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The White House isn't letting Facebook off the hook for allowing misinformation to spread on its platforms

The White House wants Facebook to act quicker in removing posts containing vaccine misinformation.

7/16/2021 3:04:00 AM

The White House wants Facebook to act quicker in removing posts containing vaccine misinformation.

' Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove violative posts,' White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

The White House wants Facebook to remove misinformation quicker, CNN reported.FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty ImagesWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday Facebook must remove misinformation quicker.Anthony Fauci said the "disparity in the willingness to be vaccinated" could lead to a COVID surge.

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain recently said Facebook is "a giant source" of vaccine misinformation..The White House wants Facebook to act quicker in removing posts containing vaccine misinformation.White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Facebook takes too long to remove "violative posts" during a press briefing. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said during the briefing that misinformation is slowing the pace of vaccinations in the US.

"Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove violative posts," Psaki said. "Posts that will be within their policies' removal often remain up for days. That's too long. The information spreads too quickly."CNN reportedmeetings between the Biden administration and Facebook have been "tense" in recent weeks. headtopics.com

In a statement to Insider, Facebook said, "We've partnered with government experts, health authorities and researchers to take aggressive action against misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines to protect public health."The statement pointed to the more than 18 million pieces of COVID misinformation Facebook has removed, as well as "accounts that repeatedly break these rules, and connected more than 2 billion people to reliable information about COVID-19 and COVID vaccines across our apps."

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So now the Gov can dictate what a media site posts and if they don't agree with the Gov facts, they'd be 'on the hook'? Isn't that the definition of fascism? Great! The sad news is that it probably isn't enough to avoid another spike in cases as the covidiots refuse to get protection for themselves and their neighbors and loved ones. Frankly, let them get sick. That might be our only hope.

If they do not have a record of how many have gotten sick or died from the vaccine, then it's propaganda Won't change anything Government overreach which fox guards the henhouse? Good! The dangerous and false info on NextDoor and other sites should be immediately pulled when posted too. Let the world know that Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, who is leading the World Health Organization, is supporting, coordinating and exercising his junta to fight the children of Tigray in Ethiopia. We want it.

Amazing how this administration and big tech think they can do whatever they want Biden Warns Cubans Not To Come Here For Freedom As He Is Getting Rid Of That..

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Facebook is a cesspool You must renamed White House … this is racist!

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