The Difference Between Being an Empath and a Person Who Gives Too Much

Empath, over-giver, or both?

1/15/2021 8:09:00 AM

Having empathy is one thing, but trying to fix other people's problems can have disastrous consequences. JudithOrloffMD explains how.

Empath, over-giver, or both?

Source: Image by Magaret Lammers on PixyWe live in the world with many people. Some are heartfelt and uplifting to be around. Others are more difficult. It’s important to find a comfortable way of relating to people so that you can develop a harmonious interdependence rather than being over-giving.

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When you’re interdependent you have a healthy reliance on others in your personal life, at work, and in the greater world. You depend on each other for support, respect, and to perform particular tasks such as collaborating on a project, raising children, participating in team sports, or hiking with a group. In contrast, over-giving is an unhealthy form of dependency. This occurs when you are more focused on another person’s life and problems than your own. You are reluctant to assert your needs or set clear boundaries for

fearof the consequences. Read more: Psychology Today »

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JudithOrloffMD Found this article very useful, Thank you for posting it. JudithOrloffMD I'm a Empath & i'm very Intuitive straight away i can connect with people's emotions/energies .I'm the same with Animals & read them like a book.I wish i wasn't a sensitive soul.I think i've become like this through years of trauma events in life that makes me think very deeplyx

JudithOrloffMD Being an 'Empath' and 'having Empathy' are not the same thing. JudithOrloffMD It's a cliche but true change can only come from within JudithOrloffMD Trying to change other people is a futile attempt.