Susan Rice criticizes Hungarian PM using coronavirus crisis for power grab

Susan Rice, fmr. national security adviser, says Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán’s “power grab” during the COVID-19 crisis is “a worrying trend”: “It’s one that we have to guard against and stand up very clearly in opposition to.”

4/1/2020 8:28:00 AM

Susan Rice, fmr. national security adviser, says Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán’s “power grab” during the COVID-19 crisis is “a worrying trend”: “It’s one that we have to guard against and stand up very clearly in opposition to.”

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how governments have used emergency powers granted during the coronavirus crisis to impinge on democratic norms and the rule of law. She also discusses the Trump administration seeming to back off the use of the term 'Wuhan virus' in an official capacity, and the president's pattern of lashing out at women and women of color.

Share this -copiedFormer National Security Advisor Susan Rice joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how governments have used emergency powers granted during the coronavirus crisis to impinge on democratic norms and the rule of law. She also discusses the Trump administration seeming to back off the use of the term "Wuhan virus" in an official capacity, and the president's pattern of lashing out at women and women of color.

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I would trust a word that come from that women’s mouth Well, Trump is profiteering. Just another non-important resistor. deguin77 And what about the power grabs that are happening in our own country? Trump and the GOP demonstrate more every day that they intend to consolidate their power in a few individuals at the expense of millions of Americans, even to the cost of their lives if necessary.

What did she accomplish again ? Yes!!! Do NOT let Trump postpone the November election!!!!!!! Wait what? Did POTUS hire AmbassadorRice back? 👀👀👀🇺🇸 IngrahamAngle DonaldJTrumpJr CNN I thou she was in jail , for treason What? Really now and NY is fining those who defy self-distancing. Get a grip and self-quarantine yourself from screaming too much BS, Ms. Rice.

Her study is very tasteful. Uh huh.. 🙄AmbassadorRice Susan Rice for V.P.! She should be in Prison! soon I hope! Dead link. Would really like to read this article Susan Rice ? Imagine a time when known criminals & traitors freely lie & criticize the ones who are attempting to free their countries from the corrupt globalist agenda. At some point, these people must be held accountable for what they have done.

Crowebar_67 Who cares what this Fraud thinks ! Those who scream the loudest... Is the Netflix lady now, nobody gives a shit what she has to say about our country, she helped try to destroy it. PANIC! We are in control!!! NOT YOU! GameOver wwg1wga AmbassadorRice has less than zero credibility on anything!

New narrative it will fail like everything you fake MEDIA have try you are no longer the news American people Alternative News is the new trend FakeNews what is your real angle? You are evil and can no longer hide. Nothing can change what is coming. DarkToLight Somebody’s getting scurrred about what’s about to go down!

National pride and border enforcement is a troubling trend for the leftist who lied about Benghazi? How sad. She means the new world order has collapsed and the rise of Nationalism has taken over.😎🇺🇸 First you're threatening subordinate rappers, now you're pushing new narrative's for MSM! How about you keep your fearful mouth shut? You should be spending this time readying yourself for prison or death because that's the only thing waiting for you on the other side of this!

She also said it was a video that caused Benghazi. Her credibility is 0. Why would you listen to her. WWG1WGA TheGreatAwakening DrainTheSwamp DrainTheDeepStateSwamp DrainTheDeepStateLuciferianCabal Rats are running. Trump is capable of this we must be vigilant Tick tock Susie. Nothing to see here. QAnon WWG1WGA

Shut up Scene of « Déjà vue » Just sayin'... WWG1WGA TheGreatAwakening DarkToLight SaveTheChildren Throw her as* in jail Criminal.. that’s what she is! Kind of like democrats taking advantage of a crisis by delaying emergency funding bills to fulfill their donors wishlist. It's is a film Are we afraid that 45 will look at this and say, 'Hey, that's a great idea! I want to do that, too!'

Who gives a fook about Susan Rice, nobody! She is going to jail So she is moving there? Hope she isn’t arrested and disappears in the Golog... Putin’s puppet and Moscow Mitch with cronies get authoritarianism in 3 yrs- loss of freedom of press, movement, lifestyle, community congregations.. VERY FAKE NEWS

Only problem I foresee, the Liberal Left is no longer in charge! Sure sucks for them, because they, you included, are going to experience pain, unknown to man! Embrace it, you all deserve it for your treasonous ways! And then, there was none! She's Jealous that theirs didn't get as far. Did a video make Hungary do it?

Susan, 3 words for you, YOUR BENGHAZI LIES!!! Is she sending them a video on the internet? Here's a lesson : That appears to be an interesting story and may even contain facts. However, we've been tricked by you so many times lately that very few of us will trust that clicking the link will reveal anything of value to know. And by value I mean true.

