Tell Us About Trying To Get Tested For The Coronavirus

Experts have said that testing is essential to controlling the coronovirus pandemic. Share your experiences about trying to get a COVID-19 test.

4/1/2020 9:20:00 AM

Experts have said that testing is essential to controlling the coronovirus pandemic. Share your experiences about trying to get a COVID-19 test.

Experts have said that testing is essential to controlling the coronovirus pandemic. Tell us your experiences trying to access testing for the coronavirus.

Andrew Cabellero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionAndrew Cabellero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty ImagesHealthcare professionals screen people at a testing site organized by the Maryland National Guard in a parking lot at FedEx Field on March 30, 2020 in Landover, Md.

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Andrew Cabellero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty ImagesExperts have said that testing is essential to controlling the coronovirus pandemic.trying to access testing for the coronavirus. We'll use some of your comments for a story on our website, and may call you for an interview to air on the radio.

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Under-reported is time it is taking for test reports. We’re in the Bay Area and although the Project Baseline testing is typically giving results in 2-3 days, typical healthcare providers (sutter health, Stanford healthcare) are still taking at least 5 days. truckers still trucking, no tests available

Can anyone tell us why Trump and his Task Force seem to think it is easy to be tested for people with symptoms, much less for the people they came in contact with? How can there be this disconnect? Governors are reporting specifics to them. Why lie/avoid truth? Just be honest. I have been sick with symptoms for 3 weeks. I tried to get tested at an Urgent Care in San Luis Obispo County and they said they were not testing, because of lack of tests. They sent me home with an inhaler and a cough suppressant. I am still sick a week later.

NC state: if you have a mild COVID19 case, do not bother to test. 🌞☀️☀️ I am immune compromised but didn't travel abroad or present pronounced symptoms. I was told to stay in. I am a Senior as well. I live by myself. I'm sure there will be ppl found in their homes. Mild fever, dry cough, tight chest w/ difficulty breathing, headache, GI distress, and a partner who *tested positive* for COVID. I was told that I would not be tested unless I cannot breathe, and need emergency medical attention. Oregon City, Oregon.

2 weeks of chest tight/thick mucus cough/sore throat, I needed an antibiotic. I have an immune deficiency((IGA) and have been hospitalized for pneumonia b4), i had Cushing's disease, brain tumor, I'm disabled for MANY reasons. No fever, I'm 39, No test. I did get better! No public testing in Los Angeles County. Unless you are unable to breathe, then our providers told us to go to the ER to get a test. We’re in the South Bay.

No testing in Mexico, unless you have symptoms, or you are a TV, and telenovelas personality If you die & you are not tested, the cause of death is listed as “atypical peumonia” and it’s not counted COVID19 for federal or epidemiological purposes in Mexico. I hate my country 🤬 I contacted Kaiser they said nope 👎🏻

What test. They are not giving them to the general public here in Oregon. They are first testing first responders and people that are all ready in the hospital. By the CDC guidelines and there little quiz it says I have it. Even those tested wait forever for results - why are there 57,000 pending tests in CA - a number unchanged in 6 days! Doctors + nurses wait while they spread covid to patients + coworkers? Precious PPE wasted on non-covid patients? What say QuestDX

AntSeattle After 2 attempts to get a test because a coworker tested positive, I finally got a test which took 9 days to get back because they're sending Seattle tests to California. The hospitals are completely out of tests unless you show up dying. My wife has been waiting for last Thurs for a test in Danville, California. A high income city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pointing this out only because it's likely that if it's this bad here, basically nobody is getting tested. We don't expect privelage!

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER GREGG DENICOLA MD One of the most heated topics when reviewing patient feedback on our blog involves COVID-19 testing and the length of time to receive results as well as the availability of tests- laguna beach Experts say a lot of things, but coronavirus is here to show us that America is being run by morons like realDonaldTrump.

My son & I were ill for weeks. Due to our youth and only having a low grade fever we were told to stay home until it passed. We live near Seattle. I think Inslee has done the best he can with what he has to work with. Seems we are missing out on vital information 4 the future. Not being given in coastal Oregon yet.

Was able to get tested at a local urgent care clinic after having a prolonged cough and traveling from NYC in early March. Went in for assessment and doctors note for work. They asked if I wanted to take the test. Took 9 days to get results—thankfully negative. Had symptoms two weeks as did my 77 year old mother. BannerHealth in Tucson claimed they would be testing but they weren't interested testing either of us.

I don’t have a personal experience but this local reporting (Phoenix) I read today was upsetting My husband works for USPS in a small town, and one of his coworkers just tested positive. He was feeling sick yesterday, called the doctor, but couldn't get a test because his symptoms weren't severe enough. Now, he's back delivering mail. Testing is a joke in AZ. dougducey

AntSeattle I live in Seattle, both my husband & I hv all the symptoms, went to respiratory clinic on two different occasions, couldn't get tested. My husband wasn't offered one, I was offered one, but only after being guilted to save them for the really sick. There's not enough we were told Do what now?

So what now? Well I live in Taiwan where getting tested is simple and my test took 3 hours (chest xray and test) and I got the results a few days later. Sorry I can't fill out your form to tell ya about it. It’s fucking impossible I got sick three weeks ago with COVID-19 symptoms. I live in LA. I called my PCP and they didn't answer the phone. I called the COVID helpline and they said if I wasn't dying or above 65 years old I couldn't get tested. Thank God my symptoms were mild, but the fear was real.

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