Texas Cop Mounts Black Teen While She Screams 'I Can't Breathe'

Texas Cop Mounts Black Teen While She Screams 'I Can't Breathe'

8/1/2021 1:42:00 AM

Texas Cop Mounts Black Teen While She Screams 'I Can't Breathe'

Cops say they got several calls claiming Nekia was trying to kill herself.

@tharealjadawada/InstagramA white cop mounted a Black teen in Texas, who was being smothered by his body weight and screaming"I can't breathe" ... all this to apparently prevent her from killing herself.18-year-oldNekia Trigghad 911 called on her Tuesday after she was spotted in a Forney, TX neighborhood partaking what eyewitnesses seemingly thought was suicidal behavior -- namely, allegedly walking in front of cars in what some took as attempts at self-harm.

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A Kaufman County Sheriff's deputy is said to have shown up shortly thereafter, and seems to have physically intervened ... which is where the video starts -- after Nekia's family members showed up to the scene and started recording a chaotic 7-minute plus episode with officers.

Play video contentMOM TOO@tharealjadawada/InstagramAt the moment the clip begins, you can see Nekia pinned to the ground by the deputy -- ID'd as OfficerConner Martin-- who's literally straddling her and holding her arms down above her head. She's frantically screaming for help, and yelling out she's short of breath ... and appears to either be vomiting and/or foaming at the mouth throughout the ordeal. headtopics.com

Nekia's family plead with the officer, as well as others who show up not too long after, to let her up and that they can manage things ... but the cops insist on cuffing her to make sure she's okay -- as they clearly believe she's suicidal, saying the word a few different times.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.The family members dispute the characterization of what Nekia was doing from the outset, insisting she was simply walking across the street -- although, body cam footage the Kaufman County Sheriff released gives some context of what happened before, and Nekia does indeed seem distraught from the get-go ... but things escalate quickly with Officer Martin.

 Anyway, they eventually get Nekia up and start to escort her to a police cruiser ... at which point her mom jumps in and appears to get physical some of the cops as well. Read more: TMZ »

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🤦‍♀️🤣 That KKKop needs to be charged w/ATTEMPTED RAPE! Why that cop try to hump her like that? I can't help but notice that the inability to breath seem to be a side effect of failing to comply with the direction of a police officer. Why couldn't the other individuals allow law enforcement assess the situation without being loud, argumentive and obnoxious...Now they're file a law suit for a quick easy check... 🙄

They never can That is the correct way to maintain control of the subject that is out of control!! By the way if you haven't noticed anybody that's being arrested will always yell I can't breathe as a form of sympathy... Yea now all the folks will screw the cop, typical American stuff 🤮 Street justice Immediately

Of course she’s gonna scream “I can’t breathe “ Duh

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Becomes Third Black Lawmaker Arrested for Protecting Voting Rights“I believe when you are getting into good trouble, when you realize the 15th Amendment has guaranteed the fundamental right to vote, any action that is a peaceful action of civil disobedience is worthy.” Peaceful action is what COWARDS do!!!

It’s amazing that only white people on this post thinks this is justified. I wonder why. Thats the new get outta jail free card ...scream you can't breath and people will actually believe that you can't. Maybe calm down and realize that your breathing if your screaming 'I can't breath' 2cops at the scene & the “top of” continues…. A_holez

Probably from wrestling with the cop. She’s a 51/50- she needed to be on a mental hold for 48 hours. Cops were right in handling the situation Remember if your compliant then it’s a great way to avoid been physically handled. Otherwise when your face is in the dirt don’t cry victim Gurl if she can scream she can breath trust me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Makes me f---ing sick to watch yet another innocent & defenseless black person being assaulted by a policeman. When are cops going to learn! By the way it's police officer. Police have to get under them so they can breathe and go to jail. They're going to have to just bring the bars and put them around the crime suspect.

Here we go again with this stupid police brutality & excessive force $*+.

