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Stressed-Out Sean Hannity Buys 12 Little Cabins In Maine To Get Away From It All

Stressed-Out Sean Hannity Buys 12 Little Cabins In Maine To Get Away From It All

6/3/2020 11:40:00 PM

Stressed-Out Sean Hannity Buys 12 Little Cabins In Maine To Get Away From It All

BAR HARBOR, ME—Explaining that he really needed to escape from the increased public scrutiny into his personal and professional life, stressed-out Fox News host Sean Hannity reportedly bought 12 little cabins in rural Maine over the weekend to get away from it all. “I was getting really burnt out with work stuff and trying to deal with that whole Michael Cohen thing, so I decided to head up to Maine for a bit and purchase a dozen quaint cottages where I can just kick back and relax,” said Hannity, adding that he was looking forward to a little peace and quiet after buying up all the properties in a 10-mile radius through a shell company and evicting all of their tenants. “I absolutely needed a little stress reliever, so I splurged on these cozy, remote cabins where I can just unwind and recharge my batteries. It’ll be nice to get out of the rat race for a while and just enjoy the great outdoors with nobody else around. Man, this is the life.” At press time, Hannity was feeling utterly serene and carefree after receiving a $6.8 million check from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that paid for his 12 new cabins in full.

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OH god. My mother is from Maine. All her family live in Maine. Luckily I live in Australia. What a relief When I was trying to survive my family after school, you guys posted a headline that Bush was going to leave Iraq by driving tanks through Iran. I laughed so hard I cried. This isn't even smirk-able

City of Maine, in Siberia I hope SenSusanCollins is very concerned He looks like an angry face drawn on a thumb. 7 bed bugs appreciative. He looks like a Minecraft creeper in this inage. Oh, God....where? I will avoid it! ThirdLimbCD Did Cohen act as Hannity’s reality lawyer. Reading off handwritten cards from Trump is a tough job! Enjoy your 12 cabinet while children are going hungry! Russian TV reporting is a stressful job!

The onion used to be funny. But that was years ago. He needs 12? Or is this just another side of his irrational behavior? How can he afford this now on top of the alimony payments? As long as he can bring Sho-Nuff to train with One for each of his turkey chins Who gets custody of his head?

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This is a lucrative — but little-used — unemployment benefit: 'It's a complete windfall'Work-sharing programs, which are part of the unemployment insurance system, could financially benefit workers and businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Turns out, they're rarely used. NYC, CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apart. Act fast! Don’t make the same horrible and deadly mistake you made with the Nursing Homes!!! Too many kids growing up bitter angry in poverty with unfit parents while govt shields corporate wealth forgetting that consumers oeivide that wealth a product of livkng kn a society. Street kids gang bangers call them what you like there is a solution

Trump's health is little changed since last physical, White House doctor saysThere has been “no interval change” in President Trump’s health over the past year, the top White House doctor said in a summary Wednesday of the president’s physical examination. Still crazy after all these years... Big Macs are health food! In other words, the lies from the last physical still stand...

Feeling Upset? Try This Special Writing Technique“Expressive writing”—a specific technique of recording your deepest thoughts in short sessions—can help relieve stress and boost health, research shows hey, this post could be of value to many people going through incredible stress right now - so let's put it behind a firewall. Well played , well played. ToneDeaf