17 Actors That Play The Same Character In Every Movie

Whatever these actors are doing, it's working.

11/27/2021 8:30:00 AM

Whatever these actors are doing, it’s working.

Whatever these actors are doing, it's working.

proud. And inher character's uppity detachment helped establish the dark film's tone.The WitchandLast Night in Sohoare horror/period pieces, which Anya Taylor Joy thrives the most in. Watch out for her 2024 role of Furiosa in the Mad Max universe to see where she goes from here.

8.Hiroyuki Sanada - He has to have enough hours logged to be a full-on samurai by now.Warner BrosIconic Performance:The Last SamuraiWho said actors were soft? Hiroyuki Sanada may be a world-class actor, but I wouldn't recommend challenging him to a sword fight (I wouldn't recommend challenging anyone to a sword fight actually, that's weird). A senior member of the Japan Action Club, Sanada was already a successful Japanese actor by the time he got cast in

The Last Samurai. Once he hit the global stage, Sanada's name became synonymous with fierce swordsmen. He also ties three separate entries on this list together. Sanada appeared inLost, which Michael Emerson was a star of, as we'll see in #16. The co-creator of headtopics.com

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Lost, Damon Lindelof, called Sanada the"Japanese Harrison Ford," and we'll be covering Ford in #12! Typecast gang!9.Keira Knightly - If you need a romantic lead in a period piece, you need Keira Knightly.DisneyPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Kiera Knightly's breakout role was inBend It Like Beckham(she was relatively unknown when starred inStar Wars:three years earlier). But sinceBeckham, it's been rare to see her in a role wearing clothes made in this century. You're much more likely to see her in a period piece, and that's thanks to her incredible performance as Elizabeth Swan in

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. As with many of her roles, Knightly brings dignity and ferocity to characters that are often underestimated by the people around her. According to Knightly, she simply finds more interesting roles for women in period pieces. And technically,

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The Phantom Menacewas a period piece too.10.Helena Bonham Carter - Dark, edgy, and ruthless, Carter often plays characters that will ruin your life.20th Century FoxIconic Performance:Fight ClubHelena Bonham Carter had a lot of film and television roles under her belt by the time she got the role of Marla Singer. While Carter can play countless types of characters, it was the messy and blunt Marla that caused the actor to become a household name. Since headtopics.com

Fight Club, Helena Bonham Carter has played many characters with...unique looks. Bellatrix Lestrange, Mrs. Lovett, and even the Corpse Bride all owe a debt to Marla Singer.11.Timothée Chalamet - The angsty yet lovable teen.Sony Pictures ClassicsCall Me By Your Name

One of the biggest actors working today, many people first saw Timothée Chalamet inInterstellar. While he handled the role well,Call Me By Your Nameshowed the world how talented (and angsty) Chalamet really was. If you need a young character to stare into a fireplace (

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Call Me By Your Name), act like a cringey philosophy major (Lady Bird), profess their love for someone (Little Women), or have an existential crisis over whether or not they're a messiah (Dune), Chalamet is your man.12.Harrison Ford - Few actors could pull off cocky action characters like Ford (mainly because he took all those roles).

DisneyIconic Performance:Star WarsHarrison Ford is the only actor on this list that has gone through two eras of typecasting. Today, he is the grumpy grandpa that doesn't easily give out his approval. But in the 80s and 90s, Ford rivaled Stallone and Schwarzenegger as one of the best action stars in the world. From the cool, couldn't-care-less attitude in Han Solo to the smoldering academic in Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford was the guy to call when you needed a man on a mission. headtopics.com

13.Jason Statham - Casting someone else as a Cockney tough guy? Bollocks!Gramercy Pictures / courtesy Everett CollectionIconic Performance:Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking BarrelsTransportercemented Statham as the Cockney James Bond, but Guy Ritchie's

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrelsfirst introduced us to the brash tough guy. Part of Statham's typecasting comes from his ability to do most of his stunts — he is proficient in mixed martial arts (kickboxing and jujitsu). Statham also proves that typecasting is usually not a bad thing, it's just an actor excelling at a particular role. As he puts it,"It's not like I'm dying to do work that's taken seriously, and I'm not looking to become a thespian. It's not what I'm looking for; I'm just looking to do quality work."

14.Rebel Wilson - You think you have a funny friend? Wilson is THE funny friend.Universal PicturesIconic Performance:Pitch PerfectRebel Wilson goes far beyond what could simply be"comedic relief." Wilson isn't just the funny friend or the lovable, quirky character. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Iconic film critic Roger Ebert was lukewarm on

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tell us you don't know what typecasting is without telling us you don't know what typecasting is

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