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VP POTUS KamalaHarris JoeBiden why is this kind of stuff still happening? There’s one thing about screaming… it requires breathing. Join me next week for my next TED talk. Seems like criminals are always having trouble breathing when they get caught. 🙄🙄 In Texas noooo It's always the same ignorant remarks. Like 'maybe they wouldn't be in this situation if they just complied'. Sheer lack of empathy. We all know if that was their teenage daughter they would be saying something entirely different. Utterly wrong on all levels.

That cop was amazing and to up with all that bullshit he should get an award! Why do you have to act the fool! Just cooperate! It’s that easy! Choices people choices! That’s what they all say…. That looks really awkward. Why would he be on her like that? TMZ trying to stir up something 😂 I’m all for the movement but that nigga weighs twelve pounds 💀

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He should be sacked Chris needs to make another instruction video for these can’t breathers. Sure damn the cop was horny too 😡 Leave them alone police. If they have a knife, leave them, If they're fighting leaves them If a black man got a gun and he's only shooting at black ppl LEAVE HIM. Because it will not look good on you for the rest of your life. Let them be.

Watch the video make me sick Don't cry wolf! Don't run from the cops or break the law! You know like more honest human beings. Haven’t we learned anything. Hella inappropriate That’s a terrible headline for this story. Playing that can’t breathe card to the max 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Atheletes, including boxers,UFC fighters all get out of breath fighting so the moral of the story is stop fighting the police,committing crimes and comply comply comply thats why you cant breath I can’t breathe is the catch phrase for all criminals. Very effective, right? There is no reason why he should be positioned on top of her like that..

This young white man probably always wanted to do to a young black woman! Is this not sexual harassment?look how young and naive the officer looks I guess next time let her family handle her. Oh wait than headlines would read officers refuse to help girl trying to commit suicide. ts crazy cuh she can’t breathe cuz shes fat, shes not gonna try that shit

Awkward 😳 The cop is doing nothing wrong

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Brock Turner with a badge. Don’t look like he’s on her neck! POS America and racism. When white people do it, its mental issue, when other race do it, breaking the law. Look at the police position, its taking advantage. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 why would you be in that positions with a teenage girl anyway? weird how we never learn and people keep saying i can’t breathe

Maybe if she just does what she is told and stops fighting the police the situation would not have to go to that extreme. It always cracks me up when people scream about abuse by the cops when all they have to do is comply. Shut the f- up and just cooperate damn it. If cops had a dollar for every person who screamed they can’t breathe when being arrested or my handcuffs are too tight… they’d be millionaires! Hint…. If you’re screaming…. You can breathe!

Great job officer, thank you for your service, I would’ve used my Taser “mounts” hee hee hee

Texas official apologizes after calling Simone Biles a 'national embarrassment'Aaron Reitz tweeted a video of Kerri Strug, who competed with an injured ankle to help Team USA win gold in 1996, writing, 'Contrast this with our selfish, childish national embarrassment, Simone Biles.' Someone from Texas saying the GOAT female gymnast is an embarrassment? Have you seen the 3rd world shithole that is the majority of Texas, hell they can’t even keep the power on in the cold or the heat. Hell, when was the last time a chem plant blew up. Oh…. Right. He made a valid point. Then he apologized He’s as soft as she is now. Just like charmin.. ultra soft 🤦

If they all would keep their mouths shut and stood still none of that would have happened. Now I know they r not taught to mount on people like that maaaaann!!!!!! Get off her chest, for Chrissakes !!! Yelling “I Can't Breathe” is standard operating procedure for every resisting subject these days. Don’t be so gullible. She was secured and transported uninjured just like thousands of other subjects/suspects per day.

He was stopping her from running in front of moving cars because she was trying to commit suicide. There is NOTHING RACIST about this. The comments under this post are sickening. Sensibility has gon out the door. Don’t break the law and you are fine. Police are good criminals are bad. Simple math. That is all.

Well, I guess the guy is trying to a job and he was limited to what he could do. The I can't breathe stuff is out of line. These cops are doing a job. These actions by you cause real criminals to kill 1 year olds and our ER are full due to gunshot victims Read the whole story — cop was called there. He tried to reason with everyone. SMH

In this social media era, people don't care anymore about the facts, just with a trimmed video they get a conclusion.

