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These Are the People Who Make Photo Shoots Happen in the Time of COVID-19


5/2/2021 12:05:00 PM


Fashion's essential workers, here's how they stay motivated and get it done on set.

M&G Foodstuff CateringTeen Vogue: What was it like during the early days of COVID-19?Samantha Hannaford: Going back to mid-March last year, when things started to get serious, basically all of our jobs started to cancel. So March, April, May, it was pretty much nonexistent in terms of our normal catering work. We had two options. It was, do we go home, sit, and watch everything crumble and do nothing about it, or do we hustle and do everything that we can in our power to try and survive and make it work for who knows how long? We had no idea at that time how long this was going to last for. People were talking weeks, obviously that turned into months.

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TV:What did you do during that time?SH: During that time, we immediately started re-strategizing and coming up with an urgent plan as to what we could do with none of our normal work coming in. We started to do home deliveries using our current client list and all of our connections in the city. We also started doing hospital drops. We pulled together our own resources, donations from friends and families and clients, and started doing deliveries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to different hospitals around the city, like Mount Sinai, New York Presbyterian, Lenox Hill, and NYU Langone. I think we were able to feed over a thousand health-care workers, which was pretty good considering it was only myself and Johnathon, and three or four of the staff.

TV:What changes would you like to see remain once COVID-19 is over?Johnathon Garvey: We’re part ofTist, a program that works with subsistence farmers in Africa, specifically Uganda. And so every customer that we serve, one tree is planted on their behalf through Tist. That program has been really great, and it’s a way for us to offset the amount of waste.

SH: To be completely transparent and honest, doing everything individually boxed is a really, really difficult thing. When you do it individually, you have to cater for each individual versus our original format of family-style. So that is quite difficult to do and get right while still keeping everything of quality. For the individual boxes, everything is recyclable. But even if it’s recyclable, it’s still a lot of waste. As Jonathan said, Tist is definitely something that we’ll continue to do. Partnering with that organization has been a real positive coming out of this. They’re super focused on climate change initiatives and regenerating certain areas through tree planting in Uganda and Africa.

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What Happens When a Perfumer Loses Their Sense of Smell Because of Covid-19?Fragrance experts weigh in on the loss of what happens when perfumers lose their sense of smell and the journey of recovering your sense of smell. Oh how unfortunate! I think most of my memories are connected to scents and music. I don't want to lose those memories