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The world should stand up to China over Hong Kong, activist Nathan Law says

Pro-democracy activist @nathanlawkc tells @Reuters that the world should stand up to China over Hong Kong

7/3/2020 4:14:00 AM

Pro-democracy activist nathanlawkc tells Reuters that the world should stand up to China over Hong Kong

Hong Kong 's fate shows China's true authoritarianism so the rest of the world should stand up to President Xi Jinping and start to put human rights above financial gain, pro-democracy activist Nathan Law told Reuters.

3 Min ReadLONDON (Reuters) - Hong Kong’s fate shows China’s true authoritarianism so the rest of the world should stand up to President Xi Jinping and start to put human rights above financial gain, pro-democracy activist Nathan Law told Reuters.FILE PHOTO: Pro-democracy activist Nathan Law is interviewed by journalists outside the Final Court of Appeal after being granted bail in Hong Kong, China October 24, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

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China unveiled a national security law this week which Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters and the West say breaches the “one country, two systems” principle enshrined in the 1984 Sino-British treaty that guaranteed the autonomy of Hong Kong.“The protests in Hong Kong have been a window for the world to recognise that China is getting more and more authoritarian,” Law told Reuters via internet video. Law, 26, left Hong Kong this week. He declined to disclose his location.

Law called on the international community to put human rights above the financial interests of trading with the world’s second largest economy and to “multilaterally deal with the China issue in a more assertive way.”“It is important we prioritise human rights issues over trade when we deal with China,” he said.

The British flag was lowered over Hong Kong when the colony was handed back to China in 1997 after more than 150 years of British rule - imposed after Britain defeated China in the First Opium War.Britain says the national security law breaches the agreements made at the time of the handover and that China is crushing the freedoms that have helped make Hong Kong one of the world’s most glittering financial hubs.

Hong Kong and Beijing officials have said the law is vital to plug holes in national security defences exposed by the protests. China has repeatedly told Western powers to stop meddling in Hong Kong’s affairs.“The national security law is basically the end of ‘one country, two systems’ because there is no longer two systems, no more firewall between Hong Kong and China - it is basically merged,” Law said.

“The international community should recognise that and put relevant mechanisms to hold China accountable,” he said. “The international community should review whether Hong Kong should enjoy certain privileges that were given under the premise that Hong Kong was autonomous.”

Law said businesses and professionals were seriously considering leaving Hong Kong, once ranked as Asia’s top financial hub, due to China’s crackdown.While Law said the national security law was aimed at crushing the pro-democracy movement, he said Hong Kong would not surrender and the resistance would continue.

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“The democratic movement will still be vibrant even though it will be in other forms or in other ways of representation but still we can see that the resistance movement is still alive,” Law said.So what would Law tell President Xi?“It is better for you to step down,” he said.

“It is time for a leader for the country who knows how to treat the people good and lead the country in a more healthy, positive way instead of just messing up the whole country.”Reporting by Natalie Thomas; Editing by Guy Faulconbridge and Daniel Wallis

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Reuters 1 in war propaganda bullshit. Except it is not China genociding nations for decades for petrodollars. You can either die like a hero or flee like a cockroach. Your action defines who you are. 😴 Is he standing up to China right now at an unknown location outside HK? Only if you stand up for the people of Palestine, who are going through shits that makes you look privileged.

The world does not appreciate traitorous terrorists. You are a poster boy for traitorous terrorists. You have earned your keep. He just want to earn money . He is not activist The CIA paid him more than a $1million dollars a year to destroy Hong Kongs economy and beat up Hong Kong Citizens. I understand that he is upset about the loss of his salary........

This guy is a coward. Man up man. Where are the real leaders like in South Africa back in the days. Jesus-killing Jews smile Britain should also give up Falkland Island to Argentina. 小丑🤡。Crown 53 countries support national security law! Why should the world pay attention to a few cowardly clowns? He is a coward that didn’t even stand in Hong Kong

Not a single word or paragraph in the Joint Declaration gives the UK any responsibility over HongKong after its handover. The UK has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or right of 'supervision' over HK after the handover. HK is a region of China. Its affairs are purely China's. Who is Nathan Law? 🤣 Come to my country and I'll hope we meet. Will give you some support.....after you payed the bill for being responsible for the killing of an 70yo by thugs you support...and maybe even instructed. pos

Not me lol, Fuck Nathan Law Stand up to China from where? Britain or the US ? You ran away over and over again yet you urge people in Hong Kong not to bow down to the communist party. Fuck china. HongKong HongKongProtests StandwithHongKong china PoliceBrutality You run away yet ask others to stand up violating the law? Are you going to prison for them?

Such coward person has no right to talk about Hongkong, it’s ashamed! Hongkong should be handled by China 🇨🇳 and the marauders and looters should be treated like what they are. They should enjoy some years in a North-China labor camp. Yes, this mob also beats women UK welcom... China You stood down and then ask others to stand up?

