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The Rise and Fall of the Front Porch

Once a staple for socializing and keeping cool, the porch has faded in popularity thanks to cars and modern architecture.

9/12/2019 8:45:00 PM

Once a staple for socializing and keeping cool, the front porch has faded in popularity in modern American homes. What happened?

Once a staple for socializing and keeping cool, the porch has faded in popularity thanks to cars and modern architecture .

ByAdrienne GaffneySept. 11, 2019 9:00 am ETThere is perhaps no architectural feature that conveys a sense of home, warmth and community like the front porch. And yet, what was once a staple of American life is often skipped in modern homes. What happened to the porch?

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“It’s sociological, it’s aesthetic, technological, it has all the different aspects of life,” says Renee Kahn, a historic preservationist and retired art history professor who, with the architectural designer Ellen Meagher, authored the 1990 book “Preserving Porches.” She explains that the porch became...

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The Wail Street Journal article ought to take into account changing lifestyles and the paucity of time for the present generation , to socialise so, in overpopulated, dense , polluted Cities . I use my porch to place my Orchids as a welcome sign ..... Gun control laws ? Afraid they'll get shot The crooked and greedy real estate industry has made every square inch of property too valuable for such a frivolous purpose for most of us. Only the wealthy can justify it. Bitches.

The patio/lanai. Still love the front porch. In fact, I’d prefer a wrap around. The basement under the porch is always a wet moldy mess. If there is no basement under the porch, it will sag and need to be replaced... They don't appraise... Netflix and people ain’t the same every generation changes 🤷🏻‍♂️🤨💯

Nutshell: air conditioning happened. Backyard bbq's happened. TV happened. Not safe outdoors anymore that’s what happened to the front porch My grand-parents had a (covered) side porch. They put a bed out there and slept on it. Only with extreme cold did they not sleep on this porch. People can just yell “get off my lawn” online now instead.

Dry rot Not one sits outside. Everyone’s working all the time. Guns. TV happened News in this country is no longer news. Who said this is a good idea. Let's publish this.? Air conditioning I like porches but don’t have one. I put an Adirondack chair on my front lawn to serve the same purpose. To see neighbors.

The rise and fall of the front porch. Personally, I love mine! 😍🙋‍♀️😀 Hard-hitting journalism at its finest! Nonsense. Love my front porch. Who cares That’s not a Porch; it’s an Audi. Air conditioning. 'Porch' is now spelled 'Porsche' in more upscale hoods. That's what happened. Smart phones! Did you guys see The Big Short ?

Air conditioning and cable. Yard space is smaller. Air conditioning and TV happened. People can't afford porches bro wireless keeps cutting out on front porch We are all poor now and work 3 jobs Decks is what happened. This is why we cut the cord and don’t run the AC all summer. FRONT PORCH 4 LIFE!!! TV Computer games

Because neighborhoods aren’t so neighborly anymore. People have simply become more private in their lives. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BACK YARD!! What happened has been the fragmentation and demise of the community. AmericanIsolationism Air conditioning wrathofgnon Air conditioning The answer: indoor plumbing. But you already knew that...

Mass shootings. We found out the cops can just walk up and drag you into the street without cause, if they so desire. Every has a deck now! Drive-by shootings. still like a porch! It's simple. We all moved to the relative privacy of the back porch. Really stupid piece. They gave character to a home, something nostalgic about them, IMO

Horrible everywhere it the world there is porches People live in their backyards. Front porches are a waste. I LOVE a porch and wish I had one on my home. I go visit my neighbors who have one! Not everywhere. I live in New Orleans. Every home on my block has a front porch. Air conditioning. That’s what happened. TV, microwave ovens, and frozen food, then video games and probably porn soon followed, and it started with air conditioning.

Uh, it’s hot outside, and most people can’t make rent sitting on their porch in these times where half your take-home only gets the roof and walls. Golly is out of touch as ever. It's too hot to sit on the front porch with climate change. Tv, social media, air conditioners. People get their interaction via social media now. Faster and more readily available serotonin bursts. Also not impacted by the weather (except awful weather related jokes and predictable complaints). It’s been great for society...

The AC happened Back porch 4LYFE iPhones have destroyed physical human interaction. No need for front porches these days... I don't like that we are moving away from porches. Maybe there will be a resurgence in building with porches again. They really come in handy in rainy parts of the world. That’s a sad reality. I still love a good front porch. greatmemories

There’s a great Tracy Lawrence song about this subject. I still love them! 😫😭 No!!! Can't get a good signal for all the ElectronicDevices ! AC and land costs.

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