Belfast, Riot Police, Protests, The Troubles, Northern Ireland's 100Th Anniversary

Belfast, Riot Police

Riots in Belfast ahead of Northern Ireland's centenary anniversary

Scenes of unrest return to the streets of Belfast two weeks before Northern Ireland's 100th anniversary

5/2/2021 12:15:00 PM

Scenes of unrest return to the streets of Belfast two weeks before Northern Ireland's 100th anniversary

Northern Ireland came into being on May 3, 1921 as Ireland became independent from Britain and was split between pro-Ireland nationalists and pro-UK unionists, who hold the most power.

In the early evening on April 19, teens covered their faces and scrambled for bricks and stones to throw.A mother pushing a pram scooted her child out of the way as a small gang charged a police Land Rover, climbing on the bonnet, prying off a wing mirror and pulling at locked door handles.

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Police on the frontline remained inside their vehicles - their windscreens and sirens covered in metal grid-work that parried the worst of the debris.Early in the evening, a switch pressed by an unseen hand slammed shut the gates in the "peace walls", completely sealing the neighbourhoods off from each other.

A convoy of police vehicles pulled in from a side street, parking in practised formation to block the road to t he gates.The ranks of riot police wielding batons and shields quelled the worst of the violence, for one night at least.The unrest paled in comparison to clashes earlier in the month, when water cannon and dog units waged a running battle with gangs throwing petrol bombs and fireworks.

Loyalist and nationalist youths faced off in a night of violence that shocked the UK and left the area by the peace gates charred and pockmarked.A teddy bear has since been hung on the gates with a hopeful handwritten dedication: "Peace for our children's future."

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The Queen shares special memory of Prince Philip in sweet messageThe Queen has shared a sweet memory of her late husband Prince Philip in a message to Northern Ireland to mark its centenary

The turn at a century: Northern Ireland’s anniversaryThe province’s largest party aligned with Britain has lost its leader; in the 100 years since the island was split it has rarely seemed so close to reuniting. Diplomacy, as with so much else, had to go online during the pandemic—and emerged more efficient and inclusive than many expected. And how art-lovers are getting ever more fully immersed. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here See for privacy and opt-out information. alixechristie I’m back with smile on my face again thanks to Thembamark2 I don’t know what to say I was skeptical but I am proud to let the world know that you’re the reason behind my successful trades life!!🙏🙏 God bless you for your good works alixechristie 🤔 Is this a conversation about art and Art?

Northern Ireland turns 100 amid renewed worries tied to BrexitBrexit-related border worries grow as Northern Ireland, part of Britain, marks centennial of its creation ulster as most scot ni know goes back b4 christ to earlier civilisations but british society goes back through 2 world wars with an elite carriage that never assembles please retweet. Mauritania is facing acute humanitarian needs, including high levels of food insecurity (over 25 per cent of the population in severe food insecurity in most of the provinces) and very high rates of acute malnutrition. UN

Covid-19: No further coronavirus-related deaths in NIAnother 83 people test positive for the virus in Northern Ireland in the past day. Nice, I hope that is where we are headed too in Chile

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