Gooffsis, R29unbothered

Gooffsis, R29unbothered

This Is What Navigating 2021 Looks Like For Black Women, According To The Hosts Of Go Off, Sis

#GoOffSis, the podcast from #R29Unbothered, is back for its 5th season! Catch up on what you've missed:

9/16/2021 5:55:00 PM

GoOffSis, the podcast from R29Unbothered, is back for its 5th season! Catch up on what you've missed:

Go Off, Sis is back for season 5. In the first episode, the R29 Unbothered hosts talk about post-quarantine life and professional/personal reboots.

Go Off, SisTaiia Smart YoungGo Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29’s Unbothered, is back for season 5. And while we’re still in the panorama, the upside is this: We’re finally back to work and school — though to be clear, we’renotgoing back to business as usual.

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The opinionated hosts are coming in hot, melanated, and ready to hit the reset button. They’ve collectively deemed everyone and everything eligible for a reboot, from Destiny's Child to friendships to hustle culture to — gasp! — returning to the office. On this episode, the quartet remind us that the system is broken, and the pandemic has signaled the necessary end of grind culture. For Refinery29 culture critic Ineye Komonibo, it’s important to prioritize rest. “We need to be okay with not operating at a million percent, with not being the best today,” she shares.

AdvertisementRefinery29 senior editor Stephanie Long checks in about life after quarantine. “I definitely have been thinking about what it means to be more discerning about who we’re giving our energy to and whose energies were allowing in,” she says. “And making sure we’re putting ourselves in alignment with people who match our frequency.”

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