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Hong Kong’s Security Law: What China Is Planning, and Why Now

Here are some answers on why Beijing is looking to impose legislation on the city

5/23/2020 11:00:00 AM

Here are some answers on why Beijing is looking to impose legislation on the city

An explanation of why Beijing is looking to impose legislation on Hong Kong that the city itself was meant to enact.

Q: Why is China planning a security law for Hong Kong?A: When Hong Kong’s de facto constitution, the Basic Law, came into effect in 1997, it left some important matters unfinished. One was a provision to grant universal suffrage, which hasn’t been implemented. Another was a pledge to outlaw national-security crimes such as treason, secession and espionage. That is what Beijing is pushing through now.

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Article 23 of the Basic Law obliged Hong Kong to pass the national-security legislation itself. But fierce public opposition... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

china cant wait more to show its true face to hongkong and flex its muscles to the world! By making full use of what US has decently offered since Clinton’s time, China has grown into a robust demon threatening the world! It has been almost a year since HongKongProtests. The CCP realized that the Chinese people began to distrust the CCP because they felt that the CCP allowed HongKong people to continue to protest. So, the CCP implements the law to let Chinese people continue to trust the CCP.

PippyPip9 CCPChina wanted to directly control HK for a long time. Now, it was a good chance to take over the control of HK. Plese BoycottChina to save HK. CCPChina did not care on lives od HKers. In CCPChina, countless of human Right fighters and whistle-blowers who just fighted for the interest of community were charged of treason or subversion against national regimes. We strongly oppose the legislation because we are in fear of CCP's misuse of the law.

Chinese Communist Party take benefit from nationalism, but they do not follow Universal Value, Evil CCP must be down. Free China Market, It is a long term investment and benefit for your country and whole world. StandWithHongKong CCP want to use new law to arrest all HKers 😭 Hong Kong people are not fight for benefit, we are not fight for ourselves, we fight for our kids, our next generation. 2020UniversalSuffrage StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less

China knows that it will lose in the upcoming Legislative Council election & thus its control in Hong Kong. China is a control freak & thus takes the initiative to tightly grips Hong Kong b4 that happens. LiberateHongKong There're so many wumaos (Chinese bots) in the comment section pretending to be westerners or Hongkongers to defame US and HongKongProtesters. And this is the dirty strategies for CCP China to attack and exploit freedoms and democracy in the West.

The National Security Law allow CCP to arrest anyone in Hong Kong, including the foreigners. The National Security Law allow CCP to confiscate anyone’s property, including the foreigners’. Hong Kong will not be safe. Chinazi FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Why HongKongers would oppose CCPSecurityLaw ? Because we all see how Chinazi could abuse the laws to silence its opponents and clearly China is a tyranny StandWithHongKong to end this

What CCPChina doing now is killing the 1country2systems and Sino_British, no matter what reason! This is not ruled by law, by human! Power is the only reason to sustain Tyranny. Otherwise the Xinjiang, Tibet will do the same as Hong Kong, not to mention Taiwan. SOSHK Please StandwithHK ! NationalSecurityLaw is sending hk to the grave! hongkongneedshelp please aware the ccp is dangerous as its power is getting much stronger in controlling economic and political freedom in other regions as well!

shujamtaro All because the totalitarian regime cannot bear to have a part of it autonomous, it wants everything under its control. Much paranoid. Please StandwithHK !!! Never trust CCPChina Nochina A really succinct account for what is going on in a Q&A format to help you address exactly what you may be confused about.

China has long been torturing people of Tibet , EastTurkistan and now HongKong . The CCP deserves sanctions for its dictatorship and HumanRightsViolation . All investment should be moved out of hk right now before they are swallowed by the CCP Chinazi HKPoliceState SaveHKPapaH Under NationalSecurityLaw every individual and business will be asked to be patriotic ie loyal to CCP. See how HSBC is targeted by former CE CY Leung. The purge won’t stop there. This law just made the remaining bit of freedom in Hong Kong vanished.

Asked Siri whether 1country2systems is still valid for HongKong. The response: it's over. Even Siri knows it. Whatever reason is behind, Hongkongers ask the world to stand firm against CCP - a devil regime which lies, kills and steals. The alliance shod stop its domination in the world. Otherwise the world would fall to a tyranny. StandWithHongKong FreedomIsntFree YouCantStopUs

The national security laws, allowing Chinese Security Agencies to operate in HK, would strangle autonomy and freedoms promised to the city. We must StandWithHongKong Kong! i can't breathe! Because they are a mafia government. Done The national security law is a direct consequence from last year's riots in Hong Kong's streets.

America is having crisis on multiple fronts, pandemic, economy, Trump, and now with cops shooting at people inside their homes, driving onto crowds, shooting bullets and others things at journalists, but Murdoch's says, 'look at Hong Kong!'. American people,can you breathe? They start to lose trust to Hong Kong policies and worried if they could keep the country as one.

Because hk Police want to act the same as the US Police The key difference between HK and Us protesters: in the US, protesters attack police who oppress them; while in HK, protesters attack bystanders who don’t demonstrate w/ them. Кто виноват в этом? Black Americans say I can't breathe. 发这篇文章你收到了多少报酬? I CANT BREATH!

Nancy Pelosi:AMERIAN PROTESTER it's a beautiful sight to behold! Look at the successive violent incidents in the United States, which is even higher than that in Hong Kong. The United States should deal with its own affairs attentively Yes you've got the answer. They knew it all the way. This was official survey in 1984. 85% supported staying under 🇬🇧's rule. HK was taken by bandits & never have they gained recognition and approval..

