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The Orion Spacecraft for Artemis I Is on the Move on This Week @NASA – October 22, 2021

The Orion spacecraft for Artemis I is on the move, critical hardware for Artemis II is delivered, and a new telescope to study our Milky Way … a few of the s...

10/23/2021 7:10:00 PM

• Stacked: Our mega-Moon rocket for NASAArtemis I • Selected: A new space telescope to study the galaxy • Released: A new open data platform for water resource management Get all these stories and more on this episode of This Week NASA:

The Orion spacecraft for Artemis I is on the move, critical hardware for Artemis II is delivered, and a new telescope to study our Milky Way … a few of the s...


Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' shooting: 'Someone is ​responsible ... but I know it's not me'

Baldwin sat down with Stephanopoulos to sift through the series of events that led to Hutchins’ death.

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NASA Completes Mega-Moon Rocket Stacking, Invites Media to Learn MoreStacking complete 🥞 The NASA_Orion spacecraft now sits atop the NASA_SLS rocket. Reporters: Save the date for a media telecon at 1pm ET on Oct. 22 to discuss our ongoing progress toward the NASAArtemis I mission: _Orion _SLS Artemis yay!! _Orion _SLS Artemis Congrats!🎉 _Orion _SLS Artemis Save the date? Isn't that today!

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Earthquake, Magnitude 3.2 - CRETE, GREECE - 2021 October 22, 21:53:36 UTCMagnitude: ML 3.2, Region: CRETE, GREECE, Date time: 2021-10-22 21:53:36.0 UTC, Location: 35.15 N ; 25.22 E, Depth: 2 km.

Artemis 👍 Artemis 2/ Using the term 'first person of colour' is an absolute insult to the hard working astronauts chosen. It give the impression that the person was only selected on skin colour, not on merit. I am not very good in this new age PC world. Artemis 1/ I am 65. I once would have called a capsule with an all female crew 'manned'. Should Human be replaced by Huperson or Hubeing? It is the intent that matters, not the actual words. my issue 'First person of colour'...2

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Paris To Become 100% Cycling City Within Four Years, Reveals New PlanParis is to increase the number of protected cycleways in the city as well as boost bicycle parking spaces, reveals the 2021-2026 cycling plan published October 22. Brad_Logic Wil bond ride a bike as he’s being chased by bad guys ? Whilst this is good news for sustainability & air quality, I think the articles title is somewhat misleading. It reads, to me, that they are banning vehicles however they are simply making it a “100% cyclable city” by increasing cycle lanes, facilities & removing parking bays.

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Artemis Because shifting environments are important studies with water use Artemis We could build a water pipeline from our midwest floodplains to specific spots in California and use the data collected by building an advanced line that measures hydraulic stresses over long distances. Baseline numbers + firefighting

Artemis Hey have a great weekend Artemis What is Ramasetu in India Artemis Cool Artemis Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 💎 or LITSWD (light sword dark nasa) We love you NASA good luck 🍀 ✨ Artemis I wish if that telescope would be available for everyone

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.3 - CRETE, GREECE - 2021 October 22, 10:11:31 UTCM4.3 earthquake (σεισμός) strikes 22 km SE of Irákleion (Greece) 15 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & provide yours:

Artemis نداء عاجل جدا'إلى ناسا الفضائية،خذوني معكم إلى أقرب رحلة إلى الفضاء أو ضعوني في إحدى الثقوب السوداء ولكم مني جزيل الشكر والعرفان Artemis Mass displaces unknown variable not space. This variable is or linked to time. Theory of relativity would agree. Please prove that wrong. Artemis I want to be an astronaut 😍

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Earthquake, Magnitude 4.4 - ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - 2021 October 22, 11:14:49 UTCMagnitude: mb 4.4, Region: ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE, Date time: 2021-10-22 11:14:49.9 UTC, Location: 22.15 S ; 69.19 W, Depth: 109 km.

Earthquake, Magnitude 3.1 - CRETE, GREECE - 2021 October 22, 15:07:13 UTCMagnitude: ML 3.1, Region: CRETE, GREECE, Date time: 2021-10-22 15:07:13.2 UTC, Location: 35.19 N ; 25.31 E, Depth: 2 km.