Vol 54 Issue 48

Vol 54 Issue 48

Tear Gas Manufacturers Worried About Association With Everything Tear Gas Used For

Tear Gas Manufacturers Worried About Association With Everything Tear Gas Used For

6/3/2020 11:25:00 PM

Tear Gas Manufacturers Worried About Association With Everything Tear Gas Used For

JAMESTOWN, PA—Upon learning that their products had been utilized by U.S. border patrol agents on migrants attempting to enter the country, tear gas manufacturers were reportedly worried Monday about their association with everything that tear gas is used for. “It’s troubling to turn on the news and see that our products were involved in such a heinous, violent situation where they were clearly used exactly as intended,” said Combined Systems CEO Donald Smith, echoing the concerns of other major tear gas manufacturers about seeing their products being linked to spraying protesters, refugees, and other unarmed people with tear gas. “When the media shows people with chemical burns in their eyes or choking on tear gas to the point of vomiting, it doesn’t make the average person view tear gas in a favorable light. Tear gas has always been intended for soldiers, law enforcement, and other authorities to control other, less powerful people by causing them severe pain, so any association with it being used according to its designed purpose really doesn’t look good for us. We just want to stress that our intended use for tear gas, whether it’s to disperse peaceful activists or to assault crowds of migrants, could not be any closer to what these products were actually used for.” The nation’s tear gas manufacturers added that critics of their products consistently failed to appreciate the care that they took to ensure that tear gas was not supposed to be lethal.

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Actors Guild stacks up on emergency supply to prevent tear shortage during performances. When your career depends on it! GroupAnon wouldn’t it be such a shame if protestors knew that swimming goggles protect your eyes from tear cast and home depot is selling protective eyeware. I'm sure they're also worried about a shortage. Cops are using up a lot of that stuff lately.

And the supply chain Is buying stock in the tear gas industry war profiteering? As a major shareholder this brings tears to my eyes. GroupAnon *RT* This account will be leaking many things the government is trying to hide from us. Follow this account to see these Leaks before twitter delete them. We can all work together and end this! We are Legion. BlackLivesMatter Anonymous

Tear gas? I thought they were vaping!!! When the manufacturers of tear gas are disassociating themselves from their use in recent days, it kinda puts a telling perspective on the matter. I use it in my skin care routine Seriously though. That's not even satire. Pro tip: Don’t insult your best customers. Same energy:

Alot of questions about gas these days. Will someone think of them! Tear Gas Manufactures Lives Matter! senatemajldr is working on legislation now that prevents any citizen from ever suing any company for anything. ... no shortage,hope... wilbowma Now that's just cheating You mean it's not an aphrodisiac? Dang, sorry to, well, you know who you are...

Yeah, I’d be pissed off manufacturing shit to hurt people instead of making peoples lives better. But, it’s whatever

How Tear Gas Went From a WWI Weapon to the Police’s Favorite Anti-Protester ToolAfter World War I, a federal agency made tear gas a ubiquitous weapon of U.S. police departments. We need more.

Protestors Fight Through Tear GasProtestors Fight Through Tear Gas

Trump vows to end protests; tear gas fired on protesters near White HouseU.S. President Donald Trump on Monday vowed to end violent protests in major cities across the nation 'now,' saying that he would deploy the military if mayors and state governors refused to call out the National Guard. As Trump spoke in the Rose Garden of the White House, live television images showed police firing tear gas to dispel demonstrators in Lafayette Park, across the street. Then Pourquoi faire la guerre à l’extérieur quand on peut la faire à l’intérieur..

What Is Tear Gas, & What Does It Do To Your Body?Tear gas is a non-lethal chemical weapon that was previously used to force people out from behind barricades in warfare. It irritates the mucus membranes — the eyes, nose, and throat. The substance was banned on battlefields, yet domestic law enforcement can still use it when it comes to crowd control.

George Floyd protest live updates: DC protesters hit with tear gasThe death of George Floyd, a black man who died after he was seen in a video being pinned down by a white police officer, has caused outrage across the U.S. Easily impressed 你能看这个视频吗……Steve15042708 Yeah, fuck this. They'll gas y'all in a minute.

Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse peaceful protest near White HousePolice fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse peaceful demonstrators near the White House on Monday as U.S. President Donald Trump vowed a massive show of force to end violent protests over the death of a black man in police custody. 1/2 The UCMJ PROHIBITS any military member (Officer or Enlisted) from carrying out 'UNETHICAL' orders. Attacking peaceful protestors just walking with tear gas and rubber bullets, who have Constitutional rights to protest, and trampling them with Police horses is an unethical, Yeah well jerk we’re going to dominate your butt out in November. Hopefully you go to jail afterwards for a long period of time! We need sarahcpr to re-enact this 🤓