Hurricane Isaias, Tropical Storm, Bahamas, Florida, Hurricane Us, Storm Us

Hurricane Isaias, Tropical Storm

Isaias downgraded to tropical storm on Florida approach

Isaias is expected to remain a hurricane through Monday, then slow weaken on its climb up the Atlantic seaboard.

8/2/2020 7:15:00 AM

Isaias weakens from a hurricane to a tropical storm , but is expected to regain hurricane strength overnight as it barrels toward Florida

Isaias is expected to remain a hurricane through Monday, then slow weaken on its climb up the Atlantic seaboard.

Effects on Caribbean One man died in the Dominican Republic and in Puerto Rico, the National Guard rescued at least 35 people from floodwaters that swept away one woman, whose body was recovered on Saturday after Isaias hit the area.Concerns about the coronavirus and the vulnerability of people who are still recovering from last year's Dorian were adding to storm worries.

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Bahamas and Florida brace for heavy rain as Hurricane Isaias barrels through the Atlantic Hurricane Isaias is hitting the Bahamas this morning and is expected to get close to Florida 's east coast Saturday night and Sunday. More than 680,000 people have died from coronavirus today, who is responsible?Your government is still pretending not to know! What are they afraid of? Follow live updates here:

Hurricane Isaias heads toward Bahamas and Florida after battering Dominican Republic as a tropical stormThe Bahamas and eastern Florida are bracing for hurricane conditions this weekend as Hurricane Isaias barrels through the Caribbean and into the southeastern US Track Isaias' path: Do you think the storm will blow away the EpsteinFiles ?

Tropical Storm Isaias heads toward Florida: Live updatesA group of citizen responders and rescuers from Louisiana known as the United Cajun Navy is deploying a team to North Carolina ahead of Hurricane Isaias God bless the Cajun Navy. This Houstonian remembers Harvey Yes. More of this please. Unity over division. 👏👏👏👏 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Live updates: Isaias, heading for Florida, downgraded to tropical stormJUST IN: Isaias has downgraded to a tropical storm , with sustained winds of 70 mph, with the storm's center about 115 miles southeast of Fort Lauderdale. LIVE UPDATES: No fear. “Awwwww dammit” ........went the liberal, global warming alarmists nutter crowd... 😏

Hurricane Isaias Downgraded to Tropical Storm as It Heads Toward FloridaIsaias weakened to a tropical storm as it entered the Florida Straits on Saturday afternoon, but is expected to strengthen into a hurricane again as it continues its northwest path toward Florida ’s eastern coast before aiming for the Carolinas. God protect Florida

Tropical Storm Isaias Nears Florida CoastIsaias weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm as it headed toward Florida 's southeast coast on Saturday evening, but it is expected to once again become a hurricane overnight. weather fuckin crazy dude Don’t worry everybody, President Trump will keep us safe, healthy and financially secure! MAGA aka Me Away Golfing Again 'Great, now all the COVID is gonna be blown into Alabama and Georgia.' -Southern Scientists