They're making this into something bigger . The cops did nothing wrong.those people were being obnoxious This is unbelievable! She was only going to be commuting suicide and he’s basically killing her by not allowing her to breathe. That's a teen😳😳 how in the fuck does a body cam “fall off”. that woman was scared and he should have NEVER laid a hand on her. or grabbed her. she was doing nothing wrong.

Progressives would prefer that he didn’t stop her from committing Suicide I went straight to the comments..... 🤬🤬🤬 This is disgusting. I can’t even fully watch the whole thing. It’s almost like in a perverted way he enjoyed it. Oh Good God, her wind pipe ain't even touched, do what police say and this shit won't happen, just another cop hater thinking consequences of actions don't apply to her.

Sooooooooo what was wrong here?

Same thing different day, still ain't nothing gon happen to him So where’s the Ambulance to take her to the hospital for a psych check❓ 😕 Fire them As a police officer, this is not a restraint . . . 99% from black people in USA are busy only on drugs or sex . . They Don’t care & Don’t want to care !! . . .

They all can't breathe now Why don’t y’all start with the police footage. Trying to make cops look bad always 🙄 that girl was weird as fuck from the beginning Damn, look like he on her doing the pretty Ricky🤔 pervert … spoiler alert!!! this is absolutely no way to perform the drill, this dude needs more time in training. Period.🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

When they kill the police I laugh I can’t breath is the new I didnt do nuffin This is disgusting fam fr They always yell that. She weighed more that him. She was walking down the street crying and the cop kept harassing her, she said she was fine he grabbed her arm she said he was hurting her. He ended up slamming her to the ground mounting her and tasing her mother. But it's her fault... was it the neighborhood she was in?

Getting freaky Here we go again stfu seriously 'I got it on video ' then sold it too TMZ for a pay out. Good. She was probably acting like a wild b!tch. WTF?

Why is it always a white police man and not a black? So when it’s black they make it to TMZ? What about Asian Hate crimes committed by black people? Smdh Cop is fuc$ed! Career over. Best to just let people walk barefoot in summertime Homie. nothing's going to change you can fight you can March they are still going to do the things they do to my people And that is so unprofessional for him to be laying on her like that

Same on shit just a different day If they don’t put a knee on necks they assume the missionary position 🧐 What the fuck is this shit!! The shift in likes from instigating headlines to posts of people calling out these “bait” headlines shows that people are starting wake up from the toxicity in the media. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

TMZ is now MSM as well 🙄

Here we go again 😡 So police is law, what kind of a laws are they. They can't do anything to a person and getting away without being punished. We got to change laws, so citizens can do some arresting time on a cops when cops breaks rules. She can 100% breathe smh…… her entire face is exposed, throat not being constricted. She has seen too many YouTube videos about fake racism. Nothing to see here, move along

Get a oxygen mask if you can’t breathe The blanket outrage from Black people…the blanket defense from non-Blacks…it’s saddening. Facts matter. She’s alive. None of us know the situation. Reserve your righteous anger until you do. Crying racist at every situation dilutes your point. Again, she’s alive 👏

Whatever happened to innocents until proven guilty? It’s getting hard to breathe for ME in this stifling society. Maybe he was doing his best to protect her. Maybe he was overdoing it. But who always gets it right? And in the heat of the moment at that? She’s alive 👏 Thank you Is that the safe word now?

some things will never change I’m sorry cops did nothing wrong everybody else acted completely ignorant no respect for the cops no understanding for anybody’s public safety and they want the cops to be charged how about being a civilized human being and stop fucking with people who are doing their job

What American police cannot do, do not exist 😂😂😂 I CANTS BREEEEEV Mounts…I cannot we not doin dis again not td not rn🙅🏾‍♂️ Fighting crime. Lol. What’s with that same stupid haircut ? Guess 'I can't breathe' is the go to phrase? Bs she can't breathe- he is like 140lbs soaking wet with the uniform and belt on.

I'm sorry but if a police officer wants to put handcuffs on you just let them and once they feel safe and you don't resist the issue will be resolved. please just do that. so many lives and careers could have been saved. Please just follow instructions. Guess it's ok to prove your innocence before the court date or report. It's always, 'I didn't do anything!' 🤦🏻‍♂️ seems like everyday, someone is trying to stick it to the law for their behavior, while justifying theirs.