XiJinping is afraid of the Jiang Zemin faction. 他们一直强调两制,但忘了前面是一国。另外,这里面最没有发言权的就是英国,当年殖民香港的时候怎么不讲自由民主,现在像小丑一样的跳出来装救世主,什么玩意。真特么虚伪。 'The world should stand up to China over Hong Kong' says a quitter. The world ? No buddy. Only those have an interest in HK “might”. Did the RICH island of HK help to reduce starvation in Africa? Other parts of Asia, South America?

Mr Nathan, the international politics is a game of interest you should know better. good riddance the bad rubbish Har har so many 50 cents here, their name is similar Btw He just leaves Hk, but not the freedom and democracy. He still speaks out in the US. Stay strong! And twitter should delete more fake ac

The world should stand up to Israel over Palestine,to India over Kashmir,to Saudi over Yemen Yeah why did you run boy? Can anyone tell me why there are over 1,000 American employees in the US consulate of HK? Are they come here to play mahjong or sth? I challenge you not cry Anyone can figure out where he is from his room setting?

From running dog to runaway dog 🤮 When it stands up to the U.S for all the war crimes, invasions, and imperial aggression it committed first. Also, HK IS China. Its no ones business what China does to China, unless we wanna start talking about racism and indentured servitude in the U.S first. A coward.

We need to stomp chinas head in. They need a good can of whoopass. A coward paid by US intelligence left HK while pushed his friends to frontline. He goes to Yale, you go to jail. take this fuck face to UK and offer him social welfare with your tax money. Citizens in Hong Kong are NOT oppressed, the Chinese people are very united in support of the collective Chinese people. The Hong Kong protests are fabricated movement FUNDED by the United States . UK and US media want to artificially manufacture political dissent in China.

Money talks, Hong Kong is getting better since the law is implemented, look at the stock market. HK is a tough one. China claims a right to the land after the British left. They do not want to adhere to any conditions of an autonomous state. Same shit with Taiwan. They want to consolidate everything...the only way is to destabilize the mainland somehow.

Soros & NED stepped up, to no avail. S*** happens so u want WW3 ? actually capitalism of China has always happen speech crime,now happen in hk,no surprise. be careful, whole world people have a opportunity to break the security law if you ever said everything bad of china The world should stand with black people to fight Freedom

‘I am running away with 3 millions donated money in my personal account, you should stay and continue to screw Hong Kong’ Well, world should stand up to India as well over Kashmir brutality and Muslims genocide. Or world should be selective? 秋后的蚂蚱蹦跶不了几天,这帮傻逼真把自己当根葱了。 Who stand up for Scotland of UK and catalunya in Spain? What about South Tyrol in Italy? And Bavaria in Germany? And Quebec? BTW, to those indians, who stand up for Kashmir, Punjub and Tamil Nādu? People should clean up their own shit before wiping others` asses, shouldn`t they?!

Hong Kong is part of china and must be treated as such. 'Stand up' from an activist who 'stood down'? Bit rich isn't it? Yeah....don’t think thermal nuclear world war is worth it....you folks need to make changes in your own country....figure it out Pass! That is old news. Cuba and the 50+ countries all agreed that Hong Kong is part of China How many countries who are against that? Those 27 countries in the west

'Hong Kong would not surrender and the resistance would continue. ' How can you ask HKG people to take the risk while you are hiding in UK? the same 'cultural revolution' thats toppling statues and burning cities in the western world is in HK also. china will have none of it. these leftist guards can go trash and revolt somewhere else 😡

No we are not going to stand up to China! China is clearly protecting Hong Kong from terrorism. Now tell us who caused all the violence last year Who burned down our banks, shops and restaurants? By the way, he was not born in Hongkong, he born in mainland and reunion with his Mum at 6 years old. another boy with no clue about the reality of life to lecture us. is this anything less than propaganda? where are the fleeing people of HK?

why? to support you to kill the innocent citizen and destroy the neighborhood? shame on you to say this bs How about go back HONGKONG and support the people there by yourself? Saying these thing while you left the place you supposed to stand for, looks disgusting. We’re kinda in the middle of something - America

The world should stand up to China not only bc of HK, but also for their own interest. China has become an totalitarian reigme, if we turn a blind eye to it now, sooner or later the world will be the next victim. how about china treats the rest of the world the way they want to be treated He is a defector and coward turned away from his partners

This is a timid lip service guy. When Hongkong chaos, he ran away to U.S. When U.S. plague outbroke at Apr, he ran away back to Hongkong. Than last week when Hongkong security law Implementate, he ran away again. Stand for violence? nathanlawkc He’s disbanded his party, already left HK for another country. And is longer fighting with HKers in HK. And is just relying on the US, UK, Australia to do the work for him.

