Moschino, Jeremy Scott, Collabs

Moschino, Jeremy Scott

The Sims Go High Fashion With a Moschino Collaboration

Jeremy Scott is taking CGInfluencers to another level.


The OG CGI Influencers are getting a major fashion update.

Jeremy Scott is taking CGInfluencers to another level.

’s latest capsule collection. Thanks to the fact that it’ll be available not only in stores but also online, the collab will present actual human beings everywhere with the opportunity to match their Sims (and provide a very chic apology for killing them by building a wall around them or abandoning them in a pool in order to get a fresh start in the game).

Set to be unveiled at the IRL alternate reality that is Coachella, where Scott is hosting a Palm Springs Desert Party, the Moschino x the Sims spring/summer 2019 ready-to-wear and accessories collection will include eight limited-edition pieces. So far, it sounds like there will be hints of classic Moschino—slogans like, “I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino”—and classic Sims, like the diamond-shaped, typically green “Plumbob” emblem, which Scott has transformed into earrings.

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