Go nuts: the multilayered history of baklava

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“I am not rich enough to eat baklava every day”: the Middle Eastern treat has a layered history. From 1843mag

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ach country finds its own way to get its sugar fix. The crackly burnished sugar on top of a pot of crème brûlée in France. The grainy buttery sugar of a slab of Scottish tablet. The caramelised, milky sugar of, slathered on toast or pancakes. The intensely processed sugar of the high-fructose corn syrup that sweetens the chocolate drizzle, ice cream and brownie chunks of an American sundae.

Across the Middle East and Turkey, bakery shelves heave with a variety of syrup-soaked pastries. You can find diamonds of(which in Arabic sweetly translates as “just a kiss”), a cake made from semolina and drenched with syrup scented with rose or orange blossom. Coils of, shredded pastry filled with a creamy cheese or nuts and doused in yet more floral syrup.

Even without the sultans and their acolytes, baklava still evokes a sense of ceremony. Feast days, religious or otherwise, to celebrate both the living and the dead, are occasions for baklava. So, too, are visits by friends.

Then come the nuts. Gaziantep baklava is famously made with pistachios. Iran favours the same. Elsewhere walnuts are popular – bringing a welcome hint of bitterness against the sweetness of the syrup – as are almonds. Whichever variety you use, they should be finely chopped but not ground to a paste. The texture is essential. You don’t need any sugar, given the deluge of syrup to come. Only butter – a little to unite the nuts and more to separate the pastry – is necessary.

Last, add the syrup. A simple one of sugar and water is a good start. The addition of honey brings a different kind of sweetness, a splash of lemon juice a gratifying contrast. Orange-blossom water and rose water are traditional but potent, and should be used sparingly. The syrup, however, should not. Don’t be shy with it: embrace the sugar. Unusually, Roden recommends chilling the syrup before pouring it over the pastries the moment they come out of the oven (or simply dunking them in it).

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A system that dictates to its people of what they should eat or drink is a authoritarian system and dont bring people together on mutual grounds but by coercion.

Sweet treats sometimes relieve mental stress. They will make people diabetic sooner than they achieve peace in Middle East.

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Cults banning alcohol lol?

Absence? Ha ha ha....

baklava migholi?


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Misery loves company.

In the absence of oil...you cannot fund wars without this

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Misses Pistachio also, for the Season!

When these stupids stop the orientalism? It is almost 2022 and people know everything now, thanks to technology. What the fuck is that image? Come the fuck on! We all ride on camels and fuck goats also. Believe me.

Who said that there is no alcohol in the Middle East? The entire region is obsessed with ILLEGAL and ILLICIT alcohol


Who wrote this header? That’s a very good use of assonance.

1843mag In Australia, it's about the same price as a Flake, Twirl or Kit Kat.

1843mag 👆chadinabhan

1843mag Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

1843mag good

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