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The Great Barrier Reef is heading for a 'death by a thousand cuts' | Opinion

The Great Barrier Reef is heading for a 'death by a thousand cuts' | Opinion


The Great Barrier Reef is heading for a 'death by a thousand cuts' | Opinion

It is clear that despite management efforts at local, regional and national levels, a significant number of threats to the reef are getting worse.

However, many of the 45 threats are not well known or understood. All but two are happening now—and most are steadily getting worse. Collectively, it means the Great Barrier Reef is heading for a"death by a thousand cuts."

Click here for the authority's list of all 45 threats.

The table below shows the most alarming 21 risks to the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. It is becoming clear that many of the risks are serious, and the situation is getting worse.

Read more: Newsweek

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