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Lady Gaga, Born This Way

The Ultimate Ranking of Lady Gaga's 15 Biggest Hit Singles

The Ultimate Ranking of Lady Gaga's 15 Biggest Hit Singles

5/23/2020 10:36:00 AM

The Ultimate Ranking of Lady Gaga 's 15 Biggest Hit Singles

In honor of Born This Way 's ninth anniversary on May 23, we're ranking each of Lady Gaga 's singles to reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Find out if your fave came out on top!

A Star Is Bornthe two co-starred in, won Gaga her first Academy Award. And that's because the power ballad, which peaked at No. 1, is an absolutely stunning composition. When the song opens up and she hits those high notes? It's almost supernatural.

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Read3."Telephone"And to think Gaga never even wanted to record this song herself. (It was originally written forto include on a greatest hits compilation. She chose"3" instead.) Included onThe Fame Monsterand peaking at No. 3, the song is, hands down, one of Gaga's best dance-pop moments. Bonus points for bringing

Beyoncéinto her weird world and letting the world see the former Destiny's Child frontwoman could be just as wild. And the video? Nine-and-a-half minutes—yes, really—of pure pop art perfection. However, we're still waiting for the fulfillment of that"To be continued..." promise.

2."Just Dance"The one that started it all. Earning herself a No. 1 hit at her first at bat,The Fame's lead single made it clear that a major force had arrived fully-formed. And just like that, pop music had its new leader. Nothing would ever be the same. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

1."Bad Romance"    If"Just Dance" signaled the start of something important, then this track, the lead single offThe Fame Monster, was the moment the artistry kicked into high gear, elevating her into a whole new league of her own. While we're loathe to say Gaga peaked with this 2009 track, which peaked itself at No. 2 that year, we have no problem saying this is when the full force of Gaga's abilities jumped out and let themselves be known. Have we all been chasing this high ever since? Maybe. But when it's this good, why wouldn't you?

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