Rioters in Hongkong are cheated by White House. It wants you to be a dog barking at China and cost your life. What's a pity. AntiChiNazi ANTICCP FightForFreedom Nothing is happening. Say words don't costs tives, but the action against government costs lives. What do you choose? USA have no chance to lead rioters in Hongkong.

Silly questions, you are on fire now No matter how brutal the HKPolice is, No matter how evil the CCP Chinazi is, We Hongkonger are not giving up! HKer still fighting for justice, liberty & true democracy! Dear world, pls support us! StandWithHK PoliceBrutality HKPoliceTerrorism AntiChinazi HKProtest

the only answer worth considering... He should honor his own words. The PRC has been laying in the weeds, ever since the accord with Britain was signed, waiting for this moment - when it perceives the west as weak. Totalitarian regimes have no patience for democratic principles, save consumerism and a willingness to sell technology

OK, just keep glorifying the Hong Kong terrorists. The karma is not strong enough huh? We have our own problems, can't police Hong Kong+China becoz they want to suppress for those fighting for freedom and democracy. They just want them to keep the mouth shut. Fight against Beijing! Burn more people and smash more shops & cars! For freedom! (of destroying everything…) 😂

if the World wasn't looking , China would be doing a policy of 'Off with their Heads' for anyone that disagrees !!! Answer?! 'Autocracy' Done Good reminder to those who covered their ugly faces, threw out petro bombs, destroyed the city and beat up whoever dared to say anything against them. Cuz US Want to separate China, we got a war between two titans, US said The virus came from China, freedoom from our cancer

One country two system is a joke! Chinazi ChinaMustPay China_is_terrorist 灯还没打开,蟑螂就准备跑了 Simple, because China is tired of US meddling HK. I think the Chinese government should send armed police to Hong Kong. The judicial system in Hong Kong is a joke. Since the Hong Kong police can not control the riots in Hong Kong, let the Chinese government control it!

This is the reason, Is this what you call democracy and freedom? Hong Kong is just an asset to the US against CN. Your country officers care about power and money than HK people's life. It's their domestic law anyway.... There’s only one answer: the CCP is evil! What CCP did to HongKong and its own people should serve as a wake up call to the rest of the world: CCP will do the same to anyone if given the chance and power, just look at how it bullies Australia, bribes WHO, lies to the world ...

1. ObamaGate 2. Break Up with China (avoid biochemical attacks) 3. Unleash the next Bull Market for Economic Prosperity Because they’re communists 'Pro-democracy camp', 'moderate rebels' ... party's over 😉 because evil CCP wants Hong Kong's money If Beijing does not take decisive measures, Hong Kong will never have peace

Beijing's legislation on HK reflects China's firm confidence in maintaining one country, two systems, which not only reflects that HK is an integral part of China, but also conforms to the fundamental interests of the most HK people in seeking a stable development environment I'm open to total war with China.

China set to impose new Hong Kong security law, Trump warns of strong U.S. reactionChina is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong after last year's pro-democracy unrest, a Chinese official said on Thursday, drawing a warning from President Donald Trump that the United States would react 'very strongly' against the attempt to gain more control over the former British colony.China's action could spark fresh protests in Hong Kong, which enjoys many freedoms not allowed on the mainland, after often violent demonstrations of 2019 plunged the city into its deepest turmoil since it returned to Beijing's rule in 1997. Great move ! 👏 Anti-fascist. The correct term is 'antifascist unrest'. Hong Kong is protesting against a collapse of democratic systems under the influence of the CCP. And do you think the CCP will stop at Hong Kong? Did Hitler stop at Austria?

China proposes new Hong Kong security law limiting opposition activityThe National People's Congress will deliberate a bill on 'establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms,' spokesperson Zhang Yesui China is picking on HONG KONG again? Seems like they are the bullies of Asia, replacing japan And now we know why the virus was created.

China to propose hugely controversial national security law in Hong KongChina's rubberstamp parliament has announced that a new national security law in Hong Kong will be on the agenda at its upcoming meeting, a move likely to fuel further anger and protests in the semi-autonomous city. “National Security Law” & “National Anthem Law” are as same as Oppression of Freedom by CCP China. SOSHK StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less AntiChinazi Wait till v Jarrett we Biden have a rubber stamp house of reps...universal everything and central gov't run amok. ObamaGate Now rest of world should support Hong Kong aspiration and quarantine china from world by buycotting their products. Foreign Investors should remove out investment n industries from china. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

China to Draft New National-Security Law for Hong KongChina’s foreign ministry claimed that Hong Kong has colluded with external forces to carry out acts of secession and subversion, and that opposition activity poses a threat to China’s national security and sovereignty. well here comes a tsunami in the shape of a pandemic that will destroy the world. China has gone mad 😂😂 Bring manufacturing back to the US -- or anyplace but China. Check labels. Don't buy China made products. Tell your stores not to stock them.

WSJ News Exclusive | Senators to Propose Bill Sanctioning Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Security LawU.S. senators are introducing a bipartisan bill that would sanction Chinese party officials and entities who enforce the new national-security laws in Hong Kong, and the legislation also would penalize banks that do business with the entities. KingJames how do you feel about this? Reuters Awesome

U.S. State Department warns China over new Hong Kong security lawThe United States on Thursday warned China against imposing a new national security legislation on Hong Kong, saying a high-degree of autonomy and respect for human rights were key to preserving the territory's special status, State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said. recognize Taiwan support Hong Kong liberate Tibet free the Uighers report on Tiananmen Today they kill HK, tomorrow they kill the world The fall of 🇭🇰 implies the global financial hub loses its rule. It relates to global economy