NASA Completes Mega-Moon Rocket Stacking, Invites Media to Learn More

NASA has completed stacking of the agency’s mega-Moon rocket and spacecraft that will launch the next generation of deep space operations, including Artemis missions on and around the Moon.

10/22/2021 4:07:00 PM

Stacking complete 🥞 The NASA_Orion spacecraft now sits atop the NASA_SLS rocket. Reporters: Save the date for a media telecon at 1pm ET on Oct. 22 to discuss our ongoing progress toward the NASAArtemis I mission:

NASA has completed stacking of the agency’s mega-Moon rocket and spacecraft that will launch the next generation of deep space operations, including Artemis missions on and around the Moon.


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S.Korea's Moon vows 'Korea space age' after rocket test faltersSouth Korea's first domestically built space rocket blasted off on Thursday, but failed to fully place a dummy satellite into orbit, delivering mixed results for a test launch that represents a major leap for the country's ambitious space plans.

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NASA Announces Winners of Deep Space Food ChallengeOne of the most important components of a deep space mission: food. 🍕 We have awarded 18 teams for their ideas to feed future astronauts! Stay tuned for a Nov. 9 show on the winners w/ celebrity chef Martha Stewart & retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly: What about toilet roll? Is water produced on board or does it also have to be transported with liftoff ? 😍🌹

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Moon Juice’s New Cookbook Is an Easy-to-Read Field Guide for Cooking With AdaptogensEleuthero Chocolate Chunk cookies and supershroom pancakes? Don’t mind if we do.

_Orion _SLS Artemis 🟠 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🟢 ☆ M S 🔴 N E♾♾♾♾T W 🔵 /G\\ R E the waters too polluted H E H WEAK TTT B🐝 S T R !i! G🌽♎ L7!i!TTL7E E T H A N A M US!i!D S X S !i! X S A X M E N G🟣A M S T R O N G G E D O R A HW Y J B⚫⚪P M X MARV E SHAKERS ERUNAROUNDJ✴☀️🌹E🔔Y E _Orion _SLS Artemis The linear engine emits all the gases by itself in a limited time, unfortunately there is no water in space for nuclear power use hh

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Full Moon Guide: October - November 2021I mean… 😍 If you have a chance tonight, catch a glimpse of the Hunter's Moon. The nearly full Moon is seen here as it rises from The Observatory at America’s Square in Washington, DC on Oct. 19, 2021. Credit: NASAHQPhoto nasahqphoto Post SLS pics nasahqphoto nasahqphoto 😍😍

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_Orion _SLS Artemis Save the date? Isn't that today!

NASA Shares Webb Telescope Media Briefing Schedule, Resources🔭 Here’s where you can find NASAWebb resources, including a digital press kit, a schedule of live pre-launch briefings, and info on our UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge. Liftoff is set for Dec. 18. Ready? Webb For a second there I thought you were promoting fallout shelters for fallout 76 Webb Webb Totally ready!

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Wilbert Ruperto Hernández: con la exploración espacial en la mira | Ciencia de la NASAHe has led teams who design tech concepts for robotic space exploration. An alum of the University of Puerto Rico, he also aspires to be one of our NASA_Astronauts. Meet Wilbert Ruperto Hernández in our new NASA_Es episode of ‘Hispans de la NASA’: _Astronauts _es ♡♡ _Astronauts _es 👏🏻👏🏻🇵🇷 _Astronauts _es Very inspiring!