad is nominated for the second year in a row for her triumphant guest performance, and she has

neverwon an Emmy throughout her decades-long career). As far as snubs go, Milo Ventimiglia is always fantastic, and the oft-overlooked Mandy Moore, the only member of the cast who acts in every era of this multigenerational show, is simply breathtaking to watch. Give her her due.

Sarah Snook rises above the boys' club.It should come as no surprise thatSuccession,the ethically demented and wildly popular drama about a disgustingly rich family, earns tons of Emmy love—including nods for actors Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and the series itself. But Sarah Snook's Shiv Roy, a decadently deviant member of the clan, was left out of the awards discussion—until now. With a supporting actress in a drama nom, she's finally getting her long overdue props. Good on the Emmys.

Trans actors are still overlooked on a show about—*checks notes*—trans people. Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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