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Melania Trump Didn't Want Election Night Party at the White House, Which Turned into a 'S-------': Book

'I'm not comfortable with it,' the former first lady said, according to Frankly, We Did Win This Election

7/16/2021 3:22:00 AM

Bender describes how the party on election night — which was 'mostly a party for the kids' (i.e. the president's eldest children Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump ) — devolved after the president and his team realized he was losing to Joe Biden.

'I'm not comfortable with it,' the former first lady said, according to Frankly, We Did Win This Election

."What the f---?" Trump yelled into the phone after Fox News announced that Biden had won Arizona, according to the book. (As a source close to Erictold PEOPLE at the time, as the vote-counting became clear: "They're very upset. It's been hard to watch.")

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Ivanka Trump, assistant to U.S. President Donald Trump, attends an election night party in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020Al Drago/Bloomberg via GettyIvanka Trump at an election night partyBender writes that people who had been watching the results come in from the White House's Map Room immediately ran to the war room, heard Trump yell at campaign manager Bill Stepien and then ran to the president's private residence.

Everyone from campaign officials to Trump's family members attempted to give him encouragement and advice, according to the book."Trump never allowed so many people in the residence, mostly because it drove Melania nuts," Bender writes. "But it didn't matter now. No one could give Trump an answer he wanted to hear."

"It was a s-------," an official told Bender. "And the saddest thing I've ever seen."On Saturday, Nov. 8, the race was called for Biden. But his predecessor was far from done.Riding on his evidence-free claims of fraud, which he had tossed around like confetti during the campaign, Trump continued to insist the election had been stolen.

In the months between the voting and Biden's inauguration, Trump's allegations were repeatedly rejected by the courts and officials, including Republicans.But he persisted — ultimately encouraging his supporters to march to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, during a joint session of Congress to certify the election results.

capitol coupSamuel Corum/GettyRioters at the U.S. Capitol following Presidential election results"You'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong," Trump told the crowd.Five people died in the ensuing riot.

On Feb. 13, Trump was acquitted in his unprecedented second trial by the Republican-led Senate after he was impeached by the House of Representatives for "incitement of insurrection."Throughout proceedings, the Trumps were ensconced in Mar-a-Lago, their private club in Palm Beach, Florida. But it hadn't been as comfortable a homecoming as one would hope, according to Bender.

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The family arrived at Mar-a-Lago immediatelyafter leaving the White Houseon Jan. 20, only to learn that staffers weren't prepared for their arrival.Bender writes that the former president had to set up his office in the resort's bridal suite because his own space was too cramped. But that setup wasn't his main focus.

Trump "repeatedly asked friends if they blamed him for the riots at the Capitol," Bender writes."You don't think I wanted them to do that, do you?" he asked them, according the book. He also asked friends, club members and aides if he should run for president again, though he seemed more focused on his "political power" than the 2024 election

in the initial monthsafter leaving the White House, according to Bender.Businessman Donald Trump and wife Melania at the Trump Invitational Grand Prix at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, January 4, 2015Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis via GettyFrom left: Donald Trump and Melania at the Trump Invitational Grand Prix at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, on Jan. 4, 2015

"To start, there was a new melancholy to the former president's tone when he talked about the new phase of his life. Melania loved it at Mar-a-Lago, he told friends, and she looked more beautiful than ever," Bender writes."She's young, she's 50. Donald Trump is 24 years older," biographer Mary Jordan

. "She has a big life ahead of her.""Mrs. Trump is enjoying life at Mar-a-Lago," Mrs. Trump's spokespersontold PEOPLE in April,despite reporting that Mrs. Trump appeared to be in somewhat of a sour mood. "She is focused on being a mother and putting her family first, while working on various projects that will take time to finalize."

RELATED VIDEO: What Melania Trump's Biographers Learned: 'More in It for Her to Stay Than to Go'As the Trumps make plans for the next stage in their lives, Bender writes that the former president has had time for a little introspection:"He acknowledged his advanced age, musing about whether some of his health risks — he was overweight, adding 'at least that's what they say' — might catch up with him, and even gave God at least partial credit for lasting as long as he had."

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"The Good Lord's given me good health up to now—but you never know," Trump said, per the book.Adds Bender, "And that was about as much self-reflection as he would ever allow."Frankly, We Did Win This Electionis on sale now.TRENDING

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