nathanlawkc Had the stomach to take foreign money to stir up separatism & riot, but no balls to stay in the 'fight'. Hilarious. nathanlawkc really over Hong Kong . How about standing up to them for allowing a virus to leave their country knowingly that killed 500000 by with holding info from W.H.O allowing it to spread around they world. World Leaders Grow some Fucking Balls

nathanlawkc 愿你出逃半日,骨灰归来 nathanlawkc Fight against China unto death.. You need to be liberated from Chinese domain..World is with you Hong Kong. God bless. nathanlawkc lol, most world leaders are jealous of the way China controls their population and gets away with it. Maoist/Marxist mid-wits would love to implement that kind of structure globally.

nathanlawkc Definition of 'pro democracy'? nathanlawkc Thanks, Mr. President Trump! nathanlawkc ✌🏻 HK. welcome to coloniallivesmatter list, let’s fight together for the first. FreePalestine ✊✊✊ nathanlawkc India will be a nice place to go, if you, Nathan, find UK and US people are not as friendly as you pictured.

nathanlawkc Shame on traitor👎 nathanlawkc This is what he has done. Protecting Hong Kong now! nathanlawkc Hey, can anyone tell me why there are over 1,000 American employees in the US consulate of HK? Are they come here to play mahjong or sth? This guy is merely a dog of the U.S. and a traitor to HK. Shame.

nathanlawkc Nope, USA has enough problems right now..... rain check? nathanlawkc Do a little research and you will. See that he does not represent HK. He speaks global white supremisists who think they are better than the rest of the world. nathanlawkc World should unit against Chinese oppression in a Hong Kong.

nathanlawkc Send him to Iraq nathanlawkc Of cause, some counties lying on the ground. nathanlawkc nothing we can do HK is only a small place UK is taking in 3mils UK's pop has a lot of people fr ex colonies India Uganda Nigeria Bangladeshis It is why so much fuss about BLM nathanlawkc Mr.Law-Try Gandhian methods too.Organise a mass hunger strike for a day.See the world wide impact. paulocoelho UN BorisJohnson HongKongFP HongKongProtests

nathanlawkc The world said they stand up to China but the economy is not. Global Brands Need China’s Consumers to Spend. They are waving their tails to Chinese customers. Look at this Chinese flag Birkin bag (US$124,900) from Hermès🤣 nathanlawkc no. Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau got a good treatment from China Rather than talk about your democracy thing, better talk about HK people abuse to your people and even the foreign workers. Modern slavery is real in HK and other parts of East Asia.

nathanlawkc Great to be in this anti China business. Fundings are good rhonda_harbison nathanlawkc I agree however the intn'l thug we have we have to oust before we can help.

After security law's passage, Hong Kong marks China rule HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong ’s leader strongly endorsed the new security law China's central government is imposing on the semi-autonomous territory in her speech marking Wednesday's anniversary of... Of course she does. Sad day for HK Sell out She's got the power to impose shit and the privilege to away with shit, of course she'll trumpet it loudly, for there's no way it'll affect her.

China unveils details of the Hong Kong national security lawThe central Chinese government passed a sweeping new security law for Hong Kong that took effect late Tuesday. Oh, it's similar to Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the FISA Court.

Highlights: China unveils details of national security law for Hong KongNew Hong Kong security laws came into effect on Wednesday that will punish crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison, heralding a more authoritarian era for China's freest city. Perfect. Long overdue. Doomsday for traitors and spies. This is actually long overdue. Good for the country. Sucks US cant follow suit. China does not share our values - democracy, freedom, and the rule of law ... We see this in HongKong, where the new security law undermines its autonomy. The world must stand with the freedom loving people in hk or elsewhere in the world. BoycottChina

China tells foreign critics 'none of your business' on Hong Kong lawWestern governments and critics have warned the new law will curb the city's freedoms and undermine its 'One Country, Two Systems' governance scheme, which technically allows freedoms unseen on the mainland.

China smothers Hong Kong in heavy security blanketA harsh new law will quash protests that have vexed the business community. The definition of subversion is ominously vague, while allowing for extradition and secret trials. It also applies to non-residents, further complicating risk management. The price of order is high. viriyabot petesweeneypro China does not share our values - democracy, freedom, and the rule of law ... We see this in HongKong, where the new security law undermines its autonomy. The world must stand with freedom loving people in HongKong or elsewhere in the world. BoycottChina

Hong Kong Police Make First Arrests Under New Security Law Imposed By ChinaAny person taking part in 'secessionist activities,' such as shouting slogans or holding up banners urging for the city’s independence, is in violation o... This is such bullshit The timing during the pandemic for this decreet seems to be perfect. Chinese laws are more like hissy fits. Any attempt to rationalize them is ridiculous let alone serious consideration. A bully state throwing hissy fits is all!