Kinky. Why is he between her legs like that? Ugh I got triggered looking at these pictures because this cop is clearly on top of her and restricting her ability to BREATHE... I would panic too. Texas police officer restrains potentially suicidal adult while her family and friends scream, spew obscenities and interfere with police. There, fixed it for you.

I can’t with All these idiots in the comments 🤦🏽‍♀️how is this defusing the situation, that young cop needs to go back to training or just quit dude. He mishandle the situation Multiple 911 callers said she tried to jump in front of their cars. Ya'll view ALL of the videos before making a judgment. What if he didn't restrain her and she jumped into traffic and died? What then? He did the right thing. He's going back to work Monday.

Get real If you can scream, you can breathe! smhhh This is making me horny

POTUS VP this is another pandemic that will never go away in America, clearly this can't be normal, such a disturbing image. American police will keep on killing and abusing black people, because nothing is done to them, fire them and send them to prison. LMOA....not any pressure around her neck or chest and shes able to 'scream'....and somehow tmz finds this newsworthy.

If you can speak you can breathe..... Choking stops all airflow coming in and out Bet she been in that position many times before pro tip. if you can say you cant breathe. youre breathing. They will never stop! Will they! If all could just do what the officer tells us to do 🙄🙄🙄 At the end of the day when the person you are trying to save is in distress and foaming at the mouth when do you determine a different course of action? Better to die by asphyxiation than jumping in front of cars? How about better to live though a crises than die during one.

Imagine using “I Can’t Breathe” everytime you try to fight the police when 99.9% of the time you are a criminal. 🤡🤡🤡 Wow, I didn't think you'll want to spread this misleading information. 😩 😔 😭

Same shit ova n ova again dis type of shit want end Fuck Racism y y’all gta b Races n only do Black folks like dat a child man Kum on “oh-lawd”!! famous words is all we know !! I missed all this support for the police when one was beaten to death with an American flag! You supporting this one but want to destroy the officer's that protected the Senator's and Vice President! Your support is confusing as hell!!

media, stop pitting blacks against the police. Oh pleez. Attention seeker. Tip: if you can talk/yell, you can also BREATHE! Great headline. The reality: as more information comes out, even admitted in the body of this article, it's clear that this officer SAVED this woman from hurting herself. Cops will tell you: nearly everyone says that when they are being restrained.

Attempted missionary position. Those this even look sensible Too easy.... A very defensive catchphrase nowadays, 'I can't breathe' my ass..... Man the racist comments coming from these white guys is why our country is messed up

If your screaming I can't breathe, your breathing. Funny how the video is not even showing her not being able to breath. What? Is that cop 16? LOL Ewww so gross. I would hate to be straddled like this by some nasty cop OHHHHHH MYYYYYY they are hiring the wrong police officers with the wrong personalities to carry a gun and a badge

If I was that cop, I would of just left and went to get some BBQ tip and lemonade, to hot for this shit...... He did nothing wrong. She can scream all she wants.

Wtf?!!!! Is that what they teach at the Police Academy thesedays?.. To TMZ…Clicks integrity Ewwww why he sitting on her like this ? I feel for her but 🤔🤔 CPR? A good deed never goes unpunished. Next time, let her do what she wants to do(in traffic) and the consequences of her actions will be solely on her.

Amazing how police interacting with any other races is never newsworthy. Whites still don’t get it. The tweet should read cop saves woman from committing suicide. Oh shit! Here we go again!

Here we go… Very rapey position if you ask me. She’s technically a teen because she’s 18 or 19. She has a professional tattoo on her forearm, so it’s safe to assume she’s at least 18. Nice try TMZ. How many times are you going to post this? Must have been on drugs TF?!!! You have changed so much your stuff has become almost so far leftist it's crazy what has happened . When will you cover real problems in America like the corruption in the StockMarket & everyone involved getting kickbacks come election to have that much corruption going on

Is this the missionary position restraining maneuver? lol What the F is this 😳 Get this man off this job.

You sure this isn’t Reno 911