The Evergrande Blueprint Worked for Other Chinese Developers, Until It Didn’t

How pessimistic are investors about Chinese property developers’ U.S. dollar junk bonds? At the end of October, the average yield was nearly 30%

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11/28/2021 4:15:00 PM

How pessimistic are investors about Chinese property developers’ U.S. dollar junk bonds? At the end of October, the average yield was nearly 30%

China’s property boom has spawned numerous developers that, like industry giant Evergrande, borrowed heavily to fund breakneck growth. Now they are inflicting unprecedented losses on international investors.

Evergrande, China’s most indebted property developer, has kept global markets on edge and sparked protests at home as it struggles to survive. WSJ explains why the company’s crisis is raising questions about the state of the world’s second-largest economy. Photo: Alex Plavevski/Shutterstock

Is It Real? When Everyone Looked At The Photo They Worried

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