Vol 56 Issue 27, Coronavirus

Vol 56 Issue 27, Coronavirus

Texan Man Outfits Face Mask With Exhaust Pipe To Roll Coal

Texan Man Outfits Face Mask With Exhaust Pipe To Roll Coal

7/9/2020 5:43:00 PM

Texan Man Outfits Face Mask With Exhaust Pipe To Roll Coal

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The V Foundation for Cancer Research founded by Jim Valvano

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded by ESPN and legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano with one goal in mind: to achieve Victory Over Cancer®.

Cowboys rule! Svrinee codthefisherman sup_imtwittin Alternate Headline: Marlboro Man, 2020 On the positive side, they’re filter tipped. This probably happened joshd00dz YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ojalá ponga su boca en el caño d escape que trague todo el humo y muera rápido hahahaha suck it cowboy!

Was wondering how they were gonna own the libs again, thanks onion I mean, its possible Funny dcarterruff Hell yeah. Own those libs. CehBeachActual You’ve got to admit that it looks pretty metal. Oh onion. Always spot on satire. That makes a hole in the mask! Wear proper masks or you will get the fake virus!

Anything that actually gets him to wear one You just have to roll coal I couldnt find this on amazon or etsy I grew up in Texas, have lived here for 30+ years, and I have no idea what this means circlingbackpod DCheverere dcarterruff WilldeFries And another chest thumper shows his ignorance 🤨 Then he has to flee his home due to extreme weather caused by anthropogenic climate breakdown. Blames it on foreigners

As he should That is American Greatness ! You won’t see that in China ! I followed this account because I like onions Huh He needs truck nut earrings to complete the look. ROOOOOOOOLL COAAAAAAAAL Marlborough man 2.0 Only one exhaust pipe and not two? Come on Onion, one to the other side as well, with a ram scoop for air intake.

delBoogah 420 Wonder what he's compensating for? 🤔 Choo choo, Texas style! 🚂 As a Texan I see that shit far too often. 2 birds with one stone: he is proctecting his health and destroying the Earth The Onion Stinks. That's the safest way to destroy the environment Then only backs through doorways for some reason.

LoL. Awesome The exhaust fumes kill COVID. It's science. Rollin' 'Rona

California man, woman who vandalized Black Lives Matter street mural and dismissed racism face hate crime chargesA white man and woman who were captured on video vandalizing a Black Lives Matter street mural in California face hate crime charges, officials announced Tuesday. If you're not with us, you're racist. That is where we are now. ''

A man was fatally shot while walking with his 6-year-old daughter in the BronxA man was shot dead while walking and holding his 6-year-old daughter's hand in the Bronx, police say Burn Murder Loot They caused this Time and loc of protest? As a man with a young daughter this is heart wrenching. Makes me want to puke.

The man who led Wirecard into insolvencyOn the night of June 18, Wirecard AG’s new compliance chief stayed up late at his office in the company’s low-rise headquarters in the Munich suburb of Aschheim to pore over the payment firm’s books. After 239 scientists send their letters to the World Health Organisation saying the coronavirus is dangerously airborne, WHO finally say that the coronavirus might be airborne!!! С пристрастием , чем мыли ! Somebody give that man a bonus.

Biracial man charged with fatally shooting White teen was acting in self-defense, attorney saysThe legal team for a biracial man charged with felony murder in the shooting death of a 17-year old in Statesboro, Georgia, last month claims their client was defending himself against an angry group of White people. Guess stand ur ground only works for white people What’s biracial, has some other race of being other than human arrived on this planet recently. Biracial? The US really segments it population even in crime cases.

Video shows man thrown out of California restaurant for racist tirade against familyTech CEO Michael Lofthouse has since apologized for shouting anti-Asian comments at a family celebrating a birthday at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley. Gee, can’t imagine why a catch like him was eating alone! He’s undoubtedly an incel! racism is fake. I don't care enough to click it. I wonder if it had to do with something in history and/or he was drunk? Another...