Does this rice character even work for the government anymore? Ughh wtf with these people wont let our elected president make decisions Susan rice is a deranged pathetic liar Pelosi and her communist members of congress are doing the same thing here. She’s weird Isn't Susan Rice the one who lied about Benghazi?

power grab in hungary? what about here? Nazis ... Susna Rice is a freedom Fundamentalist, Essentially no different from extremists. Who gives a damn what Susan Rice thinks. Her opinion is grossly overrated. Victor Orban is on the peoples side... not the cabal! She looked different back then I call BS! Is this the new narrative they want to try against President TRUMP? You suck Susan Rice!

Not gonna work Its over over. WWG1WGA Nobody cares what you frauds think We won’t be taking her advice. 'Mr. President, FIX THE PROBLEM, oh wait, wait, YOU CAN'T HAVE ENOUGH POWER to fix the problem. You're a joke Mr. President because you didn't fix the problem when we tied your hands behind your back.' C'mon people make up your minds.

What is projected by the MSM? LIES becomes TRUTHS. TRUTHS become LIES. Smoke & Mirrors You are the MAJORITY. People UNITED & AWAKE is their BIGGEST FEAR. Did you have to pay to write this? WuhanChinaVirus That’s a man, baby. Let's hope long arm of the law can reach her I can’t open it maybe my phone Setting a new narrative I see. We aren’t sleeping anymore MSM

A traitor talking through a fake news outlet... Why would anybody ever trust anything they every say Narrator: Orban's 'power grab' was passed by 2/3 parliament vote. Meanwhile you have power moves happening in this country but let’s deflect and talk about other people. This evil woman should stick to her county and leave Hungary alone. What is her evil problem

No one cares what she has to say. Ricey? You scared? MSNBC = Hot Garbage Red means fight? You sure? Susan- how’s GITMO?!?!? 😂🤣😂🤣 Oops, I guess she 'forgot' to tell Pelosi this same thing... MSDNC She needs to but out!! She’s had her chance already! If Susan Rice was smart she would already be in New Zealand.

Don’t worry, only the guilty traitors will be arrested :) Q Lol is that panic I hear? They kicked Soros out. I think they’re doing just fine. 👍 StopSoros And we are supposed to believe a LIAR like you who went on FIVE Sunday talk shows to promote a LIE to cover for criminal Clinton and the other treasonous bugger called Obamanation? You can't be serious.

VP AmbassadorRice doesn't know what she's saying. Her remarks are similar to a government telling a prostitute not to sell her body in order to feed her family; Yet doesn't offer any job, money for food, rent, medicine or milk for the kids. Hungry is NOT the USA & NOT our problem! power grab? is that what freely won elections are called in america now? because you werent pulling the strings?

Who is this Shameless woman trying to advise? The more Obama admin team members that support this, the more relevant and believable it’ll become😒 Roflmao 🤣 coming from the woman who lied about Benghazi and said it was because of a video tape . She lies .. weren’t you a dude who sucked Obama ? Didn't she just lost her job at the Kennedy center?

Fake news Arresting criminals is not a power grab AmbassadorRice Don’t commit treason and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Too late! 😎 Eat shit Susan will be in jail with the rest Here is the problem with Rice's credibility; it is called BENGHAZI when she hit ALL of the Sunday shows and LIED!!!

That’s just a viral video that hungry put out... it’s not really happening. NopeNope not buying anything she is saying good try thou always fucking false DeepState irrelevant . So is Susan Rice is a Soros backed Globalist puppet. I don't give a F what she says. She should be in prison for treason and sedition.

LEAVE HUNGARY ALONE. She's worried how are you still relevant.....lie, lie and more lies coming out of your mouth......ridiculous....blame it on a video right. I can never look at this face again without seeing the dude with the mustache sitting on the couch with Obama. Look at the two side by side and see what I mean.

you can’t stop what is coming Hey aren’t you really a man and Obama former Obama roommate. America has seen the pictures of you and Barry It’s msnbc & susan rice ...🙄 MediaGnats What’s wrong traitor AmbRice44 ? Worried much? Globalism Shall Parish!! She's a flippin HACK...just as much as you are MSNBC. Yeah, we don't believe that lying criminal.

Rice should be more concerned about the governor of Florida right here in the USA. allywalker1 I think Susan Rice & Joe Biden would be the best team ever! Strong, intelligent, compassionate, Americans who can lead America. Aren't you arrested yet ? seems like trump of his country. remember when you came on TV lying about Benghazi, so who exactly do you think will believe anything you say.

Ahh..... a few hours early for the 4am am talking points. 🤔 That's right, Sue. Get that narrative going. [PANIC] That's a dude Looks like SusanRice is getting nervous as she has behaved like an anti American seditious PathologicalLiar during BarrysRegime. TickTock Susie!! Doesn’t matter what [She] says. She’s done. A Goner.

Scared!!! 🤣🤣🤣 PainIsComing 🖕🖕FakeNews tRump won't stand up to him, he wants to emulate him... Yeah, this is bad. The song Californication and ask sgt berry DO YA REMEMBER THIS To add to this post that tonight somebody stole my va pension check of $110 Please mind your own business first! America cannot be a world peacekeeper while fight for its own pandemic war! Please stop all this BS and focus to save American lives because you are way lagged in containing the virus!

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